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National Geographic Adventure Tour of the Gila Stage 1
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 4/29/2004
National Geographic Adventure Tour of the Gila Stage 1

Chuck Coyle's Racing Chronicles: Gila Tyrone ITT

By Chuck Coyle, The Pros Stuff

What can I really say about this TT other than it is a real son of a biatch. It is 16.15 miles and it starts with a 4.5 mile climb that bring you from 5700’ up to 6400’... and that is just the beginning. The main thing that this course is known for is the wind. I have raced here about 5 times and it is always windy, and today was no different.

The wind is so bad that there is always the talk of guys not wanting to ride on disc or deep dish wheels because it can get a little hairy when you are going 50mph and a gust of wind grabs a hold of your front wheel.

The race was good, I finished 21st and am okay with that, Scott Moninger (Health Net) seems to be on good post-Georgia form and took 2nd behind Ryan Blickem (Aida's Bail Bonds) who uncorked a great ride.

Well, it is already 11:15pm and we have to race Thursday at 9am, which means that we have to get up between 6 and 6:30, ouch! Till then……


Mens ITT Report

Ryan Blickem lived up to the promise of Aida's Bail Bonds was, "Discrete, courteous and fast service" on Wednesday at Stage One of the Tour of the Gila, although Ryan did not show up "Across the street from the jail" as the Aida Bail Bonds advertisement promised. Ryan did pass "Go" and stepped to the top of the podium as the leader of the race, and will be the first to wear the Gila's maglia rosa jersey.

He also led his team to the top of the Team rankings with Health Net in second on the strength of Scott Moninger and Mike Jone's performances. Davide Frattini led Monex in to a very close third place with a little help from Daniel Doornbos.


1 Blickem, Ryan Aida's Bail Bonds 36:01.53
2 Moninger, Scott Healthnet/Maxxis 01:01
3 Hunt, John Village Peddler 01:10
4 Frattini, Davide Team Monex 01:12
5 Edwards, Andrew SOMA 01:26
6 Evans, Cam Symmetrics 01:35
7 Bajadali, Andrew Ofoto-Lombardi Spo 01:38
8 Elken, Evan Broadmark Capital 01:46
9 Jones, Mike Healthnet/Maxxis 01:49
10 Miller, Drew Landis/Trek/VW 01:53
11 Ellis, Brian Jamba Juice/Fuji 01:55
12 Hernandez, Michael Reno Wheelmen 01:55
13 Doornbos, Daniel Aida's Bail Bonds 01:58
14 Ganoung, George U.S. Armed Forces 02:00
15 Decker, Carl Broadmark Capital 02:04
16 Blanchard, Scott Eclipse Racing 02:12
17 Gilbert, Matt Team Monex 02:13
18 Carolan, Tim Landis/Trek/VW 02:17
19 Diaz, Omar Tecos 02:31
20 Cooper, Marsh Symmetrics 02:40
21 Coyle, Chuck Vitamin Cottage 02:41
22 Lange, Cory Canadian National 02:41
23 Cate, Steven Sharper Image/Math 02:42
24 Bauer, Todd Aida's Bail Bonds 02:43
25 Baker, Jonathan Excel Sports 02:49

In the 2's, Clayton Barrows (RMCEF) led out with a 38:12:54 with Randy Corcoran (Heart Hospital), John Benson (Flag Velo), Anthony Colby (AST), and David Youngblood (Flag Velo) in that order, all within a minute and sixteen seconds.

Masters 45+ was led by Mark Blazer in 41:34:93 with Kim Bleth (Simply Fit), Gary Porter (Autoliv), Peter Marshall (Cycles Veloce) and Crawford Lindsay (GS Strada) all within a minute.

Women's ITT

1 Neben, Amber T-Mobile 40:37.3
2 Holden, Mari T-Mobile 0:18
3 Thorburn, Christine Webcor Builders 0:37
4 Seehafer, Kori Genesis Scuba/FFCC 1:16
5 Gaggioli, Lynn T-Mobile 1:27
6 Espeseth, Sandy Victory Brewing 1:32
7 Ourada, Brooke Victory Brewing 1:40
8 Willock, Erinne Team Rona 2:28
9 Ruiter, Chrissy Basis 2:29
10 Johnson, Kristin Basis 3:01
11 McQuaid, Melanie Ford Cycling 3:07
12 Greer, Felicia Webcor Builders 3:19
13 Anderson, Kimberly T-Mobile 3:19
14 Milkowski, Anna Team Rona 3:40
15 Gonzalez-Ferrat, Ga Velo Bella 3:44
16 Hannos, Andrea Team Rona 4:09
17 Blicken, Candice Genesis Scuba/FFCC 4:13
18 Shirley, Maggie Genesis Scuba/FFCC 4:18
19 Buick, Johanna Victory Brewing 4:22
20 Campbell, Rook Genesis Scuba/FFCC 4:27
21 Marks-Marino, Dara Ford Cycling 4:44
22 Thomas, Melissa Tokyo Joes 5:10
23 Flores, Carla Lakewood Racing Te 5:15
24 Maher, Kate Basis 5:20
25 Molina, Maria Ortho-Evra 5:23

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