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Interview: Eddy Ratti and Manuel Quinziato on 2003
By Staff
Date: 10/31/2003
Interview: Eddy Ratti and Manuel Quinziato on 2003

By Karen Lambrecht

A chat with 26 year old Eddy Ratti, who turned pro in 2000, and Manuel Quinziato, who began as a pro in 2002 and turned 24 yesterday (Happy Birthday, Manuel!).

Manuel Quinziato at GP Eddy Merckx. Photo by Karen Lambrecht

Eddy Ratti on the podium of the Giro d Romagna, September 2003. Courtesy Lampre

What do you think about your season?

E.R.: To tell you the truth, I thought to have better results in 2003, thinking about how it went in 2002. But it wasnít that good, I had some health problems followed by an operation at the end of April. For 20 days I had to rest. After a while, the condition was good so I trained a lot in July. That wasnít the right decision; I arrived at the races without energy. I have paid for my inexperience.

I obtained 2 small results, but I am not satisfied. I hope things will go better in 2004.

M.Q.: Iím happy with all the possibilities to get more experience, riding the Tour of Flanders, Paris-Roubaix, Milaan-Sanremo, HEW Hamburg, GP Zurich. But the participation in the Giro díItalia was the top! All that experience can help me in the next years.

When I look at my results, I am not satisfied. The second place in the time trial in the Italian Championship was a defeat. In the road race, they caught me up at 100 metres from the finish. Maybe I missed a bit of luck. My last race was the GP Eddy Merckx, after that I couldnít train due to tendinitis.

How do you feel in the Lampre Team?

E.R.: I felt good from the beginning, everything went well with the other riders and also with the staff (sport directors, mechanics...) I hadnít any problems with anybody, I have to thank everyone!

How do you pass the winter? When will you begin to train?

E.R.: I think I will start training at the end of October, then you make the basis for next year. I will go also in Brasil with my girlfriend Geovana. If itís possible for my team, I will stay there for half of January. Training with good weather, and ideal climate ...

I hope to have a good start in 2004.

M.Q.: Normally I would go on holiday in November, a place where itís warm and where I can relax. Around November 25th I start training in the fitness and outside. This year (due to the tendinitis) I am starting at the end of October, so no holidays!

Whatís the most difficult moment this year? And the most beautiful one?

E.R.: Most difficult...when I had to rest during 20 days. My condition was good, but afterwards it was hard to start again from zero.

M.Q.: The hardest moment was my loss in the time trial (Italian Championships). I was sure I could win. The most beautiful moment: For sure the stage from Merano to Bolzano in the Giro díItalia. I am living in Bolzano and all the people were there for me.

The most beautiful thing in my career was the European Championship in 2001, where I won gold.

In what type of race do you think you can prove yourself?

M.Q.: I like the one day races, especially the Tour of Flanders and Milan-Sanremo. The time trials are my strong point.

Have you signed yet for next season?

M.Q.: I signed for Lampre in August.

E.R.: I havenít yet signed, but I am in contact with Flanders-iTeamNova. I am confident that I will ride there next season.

Whatís the most memorable race you have ridden and why?

M.Q.: The Tour of Flanders, the crowd along the parcours is fantastic! I like the race, if you want to win you have to be good from the first kilometre till the last one. Also the tactics are very important, not only being in good shape.

Thanks to Manuel and Eddy!

Visit Manuel Quinziato's official site here.

Manuel Quinziato. Photo by Karen Lambrecht

Eddy Ratti. Photo by Karen Lambrecht

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