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22nd Trofeo Pina & Mario Bazzigaluppi (1.6) Photo Gallery
By Fabio
Date: 5/20/2004
22nd Trofeo Pina & Mario Bazzigaluppi (1.6) Photo Gallery

The Five Australians taking part in the race.
The AIS-Mapei-Aqua team fielded Ryan Sullivan,
Aaron Kemps, David Kemp, Richard Moffat and Bernard Sulzberger

Aussies having a good time before the start

David Kemp was one of the men in the break,
 and the only Australian that crossed the line.

Last year's winner Paride Grillo (Pagnoncelli)

Denis Sosnovschenko (Viris Vigevano Fiat Isauto)

The peloton in the "Parco del Ticino" Circuit

No luck for Italian Davide Bevilacqua,
who had a flat while chasing the leaders.

More from unlucky Bevilacqua

The brave Jimmy Tapparel on a solo break.
His team was the most combative in the race.

Some chasers tackling the San Biagio ascent

The peloton struggling at San Biagio

More struggling from the peloton at San Biagio.
Australian David Kemp is the man on the right.

Enrico Fredini (Velo Sport Rho) shows his grinta at San Biagio

Team Car in the Parco del Ticino Countryside

More "green" images from the Parco del Ticino Circuit scenery

A cycling fan in (former) Mercatone colors.

Maurizio Biondo comfortably wins the sprint

And Diego Caccia takes second

The battle for fourth place

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22nd Trofeo Pina & Mario Bazzigaluppi/52nd Giro della Lomellina
(Vigevano, Italy. May 15, 2004 - UCI 1.6; 175 km.)

1. Maurizio Biondo (Ita - Ceramiche Pagnoncelli-FMG Perrel) - 04h05'55" (42.697 kph)
2. Diego Caccia (Ita - Bottoli Artoni-Zoccorinese) - s.t.
3. Jimmy Tapparel (Swi - Saeco-Roemer's Wetzikon) - at 01"
4. Fabio Masotti (Ita - Fiamme Azzurre) - at 05"
5. Alessandro Maserati (Ita - Bottoli Artoni-Zoccorinese) - at 10"
6. Denis Sosnovchenko (Rus - Viris Eurothermo-Fiat Isauto) - s.t.
7. Pawel Sendal (Pol - GS Alplast Centro Convenienza Esse) - s.t.
8. Ettore Rizzi (Ita - Velo Sport Rho 1949) - s.t.
9. Massimilano Caccin (Ita - Ceramiche Pagnoncelli-FMG Perrel) - s.t.
10. Marco Ferri (Ita - Velo Sport Rho 1949) - s.t.
11. Antonio Marotti (Ita - Viris Eurothermo-Fiat Isauto) - s.t.
12. Athos Pedretti (Ita - L'Edile Rosa Prefabbricati-Carne Safer) - s.t.
13. Gianluca Moi (Ita - Bottoli Artoni-Zoccorinese) - s.t.
14. Mariano Giallorenzo (Ita - Team Schivardi Colombina) - s.t.
15. David Kemp (Aus - AIS Mapei-Australian Institute of Sport) - s.t.
16. Stefan Naegelin (Swi - Saeco-Roemer's Wetzikon) - s.t.
17. Gregory Morand (Swi - Team Fidi BC com) - s.t.
18. Giordano Montanari (Ita - Viris Eurothermo-Fiat Isauto) - at 19"
19. Patrick Gassmann (Swi - GS Hadimeg) - at 23"
20. Marco Cattaneo (Ita - Bottoli Artoni-Zoccorinese) - at 26"
21. Marco Segat (Ita - Team Friuli Sanvitese) - at 37"
22. Simon Zahner (Swi - Saeco-Roemer's Wetzikon) - at 01'09"

Full race report available here.

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