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Chuck Coyle's Racing Chronicles: Redlands
By Staff
Date: 3/23/2004
Chuck Coyle's Racing Chronicles: Redlands

Redlands, CA

Here we are again in warm Southern California for the 20th Annual Redlands Bicycle Classic. It all started with my roommate Greg Henderson (Health Net/Maxxis) and me flying from Denver to Ontario airport just outside of Redlands.

At the airport the renuions started when I bumped into Jonathan Vaughters who was trying to corral his new Espoir TIAA-CREF team. He is one of those guys who will always look fit, just like he is prepping for the tour again, not like he is the new director for the top U-23 team in the country.

Yesterday was the big arrival for everyone else as well. There have been a bunch of races already this year but this is the first big stage race of the year and so far has been a bit of a meet and greet. After a winter away, it is great to see guys who I have not seen since in a while..

After getting a ride from the Daily Peloton’s own Vaughn, I met up with my team for the week at registration (Team Healthy Choice). We went for a spin where we bumped into Gord Fraser (Health Net/Maxxis) who also looks fit and all recovered from The Tour of Malaysia. That night was team dinner where we got to see just about everyone else, there was a lot of “How was your winter…?” going on but it was great to see everyone and weird to see who was riding for what team…

This week I will be with the Healthy Choice Team:

Allan Butler
Sandy Perrins
Johnny Osguthorpe
Gardie Jacksonini
Jon Tarkington
Ken Wood -soigneur

One of the most important things, but what most people don’t realize, is Host Housing. Most teams here stay with host families. There are some families that I have stayed with year after year and I almost feel like part of their family. Regardless, it is incredible how inviting some people can be. To open up their house to a team of stinky bike racers is a tall order.

Here in Redlands we are staying just east of town, up in the mountains, with Jack and Lynette Simonsen. They have a beautiful home up at 5000’ with a bunk house, wireless internet and lots of room. What else can someone ask for? We are above all the smog that you can taste in town and I am not losing any of my altitude advantage that I get from living in Boulder, Colorado!

Today is the Mt. Roubidoux ITT; it is actually an uphill 5k pain fest... it is incredible how long 10 minutes can last! We are about to pack up the cars and head to the start so I better run. I will try and make my next entry more interesting!



Chuck Coyle
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From left: Will Frischkorn, Chuck Coyle, Scott Moninger.
Courtesy Chuck Coyle. Click for larger image.

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