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The Hard Road Cycling Documentary on DVD - Order Now!
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 10/15/2003
The Hard Road Cycling Documentary on DVD - Order Now!

You've been waiting for it has arrived! The Daily Peloton is very pleased to offer The Hard Road for sale.

The Hard Road has been playing at film festivals and other venues all over the United States, was shown daily during the World Championships in Hamilton, Canada, and was shown to standing room only crowds at the Bike Retailer Interbike convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jamie Paolinetti's feature-length documentary film "The Hard Road"† follows the upstart NetZero team through an entire season as they experience the highs and lows that are the sport of professional cycling. Watch as seasoned racers Graeme Miller and Jamie Paolinetti mentor a team of neo-pros who dream of breaking into the ultra-elite ranks of the pro peloton. Competing in the most prestigious and demanding US events, the team takes on the US Pro Championship Road Race, the US Pro Criterium Championships, the Athens Twilight Criterium, the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix, and many more.

Awesome US race footage and great music accompany the riders' struggles both on and off the bike as they face all the pressures this most volatile sport has to offer:† thrills, nerves, deep dedication, financial and family hardships, fighting through injury.

Written, directed and edited by veteran American cyclist and filmmaker Jamie Paolinetti, and shot entirely on GL-1 and XL-1 video cameras by the Greg St. Johns, "The Hard Road" is a unique and fascinating look at this thriving subculture.

The Hard Road
In America, the team pecking order works something like this: Youíve got Lance Armstrong and his US Postal squad, the guys everybody knows. Then you have Saturn, Navigators and Prime Alliance, teams only bike racers recognize. And then thereís everyone else, the rookie squads struggling to make it, riders hoping for recognition and an invite to the big squads. The Hard Road is the gritty inside story of one of these teams. For up-and-coming racers itís a preview of the life ahead. For the rest of us itís a grim reality check, a reason to be thankful we ride for fun, and not for a living. This is the real story of American road racing. -- Garrett Lai†† former Editor of Bicycle Guide, and Bicycling Magazines

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