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The Vuelta Writing Contest - The Podium!!!
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 10/27/2003
The Vuelta Writing Contest - The Podium!!!

The "winner's jersey - click for larger image.


The Podium!!!!

And here we are, down to the final entries the Daily Peloton judges wanted to especially acknowledge, including the winner of the Vuelta Writing Contest!

Many, many thanks to everyone who entered the contest, for your great work and wonderful expression of ideas. It has been a great delight to read what you've all written. The complete list of honorable mentions is here.

Without further ado, we present the podium.


Third Place

Garland Lee - Vuelta a Spin
A photo finish sadly saw this great effort on the podium, but in third place. It conveys the atmosphere and dynamics of the gym perfectly, not to mention the thrill of the hunt... Very well done, Garland!

 "The reigning "gold jersey" of the 5:30 spin is Suzie, an athletic blond girl with the ripped tanned figure and steel toned legs."


Second Place

Rabun - Stranger in a Strange Land
A great personal account of cycling in Turkey - interesting, well written, and with a delightful sense of humour...

"What is that thing about wearing tights?
The answer is: "Real men do not wear tights, this is not included in the Book of Men" (Have you ever heard a famous Turkish ballet? No? You can easily guess the reason.)"


And the Winner of the Vuelta Writing Contest!

Paula Andrist - Turning Point
It's a winner! It's a poem, so perhaps its leaness gave it the edge in the final sprint! We really like it a lot - and it is very deserving of the jersey! Congratulations, Paula!!!

She claims her victims,
One by one."

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