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95th Milan Sanremo - Live Coverage Updated
By Staff
Date: 3/20/2004
95th Milan Sanremo - Live Coverage Updated

Welcome to the Daily Peloton’s live coverage of the 95th Milan-Sanremo. Please press the F5 key or the Refresh button on the toolbar to refresh the page.

Our coverage today is by Fabio and Anita van Crey.

The race got underway in Milano’s “Via della Chiesa Rossa” (Red Church street) at 09:38 AM. 194 riders took to the start line, though among them wasn’t 24-year-old Australian Brett Lancaster (Ceramiche-Panaria Margres). Right after the flag was dropped, the first attack came from Alessio Bianchi’s Andrea Tafi. The legendary “Gladiator” (our site recently wrote an article on the man, at his last season among the pros, link available down in the page) stayed clear for … 1 km., then was brought back by the bunch.

The Milan-Sanremo race route. Courtesy Gazzetta dello Sport.

The pace was kept high throughout the first kilometers of the event, but nevertheless several riders tried to break away, among them France’s Jacky Durand (is it news ?) and Andy Flickinger (AG2R Prevoyance) plus Switzerland’s Patrick Calcagni (Vini Caldirola-Nobili Rubinetterie) as well as Quick Step’s Spanish fastman Pedro Horrillo.

At km. 9 mark, the two front-runners (Durand and Calcagni) were joined by Italy’s Roberto Petito (Fassa Bortolo), and also 39-year-old Belgian veteran Ludo Dierckxsens (Landbouwkrediet-Colnago) tried to get across to the leaders. But as the peloton hit the town of Binasco (km. 11) it was gruppo compatto again. Not for a long time anyway, as when the race entered the Pavia province of Lombardy, Michele Gobbi (Ita - De Nardi) made his own move, and quickly gained 18'' over the bunch. His attempt was neutralized 4 km. later at Certosa di Pavia.

While heading for downtown Pavia, it was the turn of Australian Mattew White (Cofidis) to go clear. The former Postie was joined by Italian Giulio Tomi (Vini Caldirola) a few kilometers later. As the two guys hit Pavia, they were leading the bunch by some twenty seconds. Around the km. 34 mark, the leaders were joined by Frenchman Alexandre Naulleau (Brioches la Boulangere). In the meantime there was bad news for another French rider, as’s Carlos Da Cruz fell heavily at km. 38 and was forced out of the race, with fist and collarbone injuries. Right before the end of the first hour of racing the Phonak-led peloton (averaging a speed of 41.4kph) brought back the three escapees.

Matthew White (R) and Giulio Tomi (L) in the break at San Martino (km. 34)

The next breakaway came at km. 60, courtesy of France’s Nicolas Portal (Ag2r Prevoyance), Spain Antonio “Toni” Tauler (Illes Balears-Banesto), the aforementioned Belgian Ludo Dierckxsens (Landbouwkrediet-Colnago ) plus another Spaniard: Carlos Barredo Llamazales of the blue-clad team Liberty Seguros. Three kilometers later combative Giulio Tomi, not so hungry to stay inside the bunch, rode away from the peloton again and embarked on a solo chase of the leading quartet.

By km 71, Portal, Tauler, Barredo and Dierckxsens were 45'' clear of Tomi, with the pack taking it easy and now trailing by 06'05”. As the race hit the town of Tortona (thus entering Fausto Coppi’s “territory”), the gap had raised to more than 10’, while Tomi managed to bridge the gap to the front-runners. The average speed (of the leading quintet) after two hours of pedalling was still hovering around 41 kph. Ninety kilometers into the event the flying five (Tauler, Barredo, Tomi, Portal and Dierckxsens) had extended their lead to an impressive (but not unusual at this stage of the race, as similar things happened lots of times in past MSR editions) 16’40”, that went over the 17-minute mark a dozen km. later, after they passed through Novi Ligure, another town that wrote its name in the history of Italian cycling at Fausto Coppi’s time.

The pack in the outskirts of Pavia

Then the peloton, led by the Phonaks, Fassas and Rabo-boys, sped the pace a little bit, and brought the gap down to “only” about 16 minutes in half a dozen kilometers. Three hours into the race, the average speed had dropped to 39.4 kph, while after riding through Lombardy and Piedmont, the leaders, still sixteen minutes ahead of the peloton, were about to hit the Turchino Pass climb and move into the Liguria region of Northwestern Italy.

The bunch finally embarked on a serious chase, and as fully predictable the advantage of the five front-runners (Spain's Tauler, and Barredo, Italian Giulio Tomi, France's Nicolas Portal and legendary Belgian Ludo Dierckxsens) kept dropping: 14'45" at km. 127, 14'20" three kilometres later, 13km. from the top of Passo del Turchino. And at the km. 130 mark, as they reached the hamlet of Masone, with only 3k to the Turchino crest, the gap was down to a 12'20".

France's Portal was first over the top of the Turchino, where riders found some fog and wet roads, while the peloton, now mainly led by Bettini's and Freire's team-mates (Quick Step-Davitamon and Rabobank) had further cut the gap down to 10'30".

153 km. into the race, riders left also the Turchino descent behind, and were about to hit the Ligurian coast - that will take them all the way to Sanremo - in the Genoa suburb of Voltri and heading westward to the "Riviera Ligure di Ponente". The average speed was of 38.3 kph.

But then the peloton slowed the pace again, such that at the seaside resort of Arenzano (km. 161) the quintet consisting of Tauler (Illes Balears - Banesto), Barredo (Liberty Seguros), Dierckxsens (LBK-Colnago), Tomi (Vini Caldirola) and Portal (AG2R Prevoyance) increased the gap to twelve mins.

The hopes of bringing their lead back to ancient glory were soon dashed anyway, as the chasing bunch, with the Rabo-cops driving at the front, kept riding hard again, and as the race hit the Savona province at Piani d'Invrea (km. 170) the gap was going down again: 11'10". Seven kilometres later, at Celle Ligure, the advantage dropped to 10'50". In nearby Albisola Marina, with 113k to the line, and Freire's domestiques still riding tempo, the gap was 10'23".

Rabobank apparently works hard to bring their sprinter Oscar Freire as quickly as possible to the winning chalk line in San Remo. The gap now is down to a little over 10 minutes.

The gap at 94 km to the finish is down to nine and a half minutes. Zoulfia Zabirova wins the ladie's Primavera Rosa, second Mirjam Melchers. Along the Italian roads fog is very present.

This is Zabirova's second consecutive Primavera Rosa win.

The five in the lead try to stay ahead, against all odds in this sprinters' festival.

The bunch sets the pace a bit higher to make up for the bit of a slower start, and for allowing the ones in the lead to get away. Milan-San Remo is, with its 294 k., the longest classic around. Frank Vandenbroucke did train, as well as most of the other riders, extra kilometers to prepare his best for the race. His wife at the same time was enjoying the sunshine on the beach.

As to be expected, the race starts off a bit "boring," a group gets away and gets a huge lead. The bunch is working their calculated way back to be in time to mingle in the battle for the victory flowers.

Still 75 km to go to San Remo.

The gap is now down to 8 minutes.

In the front part of the bunch Danilo Di Luca is showing his Saeco colours.

The riders reach the second feed zone, three quarters of an hour behind the fastest schedule.

Peter van Petegem names current World Champion Igor Astarloa as one of the maybe unexpected favorites. The Belgian himself is named by Paolo Bettini as one who will attack for sure on the Poggio.

The bunch now also gets fed.

7 minutes and 12 seconds the gap, still a lot of time between leaders and bunch.

In races like this, races that are likely to end in a massive sprint, the bunch tends to let a breakaway group get away at a secure gap, not too far though, as a nice bait to work their sprinters way to the win.

Lotto-Domo, Saeco, Rabobank and some men for Fassa Bortolo are showing up in the front parts of the peloton.

Italia knows this is the first 'real' race of the season. A whole lot of people are lining the roads. The riders reach Allassio, twelve k to go to the Capos (hills) that mark the more important part of this race.

The gap diminishes as each kilometre is covered.

On the riders' right hand side, the hills inland make a nice contrast to the Mediterranean Sea.

The bunch has reached the foot of the Capo Mele.

The ones in the lead are using their slowest possible pace to sooth their sore legs a bit after such a long break.

Ludo Dierckxsens attacks.

Barredo and Portal join him in his attempt.

Bertogliatti fell, as did Boonen, earlier in the race. Both were able to stay in.

The bunch too has reached the descent of the Capo Mele.

The group in the lead again is a group of five. Portal tries his luck, Dierckxsens and Barredo follow him close by.

Puncture for Barredo. Bunch is 2.35 behind the group in the lead.

44 km and just over an hour to do in this Milan-San Remo.

Barredo again joins his companions in the lead.

Rolf Aldag in his new T-Mobile outfit sets the pace of the bunch a bit higher, with the escapees in sight...

The five in the lead start climbing the Capo Berta. Tomi has let the other four go. The gap now is down to 1.32 min. Both Dierckxsens and Portal attack again.

The bunch too has reached the Capo Berta.

The men to be expected (Bartoli, Bettini, Di luca, Astarloa) show up in the front parts of the bunch. The Saeco train drives the bunch in high speed over the Capo.

Barredo crashes.

The riders are heading for the Cipressa.

Good old Ludo decides not to give in so easily and struggles his way towards San Remo.

The gap is down to 48 seconds for the Belgian "ancien."

Portal is between Dierckxsens and the bunch at 22 seconds off the leader. The way they climb the Cipressa and the Poggio is the easiest way; climbing from the other side would be much more difficult.

Portal is swallowed by the bunch.

Hoj leads the CSC bunch.

The Cipressa climb is bound to make a difference in the race. We await the first attack on this irregular climb.

Bettini, Popovych, Freire and Hincapie are amongst the first on the Italian slopes. The cricket directs the bunch. Also Dekker and Astarloa are present.

25 k. to go, the bunch is losing men off the back of the pack.

Aldag follows a Ballears man in the lead.

Julich shows his CSC shirt in the lead. Cipollini and Joachim have to let the bunch go. His teammates try to help him over the climb. Dekker and Wesemann are still in the lead, 11 seconds ahead of the ones who follow.

The counterattackers don't allow them to get the gap big enough to secure a winning ride to downtown San Remo. McEwen loses contact with the pack.

The first group behind Dekker and Wesemann now has the duo in sight. Cipo gets physical help to beat the Cipressa. The duo in the lead are now recaptured by the bunch.

Astarloa and Van Bon move their way to the front lines in the bunch. Cipo is accompanied by McEwen and now faces a 18 seconds gap to cover to regain contact with the first ones in the race.

Mirko Celestino descends the best. He lives in Albenga, a few k. up north on the road and knows these surroundings by heart.


It is Leon van Bon.

Astarloa and Fabian Wegmann are counterattacking Celestino. Cipo fought his way back to the back of the pack, but will suffer again on the next climb, the infamous Poggio.

Also Van Petegem and Merckx are present in the main group.

Fassa and T-Mobile join forces to work towards the sprint.

The main group is still big and has a lot of Ferretti's white and blue present there. Celestino defends a small gap, a gap of 15 seconds.

Also the Panaria team is working hard. Rabobank has Wauters there to help Freire to a World Cup win.

Both Saeco and Rabobank regroup their troops in the front lines to conquer Alessandro...

Rabobank has, as well as Wauters, hard working Maarten den Bakker there to work his butt off for the tiny Spaniard.

The magenta and blue-white brigades are gearing up to cover the Poggio as fast as they can.

Matteo Carrara tries his luck in the first metres of the climb. He is joined by Dekker and Viscioso.

Perreiro joins the trio in the lead.

Wesemann is near too. Gasparre sets the pace higher for De Nardi. Bettini never lets the first ones out of sight.

Phillipe Gilbert, the young promising Belgian rider, is showing his strengths too amongst the best ones.

No one copies what Fornaciari did some years ago and all ride past the road to the house in the famous Poggio corner. The group in the lead is still big. Bettini attacks.

He flies past the three in the lead. Viscioso catches his rearwheel. Still six k. to cover. Figueras tries to make the jump to the leaders.

Celestino and Astarloa and Sanchez are present as well, as are Van Petegem and Gilbert. About 75 men are heading towards the Via Roma.

5 km to go.

Descending and regrouping towards the final k. The work now has to be done by the right and left hand helpers of the sprinters. Astarloa sets the pace in the descent.

Trenti guides Petacchi to his wanted win. Celestino still works his legs off.

2.5 km to go. The big group enters San Remo soon...

The Fassa train gearing up, T-Mobile is merging in. Also orange and blue is working hard in the last k. Massive sprint - Fassa pilots him to the last.

Freire and Zabel and Van Heeswijk in the front lines. Zabel and Pettachi - Freire seems to win - Zabel passes by Petacchi and swings his arms into the air...

It is Freire!

1. Freire, 2. Zabel, 3. O´Grady.

4. Petacchi, 5. Van Heeswijk.

It seems to be too early cheering for the German got him beaten at the finish line. A recovered Dekker finished 11th.

Freire gets his other big win in his career, after two world titles. He now wins the first classic of the season and also gets to wear the World Cup leader's jersey.

Brief Results
1. Oscar Freire 7:11:23 (40.892 km/h)
2. Erik Zabel s.t.
3. Stuart O'Grady s.t.
4. Alessandro Petacchi s.t.
5. Max Van Heeswijk s.t.
6. Igor Astarloa s.t.
7. Romans Vainsteins "
8. Paolo Bettini s.t.
9. Martin Perdiguero s.t.
10. Peter Van Petegem (Bel) s.t.
11. Erik Dekker (Ola) s.t.
12. Mirko Celestino s.t.
13. George Hincapie (Usa) s.t.
14. Philippe Gilbert (Bel) s.t.
15. Josu Silloniz Aresti (Spa) s.t.

On the podium Zabel joins Freire, but sure is looking down.

This concludes our live coverage of La Primavera. Thank you for joining us for the first race of the 2004 World Cup.

Full Results

1 Freire Gomez Oscar Esp Rab 7.11'23'' 
2 Zabel Erik Ger Mob   m.t. 
3 O'grady Stuart Aus Cof   m.t. 
4 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fas   m.t. 
5 Van Heeswijk Max Ned Usp   m.t.
6 Astarloa Igor Esp Cof   m.t. 
7 Vainsteins Romans Lat Lam   m.t. 
8 Bettini Paolo Ita Qsd   m.t. 
9 Martin Perdiguero M.a. Esp Sdv   m.t.
10 Van Petegem Peter Bel Lot   m.t.
11 Dekker Erik Ned Rab   m.t. 
12 Celestino Mirko Ita Sae   m.t. 
13 Hincapie George Usa Usp   m.t. 
14 Gilbert Philippe Bel Fdj   m.t. 
15 Silloniz Aresti Josu Esp Eus   m.t.
16 Baldato Fabio Ita Alb   m.t. 
17 Trenti Guido Usa Fas   m.t. 
18 Zberg Marcus Sui Gst   m.t. 
19 Moreni Cristian Ita Alb   m.t. 
20 Sanchez Gonzalez Samuel Esp Eus   m.t.
21 Klier Andreas Ger Mob   m.t. 
22 Gobbi Michele Ita Den   m.t. 
23 Landaluze Inigo Esp Eus   m.t. 
24 Popovych Yaroslav Ukr Lan   m.t. 
25 Davis Allan Aus Lst   m.t. 
26 Camenzind Oskar Sui Pho   m.t. 
27 Elmiger Martin Sui Pho   m.t. 
28 Wegmann Fabian Ger Gst   m.t. 
29 Honchar Serhiy Ukr Den   m.t. 
30 Merckx Axel Bel Lot   m.t. 
31 Pichon Mickael Fra Blb   m.t. 
32 Hondo Danilo Ger Gst   m.t. 
33 Wrolich Peter Aut Gst   m.t. 
34 Aldag Rolf Ger Mob   m.t. 
35 Sacchi Fabio Ita Fas   m.t. 
36 Voigt Jens Ger Csc   m.t. 
37 Krivtsov Yuriy Ukr A2r   m.t. 
38 Lastras Garcia Pablo Esp Ibb   m.t.
39 Pereiro Sio Oscar Esp Pho   m.t.
40 Renier Franck Fra Blb   m.t. 
41 Noval Gonzalez Benjamin Esp Usp   m.t.
42 Geslin Anthony Fra Blb   m.t. 
43 Brochard Laurent Fra A2r   m.t. 
44 Horrillo Munoz Pedro Esp Qsd   m.t.
45 Barbero Sergio Ita Lam   m.t. 
46 Pellizotti Franco Ita Alb   m.t. 
47 Trentin Guido Ita Cof   m.t. 
48 Casero Moreno Rafael Esp Sdv   m.t.
49 Figueras Giuliano Ita Pan   m.t. 
50 Hunter Robert Rsa Rab   m.t. 
51 Bernucci Lorenzo Ita Lan   m.t. 
52 Chavanel Sylvain Fra Blb   m.t. 
53 Fernandez Bustinza Bingen Esp Cof   m.t.
54 Di Luca Danilo Ita Sae   m.t.
55 Balducci Gabriele Ita Sae   m.t. 
56 Masciarelli Simone Ita Vin   m.t. 
57 Grabsch Bert Ger Pho   m.t. 
58 Wesemann Steffen Ger Mob   m.t. 
59 Vinokourov Alexandre Kaz Mob   m.t. 
60 Pineau Jérome Fra Blb   m.t. 
61 Vicioso Arcos Angel Esp Lst   m.t.
62 Velo Marco Ita Fas   m.t. 
63 Pozzato Filippo Ita Fas 7.11'32'' 0'09'' 
64 Colombo Gabriele Ita Dve 7.11'32'' 0'09'' 
65 Julich Bobby Usa Csc 7.11'38'' 0'15'' 
66 Vandenbroucke Frank Bel Fas 7.11'43'' 0'20'' 
67 Sunderland Scott Aus Alb 7.11'50'' 0'27'' 
68 Isasi Flores Inaki Esp Eus 7.  m.t.
69 White Matthew Aus Cof 7.  m.t.
70 Lorenzetto Mirco Ita Den 7.  m.t.
71 Tiralongo Paolo Ita Pan 7.  m.t.
72 Gutierrez Palacios José Ivan Esp Ibb 7.11'50'' 0'27''
73 Wilson Matthew Aus Fdj 7.  m.t.
74 Ekimov Vjatceslav Rus Usp 7.  m.t.
75 Boonen Tom Bel Qsd 7.  m.t.
76 Tombak Janek Est Cof 7.  m.t.
77 Mori Emanuele Ita Sdv 7.  m.t.
78 Scanlon Mark Irl A2r 7.  m.t.
79 Carrara Matteo Ita Lam 7.  m.t.
80 Cortinovis Alessandro Ita Lam 7.  m.t.
81 Dumoulin Samuel Fra A2r 7.  m.t.
82 Spezialetti Alessandro Ita Sae 7.  m.t.
83 Paolini Luca Ita Qsd 7.  m.t.
84 Mazzanti Luca Ita Pan 7.  m.t.
85 Bertagnolli Leonardo Ita Sae 7.  m.t.
86 Petrov Eugeni Rus Sae 7.  m.t.
87 Farazijn Peter Bel Cof 7.  m.t.
88 Gasparre Graziano Ita Den 7.  m.t.
89 Cruz Antonio Usa Usp 7.12'15'' 0'52'' 
90 Den Bakker Maarten Ned Rab 7.13'01'' 1'38''
91 Tosatto Matteo Ita Fas 7.13'02'' 1'39'' 
92 Pena Victor Col Usp 7.13'30'' 2'07'' 
93 Mc Gee Bradley Aus Fdj 7.13'46'' 2'23''
94 Rogers Michael Aus Qsd 7.13'46'' 2'23'' 
95 Lobato Elvira Ruben Esp Sdv 7.14'20'' 2'57''
96 Sironi Gianluca Ita Vin 7.14'31'' 3'08'' 
97 Kessler Matthias Ger Mob   m.t.
98 Ivanov Ruslan Mda Alb   m.t.
99 Wauters Marc Bel Rab   m.t.
100 Hoste Leif Bel Lot 7.14'49'' 3'26'' 
101 Petito Roberto Ita Fas 7.16'10'' 4'47'' 
102 Guidi Fabrizio Ita Csc   m.t. 
103 Davis Scott Aus Pan   m.t. 
104 Milesi Marco Ita Vin 7.17'03'' 5'40'' 
105 Lagutin Sergey Uzb Lan   m.t. 
106 Mc Ewen Robbie Aus Lot   m.t.
107 Sciandri Maximilian Gbr Csc   m.t. 
108 Zanini Stefano Ita Qsd   m.t. 
109 Cipollini Mario Ita Dve   m.t. 
110 Serpellini Marco Ita Gst   m.t. 
111 Zanotti Marco Ita Vin   m.t. 
112 Rodriguez Oliver Joaquin Esp Sdv   m.t.
113 Vierhouten Aart Ned Lot   m.t. 
114 Derganc Martin Slo Dve   m.t. 
115 Calcagni Patrick Sui Vin   m.t. 
116 Gonzalez De Galdeano Igor Esp Lst   m.t.
117 Gerosa Mauro Ita Vin   m.t. 
118 Galletti Alessio Ita Dve   m.t. 
119 Lombardi Giovanni Ita Dve   m.t. 
120 Bartoli Michele Ita Csc   m.t. 
121 Van Bon Leon Ned Lot   m.t.
122 Hoj Frank Den Csc   m.t. 
123 Bossoni Paolo Ita Lam   m.t. 
124 Rast Grégory Sui Pho   m.t. 
125 Bertogliati Rubens Sui Sdv   m.t. 
126 Heras Hernandez Roberto Esp Lst   m.t.
127 Verdugo Marcotegui Gorka Esp Eus   m.t.
128 Gonzalez Larranaga Gorka Esp Eus   m.t.
129 Millar David Gbr Cof   m.t. 
130 Caruso Gianpaolo Ita Lst   m.t. 
131 Miorin Devis Ita Den   m.t. 
132 Borghi Ruggero Ita Den   m.t. 
133 Ivanov Serguei Rus Mob   m.t. 
134 Matveyev Sergiy Ukr Pan   m.t. 
135 Boven Jan Ned Rab   m.t. 
136 Flickinger Andy Fra A2r   m.t. 
137 Duma Vladimir Ukr Lan   m.t. 
138 Scirea Mario Ita Dve   m.t. 
139 Fagnini Gian Matteo Ita Dve   m.t.
140 Joachim Benoit Lux Usp   m.t. 
141 Backstedt Magnus Swe Alb 7.18'37'' 7'14'' 
142 Svorada Jan Cze Lam   m.t. 
143 Hruska Jan Cze Lst   m.t. 
144 Pieri Dario Ita Sae   m.t. 
145 Fornaciari Paolo Ita Sae   m.t. 
146 Bileka Volodymyr Ukr Lan   m.t. 
147 Ventoso Alberdi Francisco Josèesp Sdv   m.t.
148 Radochla Steffen Ger Ibb   m.t. 
149 Pagliarini Mendonca Luciano a. Bra Lam 7.19'23'' 8'00''
150 Fertonani Marco Ita Pho 7.19'23'' 8'00'' 
151 Bramati Davide Ita Qsd 7.19'24'' 8'01'' 
152 Zinetti Mauro Ita Vin  m.t. 
153 Piccoli Mariano Ita Lam  m.t. 
154 Lefevre Laurent Fra Blb  m.t. 
155 Hayman Mathew Aus Rab  m.t. 
156 Galparsoro Martinez Dionisioesp Eus  m.t. 
157 Tomi Giulio Ita Vin 7.21'41'' 10'18'' 
158 Lang Sebastian Ger Gst 7.22'01'' 10'38'' 
159 Tafi Andrea Ita Alb 7.22'26'' 11'03'' 
160 Michaelsen Lars Den Csc   m.t.
161 Blaudzun Michael Den Csc   m.t.
162 Nazon Jean Patrick Fra A2r   m.t.
163 De Groot Bram Ned Rab   m.t.
164 Dierckxssens Ludo Bel Lan   m.t.
165 Strazzer Massimo Ita Sdv   m.t.
166 Renshaw Mark Fra Fdj   m.t.
167 Cadamuro Simone Ita Den   m.t.
168 Rebellin Davide Ita Gst   m.t.
169 Aug Andrus Est Dve   m.t.
170 Aebersold Niki Sui Pho   m.t.
171 Fritsch Nicolas Fra Fdj   m.t.
172 Nardello Luca Ita Mob   m.t.
173 Andrle René Cze Lst   m.t.
174 Barredo Llamazales Carlos Esp Lst   m.t.
175 Vansevenant Wim Bel Lot   m.t.
176 Nuyens Nick Bel Qsd   m.t.
177 Pugaci Igor Mda Den   m.t.
178 Portal Nicolas Fra A2r 7.24'20'' 12'57'' 
179 Ziegler Thomas Ger Gst 7.24'52'' 13'29'' 
180 Marichal Thierry Bel Lot 7.25'16'' 13'53'' 
181 Durand Jacky Fra Lan  m.t.
182 Martias Rony Fra Blb  m.t.
183 Borrajo Alejandro Alberto Arg Pan  m.t.
184 Brown Graeme Allen Aus Pan 7.31'44'' 20'21''

Dnf/Ab Naulleau Alexandre Fra Blb
Dnf/Ab Zubeldia Agirre Haimar Esp Eus
Dnf/Ab Cooke Baden Aus Fdj
Dnf/Ab Dacruz Carlos Fra Fdj
Dnf/Ab Eisel Bernhard Aut Fdj
Dnf/Ab Becke Daniel Ger Ibb
Dnf/Ab  Tauler Antonio Esp Ibb
Dnf/Ab  Reynes Vicente Esp Ibb
Dnf/Ab Murn Uros Slo Pho
Dnf/Ab Padrnos Pavel Cze Usp
Dns Lancaster Brett Aus Pan

World Cup Rankings after Round One

Rank / Name / Team / Points

1 Freire Gomez Oscar Rab 100
2 Zabel Erik Mob 70
3 O'Grady Stuart Cof 50
4 Petacchi Alessandro Fas 40
5 Van Heeswijk Max Usp 36
6 Astarloa Igor Cof 32
7 Vainsteins Romans Lam 28
8 Bettini Paolo Qsd 24
9 Martin Perdiguero M.a. Sdv 20
10 Van Petegem Peter Lot 16
11 Dekker Erik Rab 15
12 Celestino Mirko Sae 14
13 Hincapie George Usp 13
14 Gilbert Philippe Fdj 12
15 Silloniz Aresti Josu Eus 11
16 Baldato Fabio Alb 10
17 Trenti Guido Fas 9
18 Zberg Marcus Gst 8
19 Moreni Cristian Alb 7
20 Sanchez Gonzalez Samuel Eus 6

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