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Women’s World Cup Round 3 and 4
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 3/28/2004
Women’s World Cup Round 3 and 4

By Marianne Werz O'Brien and Janna Trevisanut

Womens World Cup Round 3 - GP Vuelta Castilla y Leon
Sunday March 28, 2004


Castilla y Leon is a relatively new event, having had its inaugural run in 2002. The riders rode the 10.1 kilometer course 12 times for a total of 121.2 km. The course was rolling with a max 30 meter rise in altitude over the first 2 kilometers of each lap.

Previous Results

Year - First Second Third

Regina Schleicher (Ger), Petra Rossner (Ger), Mirjam Melchers (Ned)

Mirjam Melchers (Ned), Anita Valen (Nor), Sara Carrigan (Aus)

The previous results are fascinating! Why? Let’s take a look back at last week’s Vuelta Castilla y Leon. Regina Schleicher took the first stage. Mirjam Melchers took the third stage and overall win! Obviously both women have proven in the past that world cup Castilla y Leon is their type of race. This world cup event has only been raced twice previously, the first year Schleicher won, and the next year Melchers took the prize!

Both women are in great form right now, but one must also consider that were both heavily marked. And the field contains many other strong contenders, and some pretty hot wild cards as well. Remember that this race will mark the season opener for Welsh wonder Nicole Cooke, the overall world cup series winner for 2003.

Amazing Aussie Oenone Wood has had a fantastic season already, with 13 victories including the Geelong world cup, the Citta de Rosignano, and she placed 3rd in the Primavera Rosa world cup. Wood did not have a stellar performance in the Vuelta Castilla y Leon, and dropped out before the 3rd and final stage along with several of her teammates. Was this a tactical decision?

Race Report

In today's contest, held on a tight city circuit in Salamanca, the German, the Australians and Farm Frites contingents took turns working on the front, with the Bizkaia Panda Software riders marking the rhythm in the early kilometers.

Despite the complicated course with many difficult curves and narrowing of roads, the speed fo the race was nearly forty kilometers a hour. Further, it was very cold for the race today, with snow threatening.

Although the official results report 95 starters and the same number of finishers with no abandons, Todociclismo reports that Belén López abandoned after crashing, and that nearly half the competitors did not finish the race. The startlist included 30 teams of 6 riders each, which would make 95 finishers about half. Regardless, we present the official results.

Vuelta Castilla y Leon Results

1º 136 Brotka, Angela Ger German N.Team 3:09:44
2º 155 Wood, Oenone Aus Australia N.Time Mt.
3º 11 Melchers, Mirjam Ned Team Farm Frites-Har Mt.
4º 23 Gilmore, Rochelle Aus Team S.a.T.S. Mt.
5º 211 Bronzini, Giorgia Ita Safi-Pasta Zara Man. Mt.
6º 21 Ljungskog, Susanne Swe Team S.a.T.S. Mt.
7º 152 Gollan, Olivia Aus Australia N.Time Mt.
8º 35 Rossner, Petra Ger Nürnberger Versicher Mt.
9º 191 Kiesanowski, Joanne Nzl New Zeland Team Mt.
10º 276 Wright, Alison Aus Nobili Rubinetterie- Mt.
11º 283 Longhin, Katia Ita S.C. Michela Fanini Mt.
12º 62 Mansveld, Debby Ned Vlaanderen-T-Interin Mt.
13º 156 Carrian, Sara Aus Australia N.Time Mt.
14º 261 Doppmann, Priska Sui Swiss National Team Mt.
15º 113 Grimberg, Arenda Ned Netherlands N.Team Mt.
16º 73 Gunnewijk, Loes Ned Ondernemers V.N.-Vri Mt.
17º 295 Beutler, Annette Sui Lietzsport Cycling Mt.
18º 53 Wallaard, Jaccolien Ned Ton Van Bemmelen Spo Mt.
19º 115 Spikerman, Bertina Ned Netherlands N.Team Mt.
20º 64 Van Dromme, Sharon Bel Vlaanderen-T-Interin Mt.
21º 291 Heeb, Barbara Sui Lietzsport Cycling Mt.
22º 22 Valen, Anita Nor Team S.a.T.S. Mt.
23º 14 Vink, Elisabeth Ned Team Farm Frites-Har Mt.
24º 81 Hennes, Tanja Ger Team Next 125 Mt.
25º 131 Bahler, Liane Ger German N.Team Mt.
26º 282 Pucinskaite, Edita Ltu S.C. Michela Fanini Mt.
27º 161 Bravo, Rosa Mª Esp Tinlohi-Eia-Mauco Mt.
28º 231 Ruano, Dori Esp Seleccion Española Mt.
29º 66 Belleter, Veronique Bel Vlaanderen-T-Interin Mt.
30º 272 Marsal, Catherine Fra Nobili Rubinetterie- Mt.
31º 15 Oki, Miho Jpn Team Farm Frites-Har Mt.
32º 143 Guille, Delphine Fra France N.Time Mt.
33º 71 Beltman, Chantal Ned Ondernemers V.N.-Vri Mt.
34º 212 Zugno, Anna Ita Safi-Pasta Zara Man. Mt.
35º 52 De Goede, Suzanne Ned Ton Van Bemmelen Spo Mt.
36º 225 Guderzo, Tatiana Ita Italy National Team Mt.
37º 205 Somarriba, Joane Esp Bizkaia-Panda Soft. Mt.
38º 34 Zabelinskaya, Olga Rus Nürnberger Versicher Mt.
39º 286 Rutherford, Hayley Aus S.C. Michela Fanini Mt.
40º 36 Worrack, Trixi Ger Nürnberger Versicher Mt.
41º 103 Freedman, Nicole Isr Basis- Aude Mt.
42º 1 Zabirova, Zoulfia Rus Team Let's Go Finlan Mt.
43º 132 Senff, Theresa Ger German N.Team Mt.
44º 133 Duster, Sarah Ger German N.Team Mt.
45º 92 Demet-Barry, Deirdre Usa T-Mobile Professiona Mt.
46º 24 James, Emma Aus Team S.a.T.S. Mt.
47º 172 Gu Sung, Eun Kor Int. Composite Tea Mt.
48º 2 Luperini, Fabiana Ita Team Let's Go Finlan Mt.
49º 216 Urbonaite, Zita Ltu Safi-Pasta Zara Man. Mt.
50º 242 Murillo, Iosune Esp Sabeco Mt.
51º 96 Peters, Stacey Usa T-Mobile Professiona Mt.
52º 12 Visser, Adrie Ned Team Farm Frites-Har Mt.
53º 111 Vos, Janneke Ned Netherlands N.Team Mt.
54º 65 Van Melis, Mirella Ned Vlaanderen-T-Interin Mt.
55º 185 Babikova, Elena Rus Russia N.Team a 16
56º 192 Reekie-May, Rosalind Nzl New Zeland Team a 16
57º 93 Bruckner, Kimberly Usa T-Mobile Professiona a 16
58º 13 Heal, Rachel Gbr Team Farm Frites-Har a 16
59º 142 Huguet, Sonia Fra France N.Time a 16
60º 54 Groenveld, Josephine Ned Ton Van Bemmelen Spo a 16
61º 124 Newstead, Frances Gbr Great Britain N.Time a 16
62º 145 Chevanne, Elisabeth Fra France N.Time a 16
63º 266 Kuhn, Bettina Sui Swiss National Team a 16
64º 116 Markerink, Locs Ned Netherlands N.Team a 16
65º 101 Clignet, Marion Fra Basis- Aude a 16
66º 95 Neben, Amber Usa T-Mobile Professiona a 16
67º 114 Wild, Kirsten Ned Netherlands N.Team a 16
68º 51 Cools-V.Dongen, Joland Ned Ton Van Bemmelen Spo a 16
69º 284 Cazzaniga, Barbara Ita S.C. Michela Fanini a 16
70º 76 Van Essen, Sharon Ned Ondernemers V.N.-Vri a 16
71º 195 Hylande, Michelle Nzl New Zeland Team a 16
72º 56 Coene, Véronique Bel Ton Van Bemmelen Spo a 16
73º 222 Belvederesi, Tania Ita Italy National Team a 16
74º 153 Graham, Lorian Aus Australia N.Time a 16
75º 16 Van Derzee, Anouska Ned Team Farm Frites-Har a 16
76º 271 Corneo, Sigrid Ita Nobili Rubinetterie- a 16
77º 275 Slyusareva, Olga Rus Nobili Rubinetterie- a 16
78º 181 Bayarskaya, Natalia Rus Russia N.Team a 16
79º 193 Holt, Melisa Nzl New Zeland Team a 16
80º 112 Hassink, Dreke Ned Netherlands N.Team a 16
81º 274 Shirley, Kym Aus Nobili Rubinetterie- a 16
82º 262 Thurig, Karin Sui Swiss National Team a 16
83º 102 Goldstein, Leah Isr Basis- Aude a 16
84º 31 Arndt, Judith Ger Nürnberger Versicher a 16
85º 232 Moreno, Maribel Esp Seleccion Española a 46
86º 33 Lindberg, Madeleine Swe Nürnberger Versicher a 54
87º 226 Parietti, Silvia Ita Italy National Team a 01:02
88º 224 D'ettorre, Alessandra Ita Italy National Team a 01:02
89º 236 Sanchez, Azuzena Esp Seleccion Española a 03:43
90º 201 Azpiroz, Arantzazu Esp Bizkaia-Panda Soft. a 03:43
91º 234 Ramirez, Anna Esp Seleccion Española a 04:19
92º 144 V.Dekerckove, Juliette Fra France N.Time a 04:23
93º 74 Miggels, Kristy Ned Ondernemers V.N.-Vri a 04:26
94º 121 Davies, Emma Gbr Great Britain N.Time a 05:09
95º 221 Baccaille, Monia Ita Italy National Team a 05:09

World Cup #4 – 4 April 2004: Ronde van Vlaanderen, Belgium

This will be the Tour of Flanders inaugural run. The ladies race will start in Oudenaarde and follow the men’s course to its conclusion in Ninove. This route covers 9 of the infamous climbs.

Oenone Wood will be wearing the overall World Cup leader's jersey again for this race. Woods will most likely be wearing it at the start of the 5th World Cup race also, regardless of the outcome here, as her closest rival, Mirjam Melchers, comes into the race with only 85 points to Wood's 160.

If Melchers wins this race and Woods finishes out of the points, 21st place or later, they will be tied for the lead. Considering that she has placed on the podium in each of the three world cup races so far this year, it is highly unlikely that Woods is going to finish more the 20 places after the winner.

Details of the Hills Covered
(Courtesy of race website)

Hill # - Name – kilometers to finish; distance - %grade

Hill 1: Kruisberg 65; 1800 m – Avg 4.8% - Max 9%
Hill 2: Boigneberg 49; 1000 m - Avg. 5,8% - Max. 15%
Hill 3: Foreest 42; 950 m - Avg. 6,8% - Max. 10%
Hill 4: Steenberg 40; 825 m - Avg. 7,3% - Max. 17%
Hill 5: Leberg 34; 850 m - Avg. 4,6% - Max. 16%
Hill 6: Berendries 30; 900 m - Avg. 4,7% - Max. 14%
Hill 7: Tenbosse 25; 250 m - Avg. 11% - Max. 14%
Hill 8: Muur - Kapelmuur 14; 825 m - Avg. 9,3% - Max. 20% - 700 m
Hill 9: Bosberg 11; 475 m - Avg. 8,4% - Max. 11% - 400 m

Previous Results of La Flèche Wallonne, Belgium

Year - First Second Third

Hanka Kupfernagel (Ger) Edita Pucinskaite (Ltu) Cindy Peiters (Bel)

Genevieve Jeanson (Can) Pia Sunstedt (Fin) Fany Lecoutois (Fra)

Fabiana Luperini (Ita) Anna Millward (Aus) Trixi Worrack (Ger)

Fabiana Luperini (Ita) Lyne Bessette (Can) Priska Doppmann (Sui)

Nicole Cooke (Gbr) Susan Palmer-Komar (Can) Oenone Wood (Aus)

Please visit the official race website located here.

Participating Teams

  • TEAM S.A.T.S.
  • België/Belgique/Belgium
  • Wielerbond Vlaanderen WBV
  • Duitsland/Allemagne/Germany
  • Frankrijk/France/France
  • Australië/Australie/Australia
  • Swiss Cycling
  • Groot Brittanië/Grande Bretagne/Great Britain
  • Canada/Canada/Canada
  • Spanje/Espagne/Spain
  • Noorwegen/Norvège/Norway
  • Oekraïne/Ukraine/Ukraine
  • Nieuw-Zeeland/Nouvelle-Zeelande/New-Zealand
  • Vlaanderen T-Interim Univega Ladies Team
  • K.S.V. Deerlijk
  • Keukens Redant Cycling Team
  • Lietzsport Cycling
  • Basis Aude
  • Team Let's Go Finland
  • Equipe Nürnberger Veresicherung
  • S.C. Michela Fanini Record Rox
  • Ondernemers van nature - Vrienden van het platteland
  • Team Farm Frites - Hartol
  • Team Ton Van Bemmelen Sports
  • Vitron - Wilstra
  • Team Next 125
  • T-Mobile Professional Cycling Team
  • Therme Skin Care
  • Nobili Rubinetterie - Guerciotti
  • Safi - Pasta Zara Manhattan
  • @Home Cycling Team
  • Italië/Italie/Italia
  • USC Chirio Forno D'Arolo
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