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90th Giro del Piemonte (1.1) Full Results & Report - Updated
By Fabio
Date: 10/16/2003
90th Giro del Piemonte (1.1) Full Results & Report - Updated

Valenza Po (Alessandria, Italy): 32-year-old Alessandro Bertolini of Alessio won on Thursday afternoon the 90th edition of the UCI-1.1 sanctioned "Giro del Piemonte" Classic.

Born in Rovereto (Trento province of Northern Italy) in 1971, Bertolini celebrated a few days ago his 10th anniversary in the pro peloton, as he turned professional on October 6, 1993, his first race being that year's edition of Milan-Turin. It's the 9th win so far Bertolini's career, the first one since 2001 (apart from his success in the KOM Classification at the 2002 Tour of Burgos, 14 months ago).

A member of the three-man break that formed early in the race and made it to the line, the Italian took a time of four hours, 35 minutes and 29 seconds to cover the 189 km. route between Acqui Terme and Valenza Po, and edged out German break mate Thomas Liese (Team Bianchi) by a mere second, while Cofidis Angelo Lopeboselli took the other podium spot as he came in 49 secs. behind the winner.

Two English-speaking contenders, both from Oceania, hit the Top 10, as CSC sprinter Julian Dean of New Zealand led the bunch home at 01'41", and young Aussie Allan Davis (ONCE-EROSKI) ranked tenth, with the same time. Another youngster from OZ, Davis McPartland of the Italy-based Team Tenax, was 67th.

Bertolini’s win is not much of a surprise, as he has shown some good form recently, like when he took fourth in Stage 12 of the past Vuelta a Espaρa (Cuenca-Albacete), or 13th at Paris-Tours World Cup race. He also had Top 10 finishes at Giro del Veneto (9th) and Coppa Agostoni (10th) in the last months, and took fifth in a Circuit de Sarthe Stage.

RACE NARRATIVE: 171 riders (but neither Michele Bartoli nor Camenzind, both likely to save their legs for next Saturday’s Giro di Lombardia) took the start in Acqui Terme a few minutes before 11:00 AM Local Time. The first attack came at the km. 18 mark, brought by Vini Caldirola’s Andrea Masciarelli, who quickly opened a gap of 54 seconds by km. 22 mark.

Masciarelli was the first at the Intermediate Sprint in Canelli, with Panaria’s Filippo Perfetto (27-year-old) and Saeco’s Cristian Pepoli (25) following. But the very young (21) Italian was caught and dropped by the km. 30 mark. He’ll finish the race anyway, although in 71st place only, even behind his elder brother Simone.

The next man to take off on a solo break was Angelo Lopeboselli of Cofidis (moving to new professional team Maserati-LPR at the end of the season), soon joined by Liese (km. 33) and Bertolini (km. 41). The trio at the front averaged a speed of 36.100 km/h in the first part of the race, and soon opened a huge gap on the field: by the second intermediate Sprint at Cremolino (km. 68, won by Lopeboselli) they were leading solo chaser Rafael Nuritdinov (Uzbekistan - De Nardi-Colpack) by 04’40”, with the pack at more than 6 minutes.

As the front-runners hit the town of Ovada, two hours into the race (av. speed: 39.900 km/h), the advantage over the Uzbek had gone up to 05’05”, with the Saeco-led bunch trailing at 07’14”. The peloton managed to bring Nuritdinov back, but when they got to the hamlet of Castelletto d’Orba, they were more than eight minutes down to Lopeboselli, Liese and Bertolini. And when in Serravalle Scrivia, the gap was embarrassing: nine minutes and fifteen seconds. And it went up to a maximum of 09’50” by the km. 123 mark.

An attempt by Matteo Tosatto (Ita - Fassa Bortolo), Francisco “Patxi” Vila (Spa - Lampre), world-famous Spaniard Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano (ONCE-Eroski), plus Santiago Pιrez (Spa - Phonak H.S.) and Marius Sabaliauskas (Lit - Saeco) on ascent into Dernice was nullified, but at least helped shrink the gap to 07’43”. And with fifty, almost exclusively flat kilometers to go the bunch, then led by Fassas and ONCEs, was still 06’10” down to the leaders.

They didn’t give up the chase anyway, and managed to take more minutes out of the three guys at the front: with 30k to go, the margin was 05’12”; five kilometres later it was 04’50”; with 20k to the line it had gone a further minute down, and with 10 kilometres left, 02’33” was the time gap between the leaders and the pack. Soon later Bertolini’s powerful attack took him back to victory at last, a success he dedicated to fiancιe Debora, whom he’s going to marry the next eighth of December.

90th Tour of Piedmont (1.1, 189 km.) - FULL RESULTS

1. 11 ITA19710727 BERTOLINI Alessandro ITA ALS – 04h35'29'' (41.164 km/h)
2. 187 GER19680810 LIESE Thomas GER TBI – 04h35'30''
3. 45 ITA19770410 LOPEBOSELLI Angelo ITA COF – 04h36'18''
4. 198 NZL19750128 DEAN Julian NZL CSC - 04h37’10’’
5. 7 ITA19740514 TOSATTO Matteo ITA FAS - 04h37’10’’
6. 192 DEN19690313 MICHAELSEN Lars DEN CSC - 04h37’10’’
7. 91 ESP19770917 FLECHA GIANNONI Juan Antonio ESP BAN - 04h37’10’’
8. 171 ITA19690123 ZANINI Stefano ITA SAE - 04h37’10’’
9. 86 GER19800620 WEGMANN Fabian GER GST - 04h37’10’’
10. 142 AUS19800727 DAVIS Allan AUS ONE - 04h37’10’’
11. 184 ITA19720413 GUIDI Fabrizio ITA TBI - 04h37’10’’
12. 62 ITA19781003 CARDELLINI Lorenzo ITA DVE - 04h37’10’’
13. 47 FRA19781123 SASSONE Robert FRA COF - 04h37’10’’
14. 63 ITA19740729 GIUNTI Massimo ITA DVE - 04h37’10’’
15. 222 SUI19770705 CALCAGNI Patrick SUI VIN - 04h37’10’’
16. 168 NED19770616 ENGELS Addy NED RAB - 04h37’10’’
17. 13 ITA19710719 CASAROTTO Davide ITA ALS - 04h37’10’’
18. 28 POL19790126 ZAREBSKI Jaroslaw POL CCC - 04h37’10’’
19. 138 ITA19790223 MOLETTA Andrea ITA MER - 04h37’10’’
20. 67 RUS19810504 KOLOBNEV Alexandr RUS DVE - 04h37’10’’
21. 112 ITA19760328 RIGHI Daniele ITA LAM - 04h37’10’’
22. 72 ITA19740108 MORI Massimiliano ITA FPF - 04h37’10’’
23. 205 GER19760115 KLIER Andreas GER TEL - 04h37’10’’
24. 46 BEL19710717 MATTAN Nico BEL COF - 04h37’10’’
25. 54 ITA19770810 GOBBI Michele ITA DNC - 04h37’10’’
26. 105 ESP19740618 GUTIERREZ CATALUNA Josι Enrique ESP KEL - 04h37’10’’
27. 52 ITA19780627 GASPARRE Graziano ITA DNC - 04h37’10’’
28. 215 ITA19800711 PIETROPOLLI Daniele ITA TEN - 04h37’10’’
29. 193 AUT19721213 LUTTENBERGER Peter AUT CSC - 04h37’10’’
30. 225 ITA19800102 MASCIARELLI Simone ITA VIN - 04h37’10’’
31. 181 SWE19780103 ADAMSSON Stefan SWE TBI - 04h37’10’’
32. 156 ESP19770805 PEREZ FERNANDEZ Santiago ESP PHO - 04h37’10’’
33. 132 ITA19790806 BELLOTTI Francesco ITA MER - 04h37’10’’
34. 108 ESP19790701 JULIA CEGARRA Jose Cayetano ESP KEL - 04h37’10’’
35. 61 SLO19770320 DERGANC Martin SLO DVE - 04h37’10’’
36. 212 ITA19790609 DAL CIN Gianluca ITA TEN - 04h37’10’’
37. 93 ESP19760120 LASTRAS GARCIA Pablo ESP BAN - 04h37’10’’
38. 106 ESP19780515 ZABALLA GUTIEREZ Constantino ESP KEL - 04h37’10’’
39. 44 KAZ19760815 FOFONOV Dmitri KAZ COF - 04h37’10’’
40. 57 ITA19800916 VANOTTI Alessandro ITA DNC - 04h37’10’’
41. 27 GER19700707 WEISSHAUPT Marc GER CCC - 04h37’10’’
42. 12 ITA19730323 CASAGRANDA Stefano ITA ALS - 04h37’10’’
43. 153 SUI19780923 ELMIGER Martin SUI PHO - 04h37’10’’
44. 48 ITA19751124 TRENTIN Guido ITA COF - 04h37’10’’
45. 43 ESP19721215 FERNANDEZ BUSTINZA Bingen ESP COF - 04h37’10’’
46. 118 ITA19700724 MISSAGLIA Gabriele ITA LAM - 04h37’10’’
47. 58 ITA19780312 ZANOTTI Leonardo ITA DNC - 04h37’10’’
48. 113 ESP19751011 VILA ERRANDONEA Francisco ESP LAM - 04h37’10’’
49. 228 SUI19750416 ZUCCONI Pietro SUI VIN - 04h37’10’’
50. 122 UKR19760924 AVDYEYEV Sergiy UKR LAN - 04h37’10’’
51. 155 SUI19721222 MOOS Alexandre SUI PHO - 04h37’10’’
52. 146 ESP19790312 RODRIGUEZ OLIVER Joaquin ESP ONE - 04h37’10’’
53. 116 SUI19790509 BERTOGLIATI Rubens SUI LAM - 04h37’10’’
54. 85 SUI19760815 STRAUSS Marcel SUI GST - 04h37’10’’
55. 56 UZB19770612 NURITDINOV Rafael UZB DNC - 04h37’10’’
56. 41 ESP19740922 ATIENZA Daniel ESP COF - 04h37’10’’
57. 123 ITA19790915 BERNUCCI Lorenzo ITA LAN - 04h37’10’’
58. 111 ITA19690117 BARBERO Sergio ITA LAM - 04h37’10’’
59. 148 ESP19770413 VICIOSO ARCOS Angel ESP ONE - 04h37’10’’
60. 37 ARG19800424 BORRAJO Alejandro Alberto ARG PAN - 04h37’10’’
61. 6 ITA19710201 PETITO Roberto ITA FAS - 04h37’10’’
62. 161 NED19790419 MUTSAARS Ronald NED RAB - 04h37’10’’
63. 75 COL19790706 LAVERDE JIMENEZ Luis F. COL FPF - 04h37’10’’
64. 26 POL19670117 ROMANIK Radoslaw POL CCC - 04h37’10’’
65. 78 ITA19760509 SULPIZI Giuliano ITA FPF - 04h37’10’’
66. 201 BEL19741231 AERTS Mario BEL TEL - 04h37’10’’
67. 218 AUS19800911 MCPARTLAND Davis AUS TEN - 04h37’10’’
68. 101 ESP19760929 SEVILLA RIBERA Oscar ESP KEL - 04h37’10’’
69. 211 ITA19730417 FRATTINI Cristiano ITA TEN - 04h37’10’’
70. 124 UKR19790206 BILEKA Volodymyr UKR LAN - 04h37’10’’
71. 224 ITA19820902 MASCIARELLI Andrea ITA VIN - 04h37’10’’
72. 25 POL19740515 PRZYDZIAL Piotr POL CCC - 04h37’10’’
73. 182 ESP19681229 GARCIA CASAS Felix M. ESP TBI - 04h37’10’’
74. 163 GER19751103 NIERMANN Grischa GER RAB - 04h37’10’’
75. 167 NED19771016 VENEBERG Thorwald NED RAB - 04h37’10’’
76. 151 SUI19720705 AEBERSOLD Niki SUI PHO - 04h37’10’’
77. 53 CZE19780925 FADRNY Ondrej CZE DNC - 04h37’10’’
78. 104 ESP19780409 RIERA VALLS Jordi ESP KEL - 04h37’10’’
79. 125 UKR19720302 DUMA Vladimir UKR LAN - 04h37’10’’
80. 94 ESP19701226 ODRIOZOLA MUGARZA Jon ESP BAN - 04h37’10’’
81. 121 ITA19801117 ANZA' Santo ITA LAN - 04h37’10’’
82. 175 ITA19780312 PEPOLI Cristian ITA SAE - 04h37’10’’
83. 177 LTU19781115 SABALIAUSKAS Marius LTU SAE - 04h37’10’’
84. 133 ITA19700603 BORGHI Ruggero ITA MER - 04h37’10’’
85. 208 GER19790628 WERNER Christian GER TEL - 04h37’10’’
86. 103 ESP19770503 CUENCA MARTINEZ Juan Manuel ESP KEL - 04h37’10’’
87. 162 BEL19820527 DE WEERT Kevin BEL RAB - 04h37’10’’
88. 164 NED19731019 LOTZ Marc NED RAB - 04h37’10’’
89. 14 ITA19750822 CAUCCHIOLI Pietro ITA ALS - 04h37’10’’
90. 202 GER19680825 ALDAG Rolf GER TEL - 04h37’10’’
91. 2 ITA19741202 CIONI Dario David ITA FAS - 04h37’10’’
92. 194 ESP19780430 ARROYO Roberto ESP CSC - 04h37’10’’
93. 172 ITA19780108 BERTAGNOLLI Leonardo ITA SAE - 04h37’10’’
94. 174 ITA19810919 CUNEGO Damiano ITA SAE - 04h37’10’’
95. 34 ITA19680725 LANFRANCHI Paolo ITA PAN - 04h37’10’’
96. 8 ITA19740309 VELO Marco ITA FAS - 04h37’10’’
97. 82 ITA19650716 FARESIN Gianni ITA GST - 04h37’10’’
98. 18 ITA19760121 LUNGHI Denis ITA ALS - 04h37’10’’
99. 183 ESP19680303 GARMENDIA ARBILLA Aitor ESP TBI - 04h37’10’’
100. 95 ESP19750612 OSA EIZAGUIRRE Unai ESP BAN - 04h37’10’’
101. 15 ITA19761003 FERRARA Raffaele ITA ALS - 04h37’10’’
102. 144 CZE19750204 HRUSKA Jan CZE ONE - 04h37’10’’
103. 143 ESP19731101 GONZALEZ DE GALDEANO Igor ESP ONE - 04h37’10’’
104. 166 NED19780427 WIELINGA Remmert NED RAB - 04h37’10’’
105. 223 ITA19790523 CHEULA Gian Paolo ITA VIN - 04h37’10’’
106. 145 ESP19771018 NOZAL VEGA Isidro ESP ONE - 04h37’10’’
107. 97 ITA19710929 PIEPOLI Leonardo ITA BAN - 04h37’10’’
108. 147 ESP19720908 SERRANO RODRIGUEZ Marcos A. ESP ONE - 04h37’10’’
109. 186 GER19760225 RUND Thorsten GER TBI – 04h40'59''
110. 115 ITA19740825 BERTOLETTI Simone ITA LAM – 04h41'34''

Starters: 171
Finishers: 110
Abandons: 61

Spotlight on the Winner – Alessandro Bertolini

* Born in Rovereto (Trento, Italy) on July 27, 1971

* Turned a Professional Rider in October 1993 with Carrera

* His Teams have been:
- 1993-1995:Carrera Jeans-Tassoni
- 1996: Brescialat
- 1997: MG Technogym
- 1998: Cofidis
- 1999: Mobilvetta-Design-Northwave
- 2000-2003: Alessio

* His 9 Victories as Professional Rider:
- 1996: 1 Stage Trofeo dello Stretto (Italy)
- 1996: 1 Stage Tour of the Basque Country (Spain)
- 1997: 1 Stage Tour of Sardinia (Italy – Race no longer held)
- 1997: Paris-Bruxelles (Belgium)
- 1999: Schynberg Rundfahrt (germany)
- 2000: 1 Stage Tour of Austria (Austria)
- 2000: 1 Stage Vredeskoers (Holland)
- 2001: Circuito de Getxo - Memorial Ricardo Otxoa (Spain)
- 2003: Giro del Piemonte (Italy)

Bertolini was also Italy’s Amateur National Champion in 1992.

Post-race Interview: Chatting with “Gazzetta dello Sport” after his victory, Alessandro Bertolini spoke of today’s race, but also tried to explain the reasons of his absence from the top of the podium in the last two years, and expressed the hope his string of good performances may continue also Saturday, although he sounded more intentioned to be of help to his team-mates rather than go for some more personal glory in the upcoming Giro di Lombardia. Below are Bertolini’s own words:

“Today’s race was hard-fought since the beginning, with several early attacks, and two riders, Liese and Lopeboselli, breaking away. I joined them by the km. 40 mark. Our lead hovered around 01’-01’30” for about 10-15 kms. then the bunch slowed down and we kept putting time into them, up to a maximum of 9-10 minutes. I knew that I had great legs, and my breakaway mates were riding fast too, so I was confident that I could make it. I believed in my chances. And after Lopeboselli got dropped, it all came down to a two-man sprint, which I had few problems in winning. I’m so happy, what more could I say ? I also want to thank my team and the sponsors”.

”I’ve been looking for this victory for a long time. I came close more than once, I got several top finishes, but partially as I became a domestique and used to help my team leaders, partially due to my own features (I’m quite fast, but not at the same level as the pure sprinters, so I can’t match them in bunch sprints. And I can climb well, but I’m not as good as the pure climbers) it’s not so easy for me to win races”.

”This year I took part in both Tour de France and Vuelta a Espaρa. And I finished both. I am a meticulous and obstinate person, and focused on the season end. I really wanted to have some good results in late season races. And when I took 13th at Paris-Tous, I realized I could do well. Hope things will go fine in Saturday’s race too, and I may be of help to team leaders Caucchioli. Moreni and Noι, all of them doing well in this period”.

Giro del Piemonte: Winners List

1906. Giovanni Gerbi (Ita)
1907. Giovanni Gerbi (Ita)
1908. Giovanni Gerbi (Ita)
1910. Vincenzo Borgarello (Ita)
1911. Mario Bruchera (Ita)
1912. Costante Costa (Ita)
1913. Romolo Verde (Ita)
1914. Giuseppe Santhia (Ita)
1915. Natale Bosco (Ita)
1916. Francesco Cerutti (Ita)
1917. Domenico Schierano (Ita)
1918. Ugo Bianchi (Ita)
1919. Costante Girardengo (Ita)
1920. Costante Girardengo (Ita)
1921. Giovanni Brunero (Ita)
1922. Angelo Cremo (Ita)
1923. Bartolomeo Aymo (Ita)
1924. Costante Girardengo (Ita)
1925. Gaetano Belloni (Ita)
1926. Alfredo Binda (Ita)
1927. Alfredo Binda (Ita)
1928. Marco Giuntelli (Ita)
1929. Antonio Negrini (Ita)
1930. Ambrogio Morelli (Ita)
1931. Mario Cipriani (Ita)
1932. Giuseppe Martano (Ita)
1933. Antonio Folco (Ita)
1934. Learco Guerra (Ita)
1935. Aldo Bini (Ita)
1936. Aldo Bini (Ita)
1937. Gino Bartali (Ita)
1938. Pietro Rinoldi (Ita)
1939. Gino Bartali (Ita)
1940. Cino Cinelli (Ita)
1941. Aldo Bini (Ita)
1942. Fiorenzo Magni (Ita)
1945. Secondo Barisone (Ita)
1946. Sergio Maggini (Ita)
1947. Vito Ortelli (Ita)
1948. Renzo Soldani (Ita)
1949. Adolfo Leoni (Ita)
1950. Alfredo Martini (Ita)
1951. Gino Bartali (Ita)
1952. Giorgio Albani (Ita)
1953. Fiorenzo Magni (Ita)
1954. Nino De Filippis (Ita)
1955. Giuseppe Minardi (Ita)
1956. Fiorenzo Magni (Ita)
1957. Silvano Ciampi (Ita)
1958. Nino De Filippis (Ita)
1959. Silvano Ciampi (Ita)
1960. Alfredo Sabbadin (Ita)
1961. Angelo Conterno (Ita)
1962. Vito Taccone (Ita)
1963. Adriano Durante (Ita)
1964. Willy Bocklant (Bel)
1965. Romeo Venturelli (Ita)
1966. Rudi Altig (Ger)
1967. Guido De Rosso (Ita)
1969. Marino Basso (Ita)
1970. Italo Zilioli (Ita)
1971. Felice Gimondi (Ita)
1972. Eddy Merckx (Bel)
1973. Felice Gimondi (Ita)
1974. Francesco Moser (Ita)
1977. Roger De Vlaeminck (Bel)
1978. G.B. Baronchelli (Ita)
1979. Silvano Contini (Ita)
1980. G.B. Baronchelli (Ita)
1981. Marino Amadori (Ita)
1982. Faustino Rupιrez (Spa)
1983. Guido Bontempi (Ita)
1984. Christian Jourdain (Fra)
1985. Charly Mottet (Fra)
1986. Gianni Bugno (Ita)
1987. Adri van der Poel (Hol)
1988. Rolf Gφlz (Ger)
1989. Claudio Chiappucci (Ita)
1990. Franco Ballerini (Ita)
1991. Djamolidine Abdujaparov (Uzb)
1992. Erik Breukink (Hol)
1993. Beat Zberg (Swi)
1994. Nicola Miceli (Ita)
1995. Claudio Chiappucci (Ita)
1996. Richard Virenque (Fra)
1997. Gianluca Bortolami (Ita)
1998. Marco Serpellini (Ita)
1999. Andrea Tafi (Ita)
2000. Not Held due to heavy flooding
2001. Nico Mattan (Bel)
2002. Luca Paolini (Ita)
2003. Alessandro Bertolini (Ita)
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