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Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage One
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 3/24/2004
Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage One

Stage One: Crestline Road Race

In the first-ever Phelan-to-Crestline Road Race on Wednesday at the Redlands Bicycle Classic, it was again Chris Horner (Webcor) and Genevieve Jeanson (RONA) who took line honors.

Webcor Builder's Chris Horner, followed closely by Jittery Joe Coffee's Cesar Grajales, crossed the finish line first at the conclusion of this three-hour, 10-minute race. In so doing, Horner extended the lead he carried over from Tuesday's Mount Rubidoux Time Trial.

The Crestline finish was staged in a forest area just outside the Crestline community, located in the mountains above heavily-populated San Bernardino, near Redlands. The point-to-point finish followed the criteria set by the UCI.

Tightly nestled in among trees and surrounded by mountains on all sides, Horner won a sprint finish over Grajales, a Colombian cyclist who finished ahead of Jelly Belly's Ben Brooks (Australia), Sierra Nevada's Trent Klasna and Health Net/Maxxis's Scott Moninger. Horner, seeking his third straight Redlands title, along with Klasna and Moninger, are each past winners of the Redlands Classic. (Thanks to Redlands Bicycle Classic.)

Men's Stage One Results - 138.2 km

1 Chris Horner  WEB 3:10:06
2 Cesar Grajales  JIT 0:00:00
3 Ben Brooks  JEL 0:00:34
4 Trent Klasna  SIE 0:00:34
5 Scott Moninger  HNC 0:00:34
6 Adam Bergman  JEL 0:00:34
7 Tim Larkin  OFO 0:00:54
8 Jurgen Van Den Broeck  USP 0:00:54
9 John Lieswyn  HNC 0:00:54
10 Andrew Miller  LTV 0:00:54
11 Liam Killeen  IMP 0:01:00
12 Davide Frattini  MNX 0:01:00
13 Chris Wherry  HNC 0:01:00
14 Glen Mitchell  SIE 0:01:00
15 Jacob Erker  SEA 0:01:00
16 Eric Wohlberg  SIE 0:01:00
17 Daniel Rincon  USP 0:01:00
18 Justin England  WEB 0:01:21
19 Yukihiro Doi  SHI 0:01:21
20 Tomoya Kano  SHI 0:01:21

The time cut was extended to 18% of winner's time. Ten riders abandoned due to crashes. 

Abandons due to crashing today:
Ted Huang Webcor
Dave Zabriskie US Postal-Berry Floor
Ryan Trebon U23 National Team
Perry Paolmi U23 National Team
Josh Horowitz Velo LaGrange
Scott Price Landis Trek/VW
Daniel Rooke Landis Trek/VW
Sheldon Deeny TIAA-CREF 5280
Eric Murphy Aerospace Engineering-Atlas Mining
Brian Sheedy Taylor Cycling Team

Men's GC after Stage One

1 Chris Horner  WEB 3:18:21
2 Cesar Grajales  JIT 0:00:49
3 Ben Brooks  JEL 0:01:21
4 Trent Klasna  SIE 0:01:31
5 Adam Bergman  JEL 0:01:31
6 Scott Moninger  HNC 0:01:32
7 Jurgen Van Den Broeck  USP 0:01:38
8 John Lieswyn  HNC 0:01:44
9 Eric Wohlberg  SIE 0:01:48
10 Tim Larkin  OFO 0:01:51
11 Glen Mitchell  SIE 0:01:55
12 Andrew Miller  LTV 0:01:56
13 Liam Killeen  IMP 0:02:04
14 Chris Wherry  HNC 0:02:10
15 Daniel Rincon  USP 0:02:11
16 Davide Frattini  MNX 0:02:21
17 Jacob Erker  SEA 0:02:26
18 Justin England  WEB 0:02:35
19 Danny Pate  HNC 0:02:36
20 Mike Sayers  HNC 0:02:43

Points after Stage One

1 Chris Horner  USA 12
2 Trent Klasna  USA 12
3 Mark McCormack  USA 6
4 Mike Sayers  USA 5
5 Cesar Grajales  COL 5
6 Gordon McCauley  USA 5
7 Tim Larkin  USA 4
8 Scott Moninger  USA 3
9 Jurgen Van Den Broeck  BEL 3
10 Ben Brooks  AUS 2

Yellow Jersey: Horner Chris  WEB
Red Jersey:  Klasna Trent      SIE
Green Jersey: Haedo Juan Jose   COL

Womens' Report by RONA

Thanks to her win today, Jeanson consolidated her grip on the overall lead and the yellow jersey, that she has been wearing in this race since the prologue…last year.  In the general classification Bessette is one minute 11 seconds behind.

Jeanson also leads in the Queen of the Mountain competition and the points classification.  Team RONA leads the team general classification, 29 seconds and 51 seconds ahead of teams Quark and T-Mobile respectively.

Today’s stage was marked by a crash 35 kilometres into the race, which split the peloton.  But it regrouped and remained compact up to the only real difficulty today, a 4 kilometre climb, getting tougher in the last two. Jeanson progressively hardened the pace to wear out the field and she was all by herself when she reached the top, before plunging to the finish in a 2.5 kilometre technical descent. 

“The first part of the course was really windy, said Jeanson, but it wasn’t too bothersome.  Team RONA’s work was impeccable, well structured, and the girls (Anna Milkowski, Andrea Hannos, Helen Kelly, Katheryn Curi, Katrina Grove) with clockwork precision.”

Tomorrow’s stage is the infamous Oak Glen Road Race.  This demanding stage traditionally tears the field apart as the riders are worn out by 129 kilometres of racing over three major climbs, especially the fearsome 6-kilometre climb that leads to the finish line.  The Redlands Classic is made up of five stages and a prologue, and runs until Sunday.

Betsy Bloom-Galenti of LaGrange was transported to the hospital today - we wish her the best.

Womens Stage One Results - 85.5 kilometers

1 Genevieve Jeanson  RON 2:27:38
2 Lyne Bessette  QCT 0:00:29
3 Christine Thornburn  WCT 0:00:42
4 Karen Bockel  TDS 0:00:42
5 Susan Palmer-Komar  GEN 0:00:42
6 Kristin Armstrong  TMP 0:00:42
7 Magali LeFloch  QCT 0:01:21
8 Kathryn Curi  RON 0:01:21
9 Sarah Noble  TMF 0:01:30
10 Rhonda Quick  R5R 0:01:30
11 Kim Anderson  TMP 0:01:30
12 Johanna Buick  VIC 0:01:30
13 Trine Hansen  TSA 0:01:30
14 Katherine Sherwin  KND 0:01:47
15 Katrina Grove  RON 0:01:52
16 Kori Kelly  GEN 0:01:52
17 Tina Pic  GEN 0:01:52
18 Mari Holden  TMP 0:01:52
19 Amy Moore  QCT 0:01:52
20 Brooke Ourada  VIC 0:01:52

Women's GC after Stage One

1 Genvieve Jeanson  RON 2:37:24
2 Lyne Bessette  QCT 0:01:11
3 Kristin Armstrong  TMP 0:01:16
4 Susan Palmer-Komar  GEN 0:01:16
5 Christine Thornburn  WCT 0:01:20
6 Karen Bockel  TDS 0:02:03
7 Kathryn Curi  RON 0:02:26
8 Trine Hansen  TSA 0:02:28
9 Johanna Buick  VIC 0:02:35
10 Sarah Noble  TMF 0:02:40
11 Katrina Grove  RON 0:02:41
12 Magali LeFloch  QCT 0:02:42
13 Rhonda Quick  R5R 0:02:47
14 Amy Moore  QCT 0:03:03
15 Tina Pic  GEN 0:03:05
16 Kim Anderson  TMP 0:03:07
17 Mari Holden  TMP 0:03:07
18 Kori Kelly  GEN 0:03:07
19 Sandy Espeseth  VIC 0:03:11
20 Dara Marks-Marino  TMF 0:03:20

Points After Stage One

1 Genevieve Jeanson  CAN 21
2 Susan Palmer-Komar  CAN 11
3 Kristin Armstrong  USA 9
4 Christine Thornburn  USA 9
5 Lyne Bessette  CAN 7

Yellow Jersey: Genevieve Jeanson RON
Red Jersey : Susan Palmer-Komar GEN
Green Jersey: Laura Van Gilder GEN

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