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Moninger and Jeanson take top spots in Stage Two of the Gila
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 5/3/2002
Moninger and Jeanson take top spots in Stage Two of the Gila

Today was the Silver City to Mogollon Road Race, 92 miles for the men and 70 for the women. It was also another brutal day in the Wild West - 25-35 mph winds with stronger gusts. Mercury's Scott Moninger and Chris Wherry took first and second today, with Sobe/Cannondale's Tom Danielson taking third.

At the 83 mile mark the peloton was pretty much together. On the climb to White Water Mesa, Moninger and Wherry attacked. Prime Alliance riders Pate and Horner counterattacked with 7Up's John Lieswyn and Clark Sheehan, Tom Daniels from Sobe/Cannondale and Eric Wolhberg from Saturn  - a pack of about ten. They all chased through a canyon, then came out onto the mesa.  There were two miles of mesa, then four miles of climb with 14% grade. The winds rose up here on the not-so-flat flat. Gusts of 50mph broke the group up and it was every man for himself. Leiswyn, Pate and Horner worked together in this stretch, but as soon as they hit the four-mile final climb they broke apart and each was on his own to the summit.

There's a young Swiss rider by the name of Rebo Lauper who has come to the States to ride for the summer, until the San Francisco GP. He executed a brave solo break for two hours and about 45 miles. He was finally reeled in by the peloton, but he earned a five second bonus. At midway in the break he was leading the peloton by two minutes. He placed 119th in the stage.

The other bonuses won today were by Moninger (00:12), Wherry (00:08), Lieswyn (00:04), Gord Fraser (00:05).

In the GC, Wherry moved into top spot with moninger in second. After the race, moninger said he'd be happy to work with Wherry to maintain him for his GC so that they would end up in first and second overall.

Here's the numbers in this race - Mercury has 13 hot young guns.  The 7UP and Prime Alliance teams together have about the same number of riders, so Mercury dominates the peloton by sheer numbers. This allows Mercury to hold back competing strong riders while keeping other very strong riders in reserve.  Tomorrow we may see worden and vogels, whose finishing numbers were down in the hundreds today at the front or pacing, who knows. Either way, this looks to come down to a serious shootout between the pack of Mercury boys versus the two smaller gangs.

Points of interest: 
--In the top 6 of the GC there is only a 3'30" spread. It is possible, with the stages left, that any of these six could take top spot. With another difficult stage tomorrow, there is plenty of opportunity for the riders and their teams in the GC top ten to be shaken up.

--The DP's own Chuck Coyle and Russell Stevenson worked hard for their teams today. We's a watchin for ya, boys!

--Category 2 rider Jeffrey Austin, after winning the time trial yesterday, fell today. He finished 61st, riding a broken rear wheel. He is now 48th in the GC, losing ten minutes. The heartbreak of the day.

Jeanson and Bruckner broke away early on, and Longo went on a long solo chase. The first two places in today's race remain the same as yesterday - Jeanson first, Bruckner second, though today Longo took third and and Anna Millward  fourth.  Longo is still in the GC at fourth, but is 7 minutes behind Jeanson. Millward is 6:36 down from Jeanson. The closest one to challenge is Bruckner, who is yet 3:49 down. So it looks as though Jeanson will continue to dominate. Within the first ten places of the women's GC there is a 15 minute spread, versus the mens, in which the spread is 4 minutes across the first ten places. Barring some unforeseen problem, we are probably looking at the women's podium right now. However, between the toughness of the race and the extreme conditions, nothing is certain except that Jeanson is one strong rider - her TT time would put her in the top third of the men's TT. 

Worthy of mention is Karen Bockel who moved into 5th place GC ahead of Diguistini, and Katrina Berger, riding solo for Cannondale, who finished at #8 in the GC. 17 year old Magen Long finished 14th in today's stage, 10:23 down, and 19th in the GC.

Bonus sprint winners today were Jeanson (00:12), Bruckner (00:08), Longo (00:04), Anne Samplonius of Talgo America (00:05) and Renee Eastman of Vitamin Cottage (00:05).

Men's Stage Two Results
1   Moninger, Scott (Mercury)  4:05:42
2   Wherry, Chris (Mercury) 4:05:42
3   Danielson, Tom (Sobe/Cannondale) 00:37
4   Price, Scott (Landis/Trek/VW)  00:42
5   Lieswyn, John (7-UP/Nutra Fig) 00:46
6   Bajadali, Andrew (Excel Sports)  00:56
7   Wohlberg, Eric (Saturn) 01:11
8   Pate, Danny (Prime Alliance) 01:12
9   Horner, Chris (Prime Alliance) 01:16
10 Wells, Todd (Mongoose)01:24

Men's GC After Stage Two
1  Wherry, Chris (Mercury) 4:40:48 
2  Moninger, Scott (Mercury) 00:41
3  Wohlberg, Eric (Saturn) 01:33
4  Pate, Danny (Prime Alliance) 02:22
5  Lieswyn, John (7-UP/Nutra Fig) 02:38

Women's Stage Two Results
1  Jeanson, Genevieve (RONA) 3:17:42
2  Bruckner, Kimberly (Saturn) 02:47
3  Longo, Jeanie (Vit 'All) 04:31
4  Millward, Anna (Saturn)  04:38
5  Bockel, Karen (RONA) 06:13
6  Diguistini, Cybil (Diet Rite) 07:19
7  Roz Reekie-May (Mercy Cycling Team)  08:05
8  Berger, Katrina (Cannondale USA) 08:09
9  Kelly, Kori (Diet Rite) 08:43
10 Wilson, Joan (Talgo America) 08:43

Women's GC after Stage Two
1   Jeanson, Genevieve (RONA) 3:55:56
2   Bruckner, Kimberly (Saturn) 03:49
3   Millward, Anna (Saturn) 06:36
4   Longo, Jeanie (Vit 'All) 07:15
5   Diguistini, Cybil (Diet Rite)12:11

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