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Tour of the Gila Stage Three: Ft. Bayard Inner Loop
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 5/3/2002
Tour of the Gila Stage Three: Ft. Bayard Inner Loop

This was a 73 mile loop for the pro men and women with 5150 feet of climbing. In the men's, there was an early two man break which was caught when Moninger attacked. A pack of about 30 battled for the next 16 miles in a group sprint. Lieswyn (7UP) looked well on his way to getting the sprint when Saturn's McCormack came along past him (in the gutter, we heard) and took the stage. 

1st Mark McCormack (Saturn), 2nd Gord Fraser (Mercury), 3rd Alex Candalerio (Prime Alliance) 

Saturn's Giana Roberge reports that McCormack had been hit by a car during a training ride about a month ago. His face, neck and back injuries kept him off his bike for two weeks, but he has obviously recovered his form as he demonstrated in this stage. Any and all loyalties aside, one cannot help but admire such fortitude and we surely wish him well.

Chuck Coyle said that this stage was adjacent to a field full of thorns, so flats were the order of the day.

The men's top 5 GC spots remain the same, as do the times - there is still 02:38 separating first and fifth. The top five spots are 1.Wherry, 2. Moninger, 3. Wolhberg, 4. Pate and 5. Lieswyn. As expected, Mercury moved another strong man to the front for this stage, Gord Fraser. He sat at the back of the pack yesterday, though he did win a 5 second bonus. 

It was pointed out today that Ian Dille of Mercy Cycling in Texas is competing in the pro men's here. Ian won the U23 National PR last year. He earned a spot in the 2001 National Collegiate Cycling Association (NCCA) All-American squads. He is currently 75th in the GC. Go Ian!

Carlos Vargas is leading the Cat 2 GC, almost a minute ahead of the number two position. He is with FCRC/Trek/VW and hails from Texas.

In the women's, Jeanson was steady as a rock in first for the third day and RONA teammate Karen Bockel took second. Australian Anna Milward took third in the stage. According to RONA, Jeanson broke away after only after only 12 km. Six riders chased but to no avail, so instead they battled it out for second place. RONA and Saturn each had three places in the top ten.

RONA has reported that Jeanson doesn't believe she would win today's crit. That may be so, but there isn't much doubt about what she will do in Sunday's Gila Monster race since she has been so consistent in these hard climb stages. The women's top 5 GC slots remain the same, although the time spread between Jeanson in first and DiGuistina in fifth places has continued to increase, by over two minutes. Even Bruckner in second place cannot hold the time.

Men's Stage 3 Results (sorry, no other stage times today)

1  McCormack, Mark (Saturn) 3:07:20
2  Fraser, Gord (Mercury )
3 Candelario, Alex (Prime Alliance)
4  Repinski, Viktor (Saturn)
5 Bajadali, Andrew (Excel Sports)
6  Lieswyn, John (7-UP/Nutra Fig )
7  Wherry, Chris (Mercury)
8 Guay, Ryan (Navigators)
9  Abrams, Eric (Team Rhino)
10  Wohlberg, Eric (Saturn )

Men's GC After Stage 3

1 Wherry, Chris (Mercury)  7:48:08
2  Moninger, Scott (Mercury) 00:41
3  Wohlberg, Eric (Saturn) 01:33
4  Pate, Danny (Prime Alliance) 02:22
5  Lieswyn, John (7-UP/Nutra Fig) 02:38
6  Horner, Chris (Prime Alliance) 02:45
7  Price, Scott (Landis/Trek/VW) 03:02
8  Bajadali, Andrew (Excel Sports) 03:31
9  Danielson, Tom (Sobe/Cannondale) 03:39
10 Mesa, Ubaldo (Tecos Turbo)  04:05

Womens Stage 3 Results (sorry, no other stage times)

1  Jeanson, Genevieve RONA (Canada) --3:34:31
2   Bockel, Karen (RONA)
3  Millward, Anna (Saturn)
4  Longo, Jeanie (Vit 'All )
5  Bruckner, Kimberly (Saturn)
6  Phillips, Jessica (Saturn)
7  Mayolopic, Tina (Diet Rite)
8  Wilson, Jennifer (Mt. Velo/Supergo)
9  Hannos, Andrea (RONA)
10  Roz Reekie-May (Mercy Cycling Team)

Women's GC after Stage 3
1  Jeanson, Genevieve (RONA)  7:30:10
2  Bruckner, Kimberly (Saturn)  05:42
3  Millward, Anna (Saturn) 08:24
4  Longo, Jeanie (Vit 'All )  09:08
5  Diguistini, Cybil (Diet Rite)  14:30

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