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Giro Prologue: Results in Brief!
By Manny Samaniego
Date: 5/11/2002
Giro Prologue: Results in Brief!
Under a cloudy sky and favorable conditions, the 2002 Giro de Italia got underway in Holland today.

Switzerland's Phonak Team got off to a good start with Buxhofer leading the race until the last few riders started to come in. Lotto's Rik Vebrugghe rode another fast prologue and for a few minutes looked to have gone into pink, but his performance was overshadowed by the flying spaniard Juan Carlos Dominguez (Phonak Hearing Systems), who came storming towards the line to grab first place by a mere second.

Another good performer of the day was Alexia's Paolo Savoldelli who finished third in today's stage.

American Tyler Hamilton (CSC-Tiscali) had a bit of bad luck when he went into the barriers in a tricky corner, but he was able to remount and post a respectable time.

Results of Prologue
1. Juan Carlos Dominguez (Pho) 8:12
2. R. Vebrugghe (Lot) +1
3. P. Savoldelli (Alex) +4
4. M. Boxhofer (Pho) +8
5. F. Hoj (Coast) +9
6. D. Rebellin (Gero) +10
7. G. Niermann (Rabo) +10
8. M. Boogerd (Rabo) +13

Other Notables
18. P. Bettini (Map) +17
24. S. Garzelli (Map) +19
27. M. Bartoli (Fas) +20
28. D. Frigo (Tac) +20
31. F. Casagrande (Fas) +21
102. G. Simoni (Sae) +34

DP will bring more details, results, and interviews throughout the day.

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