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World Champs Saturday News!!! The Latest!
By Staff
Date: 10/11/2003
World Champs Saturday News!!! The Latest!

Elite Women:

Fourteen riders from three teams were blood tested this morning - Germany, Holland and Canada. The results of the tests have been announced and one rider has been pronounced unfit to ride - Genevieve Jeanson of Canada. This is very shocking news and we do not have any further details at the moment.

Junior Men's Road Race:

Marianne O'Brien in Hamilton reports a very rough start for the junior men this morning.

On the first lap, first downhill (St. James), one of the riders bounced into a pole, knocking off the pole protective cover. Another rider, #81, Canadian Kevin Lacombe, hit the pole very hard, snapping his fork and sending Lacombe unconscious. He has been transported to the hospital. There were three other riders involved in this crash; their bikes were ruined, but with bike changes they continued on. The three who got bike changes and continued were #56 Esin, Alexey, #67 Murakamin, Jumpei, and #87 Wilman, Frederik.

Just after this happened, about a third of the way down the first descent, the riders apparently hit a rough spot and a bump and at speeds of 75 km/h (as recorded by the official radar on the course right there). Water bottles began jumping of cages and bouncing around on the road. One rider hit a water bottle, exploding it, while another rider bunny-hopped a bottle in his path. Spectators at first were wondering why the riders were throwing their water bottles, until they realized that going a breakneck speed with their hands in the drops there had to be another cause.

There was apparently another crash, as some riders not observed to be involved in the initial incidents are riding with their jerseys and skin ripped up - one in particular is #118 from Hong Kong, Wu, Kin San, who is covered with road rash and riding with ripped shorts.

The race is now in its final three laps and we will bring you a report at the conclusion. The conditions this morning were very foggy and cool, but even now with the race in its final laps, it is foggy enough that looking down the St. James descent, one cannot see the hay bales at the bottom of the hill.

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