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Bob Roll, Ron Kiefel, Andy Hampsten Race Again! On Trikes!
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 2/26/2004
Bob Roll, Ron Kiefel, Andy Hampsten Race Again! On Trikes!

At the beginning of this month Davis Phinney and friends helped Lance Armstrong Foundation fundraiser Scott Coady's cause by hosting a screening of Scott's Tour de France film The Tour Baby! at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado. Read Dave Towle's report of the evening here.

Here's hometown boy Davis Phinney outside the Boulder Theater. Courtesy Rob Lettieri The Tour Baby!.

Part of the evening's festivities was a tricycle race between Bob Roll, Ron Kiefel and Andy Hampsten - the trikes were later autographed and auctioned.

Scott has a film clip of this famous race in his Boulder Gallery at - and it's a must see!

There are more photos of the evening as well as the film clip available in Scott's Boulder Gallery, and if I might, please do consider making a donation to Scott's campaign in exchange for a copy of The Tour Baby! film - it's worth every cent of your donation!

Chief referee Michael Barry monitors the start line; Dede Barry looks on. Courtesy Rob Lettieri and The Tour Baby!.

Scott also has a video tribute to Marco Pantani on his home page that you will want to see - the Courchevel at the 2000 Tour de France...(and this is why you should donate for your copy of The Tour Baby!).

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