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Fast Fred Rodriguez Chat Transcript
By Staff
Date: 12/12/2003
Fast Fred Rodriguez Chat Transcript

Fast Freddie told us he had fun chatting at the DP, and says he would like to do another before returning to Europe. Read an interview with Fred from last month here.

The Elite Mens Road Race, Hamilton 2003. By Scott Schaffrick.

Fast_Freddie: Hello, everyone. Freddie is ready!

Daily Peloton: Here's your first question, then! Do you expect that there will be some US racing in your schedule?

Fast_Freddie: I am hoping to add more U.S. races to my calendar. Especially being an Olympic year, Id like to come home for the trials. Tour de Georgia was an event where the profile suited my style, so I could see myself wanting to win it one day.

As for San Francisco, being my home base, I would love to ride it again. The first year was disappointing for me, as I had a knee injury that did not allow me to finish the event. I can see the T-Mobile becoming one of my signature events, like Philadelphia in the last decade.

DP: After reading that you feel the classics will be your forte, is there a race you most want to win, like George H. with Paris Roubaix?

Fast_Freddie: I can see myself wanting to win many of the races...starting with Milan-San Remo, to Amstel Gold, all of them are very important to me.

DP: Which race do you think is the single hardest one-day race of the year?

Fast_Freddie: I think it all depends on the rider. If you ask a rider from Kelme, he would tell you Paris-Roubaix, but if you ask Johan Museeuw, he would probably say Lombardia.

For example, my only Paris Roubaix was hard on me, but at the same time, I was probably having the best ride of my life. But, when you're in four bad crashes, two wheel changes and a broken shoe, it made it one of the hardest one-day races of my life.

DP: Fred, do you hope to race in the Olympics this year?

Fast_Freddie: It would be a highlight of the year. I have proven in the past that I am one of the best one-day riders in America. I feel confident that I can be a good part of the Olympic team.

DP: How do you balance your career overseas with your family in the States?

Fast_Freddie: Balance is a very tricky thing. As of now, I have my wife, Annie, and my dog, Kaleigh.

Annie is vice president of a small internet company here in the Bay Area [Northern California]. We are both very driven to achieve our own personal goals, so we have given each other the room to run with our own careers. But, on that same note, my Annie has made some sacrifices in her career so that she could spend some time in our home in Spain. The great thing about her job is that she can work remotely when needed. Kaleigh, my dog, on the other hand, has stayed behind on all the trips.

Jakob: Sounds like Annie is from 7th heaven!!

Fast_Freddie: She is, and she has been behind me 100%.

DP: What do you like most about living in Europe, and what do you miss most being away from your home in the States?

Fast_Freddie: I love that I am competing at the top level. I miss little things, like my family and friends that pretty much have to write me off for 10 months out of the year, but it's amazing how much you get back into your old routine when you get home.

toojue: What does your winter training plan consist of now?

Fast_Freddie: Well, the first month is just trying to get the body used to the old things, and working on weakness points.

toojue: Do your weigh your food to extreme measures like Armstrong?

Fast_Freddie: I don't weigh my food. I try to eat a balanced diet, and during races, tend to add a lot more carbs.

DP: Any tips on improving in the sprint?

Fast_Freddie: One easy tip I can give people on sprinting is form. Make sure you are moving the bike forward, and not side to side. If you watch a top sprinter, his bike is always pretty much straight. I see a lot of people, even pros, who are all over the bike.

Cyclingnews: Fred, what are your objectives for next year and what you expect from Acqua e Sapone?

Fast_Freddie: My objective for next season is to bring my sprinting to the next level. Then, to continue to show that I am a player in the World Cup events.

Jakob: At Acqua e Sapone you will literally be racing with a giant, you know.

Fast_Freddie: What do you mean, a giant?

Jakob: Ondrej Sosenka is 2 meters tall.

Walt: Should provide a good draft!

AM: I noticed, especially at the Vuelta, Vini Caldirola didn't really set up a lead out train for you. Will this happen at Acqua e Sapone in 2004?

Fast_Freddie: AM, that is the main goal of my new team. A lead out is the main reason for the new team. It's all new, so we will have to see how it works out, I can't say it's my dreamteam until all the work is done.

Anita: Can you tell in a few words what strikes you most as a difference between Euro races and US races?

Fast_Freddie: Euro racing has a deeper pool of talent to work from; in the US, it's still a growing sport. It's hard, when you have to compete in Europe, to race at the top.

AM: Who were your best friends on Vini Caldirola?

Fast_Freddie: I had a good time with the young guys, and helping them along.

DP: Freddy, are all the contracts signed and everything all set with Acqua e Sapone? Last time we talked, you were finalizing...

Fast_Freddie: It's all still details.

Steamboat: Are you living now in Europe or in the States?

Fast_Freddie: I live in the States during the off season; I spend most of my time in Girona, Spain. I live where George Hincapie and most of the other American cyclists live.

curious: Have you given thought to your post-cycling career? Director Sportif, perhaps?

Fast_Freddie: I have thought about what I will do after cycling. It's still at least five years away for now. But I would love to be involved in the business side of the sport.

DP: Fred, do you think you and George will ever ride on the same team?

Fast_Freddie: I think in the future it could be possible that I George and I race together. We have always talked about it. You never know. Let's see what happens in 2005. In 2005, George and I are both up for new contracts, and it's always possible that we could be on the same team then...

curious: You and George on the same team would be cool.

Fast_Freddie: Yeah, why so cool?

curious: Because two favs on one team!

Walt: Fast_Freddie, what do you consider the highlight of your career so far: Back-to-back US Pro Champ; 2nd at MSR; or dancing with Crazy Jane at Interbike?

Fast_Freddie: I would say my two time US champ, and being able to wear the jersey at the Tour de France.

2002 US PRO. By Scott Schaffrick.

Julian: Fred, is your program the same as what Wenzel lays out in Bike Racing 101?

Fast_Freddie: Julian, my training changes year to year as I figure out what to do next. You find things you need to work on, and end up changing programs all the time.

Steamboat: Fred, will we see you at Athens?

Fast_Freddie: I am really working on being in Athens. I am putting that at the top of my list of goals. The course in Athens, from what I have been told, is something that could be good for me.

Tarheel: you think that since the team will be new, and there is a large emergence of new teams this year, that Acqua e Sapone may not get a TDF invitation?

Fast_Freddie: Tarheel, the TDF is still up in the air - for a new team, we will have to prove during the season that we should be one of the teams for the Tour.

Julian: Fred, pros don't seem to get much choice in which bikes they ride. Does the bike make a huge difference to you?

Fast_Freddie: I think we get to pick how the bike feels - the tubes, how light we want it, how stiff, the wheels. I think I rode 5 different bikes this year, and it all depends on the race.

Julian: Thanks, didn't know that!

Sandra: How's your relationship with Armstrong?

Fast_Freddie: Armstrong and I are co-workers, and we are also neighbors, so we treat each other with respect.

Sandra: What do you mean, co-workers?

Fast_Freddie: We all go into our office, which is the races, that's what I meant. We are in the same career, so we see each other all the time. Co-racers is a better term. (Laughs)

Tarheel: Will the classics be the main goal for you this season, or bunch sprint wins on stage races?

Fast_Freddie: I will start out with goals in the Classics, and bunch sprints are second in line.

curious: Freddie - any miniature "Freds" or "Annies in the plans? A dog's nice, but...

Fast_Freddie: Annie and I are talking about a little Annie and Freddie in the near future...

Steamboat: Freddie, I think you remember the Olympic Games at Sydney. What was Lances opinion after the Road Race when Jan Ullrich from Germany won the Gold medal?

georgehincapiefan: I think the Olympics in Sydney was a big mistake.

DP: Do you agree, Fred - that Sydney was a mistake?

Fast_Freddie: Why was that a big mistake, georgehincapiefan? I think we had a strong team in Sydney. I think we made mistakes, because we didn't win. But the Olympics is probably one of the hardest races to organize as a team.

Steamboat: It was a surprising move Ullrich made when he escaped; I was looking for Armstrong, Hincapie and Freddie...but there was no one...

Fast_Freddie: Steamboat, if you remember, I was in a break with Ullrich when I had a flat...

site_goddess: Fred - you gonna go for US PRO again, or is that out of the question this season?

Fast_Freddie: I am for sure going to the US Pro Champs.

ogopogo: Fred, how did you get on with Patrick Lefevere, Virenque and Museeuw at Domo-Farmfrites?

Fast_Freddie: Working with Museeuw was an awesome thing. I went to Domo specifically to work with Johan. I actually moved down near his home so we could train. Lefevre was a good thing, too. I learned a lot from him. He's a hard working man, and very straight. Sometimes too hard on me, but he gets the best out of his riders and his team.

curious: Fast_Freddie - what do you like to do in your brief vacation from training?

Fast_Freddie: Right now I am visiting friends and family. Recently, a good friend, Dylan Casey, the ex-US Postal rider, got married.

AndrewS: Hi Freddy - Can you describe easily how you like your bike set up? Tubs or clinchers, etc.?

Fast_Freddie: AndrewS, I like my bike light and strong. It's harder on me in the race, but it makes for a more solid bike at the line.

Julian: Freddie, your style is similar to Petacchi. He exploded this year. Does that give you motivation as well?

Fast_Freddie: I think Petacchi is very similar to me. I think he gave up a bit of his climbing to be faster, but it has paid off for him.

Tarheel: Fast_Freddie...there is a local January Nationals in NC near Chapel Hill that is a tradition for all the regional cat 1 and 2's to race at. In 1994 you were listed as the this true?

Fast_Freddie: Well, it must be true, I lived in Charlotte at the time. Hard to remember all my wins, ha ha.

tintxu: Any specific training to prepare for Paris-Roubaix, Freddie?

Fast_Freddie: The main thing I am going to do for Paris-Roubaix is keep my weight around 150-153.

DP: Everyone, Freddie has to get going now...

Fast_Freddie: I'd like to thank you guys for chatting with me. I know my website,, is a little out of date, but it's going to get special attention this winter, so don't miss out on it for next year. Fast Freddie is coming out with a new image, so it should be cool, and there will be a fan club, so stay in touch! Bye, everyone!

Fred at the Worlds 2003. By Scott Schaffrick.

US PRO 2000. By Tony Szurly

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