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Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 4: Salton Criterium
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 3/28/2004
Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 4: Salton Criterium

Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 4: Salton Criterium

Finishing in front of a large crowd of spectators downtown on Saturday afternoon, Alex Candelario and Tina Pic came up with high-speed victories in the fourth stage of the Redlands Bicycle Classic. Neither victory – Candelario, racing for Jelly Belly/Aramark, nor Pic, of Genesis-Scuba – had an effect on the overall leader of the 20th annual stage race that has but one day remaining.

The crowd makes a ruckus, yelling and pounding on the barriers. Photo by Daily Peloton. Click for larger image.

Webcor Builder’s Chris Horner retained his near two-minute lead over Jittery Joe Coffee’s Cesar Grajales. Horner has a 1:49 lead going into Sunday. Lyne Bessette, racing for Quark, stayed 53 seconds ahead of Rona’s Genevieve Jeanson as the Sunset Road Race beckons in the final day of racing on Sunday. Pic finished ahead of Genesis-Scuba teammate Laura Van Gilder, the green sprint jersey leader, to win the women’s 60-minute stage.

Victory Brewing’s Gina Grain outpedaled T-Mobile’s Lara Kroepsch for third place. Mari Holden, the 1998 Redlands champion, was fourth. Bessette, showing the same form she used in winning the Oak Glen road race on Friday, took fifth.

Horner, meanwhile, showed downtown Redlands onlookers his skill and strength in pushing himself to the front of the pack on two of the final three laps. He wound up sixth in the 90 minute stage, which was won by Candelario in an hour, 31 minutes and 24 seconds. Juan Jose Haedo of Colavita Olive Oil finished in a close second place, just ahead of veteran Gord Fraser (Health Net Maxxis). Fraser was penalized and over protest, lost his third place standing on the stage, giving Dominguez the third podium spot for the day. Fined for irregular sprinting, Fraser was also relegated to last place in his field (105th on the stage).  Watch for Chuck Coyle's Redlands criterium article for more on this.

Gord Fraser after the unfavorable jury decision. Photo by Daily Peloton.
Click for larger image.

Horner may have picked up a few seconds on Grajales, the overall runner-up who hails from Colombia. Horner continued to control the red climber’s jersey over Michael Sayers, 22-18 (no mountain points were awarded in the stage). Colavita’s Aaron Olson increased his green jersey sprint points lead to 48-33 over Haeda.

Horner, the 2000 champion, is gunning for his fourth overall Redlands Classic yellow jersey and third straight. Bessette is trying to win for the second time at Redlands, having won in 1999. Jeanson is defending champion. The six-stage Redlands Classic for both men and women concludes today with the Redlands Sunset Road Race.

The women race 100 kms and on an 8.5-kilometer course somewhat similar to the Mount Royal World Cup course. The men race 142 kilometers. (Thanks to Redlands Bicycle Classic and RONA)

Yellow Jersey:  Chris  horner   WEB
Jersey:  Mike  Sayer       HNC
Jersey: Aaron  Olson     COB

From left: Juan Jose Haedo, Alex Candelario, Ivan Dominguez.
Photo by Daily Peloton. Click for larger image.

Men's Results

1 Alex Candelario  JEL 1:31:24
2 Juan Jose Haedo  COB  s.t.
3 Ivan Dominguez  COB  s.t.
4 Ben Brooks  JEL  s.t.
5 Chris Horner  WEB  s.t.
6 Brice Jones  HNC  s.t.
7 Erik Saunders  OFO  s.t.
8 Emile Abraham  ASP  s.t.
9 Victor Ayala  LGR  s.t.
10 Kirk Albers  JEL  s.t.
11 Chris Frederick  ASP  s.t.
12 Mike Sayers  HNC  s.t.
13 Steve Tilford  IMP  s.t.
14 Trent Klasna  SIE  s.t.
15 Jacob Erker  SEA  s.t.
16 Miguel Meza  DAR  s.t.
17 Robert Kamppila  MNX  s.t.
18 Tim Larkin  OFO  s.t.
19 Peter Lopinto  OFO  s.t.
20 Damon Kluck  USP  s.t.
21 Chad Hartley  JIT  s.t.
22 Glen Mitchell  SIE  s.t.
23 Jason Bausch  OFO  s.t.
24 Frank Pipp  END  s.t.
25 Gustavo Artacho  COB  s.t.
26 Will Frischkorn  COB  s.t.
27 Adam Bergman  JEL  s.t.
28 Shinri Suzuki  SHI  s.t.
29 Caleb Manion  JEL  s.t.
30 Doug Ollerenshaw  JEL  s.t.
31 Liam Killeen  IMP  s.t.
32 John Lieswyn  HNC  s.t.
33 Eric Wohlberg  SIE  s.t.
34 Philip Dixon  IMP  s.t.
35 Jurgen Van Den Broeck  USP  s.t.
36 John Hunt  TCT  s.t.
37 Hisafumi Imanishi  SHI  s.t.
38 Tyler Wren  COB  s.t.
39 Roman Kilun  MCG  s.t.
40 Marc Hagenlocher  WEB  s.t.
41 Scott Moninger  HNC  s.t.
42 Mark McCormack  COB  s.t.
43 Jonathan Sundt  JIT  s.t.
44 Ben Haldeman  WEB  s.t.
45 Yukihiro Doi  SHI  s.t.
46 Jason Klikna  SIE  s.t.
47 Masamichi Yamamoto  SHI  s.t.
48 Kyle Gritters  MNX  s.t.
49 Michael Creed  USP  s.t.
50 Ernie Lechuge  JEL  s.t.
51 Danny Pate  HNC  s.t.
52 Aaron Olson  COB  s.t.
53 Eddy Hilger  GRL  s.t.
54 Gordon McCauley  MNX  s.t.
55 Timmy Duggan  TCD  s.t.
56 Mike Taylor  MCG  s.t.
57 Imanol Ayestaran  WEB  s.t.
58 Davide Frattini  MNX  s.t.
59 Peter Anderson  TSD  s.t.
60 Bryan Smith  END  s.t.
61 Justin England  WEB  s.t.
62 Yoshyuki Abe  SHI  s.t.
63 Tomoya Kano  SHI  s.t.
64 Craig Lewis  TCD  s.t.
65 Geoff Rapoport  LGR  s.t.
66 Russell Hamby  SIE  s.t.
67 Bart Fidelus  RNO  s.t.
68 Enrique Espinoa  MNX  s.t.
69 Colin Beardsley  MCG  s.t.
70 Carlos Vargas  END  s.t.
71 Michael Hernandez  RNO  s.t.
72 Blake Caldwell  TCD  s.t.
73 Steve Mlujeak  GRL  s.t.
74 Cesar Grajales  JIT  s.t.
75 Chuck Coyle  GLB  s.t.
76 Walker Ferguson  U23  s.t.
77 Patrick McCarty  USP  s.t.
78 Chris Zukowski  RNO  s.t.
79 Robbie Ventura  USP  s.t.
80 John Osguthorpe  GLB  s.t.
81 Daniel Rincon  USP  s.t.
82 Devon Vigus  MCG  s.t.
83 Matt Dubberley  SIE  s.t.
84 Chris McGovern  SIE  s.t.
85 Scott Zwizanski  OFO  s.t.
86 Andrew Manart  TCD  s.t.
87 Ryan Barrett  GLB  s.t.
88 Kaoru Ouchi  SHI  s.t.
89 Todd Herriott  COB  s.t.
90 Kevin Bouchard-Hall  U23  s.t.
91 Cameron Brennneman  MNX  s.t.
92 Peter Knudsen  SEA  s.t.
93 Chris Wherry  HNC  s.t.
94 Roddi Lega  PSC  s.t.
95 Derek McMaster  PSC  s.t.
96 Greg Henderson  HNC  s.t.
97 Zach Walker  OFO  s.t.
98 Jon Tarkington  GLB  s.t.
99 Todd Terlecki  TSD  s.t.
100 Rigoberto Meza  DAR  s.t.
101 Gardie Jackson  GLB  s.t.
102 Peter Penzell  GRL  s.t.
103 Martin Ford  IMP  s.t.
104 Charles Dionne  WEB  s.t.
105 Gord Fraser  HNC  s.t.
106 Bryce Mead  END 0:00:57
107 Frank Travieso  ASP 0:01:08
108 James Mattis  WEB 0:01:33
109 Nathan Mitchell  TCD 0:01:33
110 Rob Alvarez  LGR 0:03:04
111 Aron Huerta  TCT 0:03:23
112 Jacob Rosenbarger  JIT 0:03:31
113 Jacob Rubelt  LTV 0:03:46
114 Jed Schneider  JIT 0:05:01
115 Todd Bauer  LTV 0:05:01
116 Dan Doornbos  GRL 0:05:07
117 Matthew Sadauckas  SEA 0:05:21
0 Neil Shirley  SEA
0 Hidenori Nodera  SHI
0 Patrick Dunaway  MCG
0 Andy Crater  MNX
0 Tim Carolan  LTV
0 Ryan Blickem  LTV
0 Daniel Bowman  TCD
0 Chuck Hill  IMP
0 Joshua Gernitz  RNO
0 Louie Amelburu  GRL
0 Kevin Klein  GRL
0 Dan Hopley  TCT
0 Ruben Meza  DAR
0 Edrendel Fingerson  END

General Classification after Stage 4

1 Chris Horner  WEB 11:38:46
2 Cesar Grajales  JIT 0:01:49
3 Adam Bergman  JEL 0:03:53
4 John Lieswyn  HNC 0:04:27
5 Jurgen Van Den Broeck  USP 0:04:33
6 Liam Killeen  IMP 0:04:50
7 Glen Mitchell  SIE 0:05:01
8 Tim Larkin  OFO 0:05:01
9 Davide Frattini  MNX 0:05:13
10 Daniel Rincon  USP 0:05:27
11 Scott Moninger  HNC 0:05:28
12 Ben Brooks  JEL 0:06:10
13 Trent Klasna  SIE 0:06:19
14 Tomoya Kano  SHI 0:06:36
15 Justin England  WEB 0:06:58
16 Mark McCormack  COB 0:07:33
17 Will Frischkorn  COB 0:07:42
18 Eric Wohlberg  SIE 0:08:05
19 Hisafumi Imanishi  SHI 0:08:11
20 Craig Lewis  TCD 0:08:12
21 Chris Wherry  HNC 0:08:17
40 Danny Pate  HNC 0:14:27
48 Charles Dionne  WEB 0:19:08
57 Gordon McCauley  MNX 0:22:21
64 Gord Fraser  HNC 0:25:42
74 Alex Candelario  JEL 0:28:05
117 Chuck Coyle  GLB 1:11:21 (lanterne rouge)

From left: Laura Van Gilder, Tina Pic, Gina Grain. Photo by Daily Peloton.
Click for larger image.

Women's Results

1 Tina Pic  GEN 0:59:35
2 Laura Van Gilder  GEN  s.t.
3 Gina Grain  VIC  s.t.
4 Lara Kroepsch  TMP  s.t.
5 Mari Holden  TMP  s.t.
6 Lyne Bessette  QCT  s.t.
7 Jennifer Eyerman  R5R  s.t.
8 Katrina Grove  RON  s.t.
9 Amy Moore  QCT  s.t.
10 Bridget Evans  LMC  s.t.
11 Kori Kelly  GEN  s.t.
12 Andrea Hannos  RON  s.t.
13 Magali LeFloch  QCT  s.t.
14 Melanie McQuaid  TMF  s.t.
15 Cynthia Carroll  LMC  s.t.
16 Brenda Lyons  ABD  s.t.
17 Susan Haywood  TMP  s.t.
18 Rhonda Quick  R5R  s.t.
19 Erin Carter  TDS  s.t.
20 Kim Anderson  TMP  s.t.
21 Susan Palmer-Komar  GEN  s.t.
22 Kristin Armstrong  TMP  s.t.
23 Katheryn Curi  RON  s.t.
24 Sarah Noble  TMF  s.t.
25 Kate Maher  TBS  s.t.
26 Meredith Miller  TSA  s.t.
27 Andrea Ratkovic  TDS  s.t.
28 Karina Sorensen  TSA  s.t.
29 Cat Malone  WCT  s.t.
30 Jennifer Stevens  R5R  s.t.
31 Rook Campbell  GEN  s.t.
32 Julie Hutsebaut  TRP  s.t.
33 Ivana Bisaro  TRP  s.t.
34 Brooke Ourada  VIC  s.t.
35 Melissa Sanborn  WFR  s.t.
36 Sandy Espeseth  VIC  s.t.
37 Catherine Walberg  KND  s.t.
38 Helen Kelly  RON  s.t.
39 Genvieve Jeanson  RON  s.t.
40 Lynn Gaggioli  TMP  s.t.
41 Christine Thorburn  WCT  s.t.
42 Karen Bockel  TDS  s.t.
43 Sherri Stedje  BSW  s.t.
44 Julia Whiteside  PAR  s.t.
45 Carla Hukee  KND  s.t.
46 Catherine Powers  LGR  s.t.
47 Emily Westbrook  TAM  s.t.
48 Joan E. Wilson  TDS  s.t.
49 Anne Samplonius  TDS  s.t.
50 Becky Broeder  WFR  s.t.

Women's GC after Stage 4

1 Lyne Bessette  CAN 9:35:00
2 Genevieve Jeanson  CAN 0:00:53
3 Christine Thorburn  USA 0:01:32
4 Susan Palmer-Komar  CAN 0:02:07
5 Kristin Armstrong  USA 0:02:16
6 Magali LeFloch  FRA 0:05:48
7 Rhonda Quick  USA 0:06:00
8 Tina Pic  USA 0:06:08
9 Amy Moore  CAN 0:06:20
10 Kim Anderson  USA 0:06:51
11 Mari Holden  USA 0:07:12
12 Katheryn Curi  USA 0:07:30
13 Karen Bockel  GER 0:07:37
14 Katrina Grove  USA 0:07:38
15 Johanna Buick  NZL 0:07:42
16 Sarah Noble  CAN 0:08:09
17 Brooke Ourada  USA 0:09:27
18 Susan Haywood  USA 0:10:38
19 Melanie McQuaid  CAN 0:10:42
20 Kori Kelly  USA 0:10:43

Yellow Jersey:  Lyne Bessette   QCT
Red Jersey: Genevieve Jeanson  RON
Green Jersey: Laura Van Gilder GEN

The women's jerseys. Photo by Daily Peloton. Click for larger image.

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