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Track Cycling: Six Days of Munich - Night 6/Final Results
By Fabio
Date: 11/11/2003
Track Cycling: Six Days of Munich - Night 6/Final Results

40th Six Days of Munich - Final Results (November 11, 2003)

Brad Wiggins and Robert Sassone simply couldn't. The Franco-British pair was in the lead with just one night to go, and were hoping for a surprise victory, but in the end overall victory in the 40th Six Days of Munich went to the most experienced team: Switzerland's Bruno Risi and Kurt Betschart added another jewel to their sensational palmares as they got their 33rd victory in a 6-day event, the sixth one in Munich. The track cycling veterans got back to the top of the podium in this race after a three-year absence.

After all main chasers achieved the 300-point mark and gained a bonus lap, thus getting back on the same number of laps as Sassone and Wiggins, and McGrory and Gilmore moved to the lead, Bruno Risi (and his team-mate) showed that not only seconds, but also experience counts, and launched an all-out attack at the right time during the final Madison, with just 25 laps to go. His attempt came to fruition, and the Swiss pair managed to put a decisive lap into their rivals.

A week after their success in Dortmund long-haired Risi and Kurt Betschart, nicknamed the "Alpenexpress" ("Alpine Express") repeated victory in the Olympiahalle, despite stiff opposition from reigning champions Scott McGrory of Australia and Matthew Gilmore of Belgium, who once again ended up as top scorers.

Quite curiously, last year's final positions were inverted: 2002 best scorers and runners-up Risi and Betschart claimed victory this time, while the past winners were relegated to second place.

Local idols Andreas Kappes and Andreas Beikirch, second place finishers in Dortmund, hit a 6-day podium for the second time in a week, while "Kings for one Night" Wiggins and Sassone snatched fifth in the end, but certainly deserve lots of praises for what they accomplished.

American Marty Nothstein "moved up one place" in the ultimate night to end up in spot number seven, but only as, after both his German team-mate Robert Bartko and Danish rider Michael Sandstød pulled out of the race, he was paired to Sandstød's partner Jimmi Madsen.

While it looks like nobody can put a end to the winning streak of Switzerland's Risi and Betschart, their fellow countryman Alexander Aeschbach went from glory (victory in Grenoble) to humiliation (last place in Munich) in just a week. His former team-mate Franco Marvulli, this time paired to Italy's Marco Villa, did a little better as he finished sixth.

40th Six Days of Munich - Final Overall Standings: Top 7 Places

1. Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Swi) - 336 points

at 1 lap
2. Scott McGrory (Aus) - Matt Gilmore (Bel) - 380 points
3. Andreas Kappes - Andreas Beikirch (Ger) - 349 points

at 2 laps
4. Robert Slippens - Danny Stam (Hol) - 307 points
5. Bradley Wiggins (GBR) - Robert Sassone (Fra) - 232 points

at 5 laps
6. Franco Marvulli (Swi) - Marco Villa (Ita) - 256 points

at 10 laps
7. Jimmi Madsen - Michael Sandstød (Den) - 155 points

at 17 laps
8. Ronnie Lauke - Thorsten Rund (Ger) - 30 points

at 17 laps
9 Andreas Müller - Guido Fulst (Ger) - 41 points

at 26 laps
10. Roland Garber - Franz Stocher (Aut) - 141 points
11. Daniel Becke - Lars Teutenberg (Ger) - 110 points

at 29 laps
12. Jan Bratkowski - Erik Weißpfennig (Ger) - 111 points

at 32 laps
13. Gerd Dörich - Stefan Löffler (Ger) - 78 points

at 34 laps
14. Alexander Aeschbach (Swi) - Jean-Pierre van Zijl (RSA) - 100 points

U23 Franziskaner Rad Open - Final Results (November 11, 2003)

If it's Risi and Betschart among the "big guns", no doubt it's Keisse and De Fauw in the "Espoirs" Category. The Belgian duo took their third win in as many legs of the UIV Cup. After a poor start, they took the lead of the "U23 Franziskaner Rad Open" on the second night and held onto until the end. A triumph they sealed with a sensational performance in the ultimate session, when they claimed "stage victory" too. That was just the icing on the cake.

The Belgian sensations won by a landslide (actually a 20-point margin) over Germans Florian Piper and Andreas Welsch, with Leif Lampater and Sven Kraus filling the remaining podium spot. Russia's Chmidt and Ponomarov moved up two places in the last night, but couldn't hit the top three.

Iljo and Dimitri will be back in the saddle on the "home track" of Ghent, Belgium, for the next 6-day event in the Calendar, set to run on November 18-23. But it will be hard to see them dominate the Under 23 field on home soil, simply because they will be gutsy enough to challenge the big names of the track peloton in the main contest. Their comeback to the U.I.V. Cup is scheduled for the Bremen Six in early January. After building such an impressive lead in the U.I.V. Cup Overall, that's something they can afford to, after all.

U23 Franziskaner Rad Open/U.I.V. Cup Round 3
Final Overall Standings

1. Iljo Keisse - Dimitri De Fauw (Bel) - 112 points
2. Florian Piper - Andreas Welsch (Ger) - 92 points
3. Leif Lampater - Sven Kraus (Ger) - 84 points
4. Alexei Chmidt - Konstantin Ponomarov (Rus) - 82 points
5. Ralph Zimmermann - Oliver Mattmann (Swi) - 76 points
6. Michael Smith Larsen - Michael Berling (Den) - 76 points
7. Christian Grassmann - Thomas Hoss (Ger) - 53 points
8. Sascha Richter - Nicolai Raasch (Ger) - 27 points
9. David Gisiger - Michael Müller (Swi) - 26 points
10. Markus Reich - Christian Herde (Ger) - 15 points
11. Aurel Siegel - Felix Wolf (Ger) - 9 points
12. Mattia Thiene - Andrea Bini (Ita) - 5 points
13. Alexander Peter - Hanjo Veit (Ger) - 5 points
14. Christian Ortkras - Marcel Rothstein (Ger) - 5 points

Six Days of Munich – Winners List

1933: Oscar Tietz - Franz Lehmann (GER)
1949: Robert Naye (BEL) - Maurice Depauw jr (BEL)
1950: Robert Naye - René Adriaensens (BEL)
1950: Kamiel Dekuysscher - Odile Van De Meerschaut (BEL)
1951: Emile Carrara - Guy Lapébie (FRA)
1952: Alfred Strom (AUS) - Ludwig Hörmann (GER)
1953: Walter Bücher (SWI) - Jean Roth (SWI)
1954: Hans Preiskeit - Ludwig Hörmann (GER)
1972: Sigi Renz - Wolfgang Schulze (GER)
1973: René Pijnen - Leo Duyndam (HOL)
1974: Sigi Renz (GER) - Graeme Gilmore (AUS)
1975: René Pijnen (HOL) - Günther Haritz (GER)
1976: Wilfried Peffgen - Albert Fritz (GER)
1977: Patrick Sercu - Eddy Merckx (BEL)
1978: Patrick Sercu (BEL) - Gregor Braun (GER)
1979: Patrick Sercu (BEL) - Dietrich Thurau (GER)
1980: Danny Clark - Don Allan (AUS)
1981: Danny Clark - Don Allan (AUS)
1982: René Pijnen (HOL) - Patrick Sercu (BEL)
1983: René Pijnen (HOL) - Urs Freuler (SWI)
1984: Hans-Henrik 0rsted - Gert Frank (DEN)
1985: René Pijnen (HOL) - Urs Freuler (SWI)
1986: Danny Clark (AUS) - Dietrich Thurau (GER)
1987: Urs Freuler (SWI) - Dietrich Thurau (GER)
1988: Danny Clark (AUS) - Tony Doyle (GB)
1989: Etienne De Wilde (BEL) - Andreas Kappes (GER)
1990: Danny Clark (AUS) - Tony Doyle (GB)
1991: Etienne De Wilde (BEL) - Andreas Kappes (GER)
1992: Olaf Ludwig (GER) - Urs Freuler (SWI)
1993: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI)
1994: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI)
1995: Etienne De Wilde (BEL) - Erik Zabel (GER)
1996: Adriano Baffi (ITA) - Giovanni Lombardi (ITA)
1997: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI)
1998: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI)
1999: Andreas Kappes (GER) - Silvio Martinello (ITA)
2000: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI)
2001: Erik Zabel (GER) - Silvio Martinello (ITA)
2002: Scott McGrory (AUS) - Matthew Gilmore (BEL)
2003: Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (SWI)

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