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News Roundup 17 October 2003 Updated
By Podofdonny
Date: 10/17/2003
News Roundup 17 October 2003 Updated

Astarloa, first day in the rainbow jersey at the Tour of Lombardy

"I’m a worthy world champion and demand respect."

"I’m a serious professional, I deserve respect and I feel proud to wear the rainbow jersey." With these words Igor Astarloa presented his new ‘Saeco’ rainbow jersey on the eve of the Tour of Lombardy in Como, the same jersey he will use for the first and last time before heading to France for a new chapter of his career.

Astarloa’s press conference was a declaration of love for Italy, the country where he turned professional and transformed his talent into a world title.

"I feel partly Italian, I’ve got lots of friends in Italy and lots of people I want to thank. Four years ago I arrived in Italy with the hope of doing something as a cyclist, now I’ve made it. I want to thank everybody, especially at the Saeco team. There’s a good atmosphere in the team and perfect conditions for riders to show themselves."

Journalists and television crews from around the world were at the press conference and Astarloa read out a letter to help him express himself clearly in Italian. It was full on precise clarifications. About the Bettini affair: "I’ve cleared up the misunderstanding with the person involved, the case is closed." On the out of context comments made about the urine test that he faced at Hamilton: "I’m not worried, just as always, but it’s unacceptable to create arguments on simple suspicion, we're at a level of irrelevant gossip."

Saeco team manager Claudio Corti was precise about the team’s position: "Astarloa’s world title win has completed a great season for us even if these polemics have slightly spoiled the party. We’re trying to calmly work out what has happened and understand who made the clear error of judgement of the dimensions of what happened. I don’t know what exact decision we will take at the end of it all but when the position of our riders is cleared up and I’m sure it will be, we’ll fight for a complete rectification of the unjust damage done to the riders and the team."

Courtesy Saeco

Lampre for Lombardy

"I must still sort myself out from the jet lag." Casagrande oftens suffers a lot from the terrible time changes, especially time changes of 6 hours from Italy and Hamilton.

"Even the time change of 1 hour in spring and autumn often breaks my routine. However, Lombardy is a race to note and I enjoy racing it, I have come close to winning it a few times (2nd in 2000, 3rd in 1997, and 5th last year); let's hope this time around will be the time for victory."

The last training ride for Casagrande was at his home town yesterday afternoon. He rode for 2hours 30 minutes for about 80Km, in and around the hills of Greve in Chianti. Then he was taken to the team hotel in the afternoon by his wife Debora.

The General Manager, Giuseppe Saronni, in agreement with the Lampre technicians, communicate the names of the riders qualified for the 97th edition of the Tour of Lombardy, the 10th and last world cup race of the season, 259Km from Como to Bergamo, UCI Classification: CDM

Sergio Barbero
Simone Bertoletti
Wladimir Belli
Francesco Casagrande
Gabriele Missaglia
Marco Pinotti
Daniele Righi
Patxi Vila
Sport Director: Fabrizio Bontempi

Courtesy Saeco

Francesco Casagrande raider team Lampre

History of the Giro di Lombardia

The “race of the Falling Leaves” closes the Italian season - the oldest Italian Classic, dating back to 1905.

Courtesy of Tom James' site, we bring you a little history of the race and another great site to visit is - but first, a quick look at the bookmakers' favorites for tomorrow.

Considering his excursions in Hamilton - and associated jet lag - it is surely too much to rank Bettini as the favourite? Bartoli, Rebellin and Paolini look like better bets considering the odds…

BETTINI Paolo (ITA - QSD) 5.00
BARTOLI Michele (ITA - FAS) 7.00
VALVERDE B. Alejandro (SPA - KEL) 10.00
CAMENZIND Oscar (ZWIT - PHO) 10.00
CELESTINO Mirko (ITA - SAE) 12.00
REBELLIN Davide (ITA - GST) 13.00
PAOLINI Luca (ITA - QSD) 15.00
CASAGRANDE Francesco (ITA - LAM) 15.00
ASTARLOA Igor (SPA - SAE) 16.00

Giro di Lombardia - Most Wins

5 wins: Fausto Coppi
4 wins: Alfredo Binda
3 wins: Gaetamo Belloni, Henri Pélissier, Costante Girardengo, Gino Bartali, Sean Kelly


On November 12 1905 a mud-encrusted Giovanni Gerbi crossed the line in Milan victorious, 230 kilometres after starting, in the inaugural Giro di Lombardia. It was a victory based on minute knowledge of the muddy tracks over which the race was fought. Feigning a crash just before a distinct narrowing in the road, Gerbi's rivals were provoked into attacking, but themselves crashed as they hit the narrow section. Gerbi, meanwhile, picked his way through the mass of bodies to strike out alone and, eventually, win by over 40 minutes! The race rapidly attained classic status; there is little doubt that the likes of Garrigou, Faber, Thys, Pélissier and Belloni represent the best riders of the early years of the sport.

However, as the road surfaces improved, the race became faster and easier. Each Italian team would have its protected rider and a squad of totally devoted gregari; every event between 1921 and 1949 was won by an Italian, and half of those by just four riders - Girardengo, Binda, Bartali and Coppi. Accordingly, more hills were added in the 1920s. Most notable was the dirt road up to the 2000 foot high Madonna del Ghisallo, a name indelibly intertwined with that of Fausto Coppi. Nonetheless, in the absence of a talent like Coppi, as the roads improved, the route ceased being hard enough to split the field; most of the winners in the 'fifties came from sprints on the Vigorelli track in Milan. The surfacing of the Ghisallo sounded the death knell of the "old" Lombardia.

In 1960 a new climb was added, the Sormano, with gradients as steep as 1 in 5 (20%), but the big difference came the next year, when the finish was moved from Milan to Como, eliminating 60-odd kilometres of flat road after the mountains. In 1965 the "classic" route was used for the first time, circling Lake Como: the easier sides of the Sormano and Ghisallo in the first couple of hours, with the climbs to Intelvi, Schignano and San Fermo in the last 65 kilomteres. Even so, the character of the route is slowly changing. Twenty or more years ago, the three big climbs were still paved with large rose-coloured setts and the linking sections of road along the shore of the lake were all up and down over headlands, with sections still unsurfaced.

Today the last of the setts have gone, the lakeside road is fully paved and tunnels have been blasted through many of the headlands. Easier, perhaps, but no race with five long climbs can ever be called easy, and and the lakeside setting makes "The race of the falling leaves" still amongst the most beautiful of classics.

Carney Victorious on Borrowed Bike in the Michelin Cycling Classic

More than 100 racers competed in this year's Michelin Cycling Classic, held on Saturday, Oct. 11, and competing for bike industry attention with the World Championships in Hamilton, and the Interbike convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada. One of the staples of the late season, the Michelin Classic was still well attended by cyclists from 28 states, Europe and South America. The race is organized by Rich Hincapie, brother of US Postal Service/Berry Floor Tour de France veteran George Hincapie, who missed the Michelin Classic for the first time in 10 years to race for the rainbow jersey in Hamilton.

This year's winner, Criterium specialist Jonas Carney, finished the race on a borrowed bike after suffering a mechanical on the first lap. After being forced out for three laps, officials allowed Carney to rejoin the action on a bike borrowed from Charlotte cyclist Mac Cannon. Carney sprinted to victory ahead of Jittery Joe's Jeff Hopkins and 7-Up/Maxxis Oscar Pineda rounded out the podium.

Michelin Cycling Classic Results
1 - Jonas Carney - Prime Alliance
2 - Jeff Hopkins - Jittery Joe's
3 - Oscar Pineda - 7-Up/Maxxis

More on the Michelin Cycling Classic at

WADA Praises UNESCO Decision

Montreal, October 17, 2003 - The World Anti- Doping Agency (WADA) today praised yesterday’s vote by the UNESCO General Conference in Paris to create an international convention against doping in sport. The convention will be the means through which world governments will accept and implement the World Anti-Doping Code, which harmonizes anti-doping rules across all nations and all sports, and acknowledge the role and responsibilities of WADA.

The UNESCO members showed great enthusiasm for the creation of this convention, which was initially proposed at a Ministerial Round Table in January 2003, and whose text will be submitted to the next UNESCO General Conference in October 2005.

“The decision to move forward with the drafting of a convention is a monumental step in the fight against doping in sport,” said Richard W. Pound, WADA’s president. “UNESCO has shown its leadership in fully assuming its role in this effort and in ensuring that governments have a legally binding document through which they can accept and implement the World Anti-Doping Code and demonstrate their commitment to the fight against doping in sport.”

The Code was unanimously approved by delegates to the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Copenhagen earlier this year. Sports organizations will accept and implement the Code prior to the Olympic Games in Athens next year. Governments, who need this convention in order to formally implement the Code, had asked that they be given an additional 18 months (until the beginning of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games) for that purpose. To date, 85 countries have signed the Copenhagen Declaration, signaling their acceptance of the Code as the basis for the fight against doping in sport.

“Now that this important first step has been taken, governments need to be prepared to move quickly to meet their 2006 deadline,” Pound said. “The process of drafting a convention in two years requires a strict timeline and governments must be ready to show equal reaction speed in signing the convention and in implementing the Code prior to the Turin Games.” (Courtesy WADA)

Jittery Joe's Update

Last race of the season and Jittery Joe's were ready to go out with a bang and BANG they did. In the main race on Saturday night the speed was high from the gun and it was obvious that Jittery Joes were keen to keep it together for sprinter Hopkins.

Hartley and Rosenbarger spent most of the race on the front controlling the pace. With 7 laps to go Hopkins' main leadout man, Jesse Lawler went over the handlebars crashing hard. Hopkins was on his own for the finish, but some great pace making by Rosenbarger kept the speed high before the surge into the finish came. With half a lap to go it was hectic, but it was Pineda the first to go with Hopkins jumping on his wheel followed by Carney. Onto the straight, Pineda was moving and Hopkins waited too long meanwhile Carney was on his way. In a not so tight finish it was Carney, Hopkins and Pineda. Sunday's race saw some sore heads after the previous evening's festivities. Chad Hartley put in a great attack after Rosenbarger had come back to the field in an excellent "Bean Counter" scenario.

A group of 5 riders was forced away driven mostly by Colavita. Hartley was in a great position to take it out when a surprise attack came with 1/2 a lap to go and Hartley tried his little Chicagoan heart out but couldn't close the gap and came in 2nd. Meanwhile back in the field it was Jittery's on the front again, some textbook leadout for Hopkins again by Rosenbarger and Lawler, but unfortunately it was Carney getting over Hopkins in the last 10metres to take the 6th placing with Hopkins in 7th and Lawler hanging on for 12th place. A great end to the season for the boys and we would all like to thank everybody who has helped us this year, and especially to anyone who has bought and or regularly buys our coffee, THANKS, until 2004....

To purchase Bean Team Coffee or find a location near you go to:

Todd Wells at Bay Area Super Prestige Series

The last Cyclocross event in California for 2001 National Champ, Todd Wells, left a slightly bizarre impression for the rider from Durango. Last December in Yountville the heavens opened during the National Championships and 13 inches of rain fell over the 2 days of competition.

Mongoose/Hyundai’s Wells was defending champion and had prepared for the title fight with a serious campaign across the country, racing in UCI events from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine and finishing the season ranked 27th in the World. But a monsoon hit the Napa Valley and in the ensuing floods and inundations of the vineyards Wells also encountered Jonathan Page.

Wells took the silver medal, 1:00 down on the European domiciled Page and Wells is ready for another expedition to the Golden State as Round #2 of the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross series waits for the next clash of the ‘cross Titans. And the weather forecast is for sunny skies, temperatures in the 70’s and a new course on the campus of Canada College in Redwood City, taking advantage of some very dry terrain.

This weekend’s circuit has a slightly schizophrenic character- the first half is almost pancake flat with the 2 “Cannondale Crevasse” run-ups adding spice and then the course turns downhill into an oak forest with deep soil and a trip through a eucalyptus forest that will inspire memories of Coyote Point from last December. Wells and Switzerland’s Thomas Frischknect engaged in a battle royal at CCCP (CycloCross @ Coyote Point) with it’s famous beach run and the pungent scent of the eucalyptus forest. The final 500 yards at the Guadelupe Canyon course are a paved gradual climb back to the Expo and finish line – and Wells will have a Northern California reception committee waiting for the starter’s whistle. Clif Bar’s Andy Jacques-Maynes and Jackson Stewart had top 10 finishes at both Tacoma and Portland last weekend and Andy’s twin Ben Jacques-Mayne will be another in the hunt for UCI points. Ben finished 6th in Tacoma and will be joined by his partner on the Family Cycling Center squad - Justin Robinson.

Northern California’s quartet from the 2003 US Women’s World Championship team will assemble again at Guadelupe Canyon as Clif Bar’s Carmen D’Aluisio, winner of Round 1 at Milagra Ridge and Gina Hall, 2nd at Milagra, cross swords with Redline/Ritchey’s Rachel Lloyd and Velo Bella’s Christine Vardaros. All but Lloyd went to Tacoma and Portland last weekend with D’Aluisio and Hall taking 3rd and 4th behind Alison Dunlap and Ann Knapp.

While Northwest men and women stayed home during round 1 of the series, the Junior Elite category has seen a couple of Northwest Elites make the trip. Tucker Thomas from Rad Racing NW is on a hot streak. After finishing behind Oregon’s Andy Brooks at the season opening Star-Crossed race in late September, Thomas has been unbeaten in the last 3 UCI events. His Rad Racing coach Jim Brown has a strategy to give the 17 year old from Tacoma a fighting chance to land a spot on this year’s World Championship team and it involves selective travel to UCI events within the teams budget. And it appears to be succeeding as Thomas now is the early National points leader. Brooks finished behind Thomas at Milagra Ridge.

The Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series full schedule consists of:

October 5th: Milagra Ridge CycloCross /Sierra Point, Brisbane
October 19th: Guadelupe Canyon CycloCross /Canada College, Redwood City
November 9th: El Palo Alto CycloCross /Byxbee Art Park, Palo Alto
November 16th: Ravenswood CycloCross /Bayfront Park, Menlo Park
November 30th: CCCP – CycloCross @ Coyote Point /Coyote Point Park, San Mateo
January 4th Pilarcitos: Creek CycloCross /Half Moon Bay High School, HMB

Series Sponsors include:

Northern California/Nevada Cycling Association, Palo Alto Bicycles, Bianchi+, Chris King, Steelman Cycles, Broken Spoke, Cannondale, Redline, Ritchey Logic, Granite Construction, Big Swingin Cycles, Voler, Kelly Bikes, Chain Reaction, Kenda Tires & Tubes, Honey Stinger, Sports Basement, Abbiorca Photography, Showers Pass, Bay Area Velo Girls, Velo Bella, Sheila Moon, DeFeet.

2004 Elkhorn Classic Announcement

The dates for the 2004 Elkhorn Classic Stage Race have been set. The third edition of the race will be held June 25th, 26th, and 27th, 2004 again in Baker City, Oregon. Please forward to any schedule contacts that you feel may be interested in this event.

New for 2004:
Leader's jersey.
King and queen of the mountain competitions.

Same great stuff as 2003:
We will be using the same courses and directions as 2003, including the Dooley Mountain Road Race.
Same categories: Pro Men 1/2, Master's 40+, Men 3/4, and a women's field.100% Payout.

Registration will open around the first of January, 2004. Check for updates at

Stanford Cycling Club annual MTB Race

The Stanford Cycling Club is pleased to announce its annual MTB race weekend, to be held in San Jose's Santa Teresa Park on October 25-26.

There will be XC and DH events, as well as plenty of free shuttles for DH racers pre-rides. Please check out the web-flyer and come enjoy the weekend.

Jet Fuel Coffee in 2004

One of North America's longest running UCI trade teams enters its sixth season as Tier III team with two new faces and one new "returning" rider.

Jeff Hansen will be joining the team for the 2004 season. Jeff¹s vast race experience will help the team as it returns to the roads of Europe next season. Jeff has won numerous races throughout his career and his commitment to helping the team will be invaluable.

Thorben Wieditz was a new face on the Canadian racing scene this season and his results highlighted his past racing experience. Thorben's powerful style of racing along with the team¹s support should help Thorben reach at podium at several big events in 2004.

Matt Hansen will be returning to the team after spending several years away from the team's program. Matt is recovering from an injury and he should be in fine form by the late season.

The team will be returning to Europe in the early part of the season and it will be looking to repeat its successful 2002 European campaign that saw it win two stages at two events in Europe (Ringerike GP in Norway and FBD Milk RAS in Ireland).

One of the team's 2004 highlights will be its first visit to the streets of San Francisco when its tackles the hills of the T-Mobile International in late September. The team¹s complete 2004 schedule will be announced in the early spring.

Cervelo Cycles will be supplying the riders with Soloist racing machines. Louis Garneau has been involved with the team for six years and it will again be supplying team clothing and helmets. The team's complete
sponsorship package will be finalized shortly.

The team's complete 2004 roster is:

Josh Hall
Jeff Hansen
Matt Hansen
Tim Lefebvre
Kevin Miller
Andrew Randell
Ryan Roth
Stig Somme
Thorben Wieditz

Team mechanic: Neil Callahan

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