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Dodge Tour de Georgia Stage 7 and Final Updated
By Staff
Date: 4/25/2004
Dodge Tour de Georgia Stage 7 and Final Updated

Stage 7: Dawsonville to Alpharetta, 142.3 km

Topping today's stage winner list are names we remember from Redlands, with the exception of one particular Italian - Fraser, Haedo and Dominguez.

Health Net's Fraser won today's final Dodge Tour de Georgia stage, with Colavita Bolla's charmer Haedo in second and Mario Cipollini rounding out the podium in a country that he seems to have taken a liking to. Asked this morning, pre-race, what he thought of Georgia and the race, he said, "I'm not going home to Italy, I'm staying here!"

Lance Armstrong maintained his 24 second lead over second placed Jens Voigt of Team CSC to take the tour win. Webcor's Chris Horner won third overall.

The Final Podium: Jason McCartney (Health Net) - King of the Mountain, Lance Armstrong (US Postal-Berry Floor) - Individual GC Leader, Gordon Fraser (Health Net) - Points Leader, Kevin Bouchard-Hall (TIAA Cref) - Best Young Rider. Photo by Michael Pugh.

The Navigators' Report

The 2004 Dodge Tour de Georgia is now in the books following the 88-mile stage-7 route from Dawsonville to Alpharetta, a suburb of Atlanta. The short and relatively flat race was made for the sprinters and the large crowds that had gathered at the finishing circuits were not disappointed. Barring incident, the top contenders for the overall GC positions were all but set, but only 5 points separated the top-2 spots for the Sprinter's Jersey, with 2 intermediate sprints on today's course.

The team of race leader Lance Armstrong (US Postal Service) positioned themselves at the front of the peloton and began another day of defending their Yellow Jersey. Several opportunistic attacks were launched on the way to the first sprint in Cumming, but the US Postal Service squad neutralized all of them. The Navigators Insurance team launched Jeff Louder off the front in a bid to create a breakaway, but like all of the others, it was shortly reeled back in. As we neared the sprint lines, the teams of the sprinters went to work and in both sprints, it was Gord Fraser (Health Net) taking the top points, and in the process guaranteeing himself the Sprint Jersey competition.

With 20 miles left to race, Navigators' Chris Baldwin attacked the leader, but it appeared that the sprinters were having none of it, and once again the field was again 'gruppo compatto.' Entering the final 4 circuits of the 5.9-Km course, the peloton was greeted by very large and loud crowds. After riding the front for most of the stage, the US Postal team relinquished the head of the peloton to the sprinter's trains. The Domina Vacanze, Navigators Insurance, CSC and Health Net teams were the most active in controlling the group. With 1.5 laps remaining, it was the Navigators squad taking charge. With the other teams trying to gain control, it was a battle to the 'U-Turn' with 3-Km remaining. The Navigators team drove toward the finish line as the other sprint trains came shoulder-to-shoulder on the final run-in. In the crowd-pleasing rush to the line, it was the fastest men in the peloton taking the honors as Gord Fraser took his 2nd stage-win in the tour over Juan Jose Haedo (Colavita), and Mario Cipollini (Domina Vacanze) in 3rd. The Overall GC positions saw no changes, with Armstrong taking the victory.

For the Navigators Insurance team, the squad placed Phil Zajicek and Chris Baldwin in 13th and 14th in the Overall GC, and held the KOM jersey for 2 stages. The team travels back to France next week for the 4-Days of Dunkirk.

Visit the Navigators Insurance team site:

Two international cycling stars on their final Tour de Georgia ride today. Photo by Michael Pugh.

The CSC Report

"It's been a tough week, but as far as results go it's been fine. In the time trial as well as in the mountains, Jens was practically neck to neck with Lance Armstrong, and with Brian Vandborg, we saw a minor breakthrough with his overall ninth place. Also a rider like Jakob Piil has gotten a good training session out of this race after a longer break due to injury ľ so we have every reason to be satisfied," said Team CSC's sports director Johnny Weltz after Sunday's 145 kilometers from Dawsonville to Alpharetta, where Gordon Fraser beat Juan JosÚ Haedo (Colavita) and Mario Cipollini (Domina Vacanze) in the sprint.

Apart from Voigt and Vandborg, Bobby Julich also made the top 10. Julich finished fourth overall.

The Dodge Tour de Georgia final podium: Jens Voigt (CSC), Lance Armstrong, Chris Horner (Web Cor).
Photo by Michael Pugh.

Stage 7 Seen and Heard

TIAA Cref's injured rider Craig Lewis' injuries, following being hit by a vehicle at the Thursday time trial in Rome, are more extensive than we previously reported. In addition to his broken ribs and punctured lungs, he also has facial injuries including a broken jaw (we understand that he was scheduled for surgery today for this), and he may have orbital bone injuries as well as other fractures.

The Great Rome (Georgia) Chamber of Commerce and the Rome Vistors and Convention Bureau have special get well cards at their locations that residents and visitors can sign that will be delivered to Lewis. If you are not in Georgia, you can mail your get well wishes to this U23 rider by mailing the Rome Chamber of Commerce at

Gord Fraser will be racing next Sunday in the Nalley Lexus Historic Roswell Criterium.

Tour sponsor Dodge pulled the plug on local radio station 99X's planned live broadcast Sunday from the Healthy Georgia Expo. Listeners complained to Tour officials that on Friday morning's 99X show, the DJs advocated running cyclists off the road. "They understood that it was in our mutual best interests if they did not attend," Dodge spokesman Randy Jones said.

Lance Armstrong on his current form:
"Things might be running a little hot right now, so we might need to cool off a little. I'll certainly take some down time after this race to recover because it was hard."

Georgia Cancer Coalition president and CEO Bill Todd on the Tour de Georgia benefitting the Georgia Cancer Coalition):
"For an entire week, millions of people will be getting positive images about a healthy lifestyle," Todd said. "They will see athletes who are active, an image of a lifestyle that can prevent cancer from developing."

Gord Fraser is friends with a Marietta, Georgia, family whose 8 year old son has leukemia. Fraser has stayed with the Hennessy family several times while racing in Georgia. "I dedicated [today's stage win] to his recovery," Fraser said. "They put my family up at the Olympics. I've stayed at their house many times for different races. They're very dear friends of ours."

Armstrong said: "I would rather win the fight against cancer than win a bike race, obviously. One of them is about life and death, and the other one is just about flowers and paychecks and people screaming your name, which is not as important."

Thanks to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Online Athens, Dodge Tour de Georgia, Hometown Headlines.

Stage 7 Results

1. Fraser Gordon Hnc 3.20'15"
2. Haedo Juan Jose Cob ám.t.
3. Cipollini Mario Dve ám.t.
4. Degano Enrico Tbl ám.t.
5. Dominguez Ivan Cob ám.t.
6. Metlushenko Yuri Lan ám.t.
7. Horner Chris Web ám.t.
8. Albers Kirk Jel ám.t.
9. Brooks Benjamin Jel ám.t.
10. Hamby Russell Sie ám.t.
11. Candelario Alex Jel ám.t.
12. Stewart Jackson Ofo ám.t.
13. Gavazzi Nicola Mx1 ám.t.
14. Hartley
Chad Jit ám.t.
15. Ollerenshaw Doug Jel ám.t.
16. Davidenko Vassili Nic ám.t.
17. Artacho Gustavo Cob ám.t.
18. Timochine Mikhail Lan ám.t.
19. Zwizanski Scott Ofo ám.t.
20. Hincapie George Usp ám.t.
21. Commesso Salvatore Mx1 ám.t.
22. Sciandri Maximilian Csc ám.t.
23. Caldwell Blake Usa ám.t.
24. Bruun Eriksen Thomas Csc ám.t.
25. Jacques-Maynes Ben Sie ám.t.
26. Madsen Jimmi Csc ám.t.
27. Voigt Jens Csc ám.t.
28. Lagutin Sergey Lan ám.t.
29. Ayestaran Odriozola Imanol Web ám.t.
30. Dionne Charles Web ám.t.
31. Lombardi Giovanni Dve ám.t.
32. Ravaioli Ivan Tbl ám.t.
33. Bausch Jason Ofo ám.t.
34. Bellotti Francesco Tbl ám.t.
35. Bowman Daniel Usa ám.t.
36. Marinangeli Sergio Dve ám.t.
37. Vogels Henk Nic ám.t.
38. Manion Caleb Jel ám.t.
39. Lechuga Ernesto Jel ám.t.
40. Baldwin Christopher Nic ám.t.
41. Duggan Timothy Usa ám.t.
42. Kluck Damon Usp ám.t.
43. Klikna Jason Sie ám.t.
44. Frischkorn William Cob ám.t.
45. Julich Bobby Csc ám.t.
46. Mattis James Web ám.t.
47. Ellis Paul Jel ám.t.
48. Louder Jeff Nic ám.t.
49. Walters Mark Nic ám.t.
50. Grajales Calle Cesar Jit ám.t.
51. Lawler Jesse Jit ám.t.
52. Wohlberg Eric Sie ám.t.
53. Larkin Tim Ofo ám.t.
54. Moninger Scott Hnc ám.t.
55. Wherry Chris Hnc ám.t.
56. Haldeman Benjamin Web ám.t.
57. Johnson Tim Mx1 ám.t.
58. Zajicek Phil Nic ám.t.
59. Perras Dominique Ofo ám.t.
60. George David Tbl ám.t.
61. England Justin Web ám.t.
62. Padrnos Pavel Usp ám.t.
63. Capelle Ludovic Lan ám.t.
64. Adamsson Stefan Tbl ám.t.
65. Cruz Antonio Usp ám.t.
66. Armstrong Lance Usp ám.t.
67. Ekimov Viatcheslav Usp ám.t.
68. Wren Tyler Cob ám.t.
69. Bergman Adam Jel ám.t.
70. Pate Danny Hnc ám.t.
71. Vandborg Brian Csc ám.t.
72. Piil Jakob Csc ám.t.
73. Dulin Thad Cob ám.t.
74. Bouchard-Hall Kevin Usa ám.t.
75. Herriott Todd Cob ám.t.
76. Lieswyn John Hnc ám.t.
77. Gillespie Stuart Usa 12"
78. Rincon Daniel Usp m.t.
79. Saunders Erik Ofo m.t.
80. Durand Jacky Lan m.t.
81. Secchiari Francesco Dve m.t.
82. Creed Michael Usp 19"
83. Scirea Mario Dve 19"
84. Galletti Alessio Dve m.t.
85. Sullivan Sean Tbl m.t.
86. Mori Massimiliano Dve m.t.
87. Henderson Gregory Hnc m.t.
88. McCartney Jason Hnc 39"
89. Power Ciaran Nic m.t.
90. Clinger David Dve 51"
91. Sayers Mike Hnc 1'05"
92. Olson Aaron Cob 4'33"
93. Schneider James Jit 4'33"

Final General Classification

1. Armstrong Lance Usp 25.39'20"
2. Voigt Jens Csc 24"
3. Horner Chris Web 1'01"
4. Julich Bobby Csc 1'57"
5. Ekimov Viatcheslav Usp 2'59"
6. Grajales Calle Cesar Jit 3'07"
7. Moninger Scott Hnc 3'44"
8. Marinangeli Sergio Dve 4'06"
9. Vandborg Brian Csc 4'52"
10. Wohlberg Eric Sie 5'25"
11. Bergman Adam Jel 5'27"
12. Lieswyn John Hnc 5'38"
13. Zajicek Phil Nic 5'54"
14. Baldwin Christopher Nic 6'13"
15. Brooks Benjamin Jel 6'17"
16. Pate Danny Hnc 6'17"
17. Perras Dominique Ofo 6'26"
18. Bellotti Francesco Tbl 7'07"
19. England Justin Web 7'13"
20. Lechuga Ernesto Jel 7'39"
25. Dionne Charles Web 9'53"
26. Hincapie George Usp 9'53"
35. Mccartney Jason Hnc 14'27"
36. Wherry Chris Hnc 15'03"
39. Sciandri Maximilian Csc 18'58"
40. George David Tbl 19'23"
43. Timochine Mikhail Lan 21'40"
44. Scirea Mario Dve 22'45"
48. Johnson Tim Mx1 25'23"
49. Lagutin Sergey Lan 25'46"
51. Vogels Henk Nic 26'35"
56. Piil Jakob Csc 29'01"
57. Bruun Eriksen Thomas Csc 29'16"
58. Fraser Gordon Hnc 29'52"
66. Candelario Alex Jel 34'07"
70. Cipollini Mario Dve 37'23"
75. Metlushenko Yuri Lan 37'43"
80. Haedo Juan Jose Cob 39'18"
82. Saunders Erik Ofo 39'38"
89. Capelle Ludovic Lan 43'34"
93. Dominguez Ivan Cob 50'59" (lanterne rouge)

Final Teams Classification

1. Team CSC 77.05'17"
2. US Postal Service Presented By Berry Floor 1'39"
3. Health Net Pro Cycling Team Presented By Maxxis 5'42"
4. Webcor Cycling Team 9'27"
5. Jelly Belly-Aramark 12'08"
6. Navigators Insurance Cycling Team 22'16"
7. Ofoto Cycling Team 26'40"
8. Sierra Nevada Cycling 27'35"
9. Domina Vacanze 28'07"
10. Team Barloworld - Androni Giocattoli 29'57"
11. Saeco-Saunier Duval-Prodir/Mixed Team 34'26"
12. Usa National 38'03"
13. Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Team Presented By Bolla Wines 40'07"
14. Landbouwkrediet - Colnago 1.06'42"
15. Jittery Joe's Cycling Team 1.08'35"á

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