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Tour of the Gila: Gila Monster
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 5/3/2004
Tour of the Gila: Gila Monster

Sunday was the final stage at the Tour of the Gila, and in honor of Marco Pantani not only were race leaders wearing a pink jersey, but the Gila Monster Road Race also featured the Cima Pantani, the highest point in Sunday's stage.

Scott Moninger of Health Net won this "monster," his third stage win in this year's edition, which also gave him the overall win. Number two man on the stage and final podium was teammate Mike Jones, with the able Davide Frattini of Monex rounding out both podiums as well.

Team Tecos of Mexico came in second on the teams classification behind winning team Health Net.

Mens Results

1 Moninger, Scott Healthnet/Maxxis 4:48:25
2 Jones, Mike Healthnet/Maxxis 0:13
3 Frattini, Davide Team Monex 0:18
4 Green, Roland Canadian National Team 0:21
5 Swenson, Carl -- 1:13
6 Decker, Carl Broadmark Capital 1:35
7 Hunt, John Village Peddler 1:35
8 Baker, Jonathan Excel Sports 1:38
9 Lange, Michael Sharper Image/Mathis Br 1:43
10 Henry, Jay Specialized 1:45
11 Moran, Hugh Atlas Mining 3:42
12 Sayers, Mike Healthnet/Maxxis 3:44
13 Plaxton, Max Canadian National Team 3:46
14 Baker, Peter Team Snow Valley 3:46
15 Moreman, Mitch Hassle Free Sports 3:46
16 Lange, Cory Canadian National Team 3:46
17 Estrada, Jesus Tecos 3:46
18 Cooper, Marsh Symmetrics 3:46
19 Blickem, Ryan Aida's Bail Bonds 3:53
20 Munoz, Fausto Tecos 3:59

Final General Classification

1 Moninger, Scott Healthnet/Maxxis 14:13:54
2 Jones, Mike Healthnet/Maxxis 2:06
3 Frattini, Davide Team Monex 3:00
4 Hunt, John Village Peddler 4:42
5 Decker, Carl Broadmark Capital 4:49
6 Baker, Jonathan Excel Sports 6:10
7 Blickem, Ryan Aida's Bail Bonds 6:26
8 Lange, Michael Sharper Image/Mathis Bros 7:38
9 Green, Roland Canadian National Team 8:00
10 Henry, Jay Specialized 8:01
11 Sayers, Mike Healthnet/Maxxis 9:14
12 Cooper, Marsh Symmetrics 9:16
13 Baker, Peter Team Snow Valley 9:45
14 Swenson, Carl -- 9:56
15 Estrada, Jesus Tecos 10:21
16 Munoz, Fausto Tecos 11:19
17 Lange, Cory Canadian National Team 11:21
18 Moran, Hugh Atlas Mining 12:58
19 Cate, Steven Sharper Image/Mathis Bros 13:39
20 Taylor, Mike McGuire Pro Cycling 15:11

Teams Final General Classification

1 Healthnet / Maxxis 42:54:18
2 Tecos 0:16:18
3 Canadian National Team 0:18:18
4 Symmetrics 0:28:13
5 Sharper Image / Mathis Bros. 0:33:22
6 Team Monex 0:37:29
7 Broadmark Capital Cycling 0:42:09
8 Excel Sports 0:58:51
9 Vitamin Cottage 1:07:20
10 Aida's Bail Bonds  1:11:30
11 Jamba Juice / Fuji  1:13:44
12 McGuire Pro Cycling  1:24:09
13 Landis / Trek / Vw  1:25:22
14 U.S. Armed Forces  1:30:04
15 Century Tel  2:04:42

Women's Report by RONA

Canadian Erinne Willock, of RONA cycling team, finished 5th overall at the Tour of the Gila, a five-stage race that took place April 30th to May 5th around Silver City, New Mexico. The 22 year-old rider finished 3 minutes and 48 seconds behind winner Amber Neben of T Mobile. Brooke Ourada (Victory Brewing) and Kim Anderson (T Mobile) completed the final podium. 

Two other RONA riders started the race last Wednesday -- Andrea Hannos and Anna Milkowski.  They finished 9th and 14th overall, respectively.  None of the RONA riders who raced in Europe the preceding week started the Tour of the Gila, as their return trip was too close to the start of the New Mexico race.

Most of The Tour of the Gila courses are tough, mountainous and favour climbers. Neben took the lead from stage 1 and was never threatened in GC afterwards. After winning stage 2 as well, she managed her lead effectively for the rest of the race. Willock got her fifth place thanks to her consistency, as she finished among the leaders in the time trial and the criterium as well as in the tough mountain stages. Her team mates also offered a very good performance. While supporting Willock in her battle for GC and managing good results in GC themselves, each climbed on the third step of a stage podium – Milkowski in Saturday’s Criterium, and Hannos in the redoubtable last stage, aptly named “The Gila Monster”.   

The T-Mobile Report

The T-Mobile Professional Cycling Team continued their mid-season success on the domestic front over the weekend, taking four stage wins and the overall victory at the Tour of the Gila in southwestern New Mexico. The five-stage race provided the opportunity for each Team T-Mobile member to bask in the glow of individual success while achieving the overall goal of a team victory.

With nominations to the U.S. Olympic Team just six weeks away at the Team USA Selection Race, several Olympic hopefuls showed up at one of America’s most beloved stage races to test their fitness. Amber Neben (Irvine, Calif.) opened the tour with a convincing win in the 16-mile time trial, 18 seconds ahead of her T-Mobile teammate, Mari Holden (Colorado Springs, Colo.). Neben and Holden are two of a handful of riders that are tabbed as favorites to win the time trial in the Team USA Selection Race that will result in a trip to Athens later this summer.

Neben continued with a win in stage two, a 70-mile road race before giving way to another Olympic hopeful, Christine Thorburn (Davenport, Iowa), in stage three, the 73-mile inner loop road race. Thorburn, who cemented her position in the women’s peloton late last year with a stellar ride at the T-Mobile International and a spot on the U.S. National Team for the World Championships, has quickly made a name for herself as one of the riders to beat in June for a spot on the Olympic Team.

Team T-Mobile decided to spread the wealth come Saturday in the criterium as Holden this time took the stage win. Holden took the sprint from a break of seven riders after bridging up to an initial move of three riders.

On Sunday, the notorious Gila Monster Road Race had the potential to change the overall classification thanks to 5500 feet of climbing on the day, but Neben was content to let an insignificant group of six riders who were not a threat to her overall victory slip away. For good measure, T-Mobile’s Kim Anderson (Colorado Springs, Colo.), marked an early move and found herself in a position to take the stage win ahead of Kate Maher (Team Basis) after attacking with 500 meters to go to the uphill finish.

Anderson’s victory gave T-Mobile its fourth stage win by three different riders throughout the tour. Anderson’s performance on Sunday also moved her into third place overall behind Brook Ourada (CAN).

Podium finishes also came from Lynn Gaggioli (Santa Rosa, Calif.) in stage three, and Holden in stage one giving T-Mobile eight podium performances for the week.

Once again joining the T-Mobile Professional Cycling Team was Sue Hayood (Davis, W.Va.). Haywood is one of the three favorites to represent the U.S. in mountain biking at the upcoming Olympic Games and recently won the Pan American Championships in Ecuador. Haywood finished 20th overall while training for the upcoming MTB World Cup season.

Stage 5 Results

1 Anderson, Kimberly T-Mobile 3:33:37
2 Maher, Kate Basis 0:14
3 Hannos, Andrea Team Rona 0:59
4  Beltran, Michelle Red5racing 1:04
5  Robbins, Kristen Victory Brewing 1:04
6  Gonzalez-Ferrat, Ga briela   Velo Bella 1:08
7  McQuaid, Melanie Ford Cycling 1:15
8  Gaggioli, Lynn T-Mobile 3:25
9  Willock, Erinne Team Rona 3:32
10  Ourada, Brooke Victory Brewing 3:32
11  Neben, Amber T-Mobile 3:32
12  Marks-Marino, Dara Ford Cycling 4:34
13  Hold, Betina Webcor Builders 4:38
14  Thorburn, Christine Webcor Builders 5:29
15  Haywood, Susan T-Mobile 6:44
16  Holden, Mari T-Mobile 6:46
17  Milkowski, Anna Team Rona 6:46
18  Seehafer, Kori Genesis Scuba/FF 6:46
19  Buick, Johanna Victory Brewing 6:46
20  Espeseth, Sandy Victory Brewing 6:50

Final General Classification

1 Neben, Amber T-Mobile 12:40:53­
2 Ourada, Brooke Victory Brewing 1:52­
3 Anderson, Kimberly T-Mobile 2:45­
4 Thorburn, Christine Webcor Builders 2:48­
5 Willock, Erinne Team Rona 3:48­
6 Gaggioli, Lynn T-Mobile 4:08­
7 Maher, Kate Basis 4:46­
8 Holden, Mari T-Mobile 5:48­
9 Hannos, Andrea Team Rona 6:33­
10 Seehafer, Kori Genesis Scuba/FFCC 6:58­
11 Beltran, Michelle Red5racing 7:27­
12 Espeseth, Sandy Victory Brewing 7:47­
13 Gonzalez-Ferrat, Gabriela Velo Bella 8:38­
14 Milkowski, Anna Team Rona 8:54­
15 Buick, Johanna Victory Brewing 9:22­
16 Marks-Marino, Dara Ford Cycling 10:18­
17 Robbins, Kristen Victory Brewing 10:21­
18 McQuaid, Melanie Ford Cycling 11:23­
19 Greer, Felicia Webcor Builders 11:56­
20 Haywood, Susan T-Mobile 12:13­

Teams Final Classification

1 T-Mobile 38:04:05­
2 Victory Brewing 0:11:59­
3 Team Rona 0:18:19­
4 Webcor Builders 0:28:00­
5 Ford Cycling 0:43:09­
6 Genesis Scuba/Ffcc 1:06:53­
7 Basis 1:14:37 ­
8 Velo Bella 2:07:30­
9 Tokyo Joe's 2:36:51­
10 Ico 2:37:42 ­

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