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87th Giro D'Italia: Stage 9...
By Staff
Date: 5/17/2004
87th Giro D'Italia: Stage 9...

Welcome to the Daily Peloton's live coverage of Stage 9 of the 87th Giro d'Italia, from Policoro to Carovigno over 142 Km. Below are the words we used in our Giro d'Italia Preview, dating back to November 2003, to introduce this stage:

Stage 9 (Monday, May 17) - Preview: Right before the first rest day, on to the “heel” of the Italian boot, on to Apulia, the predominantly flat - and often windy - region that gave Mario Cipollini so many satisfactions and wins in the past (but not last year), and could do it again this time, as the leg finishing into the town of Carovigno, 10 km. from the Adriatic Sea in the Brindisi province, suits the fastest guys around. Daily advice to Giro participants: ride fast and be careful with the echelons, or you may lose some precious time!

87th Giro d'Italia - Stage 9 Coverage

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Our commentary today by Fabio and Locutus.

KM.0 The stage got underway at 13h10 local time, under overcast skies and in a temperature of 20° C, wity slight north winds that, as mentioned above, could take their toll on the bunch. All 159 riders that crossed the line on Sunday were at the startline. Nothing worthy of particular mention happened in the first 15 kms, with the regrouped peloton taking it easy and riding at quite a slow pace.

The Intergiro Prime is located at Massafra, after 61 km, while the most accurate stage timetables say the peloton is expected to cross the line at Carovigno, that hosts a giro stage finish for the first time, between 16h48 and 17h08. It will be up to the riders themselves to prove timetables right or wrong.

And it will be up to Alessandro Petacchi and his rivals to prove those thinking the best sprinter around might clinch another win today right or wrong. Petacchi has contested four sprints to date, and won them all. "Ale Jet" really seems unstoppable in this period, and is the red hot favourite to raise his arms in triumph also in this stage. But it's always possible that something goes wrong, just like it did four days ago, when Petacchi got boxed by one of his teammates before he could start the sprint, and (surely not to his own delight) gave green light to the others, with accomplished Robbie McEwen not wasting the opportunity to write his name in the winners list of this Giro too.

1415 CEST The bunch is still together, with no breakaway attempts of any significance coming in the first hour of racing, whose average speed (27.600 kph) says much about the peloton's attitude early in this stage.

1430 CEST After 39 km. of pedalling, we are still waiting for someone to make his move. But maybe riders are just waiting for a more appropriate moment for them to go on the attack, like when the TV broadcast starts, and their eventual action may get broader exposure.

1455 CEST: 48 km/94 km to go ... and it's just more of the same. Gruppo compatto. Gruppo Compatto. And Gruppo Compatto again.

1510 CEST. Two hours into the stage, the average speed was a very "significative" 27.700 kph.

1515 CEST As the peloton is heading for the Intergiro at Massafra (km. 61), the only thing worthy of mention is the flat Maglia Rosa holder Damiano Cunego (Ita - Saeco) just had. But in a situation like this, with the rest of the field still taking it way too easy, it shouldn't be a big problem for the young rider from the outskirts of Verona to regain their wheels.

1520 CEST Cunego's red teammates waited for him and helped the boy to get back into the bunch very quickly.

1525 CEST: Intergiro (Massafra - Km. 61): Results:

1. Robert Forster (Ger - Gerolsteiner)
2. Crescenzo D'Amore (Ita - Acqua & Sapone-Caffè Mokambo)
3. Massimo Strazzer (Ita - Saunier Duval-Prodir)

1530 CEST Believe it or not, someone went on the attack! Neapolitan Raffaele Illiano (Colombia-Selle Italia) tried to ride away, and was soon joined by Bergamasco Alessandro Vanotti (De Nardi). Also Giuseppe Muraglia (Formaggi Pinzolo Fiavé), the only local (as in "from the Apulia region") rider in the bunch, and fellow Italian Gabriele Bosisio (Tenax) had a go at joining them, but were immediately reeled in.

1540 CEST The attack from Vanotti and Muraglia continues, while the Fassa-led peloton doesn't seem hungry for chasing them down at the moment.

1545 CEST: Don't put too much blame on the peloton for their "lazy" attitude anyway. And don't blame it on the rain either ... just blame the wind. Notably the strong headwinds that definitely played their part in keeping the pace so slow today, and made it harder for anyone to go on the attack and make the break.

1550 CEST: The latest from the race: Raffaele Illiano (at his second time at the Giro) and Alex Vanotti are leading the bunch by 01'05", while the average speed is now slightly above 28 kph.

The words of an accomplishd sprinter like Saunier Duval's Massimo Strazzer says a lot about Petacchi's current condition and how many others in the bunch see that. Interviewed before the start of today's stage, the Saunier Duval fastman said that "You need to put in a superb sprint to take second. But if you want to win, all you need is to hope that Petacchi makes something wrong".

1600 CEST: 56km. to go, and the gap is up to a good 01'30". Three of the Fassa boys are leading the chase in the front of the peloton. There is a long Saeco train next to the Fassa train, using the Fassas as a wind shield. Seems like the rest day has started a day early for many of the men.

1606 CEST: The time gap is now up to 1' 44". Illiano and Vanotti are working well together, getting some good publicity and forcing the Fassas to lead the chase. Saeco must be ecstatic about Fassa's strength and willingness to chase... they haven't had to work too much to defend the Pink Jersey the last couple of days. 50km to go.

Now the entire Fassa squad is nine men strong on the front of the peloton, stringing out the peloton as they wind through a rather nice looking town. They appear to have picked up the pace a bit.

46km left The gap is 1' 50", but that is likely going to start coming down pretty quickly.

The full Saeco train of nine men is riding parallel to the Fassa train still. Those Fassa guys are eating a lot of wind today.

1617 CEST: The gap is down to 1' 35". The hammer is down in the peloton. Perhaps a bit soon, but Fassa Bortolo seems to want to control the race before the final three finishing circuits of 4.3km.

41km left. Illiano and Vanotti now only have about 1' 30". They don't appear to be weakening, the peloton just seems to be going faster.

The Lotto boys are sitting together not too far from the front, looking to set up McEwen when the time is right.

The Lotto boys are sitting together not too far from the front, looking to set up McEwen when the time is right.

1625 CEST: 38km left. The gap is down to about 1' 20". The Fassa train is still pounding out the chase.

Illiano and Vanotti now go under the 35km banner. We'll see what the time split is to the peloton. 1' 18" is the gap.

The peloton is going down a slight incline in the middle of another town. The fans are ecstatic, and the weather is perfect: clear skies, slight breeze (though it must seem like a wall of wind to the riders).

The trees along the side of the road are churning a bit, showing that in fact it's more than a slight breeze the riders are facing. The latest time check says 1' 15". The peloton bunches up a bit, as Fassa Bortolo swing across to the other side of the road to account for shift in direction and a subsequent change in the direction the wind is hitting them.

30km left. With the Fassa boys so much in control, and Petacchi so difficult to beat, it must be really discouraging for the other riders. The prospects for victory must be grim, so they just sit on and wait while a couple of their brave companions launch a futile attack in defiance. Meanwhile, the gap has come down to 1' 04".

Uh oh, a big crash near the back of the field.

Massimo Strazzer, wearer of the Blue Intergiro Jersey, is being checked out by the doctors. Fabian Wegmann (Gerolsteiner) is also being looked over. A Selle Italia man is still sitting on the curb.

The Selle Italia man is laying down, with a doctor attending him. He looks to be the most seriously injured. It's unclear whether it is Marlon Perez or Freddy Gonzalez. Pollack (Gerolsteiner) was also caught behind the crash.

The road appeared to narrow and someone just lost it over the curb. So it is Freddy Gonzalez who has crashed out. They have him sitting up on a stretcher, and now have him lay back down to load him into the ambulance. That's a very sad sight. Here's hoping his injuries aren't that serious.

So there are now a few groups trying to chase back on to the peloton. They are small groups, and will have a hard time rejoining with the Fassa men setting such a hard tempo at the front.

This is a big shame for Gonzalez - he was the Giro green jersey winner in 2001 and 2003, and also won the combativity prize in 2003.

Nicolas Fritsch ( is one of the riders trying to chase back to the pack. He shakes his fist at the race referee who orders the car he is drafting from to accelerate and stop helping him.

I'm sure he's exploring the full range of his vocabulary (in French) to express himself to the referee.

1647 CEST, 19km left. Now the Gerolsteiners have dropped back to try to pace Olaf Pollack back to the pack. Meanwhile, the peloton is about to catch Illiano and Vanotti.

There were some Acqua & Sapone riders mixed into the Pollack group. They also got caught up behind that crash, it appears.

The mad poodle cam shows the Fassas still at full strength on the front of the race. (There is a strange looking mic cover hanging into the picture of the bike covering the front of the peloton... it looks like some sort of deranged little dog on the back of the motorcycle.)

1653 CEST, 15km left. The riders are about into the loops of the finishing circuit of Carovigno.

Whoa, the riders go through a hard left-hander right before the finishing straight. That may cause some problems on the last lap. Hmmm... Formaggi Pinzolo has sent some men to the front to work. Maybe Quaranta is feeling it today.

There are a couple of Fassas and Saecos now back in control of the peloton.

Alberto Loddo (Saunier Duval-Prodir) tries a small and very short-lived attack. The Fassa men are on him. Quaranta is right near the front of the the pack with Petacchi.

9km left. The pace is really high in these finishing circuits. There are two laps left now as they roll through the finish line.

Cunego and McEwen are both just near Petacchi behind the Fassa train as well. Cunego is likely just trying to keep out of trouble.

So now a couple of the Lotto-Domo boys are mixed in with the Fassas as they string out the peloton through the corners of town.

The Formaggi Pinzolo men are mixing in at the front again as well.

The Landbouwkrediet men are moving up their sprinter Viatkus.

Strazzer is off the back and looks in pain, helped by a teammate as he rolls across the circuit finish line.

1706 CEST, 4km left. A Domina Vacanze man is now leading the pack. Lots of teams are mixing it in, looking to help their sprinters challenge the Petacchi train.

The hammer is down on this final lap. McEwen is right on Petacchi's wheel. Viatkus looks to have McEwen's wheel.

Zanotti isn't far back. I think I saw Fred Rodriguez right up there.

Final kilometer. Here comes the leadout. Petacchi is third wheel.

They are going through the final corners. Here is the final leadout. Only one more man in front of Petacchi. Viatkus has jumped. The picture was breaking up. It looks like Viatkus was about to jump, and then an Acqua & Sapone rider made it through. Was it D'Amore?

Petacchi has NOT won it, an Acqua & Sapone sprinter has won it! I think it was Fred Rodriguez!! Rodriguez has taken Petacchi in a straight up sprint!! It was Freddy! He won it!!

He just freakin' won the sprint! He put the wood to the greatest sprinter in the world!!

Fred Rodriguez jumped around on the left, went full bore, and Petacchi could not come around him. He just flat-out beat Petacchi. I can't believe how cool that was. The only American in the race has beaten the best sprinter in the world on his own turf.

Rodriguez was about a wheel ahead of Petacchi. Petacchi just ran out of road and couldn't catch him. Furlan 3rd, McEwen 4th.

Strazzer finally comes across the line. He's pretty much in a lot of pain. He'll have tomorrow to recover.

Now Rodriguez pumps his fist several times on the podium. He is getting the smootches from the models, winner of the stage. What a great day for the Californian. He sprays the crowd with champagne, and takes a sip for himself. His smile is very big. He's having a lot of fun working it on the podium.

Brief Results

1. Fred Rodriguez (Acqua & Sapone)
2. Alessandro Petacchi (Fassa Bortolo)
3. Angelo Furlan (Alessio-Bianchi)
4. Robbie McEwen (Lotto-Domo)
5. Jan Svorada (Lampre)
6. Andris Nauduzs (Domina Vacanze)
7. Marco Zanotti (Vini Caldirola-Nobili)
8. Robert Forster (Gerolsteiner)
9. Simone Cadamuro (De Nardi)
10. Uros Murn (Phonak)
11. Maxim Rudenko (Chocolade Jacques-Wincor)
12. Aart Vierhouten (Lotto-Domo)
13. Nicola Loda (Tenax)
14. Magnus Backstedt (Alessio-Bianchi)
15. Gilberto Simoni (Saeco)
16. Damiano Cunego (Saeco)

No change in the GC top ten.

Petacchi was 2nd on the stage, but he has increased his lead in the Points Jersey.

So I called it wrong... it wasn't Viatkus who jumped early, but Rodriguez (their team colors are similar), and Rodriguez held it to the line. Viatkus was on Petacchi's wheel in that last corner, though.

So coming into the final straight, Viatkus had washed away from Petacchi's wheel. McEwen had Petacchi's wheel, Rodriguez was 4th wheel right behind McEwen.

Nauduzs was fifth wheel, Furlan was 6th wheel going into that final corner. So Rodriguez was perfectly positioned, got the jump on everybody else, and held everyone off to the line.

Strazzer was in a great deal of pain after finishing, his shoulder it seems, and skipped his podium appearance as Intergiro jersey leader. We hope that he is all right.

Back to the final sprint, Fred jumped to the left and went straight, then he veered to the middle of the road, but he didn't cut anybody off. He was at that point in front of Petacchi, and Petacchi moved to the right to try to come around him, and couldn't do it.

Well, race fans, tomorrow the riders have a rest and transfer day, so please join us again Wednesday for the next stage of the Giro d'Italia. Thanks for being with us today.

Update: Words from winner Fred Rodriguez:

"This is a day I've been waiting for a long time. This is one of the best days of my life. Since last year I thought I had the legs to beat Petacchi. My team directors wanted me to wait for the day Petacchi was not contesting the sprint, but I needed to win a sprint with Petacchi in it. This morning Franco (Gini, Acqua & Sapone's Directeur Sportif) told me to anticipate Petacchi instead of waiting for him to launch the sprint and make the gap. And when there were 300m I decided to have a go and see if if I could hold on".

Fast(er than Petacchi today) Freddy also talked of his business as a bike manufacturer and the plans to get into business with Francesco Moser, confessing that they concern "a new bike, featuring an American star, as I've been US National Champion twice. And I like that".

Stage Results

1 Rodriguez Fred Usa A&S 4:04:38
2 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas m.t.
3 Furlan Angelo Ita Alb m.t.
4 Mc Ewen Robbie Aus Lot m.t.
5 Svorada Jan Cze Lam m.t.
6 Nauduzs Andris Lat Dve m.t.
7 Zanotti Marco Ita Vin m.t.
8 Forster Robert Ger Gst m.t.
9 Cadamuro Simone Ita Den m.t.
10 Usov Alexandre Blr  Pho m.t.
11 Rudenko Maxim Ukr Cho m.t.
12 Vierhouten Aart Ned Lot m.t.
13 Loda Nicola Ita Ten m.t.
14 Backstedt Magnus Swe Alb m.t.
15 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae m.t.
16 Cunego Damiano Ita Sae m.t.
17 Garzelli Stefano Ita Vin m.t.
18 Figueras Giuliano Ita Pan m.t.
19 Pellizotti Franco Ita Alb m.t.
20 Noe' Andrea Ita Alb m.t.
21 Trampusch Gerhard Aut A&S m.t.
22 Hauptman Andrej Slo Lam m.t.
23 Mazzoleni Eddy Ita Sae m.t.
24 Vaitkus Tomas Ltu Lan m.t.
25 Hamburger Bo Den A&S m.t.
26 Velo Marco Ita Fas m.t.
27 D'Amore Crescenzo Ita A&S m.t.
28 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr Lan m.t.
29 Honchar Serhiy Ukr Den m.t.
30 Bertagnolli Leonardo Ita Sae m.t.
31 Rogina Radoslav Cro Ten m.t.
32 Schnider Daniel Sui Pho m.t.
33 Mori Manuele Ita Sdv m.t.
34 Valjavec Tadej Slo Pho m.t.
35 Piccoli Mariano Ita Lam m.t.
36 Belli Wladimir Ita Lam m.t.
37 Cioni Dario David Ita Fas m.t.
38 Gilbert Philippe Bel Fdj m.t.
39 Derepas David Fra Fdj m.t.
40 Moreni Cristian Ita Alb m.t.
41 Garate Cepa Juan Manuel Esp Lam m.t.
42 Canada Gracia David Esp Sdv m.t.
43 Vila Errandonea Franc Esp Lam m.t.
44 Perez Arango Marlon Al Col Clm m.t.
45 Brandt Christophe Bel Lot m.t.
46 Di Grande Giuseppe Ita Fpf m.t.
47 Kostuk Denys Ukr Cho m.t.
48 Astarloa Igor Esp Lam m.t.
49 Borrajo Alejandro Albert Arg Pan m.t.
50 Tonkov Pavel Rus Vin m.t.
51 Sella Emanuele Ita Pan m.t.
52 Righi Daniele Ita Lam m.t.
53 Montgomery Sven Sui Gst m.t.
54 Miholyevic Vladimir Cro Alb m.t.
55 Mc Gee Bradley Aus Fdj m.t.
56 Tonti Andrea Ita Sae m.t.
57 Lanfranchi Paolo Ita Pan m.t.
58 Lobato Elvira Ruben Esp Sdv m.t.
59 Sironi Gianluca Ita Vin m.t.
60 Laverde Jimenez Luis Fil Col Fpf m.t.
61 Mervar Bostjan Slo Fpf m.t.
62 Mason Oscar Ita Vin m.t.
63 Baliani Fortunato Ita Pan m.t.
64 Giordani Leonardo Ita Den m.t.
65 Pietropolli Daniele Ita Ten m.t.
66 Marin Ruber Alverio Col Clm m.t.
67 Borghi Ruggero Ita Den m.t.
68 Gasparre Graziano Ita Den m.t.
69 Zampieri Steve Sui Vin m.t.
70 Gardeyn Gorik Bel Lot m.t.
71 Loddo Alberto Ita Sdv m.t.
72 Faresin Gianni Ita Gst m.t.
73 Ardila Cano Mauricio Al Col Cho m.t.
74 Gerosa Mauro Ita Vin m.t.
75 Iannetti Massimo Ita Dve m.t.
76 Codol Massimo Ita Fas m.t.
77 Vanotti Alessandro Ita Den m.t.
78 Muraglia Giuseppe Ita Fpf m.t.
79 Szmyd Sylvester Pol Sae m.t.
80 Aebersold Niki Sui Pho m.t.
81 Verstrepen Johan Bel Lan m.t.
82 Fritsch Nicolas Fra Fdj m.t.
83 Wegmann Fabian Ger Gst m.t.
84 Detilloux Christophe Bel Lot m.t.
85 Bruseghin Marzio Ita Fas m.t.
86 Marzoli Ruggero Ita A&S m.t.
87 Bertogliati Rubens Sui Sdv m.t.
88 Bertolini Alessandro Ita Alb 0:30
89 Galletti Alessio Ita Dve 0:30
90 Illiano Raffaele Ita Clm 0:30
91 Pagliarini Mendonca Luciano Bra  Lam 0:34
92 Quaranta Ivan Ita Fpf 0:36
93 Masciarelli Simone Ita Vin 0:39
94 Ferrigato Andrea Ita A&S 0:39
95 Lombardi Giovanni Ita Dve 0:39
96 Ginestri Giancarlo Ita Ten 0:45
97 Wilson Matthew Aus Fdj 0:45
98 Davis Scott Aus Pan 0:45
99 Gustov Volodymir Ukr Fas 0:45
100 Andriotto Dario Ita Vin 0:45
101 Stangelj Gorazd Slo Sae 0:50
102 Fornaciari Paolo Ita Sae 0:50
103 Sacchi Fabio Ita Fas 0:50
104 Mourey Francis Fra Fdj 0:50
105 Albasini Michael Sui Pho 0:50
106 Lancaster Brett Aus Pan 0:50
107 Durand Jacky Fra Lan 0:50
108 Gates Nick Aus Lot 0:50
109 Tosatto Matteo Ita Fas 0:58
110 Gobbi Michele Ita Den 0:58
111 Manzoni Mario Ita Fpf 1:06
112 Ongarato Alberto Ita Fas 1:09
113 Verheyen Geert Bel Cho 1:23
114 Pozzi Oscar Ita Ten 1:23
115 Colombo Gabriele Ita Dve 1:23
116 Bosisio Gabriele Ita Ten 1:23
117 Spezialetti Alessandro Ita Sae 1:33
118 Steegmans Gert Bel Lot 3:45
119 Serpellini Marco Ita Gst 4:19
120 Brard Florent Fra Cho 4:19
121 Scarselli Leonardo Ita Clm 4:19
122 Strauss Marcel Sui Gst 4:19
123 Serina Corrado Ita Fpf 5:54
124 Schnyder Philippe Sui Clm m.t.
125 Derganc Martin Slo Dve m.t.
126 Ziegler Thomas Ger Gst m.t.
127 Verbrugghe Ief Bel Lot m.t.
128 Mazzanti Luca Ita Pan m.t.
129 Wegelius Charly Gbr Den m.t.
130 Pugaci Igor Mda  Den m.t.
131 Fertonani Marco Ita Pho m.t.
132 Gualdi Domenico Ita Fpf 6:56
133 Scirea Mario Ita Dve m.t.
134 Wilson Trent Aus Clm m.t.
135 Van Hout Russell Aus Clm m.t.
136 Vaugrenard Benoit Fra Fdj m.t.
137 Vogondy Nicolas Fra Fdj m.t.
138 Avdyeyev Sergey Ukr Lan m.t.
139 Bileka Volodymyr Ukr Lan m.t.
140 Wadecki Piotr Pol Lot m.t.
141 Ljungqvist Marcus Swe Alb m.t.
142 Pollack Olaf Ger Gst m.t.
143 Bichot Freddy Fra Fdj m.t.
144 Siymens Nico Bel Lan m.t.
145 Rastelli Ellis Ita Alb m.t.
146 Van Velzen Jan Ned Cho m.t.
147 Klemencic Zoran Slo Ten m.t.
148 Podgornik Dean Slo Ten m.t.
149 Nocentini Rinaldo Ita A&S m.t.
150 Pospyeyev Kyrylo Ukr A&S m.t.
151 Murn Uros Slo Pho m.t.
152 Zaugg Oliver Sui Sdv m.t.
153 Moos Alexandre Sui Pho m.t.
154 Mazzoleni Renzo Ita Ten m.t.
155 Duma Volodimyr Ukr Lan m.t.
156 Perez Cuapio Julio a. Mex  Pan m.t.
157 Strazzer Massimo Ita Sdv 9:29
158 Gomis Lopez Juan Esp Sdv 9:29

General Classification after Stage 9

1 Cunego Damiano Ita Sae 41:59:15
2 Simoni Gilberto Ita Sae 0:10
3 Pellizotti Franco Ita Alb 0:28
4 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr Lan 0:31
5 Figueras Giuliano Ita Pan 0:52
6 Honchar Serhiy Ukr Den 1:08
7 Cioni Dario David Ita Fas 1:10
8 Garzelli Stefano Ita Vin 1:15
9 Noe' Andrea Ita Alb 1:17
10 Mazzoleni Eddy Ita Sae 1:29
11 Belli Wladimir Ita Lam 1:43
12 Montgomery Sven Sui Gst 1:47
13 Mc Gee Bradley Aus Fdj 1:49
14 Valjavec Tadej Slo Pho 2:18
15 Moreni Cristian Ita Alb 2:23
16 Sella Emanuele Ita Pan 2:25
17 Trampusch Gerhard Aut a&S 2:42
18 Brandt Christophe Bel Lot 3:02
19 Canada Gracia David Esp Sdv 3:06
20 Garate Cepa Juan Manuel Esp Lam 3:08
21 Lobato Elvira Ruben Esp Sdv 3:16
22 Vila Errandonea Franc Esp Lam 3:38
23 Tonkov Pavel Rus Vin 3:54
24 Bertagnolli Leonardo Ita Sae 4:04
25 Miholyevic Vladimir Cro Alb 4:18
26 Borghi Ruggero Ita Den 4:19
27 Tonti Andrea Ita Sae 4:56
28 Perez Arango Marlon Al Col Clm 5:06
29 Di Grande Giuseppe Ita Fpf 5:15
30 Gilbert Philippe Bel Fdj 5:20
31 Laverde Jimenez Luis Fil Col Fpf 6:12
32 Ardila Cano Mauricio Al Col Cho 6:27
33 Wegmann Fabian Ger Gst 6:43
34 Iannetti Massimo Ita Dve 7:05
35 Fritsch Nicolas Fra Fdj 8:09
36 Hamburger Bo Den a&S 8:11
37 Lanfranchi Paolo Ita Pan 8:52
38 Zampieri Steve Sui Vin 8:59
39 Kostuk Denys Ukr Cho 9:22
40 Muraglia Giuseppe Ita Fpf 9:29
41 Verheyen Geert Bel Cho 11:21
42 Marzoli Ruggero Ita a&S 11:49
43 Mason Oscar Ita Vin 12:02
44 Astarloa Igor Esp Lam 12:14
45 Faresin Gianni Ita Gst 12:35
46 Schnider Daniel Sui Pho 13:40
47 Pospyeyev Kyrylo Ukr a&S 13:42
48 Nocentini Rinaldo Ita a&S 13:44
49 Gasparre Graziano Ita Den 14:31
50 Vanotti Alessandro Ita Den 15:32
51 Moos Alexandre Sui Pho 16:48
57 Mazzanti Luca Ita Pan 19:50
63 Loda Nicola Ita Ten 24:48
70 Piccoli Mariano Ita Lam 28:09
78 D'amore Crescenzo Ita a&S 33:13
79 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas 33:27
81 Perez Cuapio Julio a. Mex  Pan 34:06
82 Mc Ewen Robbie Aus Lot 35:07
85 Rodriguez Fred Usa a&S 35:27
89 Vaitkus Tomas Ltu Lan 37:16
105 Cadamuro Simone Ita Den 42:42
106 Vierhouten Aart Ned Lot 42:48
111 Nauduzs Andris Lat Dve 45:37
115 Pollack Olaf Ger Gst 47:54
117 Strazzer Massimo Ita Sdv 48:16
118 Furlan Angelo Ita Alb 52:00
119 Forster Robert Ger Gst 52:09
130 Backstedt Magnus Swe Alb 55:25
132 Svorada Jan Cze Lam 56:40
140 Mazzoleni Renzo Ita Ten 1:02:11
145 Rudenko Maxim Ukr Cho 1:07:49
149 Quaranta Ivan Ita Fpf 1:13:19
158 Bichot Freddy Fra Fdj 1:39:51 (Maglia Nera)

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