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Cycling News Roundup 25 January 2004
By Podofdonny
Date: 1/25/2004
Cycling News Roundup 25 January 2004

Landbouwkrediet, Popovych’s first race – 41st Trofeo Laigueglia News- Boogerd Fans- Vasseur speaks out - Frank Vandenbroucke Threatened? Gerolsteiner, the benefits of team sponsorship - USPS National Espoir Team Delivers - T-Mobile (Ladies) - Lehigh Valley Velodrome


Landbouwkrediet – Popovych’s first race

The entire team of Landbouwkrediet-Colnago has been in training since Friday in Italy at Santa Severa and will stay there until the 1st February. Manager Gérard Bulens has already made provisional selections for the first few races. These will be confirmed after the end of the training period and after discussions between Gérard Bulens, Adriano Baffi and Marco Saligari.

Interestingly, Popovych will start his season in Belgium at the two semi Classics which open the Belgium season.

3/2 GP Ouverture La Marseillaise and

4/2 Etoile de Bessèges:
Durand, Steels, Dierckxsens, Van Bondt, Sijmens, Capelle, Bernucci, Duma.
Ludo Dierckxsens won GP Ouverture La Mareillaise in 2003

4/2 Giro Degli Ettruschi:
Verstrepen, Montfort – and 6 more riders

12/2 -15/2 Giro Liguria:
Durand, Verstrepen, and 6 more riders

17/2 Trofee Lagueglia:
To be decided

18-22/2 Int. Turkish Riviera Tour
Steels, Bracke, De Waele, Streel, Sijmens, Van Bondt, Metlushenko, Lagutin.

22/2 Classic Haribo:
Durand, Capelle – and 6 more riders

28/2 Gent-Gent:
Steels, Durand, Dierckxsens, Van Bondt, Bracke, Capelle, Bernucci, Popovych.

29/2 Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne:
Metlushenko, Sijmens, De Waele, Streel, Popvych, Verstrepen, Montfort, Capelle.

3/3 Fayt le Franc:
Metlushenko, Capelle, Streel, Montfort, Sijmens, Van Bondt, Bracke, Verstrepen.

Popovych © Eric Noens

Trofeo Laigueglia: 41st edition, biggest ever

25 teams will compete in the 41st Trofeo Laigueglia on the 17th February, the race that marks the start of the racing season in Italy. Fassa Bortolo will return to defend Filippo Pozzato’s victory of last season, Saeco,Team CSC, Domina Vacanze, Quick Step-Davitamon, Alessio-Bianchi and the Lampre teams will also compete.

Due to the number of requests to enter the race the organisers are considering allowing a 26th team to participate, which would be chosen between Chocolade Jacques-Wincor Nixdorf, Crédit Agricole and

Boogerd Fans of the World Unite!

Join other Michael Boogerd fans from around the world for the first Boogerd Fan Chat, courtesy of Michael and the Daily Peloton.

When: Monday, 25 January 2004
19.30 CET, 18.30 GMT, 1:30 pm EST, 10:30 am PST

Where: Daily Peloton Chatroom

Hope to see you there!

Vasseur Speaks

After spending 40 hours in police custody in the Quai des Orfèvres, Cédric Vasseur (Cofidis) held a press conference yesterday with his lawyer in attendence to inform the French Press of the details:

"The purpose of this questioning was to clear up certain telephone conversations I had with my team mates, but these conversations were strictly professional. They asked me questions about myself and about other members of the team, about how a cycling team works and relationships in the team. I don’t know exactly what evidence the investigators have on others but I know that there’s nothing against my name. At no time did the investigators take me for a criminal or were they unpleasant. I told them everything they wanted to know.

"I have a code of conduct and I stick to it, I can thank my father for that attitude. My attitude to cycling hasn’t changed - I believe that a cyclist has the best job in the world. If my two-year-old son asked me today if he could start cycling I would say yes. This isn’t a Cofidis affair, it’s a matter that concerns certain individuals.”

This is the second cyclist in a week (along with Johan Museeuw) whose name has been linked to dopage, only to be released without charge, and even stranger that the French Press had claimed on the 23/01/04 that “Frenchmen Cedric Vasseur and Philippe Gaumont - have 'more or less admitted to doping as a current practice within the pack'.

Clearly it is time that reporters themselves looked at codes of conduct before casting doubt on the reputations and livelihoods of professional cyclists.

Interestingly, when Lance Armstrong was asked:

On whether or not he believes there's any significance to the fact that the last two teams involved in the last two big doping scandals were French teams (Festina, and now Cofidis):

His reply was "No. I don't see anything there. The French are the most aggressive when it comes to chasing these things down. That could be the only consistent thing."

Never a truer word spoken ......

Frank Vandenbroucke Threatened?

L'Equipe reports that on Saturday at Nieuwkerke a fire completely destroyed the car of the Fassa rider Frank Vandenbroucke. Although they are awaiting the results from the experts, the local police are suspecting arson.

Team Gerolsteiner - The Benefits of Sponsoring

Deutsche Welle the German Newspaper has this excellent article on the benefits of sponsoring a cycling team -

Everyone interested in cycling knows about Team Telekom. As a result, many more know about the communications company behind the team. Now, Team Gerolsteiner hopes its push for glory will do the same for mineral water.

In the context of the worldwide mineral water market, executives at the company that produces Gerolsteiner, Germany’s most popular water, would be the first to admit that their products lack the global recognition of French competitors like Evian and Perrier.

But that could soon change after the mineral water company from Germany's hilly Eifel region took a leaf out of telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom’s book by pushing its cycling team into the upper echelons of the sport and preparing a credible challenge for the next Tour de France while expanding its corporate profile at the same time.

Gearing up for going global

This week’s extravagant re-launch at the company headquarters put Team Gerolsteiner on the road to the Tour and announced that, after five years of building a GS-II category team into a member of the Top Club -- the ten best professional cycling teams in the world, the riders from Gerolstein are ready to take on all-comers on the international stage and bring the name of the region’s water to the masses.

“Cycling and mineral water are regarded by consumers as being an ideal combination -- a fact that qualitative research bears out,” according to Gerolstein’s Stefan Göbel in a statement. “What’s more, more people are taking a constantly increasing interest in cycling as a sporting discipline. Team Gerolsteiner is therefore a highly topical and eminently suitable communication measure for us to be taking.”

Telekom's international profile raised by team

The combination of sport and product is not a new marketing practice but it is a formula that has proved very successful for Gerolsteiner’s compatriots at Deutsche Telekom. Despite being the largest telecommunication concern in Europe, no one can underestimate what the cycling team did for the company profile across the world.

When a young German rider called Jan Ullrich joined the team in 1995, Team Telekom was just beginning to make its presence known in the world of cycling. Two year’s later, when Ullrich won the Tour de France, everyone who followed the sport and many more who didn’t soon knew about the team and the company that backed it.

In fact, the Gerolsteiner’s sponsorship of its team has already made quite an impact. Since the team was founded in 1998, the consistent improvement in performance has helped raise the profile of the product in relation to strong performances in international events. The amount of time the Gerolsteiner logo has appeared on television has more than doubled in the past year thanks to team members challenging for major honors in televised events.

Brand recognition rises

The team’s successes have also helped increase brand recognition across Germany with 60 percent of Germans aware of the sponsorship deal with the team. In a poll conducted by research company Forsa, over 50 percent of those polled named Team Gerolsteiner when asked which professional cycling teams they knew.

Though already a major global exporter of mineral water, the Gerolsteiner brand is little known abroad. In 2002, the company sold more than €207 million in bottled water. It also controls 27 percent of the German export market for bottled water and is sold in 26 countries, including the United States.

Now with a team full of young German talent, Team Gerolsteiner is hoping that there may be a future Tour winner in its midst, ready to do for Gerolsteiner Blue what Ullrich did for Telekom Magenta and take the name across the globe.

Make sure you read two one of the best articles so far this year on the Daily Peloton

Gerolsteiner Team Launch
Davide Rebellin and his 2004 season

Faresin, Rebellin and Serpellini. Courtesy

USPS National Espoir Team Delivers

The United States Postal Service Pro Cycling Team held their team presentation, accommodating domestic and international press with a 30-minute press conference by Lance Armstrong followed by an informal interview session with the remaining 24 riders. While journalists got the scoop on such subjects as Armstrong’s pursuit of a record sixth Tour de France victory or the recent addition of Jose Azevedo (POR), a group of four young Americans circulated through the reporters and photographers fielding a slew of questions. When asked about their transition from the amateur to the pro ranks, they all had a similar answer that included an experience with the same developmental program, a consistent and proven formula that churns out world-class talent at a relatively remarkable rate.

This season, five alumni from USA Cycling’s USPS National Espoir Team will suit up for a season amongst the world’s best cyclists. Four of them, Patrick McCarty (Allen, Texas), Michael Creed (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Damon Kluck (Santa Cruz, Calif.) and David Zabriske (Berkeley, Calif.), unite on the USPS team alongside Armstrong.

McCarty, Creed, Kluck and Zabriskie at the Postal Camp. Photo by Jaime Nichols.

The Belgian-based USPS National Espoir Team is managed by USA Cycling and directed by Belgian, Noel Dejonckheere. Since the program’s inception, it’s provided a structured environment for the nation’s most promising riders to live and compete in Europe. As vital as proper training is to success, for an aspiring rider who wants to reach the pinnacle of the sport, the cultural experience of being immersed in the European way of life is of equal importance. Racing competitively is one thing, but doing so in the most demanding environment, away from home and familiar surroundings at a young age is another. This year, perhaps more than ever, the fruits of the program’s labor have materialized in the form of the future crop of American cycling.

Creed, a three-time U23 National Time Trial Champion and member of the USPS National Espoir Team from 2000-03, was a late addition to the USPS team whose signing ultimately rounded out the team’s 25-man roster. One of America’s most accomplished young cyclists and its top finisher at the 2003 World Championships in both the U23 time trial and road race, Creed has raced the U.S. professional road circuit as a member of the Prime Alliance program for the last couple of years while competing for the USPS National Espoir Team, gaining valuable European experience that translated into domestic success and a spot on the USPS team. Creed will see action in both the U.S. and Europe in 2004 and will be able to rely on his European experience to help guide him through the season.

In 2003, Creed notched a stage win at the Sea Otter Classic and rode for the winning team time trial squad at the Ronde de L’Isard Ariege stage race before riding to his third straight U.S. National Time Trial Championship. At the World Championships in Canada, Creed turned in a solid ride in the U23 time trial, finishing sixth, an improvement of 11 places from his 17th place finish a year prior.

McCarty, a promising young rider as a member of the USPS National Espoir Team from 2001-03, was recruited by the USPS team after a season-long European campaign. McCarty closed out the 2003 season ranked second overall in UCI points in the U23 category with 150.66, less than 50 points down from Ukraine’s Denys Kostyuk. McCarty was only one of eight riders out of 99 in the U23 category to tally 100 points in the 2003 season. McCarty topped off his final season in the U23 ranks with a 21st overall performance at the prestigious Tour de l’Avenir, despite losing all five teammates early on to sickness and injury. Other top performances by McCarty in his breakthrough season included a stage win and the overall victory at the Ronde de L’Isard Ariege, a stage victory and third overall at La Transalsace, third overall at the Tour de Saone et Loire, and seventh overall at the U23 edition of Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

In 2002 McCarty won the best young rider classification at the Ronde de L’Isard Ariege (fourth overall) and the Thuringen Rundfahrt (sixth overall) and came through with other top ten finishes at Le Triptyque des Monts et Chateaux (sixth), La Cote Picarde (seventh), Liege-Bastogne-Liege (ninth) and Zesbergenprijs Heralbeke (10th).

Kluck, returning for his second year with the USPS team, took a less direct route to the pinnacle of professional cycling. After a couple of years with the USPS National Espoir Team from 2000-01, Kluck joined the Saturn Cycling Team where he notched top 10 finishes at the Sea Otter Classic (sixth), the Redlands Classic (eighth) and the USPRO Championships (ninth). Solid performances at Poland’s GP Weltour and the Tour of Slovenia eventually secured Kluck a spot on the USPS team the following season.

Zabriske, the eldest of the four, returns to the USPS team for his fourth season. A member of the USPS National Espoir Team from 1998-99, and two-time U.S. National Espoir Time Trial Champion, Zabriske capitalized on his impressive results as a member of the USPS National Espoir Team, which included a win at the GP des Nations and a fourth place finish at the World Espoir Time Trial Championships, to gain recognition by America’s top pro team.

When asked how their experience with the USPS National Espoir Team program contributed to their growth as professional cyclists, the common answer had to do with the comfort and structure of a focused program, the family-like atmosphere in a faraway place, and an organized director. A project that exists for the sole purpose of fostering young riders’ careers, the USPS National Espoir Team fits the mold of an ideal development program.

“This program was the ultimate stepping stone,” said McCarty. “I’m not saying I wouldn’t have made it to this level without it, but I certainly would not have made it this quickly. The experience of living and racing in Europe sped up the process and prepared me for becoming a better rider. Competing in such quality races gave me more confidence as a rider. “

“Being in Belgium with a group of kids your age and racing internationally exposes you to a bigger cycling world,” explained Creed. “That’s part of the commitment necessary to succeed.”

“It was the perfect introduction to European racing,” said Kluck. “Being in a comfortable place allows you to focus just on racing. A lot of kids who go over on a different program or by themselves can’t handle it mentally or physically, but because Noel’s program is so dialed in it’s easy to just worry about the task at hand. It’s the right level of living, you’re not spoiled but you’re not living in poverty so there are no distractions. Noel is an amazing tactitian and has a good eye for talent.”

Zabriske added, “It’s a good program because it conditions you to accept the isolation you feel when you’re alone in Europe. Experiencing a new language and culture is a challenge, but Noel is the perfect person to oversee the transition. He’s so meticulous in every aspect from buying the food to running an economical program.”

As Creed, McCarty, Kluck and Zabriske focus on further development and contributing to the USPS team, a fifth rider, Saul Raisin (Dalton, Ga.) saddles up for the division III French squad, Credit Agricole. Not far behind are promising young riders who have split time between pro teams and the USPS National Espoir Team such as former Saturn rider, Will Frischkorn (Boulder, Colo.), who annually flirts with the notion of riding on a big-time European team.

At the press conference, Armstrong testified to the strength and reputation of his young teammates having admitted to personally following the progress of McCarty throughout the 2003 season, an impressive endorsement in and of itself. Armstrong also called Zabriske “one of the strongest guys on the team and one of the best talents we have.”

As Armstrong’s career draws to a close over the next few years, the U.S. is already searching for the one that will fill the inevitable void that will come from his retirement. With a program such as the USPS National Espoir Team in place, the formula to foster such a champion not only exists, but thrives.

T-Mobile Camp; Witty to Focus on Skating

Colorado Springs, Colo. (January 22, 2004) – The T-Mobile Professional Cycling Team officially kicked off its 2004 campaign this week at their annual training camp as riders, staff, sponsors and media gathered in Buellton, Calif. to christen a season that emphasizes a diverse combination of riders with the unprecedented possibility of qualifying riders for the 2004 Olympic Games in each of cycling’s three disciplines – mountain, road, and track.

With a focus on top-level international racing, T-Mobile will direct its preparation and resources towards two major goals, the Olympic Games and the World Championships. In pursuit of these goals, T-Mobile will compete largely on the European circuit, laying the foundation for success when it counts the most.

The eleven-member squad, which returns ten from the 2003 roster, is stacked with the talent and experience necessary to meet its own high expectations. Returning in 2004 will be Kim Anderson (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Kristin Armstrong (Boise, Idaho), Dede Barry (Boulder, Colo.), Kimberly Bruckner (Boulder, Colo.), Dotsie Cowden (Santa Monica, Calif.), Mari Holden (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Lara Kroepsch (Boulder, Colo.), Tanya Lindenmuth (Trexlertown, Pa.), Amber Neben (Irvine, Calif.), and Stacey Peters (Portland, Ore.).

Joining the veteran core of riders will be Lynn Gaggioli (Santa Rosa, Calif.). Gaggioli, who rode for the Velo Bella program last season, adds a strong sprint element to T-Mobile referenced by three stage wins and the overall victory at last year’s criterium-filled International Cycling Classic and the CapTech Classic. Gaggioli, who was the only non-T-Mobile rider to claim a podium spot in the U.S. Women’s National Championship Road Race last year, hopes to bring continued success to the T-Mobile program.

On the road, Three-Time Defending U.S. National Time Trial Champion, Bruckner, is poised for a return to racing after successful surgery to remove a cancerous soft tissue tumor cut her 2003 season short. One of the most successful American women in the peloton on the international level in recent years, Bruckner symbolizes U.S. Olympic medal potential on the road.

Joining Bruckner is a long list of qualified candidates including U.S. National Road Race Champion, Neben. After a 2003 season that also saw her win the Tour of Montreal and place third at the U.S. National Time Trial Championships, Neben’s credentials as a strong climber and all-around rider arms T-Mobile with a valuable weapon.

Armstrong enjoyed a breakout season in 2003 that gave her a start for the U.S. National Team at the World Championships where she placed 13th in the Time Trial. A bronze medal in the same event at the Pan Am Games and international recognition after placing 9th overall at the International Thuringen Rundfhart has wet her appetite for success as she counts on an even stronger 2004 campaign.

Barry, the ever-aggressive veteran who led the American team at last month’s World Championships in both the time trial (8th) and road race (11th), continues to be a force on the global scene after taking a stage win and second overall at the Giro della Toscana shortly after animating the inaugural T-Mobile International in San Francisco with her insistent trademark style. A second place effort to Bruckner in the U.S. National Time Trial Championships indicates an element of versatility in her quest for a trip to Athens.

Holden, the 2000 World Time Trial Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist returns in 2004 and brings essential leadership and experience to the table along with her storied past as she prepares for a season on both the road and the track.

Anderson, who split her time between the dirt and the pavement last year, will again focus her efforts on both mountain biking and road events as she has a legitimate opportunity to qualify for the U.S. Olympic Team in either discipline. A fourth place finish at the Wachovia Liberty Classic and a third place showing at the NORBA opener in Big Bear, Calif. in 2003 shows her potential in two directions.

Cowden and Peters both add versatility as strong all-arounders while Kroepsch will add strength on the criterium scene.

To the helm returns Director, Jim Miller (Fort Collins, Colo.), who’s philosophy on putting together the team could best be described as the old cliché, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” in reference to the almost carbon copy of last year’s roster even after the demise of several U.S. powerhouses in women’s cycling. With other notable squads discontinuing their sponsorship of professional cycling teams, there were several qualified riders on the market, but keeping essentially the same team and therefore the cohesiveness intact will hopefully provide the T-Mobile Professional Cycling Team with a recipe for success in 2004. “The group of women we have on board heading into an Olympic year gives us the right mix of talent, experience, and leadership we need to meet our goals,” says Miller. “The eleven riders that we are bringing back plus the addition of Lynn certainly provides us with a solid foundation for continued success. Simply put, we’re looking forward to a tremendous season ahead.”

Noticeably absent from the training camp is 2002 Olympic Gold Medalist, Chris Witty (Park City, Utah), who recently decided to take a break from cycling as part of an effort to entirely focus on her speedskating career. Witty, who placed fifth in the 500 time trial in the 2000 Olympic Games, made a brief yet successful return to cycling in 2003, capturing two U.S. National Championships as well as two medals at the Pan American Games. Citing a lack of determination and passion for cycling, Witty confirmed her decision this week. “My heart is simply not in the sport of cycling at the moment and to make the kind of commitment and sacrifice it takes to be a successful athlete in an Olympic year, you have to love what you’re doing. I appreciate the support and opportunity to ride for the U.S. National Team and the T-Mobile Professional Cycling Team, but I’ve decided to turn my attention to my true passion.”

USA Cycling Director of Athletics, Steve Johnson, commented on Witty’s decision. “Passion is the basis for everything an athlete does. Chris simply could not find the passion for cycling that she needed to motivate her to make the tremendous sacrifice that every athlete makes for his or her sport. She is a tremendous athlete and a great person who managed to raise the bar for women’s cycling in the short time she was here. Her departure is obviously a loss to our program, but I certainly respect her for being honest and forthright regarding her goals.”

Bob Stapleton, Vice Chairman of T-Mobile USA, has extended an open invitation to Witty if her passion for cycling returns. “She’s a remarkable athlete with a remarkable opportunity,” said Stapleton. “If at any time between now and the Olympics she’d like to come back, we’d love to have her.”

With Witty’s attention now on speedskating, Lindenmuth represents T-Mobile’s hope on the track. Her impressive résumé includes gold medal efforts in the Keirin and Sprint at last Summer’s Pan Am Games, as well as a second place finish in the 500m Time Trial at the Mexico City World Cup. An Olympian in 2000, Lindenmuth is considered a medal contender leading up to Athens.

T-Mobile Professional Cycling Team 2004 Roster:

Kim Anderson (Colorado Springs, Colo.)
Kristin Armstrong (Boise, Idaho)
Dede Barry (Boulder, Colo.)
Kimberly Bruckner (Boulder, Colo.)
Dotsie Cowden (Santa Monica, Calif.)
Lynn Gaggioli (Santa Rosa, Calif.)
Mari Holden (Colorado Springs, Colo.)
Lara Kroepsch (Boulder, Colo.)
Tanya Lindenmuth (Trexlertown, Pa.)
Amber Neben (Irvine, Calif.)
Stacey Peters (Portland, Ore.)

About T-Mobile, USA Inc. Based in Bellevue, Wash., T-Mobile USA, Inc. is a member of the T-Mobile International group, the mobile telecommunications subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG (NYSE: DT). T-Mobile operates a national all digital voice and data network based on a single GSM/GPRS 1900 technology standard. In addition, T-Mobile operates the largest carrier owned Wi-Fi (802.11b) wireless broadband (WLAN) network in the country, available in more than 2,300 public access locations including Starbucks coffeehouses, Borders Books and Music, airports and American Airlines Admirals Clubs. T-Mobile is committed to providing the best value in wireless service through its GET MORE® promise to provide customers with more minutes, more features and more service than any other wireless provider. For more information, visit the company web site at

Photo © by Scott Schaffrick

Lehigh Valley Velodrome Announces 2004 International Race Schedule

$20,000 USA Cycling Fastest Man on Wheels to Highlight Season

(Lehigh Valley, PA)-The Lehigh Valley Velodrome released their 2004 International Race Schedule today with a new prize purse of $58,000 and the announcement of the $20,000 USA Cycling Fastest Man on Wheels, a post-Olympic Games gala September 3-4.

"The 2004 season will debut with the 'Nicole Reinhart Women's Cycling Classic,' a true classic women's event, and will conclude later than usual, September 18, with the Penn State Lehigh Valley Collegiate National Track Cycling Championships that will showcase some of America's top talent including Bobby Lea and Andy Lakatosh of Penn State," said Pat McDonough, Lehigh Valley Velodrome Director.

The 29th Velodrome season will include five major events and a prize list of $58,000. The five major events include The $7,500 Nicole Reinhart Women's Cycling Classic & Tandemonium June 4, the $7,500 Bicycling Magazine Madison Cup July 9, $5,000 Nestor's Keirin Cup & Velodrome Hall of Fame Night July 30, the $20,000 USA Cycling Fastest Man on Wheels September 3-4, and the Penn State Lehigh Valley Collegiate National Track Cycling Championships September 16-18.

Once again in 2004 the most prestigious track cycling race in North America will be the USA Cycling Fastest Man on Wheels with a total prize purse of $20,000. The event expects to draw top Olympic cycling talent to the Lehigh Valley only one week after the completion of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

"We are so lucky to have this unique world class facility right here in the Lehigh Valley," said Jane R. Ervin, Lehigh County Executive. "The international race schedule is second only to the community programs that nurture the Lehigh Valley's Olympic athletes of the future."

Velodrome racing is the NASCAR version of cycling. The bikes have no brakes and with close to 40 riders on the track at one time crashes are part of the sport. Velodrome cycling is a summer Olympic sport and the Lehigh Valley Velodrome is the only Velodrome with a summer-long professional international race series on the east coast. Admission is affordable and is complemented by a carnival atmosphere with interactive games, a new concession stand, contests, prizes and free parking to make the evening fun for the entire family.

The Velodrome would like to thank Air Products and Chemicals, Allentown Beverage, Hutchinson Tire, The Holiday Inn, The Morning Call, Nestors, Red Robin Restaurants, Rodale, inc., Service Electric Cable TV, Valley Preferred, and Wachovia for their continuing contributions.

Ticket Pricing and Availability

Tickets for individual events are $6.00 for Adults with Children 12 and under FREE. Tickets for the 2004 International Race Season are available now by calling 610.967.7587. Season Tickets are available for $95 Finish Line Reserved, $85 General Admission. 2004 Season Ticket holders receive a pass for all sessions of the USA Cycling Fastest Man on Wheels and the 2004 Penn State Lehigh Valley Collegiate National Track Cycling Championships.

About the Lehigh Valley Velodrome The Lehigh Valley Velodrome, the East Coast's only professional track cycling venue located in Trexlertown, PA at the intersection of Routes 222 and 100, is less than one hour from most Philadelphia suburbs. Experience international racing Friday nights from June 4 through September 18, 2004. Gates open at 6:00pm and race action begins at 7:00pm. Also coming in 2004 the USA Cycling Fastest Man on Wheels September 3-4 and the Penn State Lehigh Valley Collegiate National Track Cycling Championships September 16-18. For more information on racing, volunteering, community programs, VIP entertaining or corporate sponsorship, visit our website at or call 610.967.7587. ###

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