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102nd Paris Roubaix Live Report!
By Staff
Date: 4/11/2004
102nd Paris Roubaix Live Report!

102nd Paris-Roubaix  - April 11, 2004

Good day and welcome to the 102nd edition of the Queen of the Classics, the Paris-Roubaix!

Today is a 261 kilometer race from Compiègne to the Velodrome in Roubaix. At the 100 kilometer point in the race, the riders from the 24 teams will begin the cobblestoned (pavé) sections that distinguish this from all other road races. Here are the pavé sections counting down to the finish in Roubaix.

Climb - Name - Kilometer and Length - Difficulty Rating
(1 - least difficult, 5 - most difficult)

26. Troisvilles (km 99,8 - 2200 m)  - 3
25. Viesly (km 106,3 - 1800 m)  - 3
24. Quievy – rue de Valkenciennes (km 108,5 - 3700 m)  - 4
23. Quievy – Saint-Python (km 113,7 - 1500 m)  - 2
22. Haussy (km 121,9 - 900 m)  - 2
21. Saulzoir (km 128 - 1200 m)  - 2
20. Verchain-Maugre (km 132,9 - 1600 m)  - 2
19. Maing (km 136, 2500 m)  - 3
18. Monchaux-sur-Ecaillon (km 139,2 - 1600 m)  - 3
17. Haspres (km 145,8 - 1700 m)  - 4
16. Haveluy (km 158,3 - 2500 m)  - 4
15. Forêt d’Arenberg (km 166,5 – 2400 m)  - 5
14. Wallers (km 173,2 – 1000 m)  - 3
13. Hornaing (km 179,5 – 3700 m)  - 3
12. Warlaing (km 186,9 – 2400 m)  - 3
      Tilloy (190,4 – 2400 m)  - 3
11. Orchies (km 201,5 – 1700 m)  - 3
10. Auchy-lez-Orchies (km 207,6 – 2600 m)  - 3
9. Mons-en-Pévèle (km 213,2 – 3000 m)  - 5
8. Merignies (km 219,8 – 700 m)  - 2
7. Pont-Thibaut (km 223 – 1400 m)  - 3
6. Le Moulin de Vertain (km 229,1 – 500 m)  - 3
5. Cysoing (km 235,8 – 100 m)  - 4
    Bourghelles (km 237,1 – 400 m)
4. Campain-en-Pévèle (km 242 – 1800 m)  - 4
3. Le Carrefour de l’Arbre (km 244,8 – 2100 m)  - 5
    Gruson (km 247 – 1100 m)  - 2
2. Hem (km 253,6 – 1400 m)  - 1
1. Roubaix (km 260 – 300 m)  - 1

Our live coverage today is by Jan Janssens. Please refresh this page (F5) to view the latest information.

To recap the present race situation, there have been some escape attempts, one of three riders (Auger, Putsep, van der Wal) and a solo attempt by Thijs. After 60 kilometres there was a first big crash involving 10 riders.

Currently there's a breakaway of five riders: Commesso, Bonomi, Krauss, Auger and Albasini. They've got a 5 minute lead over the peloton and have entered the first cobbled zone of Troisvilles, a 3-star zone.

The peloton is now racing towards Troisvilles itself, with Quickstep setting the pace, and everyone wants to be in front at the beginning of the "real" Paris-Roubaix. This acceleration took some 40 seconds away from the lead.

Albasini is losing touch with the leaders on Troisvilles, now already 25 seconds behind.

There has been a crash involving some 8 riders again, of whom Gadret and Löwik have been taken to the hospital.

The 5 leaders are now on the zone of Viesly, 3 stars.

The two Saeco riders up front are probably riding in function of their leader, Dario Pieri, one of the heavier riders in the peloton. At the beginning of the season he weighed a stunning 96 kilos, now he's at his competition weight of 86! There was a reporter who asked him about his weight, after Bettini had told him that Pieri weighed 100 kilos during a soccer match in the summer, and Pieri laughed and said "100!? it was "only" 96!"

Dierckxsens attacks on the zone of Viesly, as expected!

Ludo has gotten the company of some 7 riders, Knaven, Vierhouten, Bartko, Hoste, but also...Tom Boonen. He came powering from the peloton, very impressive.

Boonen looked very calm at the start, and when asked why, he said that "If you've got good legs, you automatically feel calm."

Vansevenant, PVP's lieutenant, seems to have crashed and is now trying to get back to the head of the peloton to get to his leader.

The 4 leaders are now entering the the zone of Quievy-Saint-Python, "only" a 2-star zone. The group-Dierckxsens is back in the peloton.

By the way, Boonen named Wesemann and Hincapie as his big favourites for the podium.

Frank Hoy punctures.

140 kms to go and the leaders are 5 again, Lotto is now leading in the peloton. Only a 3.15 lead anymore by the five.

We haven't really seen any T-Mobile rider yet, but they managed to hide themselves well in the RVV as well, and we all know how that turned out. When asked for three favourites, Wesemann names Boonen, PVP and Museeuw, and he hopes that he can play a role as well, which we trust he will.

One of the riders up front, Sven Krauss, is only 21 years old! He must be enjoying this, he's built for riding cobbles, tall with broad thighs. Same for Commesso, minus the tall. Commesso is nicknamed "Il Volcano," by the way.

The peloton is now on pave zone 22, and USPS is leading with Joachim, Hincapie in second position.

Coming out of zone 22, the lead is only 2.20 for the 5 leaders.

It's gonna be a dry "Hell of the North", apparently. It's dry at the moment and there isn't any rain predicted for the remainder of the day, but in these parts of France you never know.

131 kms to go for the leaders.

The leaders seem to be struggling, but they're going slightly upwards, so maybe that's just an illusion. Reminds me of a quote of Franco Ballerini, former winner: "When you bonk in Paris-Roubaix, EVERY cobblestone is like a small hill."

The five leaders are now in Saulzoir, zone 21.

There are cobbles, and then there are not-kept-properly-for-20 years cobbles...

VdB is setting the pace in the peloton. The peloton within 2 minutes of the leaders, VdB still putting the hammer down there on zone 21.

Even in the Hell VdB is a stylish rider to watch, with his 67 kilos you wouldn't exactly expect him here, but when they told him when he was young that he'd never win P-R (because he's so light), he made it one of his life goals to win it, someday.

Wow! VdB took half a minute off the lead there.

So far, only Museeuw had a mechanical problem of all the favorites, a puncture early in the race.

Bernucci and Hiemstra have escaped from the peloton and are now on zone 20, Verchain-Maugre. The peloton is beginning it now too. Up front, Auger is struggling.

Now Bortolami is doing the forcing in the peloton, with Joachim in his wheel. 125kms to go.

The leaders are leaving zone 20, Auger managed to maintain himself. There's 38.5 more kilometres of cobbled road to go today!

Joachim is always trying to get away in a small break-away, seems like Hincapie and the USPS team are trying to smuggle an ally up front. VdB punctured.

The leaders have entered the cobbled zone of Maing, nr. 19. This is one of the longer strokes in the race with its 2500 metres. Dierckxsens, Knaven and Hammond are very attentive riding in the front of the peloton.

Hammond looked good this morning, he told the reporters that P-R is his dream race, that he would watch it as a 7-year old and be in awe of the riders.

120 kms to go now.

For all his wild power-riding, Ludo's dexterity on the bike should not be underestimated. He's a very decent cyclo-crosser, and if you recall Gaumont's terrible fall in Wallers a few years ago (broke his femur), Ludo actually jumped over Gaumont when he was on the ground.

The leaders have been taken back by the peloton, only Commesso stayed up front, and has the company of Landbouwkrediet's Van Bondt now. They have a small lead over the peloton. VdB is still chasing after the peloton alone; strange that Feretti doesn't let a rider fall back and wait for him.

He's back in the peloton now.

One of the riders up front, Van Bondt, has had an enormous amount of bad luck in the last few seasons. He was out for about 3 complete seasons with all sorts of injuries, it's almost unbelievable how many different ones. He's a former Gent-Wevelgem winner, so he knows how to ride the cobbles.

Van Bondt and Commesso are now on the 4-star paved zone of Haspres, nr. 17. They have a 30 second lead.

Major crash in the front of the peloton!

It's on zone 17. A Rabo rider isn't getting up, Robert Bartko. He's standing now, so maybe he can still ride on. No, Bartko is abandoning. He fell straight on his back.

For some bizarre reason, a Landbouwkrediet rider is attacking in the peloton, when they've got Van Bondt up front.

For all the USPS fans: Floyd Landis is appearing at the front of the peloton!

We're heading for the zone of Haveluy now, a four-star rated one of some 2.5 kms long, the dress rehearsal for the forest of Wallers-Arenberg! Tafi punctures!

Results of GP Primavera in Spain - Valverde, 2nd Mazzoleni, 3rd Voigt, 4th U. Extebarria, 5th Hesjedal.

Capelle, Bortolami and Hoste have also punctured. The tempo in the peloton is relatively low now, to allow all these riders with flats to return.

Van Bondt and Commesso still up front.

The forest of Wallers-Arenberg is nearing, and the nervousness is rising. It's the most infamous stroke of the race, where, among others, Museeuw and Gaumont have had horrendous crashes in the last few years. The reason for the forest's special nature is because it's inaccessible to motorized vehicles during the year, making it so that there's a layer of moss on the cobbleheads.

When it's dry it's no as dangerous, luckily, but it's still a butcher. Some riders, notably PVP, think the forest is madness and would want to see it taken out of the race...PVP says that he "isn't afraid of it, but just doesn't like anything that falsifies the race".

Van Bondt and Commesso have been caught by the peloton now, by the Lotto and Quickstep teams who are leading. Hincapie is riding to the front.

We're currently riding on the pave zone 16 of Haveluy, 100 kms to go. No breaks, just the peloton, which is still consisting of some 40-50 riders. But riders are dropping at the back.

No matter who wins, Roger De Vlaeminck will always be the most impressive P-R rider...14 participations, 4 wins, 9 times on the podium, 13 times top ten, and one abandon, which he still regrets to this day. If it hadn't been for Moser he would have won a few more, very probably. With those two, it was mostly a matter of who attacked first.

Aldag attacks, in the flat stroke before Wallers! The tension is rising, and the pace is pulled up.

Aldag has a 20-second lead now. Van Petegem is riding in the front of the peloton, Museeuw in his wheel. Museeuw is wearing his yellow custom-designed "Lion of Flanders" helmet, which he got as a gift from his friend Alessandro in his hometown, who manages a restaurant.

There's a flag hanging by the roadside saying "Bienveneu à Wallers", very cynical, it should say "Welcome to hell!"

Aldag is in the forest! In the peloton the sprint for the forest is starting! 96kms to go.

A motorcyclist falls! Aldag bonking, his back wheel is slipping. 3 Lotto's up front, Hincapie behind them.

There was a crash involving 3 USPS riders, among them Van Heeswijk. Cancellara is putting up an impressive tempo now - he's got a small gap, very impressive. All the big favourites are in the front part so far.

It's easy to say "don't panic" here, but this is the real deal. Hoste has caught Cancellara, and is now leading the first group out of the forest, among them Hincapie and PVP. 91kms to go now.

Pieri and Ivanov are far, far behind. Same for Ludo.

Joachim is also just leaving Arenberg. A neverending series of suffering riders here. There's an elite group of some 20 riders away now. Pieri and Co. are chasing.

The front group has, among others: Hincapie, Wesemann, Van Petegem, Museeuw.

The 20-something leaders are now in zone 14, a 3-star one. This is the aftermath of the forest. Michaelsen punctures up front, but is helped quickly.

Technical difficulties, our apologies.

The leading group has 30 seconds advantage on the chasers, with the likes of Dierckxsens and Pieri among them. For now: the leading group is 21 riders strong, and has SIX Lotto riders in it.

These are 17 of the 21 names: Van Petegem, Vierhouten, Van Bon, Hoste, De Clerq, Museeuw, Zanini, Hincapie, Michaelsen, Backsted, Boonen, Hammond, Cancellera, Wesemann, Vainstains, Steegmans, Aldag.

The leaders are now turning on zone 13 of Hornaing. Quickstep and Lotto are cooperating to keep the lead over the chasers. They are 17 seconds behind. Seems like the chasers might be getting to the front after all.

80 kms to go. Lotto putting the hammer down on zone 13.

There's an enormous amount of people watching the race on the roadside, wow. The Tour is going to make a passage over some zones of Paris-Roubaix this year, like this one. That will be an unpleasant experience for some Spanish and Colombian climbers.

The chasers have now caught up with the leaders on the cobbles, and who attacks immediately? That's right, Ludo! But Boonen takes him back.

Now Nardello attacks; he was one of the riders that was in the chasing group. Again, Boonen goes behind him. Vierhouten punctures up front, and has to wait for assistance.

The group is very large now, some 35 riders, so it's hard to make a clear overview of who's in it. Pieri punctures.

Bernucci attacks, and again Boonen goes after him. They have a small gap but the lead group is chasing behind them.

Gerben Löwik, who fell earlier today, has suffered a fracture of his right elbow. We wish him a speedy recovery. He's had his share of bad luck this season...

As they enter zone 12, at some 76 kms to the finish, there seems to be forming a break of some 6 riders breaking away from the leaders.

The 6 riders have been caught, but there's been a tear in the leading group, some 17 leaders left now. What Boonen is doing here is very impressive, the question is if he is feeling very strong himself or is riding for Museeuw.

Boonen, Hincapie and Museeuw in the first 3 positions on the second part of zone 12, Hincapie seems to be all alone.

We didn't notice it up until now, but also riding in the leading group is Thor Hushovd! Go Thor!

With a body like his he should be able to torture those cobbles! He's a former winner of P-R at the éspoirs.

He was pretty much invincible in his last years as an amateur, he won just about everything.

Kirsipuu is attacking! Understandably, as the pace in the lead group was dropping seriously. Another proof that sprinters often make good P-R riders, even if Kirsipuu can do a lot more than "just" sprint, of course.

65kms to go, Kirsipuu still leading, the leaders don't seem to be really chasing.

Kirsipuu is said to be a rider that can handle 200kms max, but as we are near to the 200km-limit at the moment, he might be on the verge of proving those people wrong. He has a 10 second lead.

We're nearing the 3-star-rated zone 11 of Orchies, which is aptly named "chemin des prières", or "street of prayers." Kirsipuu has 20 seconds lead now.

60kms to go, and Kirsipuu is turning on zone 11!

Kirsipuu has a solid style, he barely moves on his bike, even on the cobbles, and he doesn't seem to go really fast but is in fact working a huge gear.

Hincapie is raising the tempo in the leading group on the cobbles.

We're nearing the border with Belgium, so we see many Flemish flags along the sides of the road.

Kirsipuu and the big group have both left zone 11, and we see Bartoli in the big group as well! In his first P-R! Very impressive.

It seems that the Lotto riders are keeping Kirsipuu in check at some 20 seconds, likely in order to use him as a jumping board later in the race for PVP or another Lotto rider, like Van Bon.

Now we're on Auchy-les-Orchies, zone 10. By itself it's not really an important stroke, it's "only" 3 stars, but but it stays a dangerous part, since after this one comes the infamous Mons-en-Pévèle, a 5-star stroke! It's been recently re-paved by a class of young cobblers from a nearby agricultural school.

Kirsipuu has 30 seconds now, nearing zone 10. 53 kms to go.

Marc Wauters has abandoned.

Museeuw attacks!! He gets Backstedt with him, wow, Museeuw is going HARD. He's probably making a pre-selection for the next zone, Lotto is panicking!

Kirsipuu has left zone 10, and sees Museeuw coming. Museeuw has been caught by Van Petegem and a small group of some 7 riders.

Now Van Bon counter-attacks, as they caught Museeuw! 50kms to go.

It's once more Backstedt, the huge Swede, that catches Van Bon. He's angry at the motorcycle who was more or less drafting Van Bon.

The big group has been diminished to some 20 riders, Bartoli and De Clercq can join the big group again after being dropped during Museeuw's attack.

On Mons-en-pévèle, a 5-star stroke! Van Bon and Hoj are away, they've got some 20 metres advance.

Their lead is growing, so Quickstep reacts, Boonen is trying to chase them down. As we've passed the 200kms-limit it's becoming more and more of a man-to-man battle now. Zanini crashes in the back of the big group.

This is bad news for Quickstep, now they lost another rider up front, but he's back on his bike again. Hammond attacks! Museeuw and Hincapie react! You can just feel the nervousness grow!

Everything back together, but Hammond accelerates again, Museeuw in his wheel.

The group has left zone 9, and we're looking at a 6-km zone on asphalt roads now. 44kms to go.

Cancellara attacks on a small hill on the asphalt and has a small lead.

With Albasini earlier today, and Cancellara now we have seen two Swiss riders up front today, not very common in the hell of the North!

Cancellara caught again though, by Hulsmans who's leading the group.

At 41kms from the end of the race, Van Bon and Hoj start zone 8 of Merignies; they have a lead of some 20-30 seconds.

We're in the last hour of the race!

The Quickstep and T-Mobile riders in the big group are now cooperating to catch Van Bon and Hoj, they're under pressure. Van Petegem has been very quiet so far, because he wants to rip it up at Carrefour de l'arbre like last year, or because he can't do any better? We'll see!

Hulsmans is doing some impressive chasing work now.

So far, we have a similar image to the RVV: there are a lot of riders that are good, but no one that's superb. But let's wait for last 20 kilometres to make a final judgement on that...

The gap is becoming smaller, 15 seconds now. T-Mobile is keeping silent, and letting Quickstep do the work.

Now T-Mobile is sending reinforcements to help Quickstep up front, there's three men chasing now, 2 Quicksteps and one T-Mobile rider. A 3 to 2 battle, but the lead is growing a bit again, 18 seconds now.

The leaders are on zone 6, 30 kms to go! Their lead has shrunk to 10 seconds.

Van Bon and Hoj are up front, and the big group of 25 or something is just catching up with them now! So everything is back together.

There's some 5 kilometers to go now until the pave zone 5 of Cysoing, which is very tough (4 stars), but also really short, only a few hundred metres. Boonen attacks together with Hincapie!

Boonen attacks together with Hincapie! But Cancellara and Hushovd react and bring eveything back. Now Dierckxsens and Ivanov attack! But they are taken back as well, there seems to be no escape from this huge group.

We're entering the village of Cysoing now, 26kms from the end. Boonen attacks! It's a spitfire of attacks here - but again, he's taken back.

Now Mengien and Baldato attack, and the group seems to let them go!

Mengin and Baldato have been joined by Hoste, Boonen and Flêcha, and they are now entering zone 5!

The 5 leaders have a small lead on the group, where Hushovd is working, oh my, Hoste gets a flag stuck in his wheel and is stopped! He didn't fall, but he's struck back to the main group, what a disgrace!

4 leaders now, and Boonen putting the hammer down of course!

Boonen is riding hard, he's got the company of Hincapie who's come from behind in a superb effort, and Flêcha! Baldato and Mengin have been dropped by the blistering pace up front.

It's up to Lotto and T-Mobile now to chase, Museeuw is in a great position behind, with his fast lieutenant up front! Kudos to Hincapie, too, who's managed to position himself up front with no team-mates around for over 50 kms. T-Mobile is chasing, and have caught Baldato and Mengin. 17 seconds for the three leaders.

Hincapie's nickname at USP is "Captain Bleuheart", because according to Armstrong, Hincapie is the heart of the team.

Nardello, Bernucci and Nardello have now escaped from the big group and are chasing the three leaders, which is interesting because there's a Lotto and a T-Mobile rider among them. 20 kms to go, the three are on zone 4!

Boonen is putting down the hammer HARD! Flêcha has problems holding Hincapie's wheel, and in the chasing group Hoste is accelerating. Hoste is riding them straight out of his wheel, still 10 seconds lead for the three leaders.

Hoste is working a monster gear. PVP punctures! what bad luck for Lotto! Just before "his" stroke, le Carrefour de l'arbre. The three are almost at the end of zone 4, and Hoste is gaining on them, wow, he's super strong! 17 kms to go. Hoste has joined them, 4 leaders now!

Now Wesemann has brought everyone back together with a great effort, when he saw that PVP was gone.

On Carrefour de l"arbre now, 16 kms to, Museeuw leading!

20 leaders on Carrefour de l'arbre, Wesemann in his wheel, Hincapie and Boonen in 3rd and 4th (in Museeuw's wheel).

Van Petegem is making an enormous effort coming back, shows that he was really good and not unable!

Wesemann and Museeuw are seriously thinning out the group, PVP is passing by dropped riders all the time. Wow, PVP, if this had been an attack...!! He's superb. Let's hope he can still come back.

Apologies for the technical difficulties.

We're on the asphalted part of le Carrefour, and heading for the second part of the paved zone, PVP still chasing, Cancellara leading up front. Back on the cobbles now!

Museeuw leading a 5-man group with Cancellara, Hammond, Backstedt. Hincapie back some 20 metres. The 5th rider up front is Hoffman. A 4th P-R is a possibility for the Lion!

The 5 leaders have the Carrefour behind them, what a battlefield! They're heading for the last real cobbled zone now. Van Bon is sacrificing himself for PVP.

So, up front; Museeuw, Cancellara, Backstedt, Hammond and Hoffman, and Hincapie and Flêcha on some 10 seconds.

In the group where the Lottos are chasing, Hoj is disrupting the work. Flêcha and Hincapie, 16 seconds behind, PVP's group 25.

All five of the leaders are fast to very fast men, but who's the fastest after 260 kilometres of torture? And, a sprint on a track? 10 kms to go.

Hincapie and Flêcha have been caught by PVP's group, but Hoj and Boonen there are disrupting everything, it seems like the winner is up front with the 5 leaders!

Maybe it's a good moment to recall Museeuw's words from right before the RVV: "I don't fear anyone in a sprint with a small group."

The leaders are now on the last really pave zone, zone 2 of Hem, with a 30 second lead. The last "pave zone" is more of plaything than real cobbles. Museeuw punctures!!!!!!

Museeuw loses some 10 seconds, at least. PVP has joined Museeuw solo in an impressive effort! It's two kings of Roubaix against the 4 leaders now!

7 kms to go, 20 seconds lead for the 4!

Now Wesemann has joined Museeuw and Van Petegem, and the others aren't far behind.

The 4 up front aren't really racing, but neither are the chasers anymore, Van Petegem is angry with the lack of cooperation! Up front now, Hammond, Hoffman, Backstedt and Cancellara. 4.5 kms to go. The others are 28 seconds behind, they're most likely done.

What a drama for Museeuw!!

Everyone seems to be exhausted, the 4 up front aren't really flying either.

None of the four leaders have ever won a really big race, they must be so nervous!

Van Petegem and Museeuw are going in the counter-attack together, leaving the group behind, but it's probably too late.

The 4 have turned up the last straight line towards the velodrome of Roubaix, the chasers half a minute behind, it's between these four! 2 kms to go.

Again: Backstedt, Hammond, Cancellara and Hoffman leading, Musseuw and PVP now at 25 seconds. 1 kilometre to go, they're on the last "pave" zone and are now heading for the velodrome.

The 4 are on the velodrome!! Hear that crowd!

Cancellara leading, Hammond 2nd position, Backstedt 3rd and Hoffman 4th. The four are looking at each other, Cancellara attacks!

He's caught, the sprint starts!

Cancellara still leading, but Backtstedt comes in from the inner side and WINS! Wow...

1. Backstedt, 2. Hoffman, 3. Hammond, 4. Cancellara...Museeuw and PVP ride over the line holding hands. Museeuw is crying, and can't answer the interviewer. He's devastated.

Magnus Backstedt wins Paris-Roubaix, the Nordic warrior.

You should have heard Museeuw - the reporter asked him a question and he could only talk like a child, crying, y'know...totally gripping. Everyone is so emotional...Hammond had tears in his eyes too. Even big Backstedt is crying in the arms of his girlfriend. But not for long.

Thank you for joining us today for our live coverage of the 102nd Paris-Roubaix - a most stunning day of racing. Next Sunday is the next round of the World Cup - Amstel Gold!

Full Results

1 Backstedt Magnus Swe Alb  6h40'26"  
2 Hoffman Tristan Ned Csc  m.t.  
3 Hammond Roger Gbr Mbp  m.t.  
4 Cancellara Fabian Sui Fas  m.t.  
5 Museeuw Johan Bel Qsd  00'17"  
6 Van Petegem Peter Bel Lot  m.t.  
7 Van Bon Leon Ned Lot  00'29"  
8 Hincapie George Usa Usp  m.t.  
9 Boonen Tom Bel Qsd  m.t.  
10 Hoj Frank Den Csc  m.t.  
11 Vainsteins Romans Lat Lam  m.t.  
12 Hoste Leif Bel Lot  m.t.  
13 Flecha Juan Antonio Esp Fas  m.t.  
14 Dierckxsens Ludo Bel Lan  m.t.  
15 Nardello Daniele Ita Mob  00'36"  
16 Wesemann Steffen Ger Mob  00'58"  
17 Hushovd Thor Nor C.A.  02'52"  
18 Guesdon Frédéric Fra Fdj  m.t.  
19 Ivanov Serguei Rus Mob  m.t.  
20 Gusev Vladimir Rus Csc  m.t.  
21 Bartoli Michele Ita Csc  02'56"  
22 Kirsipuu Jaan Est A2r  03'50"  
23 Michaelsen Lars Den Csc  m.t."  
24 Baldato Fabio Ita Alb  m.t."  
25 Mengin Christophe Fra Fdj  m.t."  
26 Aldag Rolf Ger Mob  03'54"  
27 Schaffrath Jan Ger Mob m.t.  
28 Bernucci Lorenzo Ita Lan m.t.  
29 Hulsmans Kevin Bel Qsd  06'36"  
30 Cretskens Wilfried Bel Qsd  07'59"  
31 Hunter Robert Rsa Rab  07'59"  
32 Marichal Thierry Bel Lot  12'18"  
33 Knaven Servais Ned Qsd  12'19"  
34 Vierhouten Aart Ned Lot  12'19"  
35 Eisel Bernhard Aut Fdj  13'19"  
36 Commesso Salvatore Ita Sae m.t.  
37 Casagranda Stefano Ita Sae m.t.  
38 Bortolami Gianluca Ita Lam m.t.  
39 Baumann Eric Ger Mob m.t.  
40 Fischer Murilo Bra Dve m.t.  
41 De Jongh Steven Ned Rab m.t.  
42 Horrillo Pedro Esp Qsd m.t.  
43 Tafi Andrea Ita Alb m.t.  
44 Sunderland Scott Aus Alb m.t.  
45 Christensen Bekim Den Csc m.t.  
46 Ludewig Jörg Ger Sae m.t.  
47 Eriksen Thomas Den Csc m.t.  
48 Flickinger Andy Fra A2r m.t.  
49 Cruz Antonio Usa Usp m.t.  
50 Cortinovis Alessandro Ita Lam m.t.  
51 Elmiger Martin Sui Pho m.t.  
52 Bodrogi Laszlo Hun Qsd m.t.  
53 Hiemstra Bert Ned Cho m.t.  
54 Portal Nicolas Fra A2r m.t.  
55 Gavazzi Nicola Ita Sae m.t.  
56 Hinault Sébastien Fra C.a m.t.  
57 Rast Grégory Sui Pho m.t.  
58 Den Bakker Maarten Ned Rab m.t.  
59 Trouve Kristof Bel Mbp m.t.  
60 Fornaciari Paolo Ita Sae m.t.  
61 Peers Chris Bel Cho m.t.  
62 Johansen Allan Den Bgl m.t.  
63 Voskamp Bart Ned Cho m.t.  
64 Joachim Benoît Lux Usp m.t.  
65 Schreck Stephan Ger Mob m.t.  
66 Van Heeswijk Max Ned Usp m.t.  
67 Vansevenant Wim Bel Lot  13'32"  
68 Radochla Steffen Ger Ibb  13'32"  
69 Zanini Stefano Ita Qsd  13'33"  
70 Pieri Dario Ita Sae  13'33"  
71 Thijs Erwin Bel Mbp  14'58"  
72 Rich Michael Ger Gst  14'58"  
73 Sentjens Roy Ned Rab  14'58"  
74 Van Haecke Michel Bel Mbp  14'58"  
75 Bazhenov Alexandre Rus Dve  14'58"  
76 Durand Jacky Fra Lan  14'58"  
77 Voeckler Thomas Fra Blb  20'37"  
78 Yus Unai Esp Blb  20'37"  
79 Hunt Jeremy Gbr Mbp  28'07"  
80 Usov Alexandre Blr Pho  31'03"  
81 Van Der Ven Remco Ned Bgl  31'09"  
82 Cappelle Andy Bel Cho  m.t.  
83 Berges Stéphane Fra A2r  m.t.  
84 Laurent Christophe Fra Rag  m.t.  
85 Dion Renaud Fra Rag  m.t.  
86 Verstrepen Johan Bel Lan  m.t.  
87 Derepas David Fra Fdj  m.t.  
88 Nazon Jean-Patrick Fra A2r  m.t.  
89 Chicchi Francesco Ita Fas  m.t.  
90 Bak Lars Ytting Den Bgl  m.t.  
91 Devolder Stijn Bel Usp  35'10"  
92 Traksel Bobbie Ned Rab  43'09"  
93 Roy Jérémy Fra Fdj  51'08"

World Cup Standings

1 Wesemann Steffen Ger T-Mobile Team 110 points
2 Freire Oscar Esp Rabobank 103
3 Backstedt Magnus Swe Alessio - Bianchi 100
4 Hoste Leif Bel Lotto - Domo 84
5 Hoffman Tristan Ned Team Csc 70
6 Zabel Erik Ger T-Mobile Team 70
7 Van Bon Leon Ned Lotto - Domo 68
8 Van Petegem Peter Bel Lotto - Domo 58
9 Hincapie George Usa Us Postal - Berry Floor 53
10 Dekker Erik Ned Rabobank 51
11 Hammond Roger Gbr Mr. Bookmaker.Com - Palmans 50
12 Bruylandts Dave Bel Chocolade Jacques Wincor - Nixdorf 50
13 O'Grady Stuart Aus Cofidis, Le Credit Par Telephone 50
14 Museeuw Johan Bel Quick Step - Davitamon 47
15 Bettini Paolo Ita Quick Step - Davitamon 44
16 Vainsteins Romans Lat Lampre 43
17 Cancellara Fabian Sui Fassa Bortolo 40
18 Hoj Frank Den Team Csc 40
19 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fassa Bortolo 40
20 Klier Andreas Ger T-Mobile Team 37
21 Van Heeswijk Max Ned Us Postal - Berry Floor 36
22 Astarloa Igor Esp Cofidis, Le Credit Par Telephone 32
23 Aldag Rolf Ger T-Mobile Team 28
24 Flecha Juan Antonio Esp Fassa Bortolo 27
25 Boonen Tom Bel Quick Step - Davitamon 21
26 Martin P. Miguel Angel Esp Saunier Duval - Prodir 20
27 Ivanov Serguei Rus T-Mobile Team 16
28 Marichal Thierry Bel Lotto - Domo 15
29 Celestino Mirko Ita Saeco 14
30 Brochard Laurent Fra Ag2r Prevoyance 13

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