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Giro Prologue Photo Gallery
By Fabio
Date: 5/18/2004
Giro Prologue Photo Gallery

The 87th Giro d'Italia
Genoa Prologue Time Trial
May 8, 2004

Photos by Fabio

The Arco ai Caduti at Piazza della Vittoria.
That's where it all got started.

"Pantani c'" ("Pantani is here"). Just one of the tributes
fans at Genoa paid to the great Marco Pantani

A very huge crowd saluted the Giro start at Genoa

More from the crowd at Zena (local word for Genoa)

The "super-van" of Domina Vacanze is part of the Giro advertising caravan.
Fans can even watch the stage live on TV there!

And one of the Dominas, 39-year-old Mario Scirea
(the oldest rider in the Giro peloton)
was the first one to get into action.

Mario Scirea a few minutes before the start.

15h42. Mario Scirea rolls off the line.
The 87th Giro d'Italia is underway!

Acque & Sapone's Rinaldo Nocentini
was the second rider to take the startline ...

... and Australian Brett Lancaster (Panaria-Margres) followed

Then came another Aussie: Lotto-Domo's Nick Gates.

De Nardi's Charlie Wegelius, the only UK contender in the race,
completed a hat-trick of English-speakers

Italian Fabio Sacchi (Fassa) was the sixth rider to take the start.

Get ready for the start, Mario!

Three ...

... Two...

... One ....

... GO!

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