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What They Say...What They Think: Part Two
By Staff
Date: 2/4/2004
What They Say...What They Think: Part Two

By Tick of Cycling4Fans

Haven't you ever wondered about all those "nice" interviews? Nice questions, nice answers -- and boring as hell! Here's a look at what really goes on the minds of riders being interviewed. Read the first round of interview Q and A's here.

Q. What did you think of the team presentation?

Answer 1. It was great to see how the management always comes up with new and creative ideas to present us to the media and the public for the new season. (What a ridiculous spectacle that was! And what a waste of time -- we'd all have been better off if we could have used the day for training!)

Answer 2. I am always fascinated by the questions the press comes up with! (And this year they were even stupider than ever!)

Answer 3. As a foreigner, it was interesting to see how other countries handle this sort of thing. (I didn't understand a word anybody said, the translator was awful, and none of the journalists went to the trouble of asking me anything anyway.)

Answer 4. It's always a good opportunity for the team to renew its relationship with the press and the public. (Like anybody wants to talk to me! I'm the lowliest of the water carriers, who has never won anything and never will, I'm not even young or cute enough for the Chicks to be interested in me....)

Q. You have said you're interested in going for a gold medal in the Olympic track events...

A. Yes, I started my career on the track and think I can still pull it off! (I rode track for six months as a teenager, and hated every minute of it, but I know I don't have a chance in hell of making my country's road team, and besides, this statement got my name in the press!)

Q. You originally said you wanted to go for a gold medal in the Olympic track events, but have changed your mind. Why?

A. I realized it's more important to concentrate on my regular season. The Olympics are a great dream, but my career is reality, and that's more important. (I trained a bit on the track and even the amateur teenagers beat me!)

Q. How was your team's training camp?

A. Great! It was great to have all the team together and get to know the new guys. And the training conditions were great, too! (I roomed with one of our new guys -- what a jerk! And the conditions? All the other hotel guests were about 87 years old, the sauna was broken, the SD wouldn't let us go to the disco, and the team brought its own cook, so we ate "healthy" rather than "delicious".)

Q. What are your goals for this season?

Answer 1. As a newcomer I just want to integrate myself into the team. (I want to make sure the Sporting Director remembers my name at the end of the season!)

Answer 2. To do as well as I can to help the team. (To do well enough to get a contract for next year.)

Answer 3. This is my last year, so I want to do well and go out in style! (And make everyone forget how rotten I've been for the last few years!)

Q. Your first race keeps getting pushed back later and later. Are you having any problems in your preparations for the year?

A. Of course not! I just think it's better to keep on training with a few close friends rather than start in on racing. (I'm so fat and out of shape I don't dare show myself in public!)

Q. Your team has caused a lot of public comment with the new jerseys. What do you think of them?

A. That's really not important at all -- I'm just proud to represent our sponsor! (Ugliest things I ever saw -- we're all trying to figure out how to disguise ourselves!)

Q. There have been disclosures lately that the newest doping takes the form of blood transfusions. What do you think of that?

A. I can't imagine it! The things that could go, of course, it's illegal! You can bet I'll never do that! (I wonder if it really works......)

Q. To everyone's surprise, your team only got a GS-II license this year. How do you feel about that?

A. Obviously we knew that the team was having financial problems, and we all find it good that the UCI is finally taking steps to protect us riders. (I'm mad as hell and my agent is doing all he can to get me out of this contract!)

Q. Erik, congraulations on your first victory this season. But first a question about Jan!


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