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World Champs: U23 Men's Road Race Live Coverage
By Anita van Crey
Date: 10/10/2003
World Champs: U23 Men's Road Race Live Coverage

Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of the World Championships, the U23 Mens Road Race.

Today it is youngsters' day in Hamilton. Earlier it was the turn of the junior ladies. It was Dutch Loes Markerink who secured her second medal, winning the rainbow jersey. At this very moment the U23 men are riding around the course.

Follow the action with regular updates here at DP, with commentary of Podofdonny and Anita van Crey (backed up by the infamous Soepie from the Dutch messageboard at Press the F5 key to refresh this page and view the latest information.

These youngsters ride a 12.4 km course, 14 laps, for a total distance of 173.6 km.

After the first lap the peloton still is together. A little later a higher pace causes the bunch to be torn apart. During the climbs the bunch is widely spread around the road. The pace stays high. After 3 quarters of an hour race, in the feedzone, one of the Canadian riders attacks.

While Swiss Daniel Gysling was not allowed to start because his hematocrit was too high at a control yesterday, we can note down the first quitter of the race. It is Marin from Romania.

After the first lap of the course, timewise the leaders were Viktor Rapinski (Bulgaria), America's Mike Creed and Poland's Peter Mazur, Rapinski with an average time of 40.107 Km/h.

On the second lap through, it was South Africa's Willie Van Zyl with an elapsed time of 37:01. Third lap through again Rapinski was in the lead time-wise, with an elapsed time of 56:20 and an average speed for the lap of 39.621 Km/h. The 12.4km, hilly laps are taking about 18 minutes to cover.

Today 23 new doping tests were administered in Hamilton, and the riders from 3 countries (Italy, Spain and Slovenia) had to give blood to test hematocrit levels.

The U23 riders are now nearing the halfway mark in this race. The average speed per lap has been hovering around 39-40 km/h, a higher than average pace. René Marxer (Lie) has abandoned.

In the fifth lap another abandon - Swede Mikael Segersall.

The Spanish national selector, Juan Carlos Martín, was heaped with praise by the Elite Women's time trial winner Joane Somarriba. He said, “I feel very happy, and more so after the praises that Joane has given me in the press, because you see that your work is valued. I have seen Joane be superb, and she is the right winner. Now we are thinking of Saturday because I believe that we also have many medal options.”

Currently there are two men in the lead in the U23 race in Hamilton. They have a 25 seconds lead to 2 counterattackers and 35 seconds to the bunch. After close to two hours of racing Assan Bazayev (Kaz) and Alexander Arekeev (Rus) are in the lead. The two to follow are Emmanuele Sella (Ita) and Sergei Lagutin (Uzb). The riders are six laps down.

But the gap is diminishing. At the top of the climb the four in the lead come together.

The riders are in their 7th lap of the course - over 75 km completed, in sunny conditions with little wind. The four have a very slender lead over the bunch, only 20 seconds at last check. Chasing them was Matej Jurco, whose attack might not hold, with just three seconds separating him from the bunch.

Stragr from Slovenia, after seven laps, is the first to cross the line. Spain's Cobo is just behind him, and in the pack Creed has moved back up, and Mazur is nipping heels also. The original escapees appear to be done.

Interestingly, the highest ranked rider on the UCI U23 list, Denys Kostyuk of Ukraine, is not riding today - so if UCI points are a judge Alexander Bazenov of Russia will be amongst the favorites today.

However, USA fans will be hoping that Jonathan McCarty - who is third ranked by the UCI - can pull a great ride out of the old saddlebag.

40.455 Km/h is the average speed for the race so far - so these young guns are setting a fast pace over the rolling parcours on a beautiful day in Hamilton again. Six laps to go, Belgian Van Summeren tries to escape.

Joost Posthuma and Thomas Dekker from the Nederlands are ranked 4th and 5th repectively in the world - and both are included in a very strong Dutch squad. In the bunch riders like Tom Southam try to make the jump to the lead.

Van Summeren, the 25th ranked U23 in the world, is a powerful rider - but these early attacks are purely team tactics to soften up the opposition...there are various attacks now, the Russian team tries to keep the pace real high.

The 5-man Russian team is very strong; not only do they have Bazenov but also the very talented Pchelkin - certainly the Russians have medal hopes in this race.

Van Summeren gets accompanied by Sergey Lagutin, Giovanni Visconti and Andrei Pchelkin, currently leading by 20 seconds.

And having mentioned teams with medal hopes, we must also mention the Italians - who have Visconti in the break. He will probably be riding for Emanuele Sella - but you can never be sure with Italian Road Championship team!

Four in the lead: Torosantucci, Lagutin, Van Hecke, Pchelkin. Following group with amongst others Dutchman Joost Posthuma at 17 seconds; bunch follows at 27 seconds.

Some riders try to make the jump to the lead. Van Summeren (Bel) is riding big, Visconti is the first to join the ones in the lead. Still 2 k. to do in this lap.

Van Summeren apparently had a good look at the way Markerink descended towards her world title earlier today, copied her manner and closes in on the leaders.

The leaders now have a 12 second lead. The riders currently are passing by the boxes (feed zone).

The first road Championship for U23 was held in 1921 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Over 190 riders with an average speed of 20.158 km/h - it was won by Gunnar Skold who beat Nielsen and Davey Marsh - the British rider who was also third the following year, when the race was held in Liverpool.

Other famous winners of the race include Eddy Merckx, who won in 1964, and Jan Ullrich, who won in 1993.

Murray Carter (local fav) quit the race. In the lead there are Van Sumnmeren, Visconti and Lagutin. Thomas Dekker was the first in orange to pass the finish line, 16th. Another Italian rider tries to join his countryman in the lead. 60 k. to go. The bunch succeeds in closing the gap.

Van Summeren tries his luck again. Iannetti (Ita) sets the pace of the bunch a bit higher. Sella and Lagutin show up in the front.

A lot of USA fans, of course, are seeing the year ending in 3 as a good omen for this year - LeMond in 1983, Armstrong in 1993 and they will be hoping that McCarty and Hincapie can complete the treble in 2003 - time will tell...

20 seconds lead for Sella and Lagutin. The Italian does the major part of the job. The chasers: 1 Massimo Iannetti, 11 Francisco Jose Ventoso Alberdi, 21 Geofroy Lequatre following at 20 seconds, the bunch does not want to let go. Lequatre did well this year at the GP Vilvoorde, finishing third behind Birds Löwik and Reinerink.

The bunch comes back to 17 seconds.

Good to see Cornishman Tom Southam keeping nicely up at the front of the peloton in the GB kit - as the average speed creeps up to 40.771km/h.

Last year's podium in Zolder was:
1. CHICCHI, Francesco (ITA) - 166.4 km. in 3h36'28" (46.123 km/h)
2. GUTIÉRREZ, Francisco (SPA) - s.t.
3. LOOSLI, David (SWI) - s.t.

But none of these riders are competing this year so it will be new young guns who get the kisses from the misses.

Yours truly, though, still considers Hans Dekkers finishing second there, but the jury chose to declassify him since they regarded he was to blame for the big crash that happened in the last straight...

Well, what are the Worlds without controversy? And usually if it is dull, the Italians warm things up by riding against each other!

After three hours of racing, the leaders defend a gap of 12 seconds. The diffence though is diminishing, as the bunch keeps the pace high.

Jonathan McCarty is one of the few USA signings for US Postal next season, and he has good support today with Frischkorn, Milne, Creed, and Raisin.

42.073 Km/h was the average speed of the last lap - so the temperature is beginning to rise - in fact it is Raisin! Saul Raisin was the best young rider at the inaugural Tour de Georgia this year. The two in the lead still have an advantage of 25 seconds.

Sella and Nibali of the Italian squad are keeping a close eye on affairs at the front of the peloton - a swirl of colour in downtown Hamilton.

Sutherland, McCarthy and Iannetti lead the chase with two others.

3 hours and ten minutes of racing and still these young guns battle it out. The peloton has split under the pressure of their attack.

A group of 7 riders including McCarty have around 12 seconds on the peloton which is all back together and is presenting the people of Hamilton with a fantastic sight. The current temperature in Hamilton is a nice 25 degrees Centigrade. The wind is not much present today either - yet another great Indian Summer Day.

The Italians seem to be very eager to defend Chicchi's jersey until the very end.

But the peloton is all back together - strung out, with Italy trying to keep tabs on the attacks as we have just 39 kilometres to go.

Again a small group splits off the front, and nine men regain a small advantage.

They swoop down the descent, touching speeds of 77 km/h - still Sutherland forcing the pace at the front.

The average speed is now up to 41 kmp/h.

The leaders have a 22 second advantage now over the peloton, which is beginning to lose riders out the back door. 136 kilometres of racing so far will start to weed out the weaker members of the peloton - the pace is very high, considering it is not a pancake course.

It seems to be one of the Dutchies to make the jump to the leaders as well. It looks like Pieter Weening.

Up the Beckett climb - tree-lined and with the roadside fans urging the riders on - indeed, it is Weening.

With three laps to go the ones in the lead: Van Summeren, Renders, Sella, Iannetti, Sutherland, Basenov, McCarty, Christensen, Matzbacher. Van Summeren and Sella have been driving the race up Beckett Drive, trying to shake off some of their companions.

Van Summeren sets the pace while Weening is checking out whether his mate Posthuma will follow his jump to the breakaway group.

Sella suffers a mechanical problem. There currently are three Belgians present in the lead. Van Summeren plays around with his powers and strong legs.

Outnumbering the rest is now the initiative of the Belgian corner.

Puncture for Sutherland. So the 8 men are gradually building a lead on the still-large peloton and Sutherland will be cursing his luck!

The lead of the eight is 30 seconds.

Who must do the chasing work in the bunch while the major countries have some men present in the break?

The US team is doing the chase at the moment. Iannetti looking very cool and composed in the group as an attack comes from the peloton.

Van Summeren has fellow Belgium Jens Renders with him in the front group - as they start lap 12. Two laps to go.

Peter Weening gets supplies from the pit lane - he will need all the energy he can use over the next two laps. It seems to be 'only' two Belgian riders (instead of the earlier mentioned three) are present in the break.

Weening counts his chances and rides along smoothly. Cerrato Lopez of Spain is trying to bridge the gap.

Weening calmly checks out the competition while the break still stays ahead of the bunch...Gusev and Basenov are the other couple of one country in the lead. Once again up Beckett Drive - a leg bursting climb and the leading men have now got a 45 second gap.

Isidro Cerrato is burying himself trying to reach the leaders; he is just 8 seconds behind and on the climb he reduces that to finally join the front men. 20 km to go!

Leaders: 1 Iannetti, 18 Laguthin, 31 Renders, 33 van Summeren, 53 Matzbacher, 79 Weening, 108 Bazenov and 110 Gusev. Cerrato at 21 seconds, Juroc at 36 seconds and Raisin at 38 seconds. Bunch at 39 seconds.

Cerrato joins the group in the lead. A counterattacking chasing group builds itself. 108 Bazenov and 110 Gusev the two (long haired) Russians in the group are looking very controlled, and as bad luck reduces the Italian element they could have gained the tactical advantage. The ones in the lead work nicely together, the chasing group closes in.

The gap to the bunch still 30 seconds.

15 kilometres left as Renders and Van Summeren start to pile the pressure on! The two Belgians have broken away from the rest of the escapees.

The alarm bells will be ringing for the other escapees - but who has the legs to chase?

Weening and his Spanish companion join the Belgians in the lead. 7 riders regroup as they speed down the descent.

Van Summeren, Renders, Ianneti, Weening, Lagutin, Cerrato and Basanov lead the break into the last lap. Last Lap - just 12 kilometres left!

Iannetti is just holding on at the back of the group, looking back - now the Belgians remind him, if he is in the group he must work!

Gusev and Matzbacher closing in.

9 riders now in the leading group as they are up the climb. Two countries with two men present in the lead, will Russia and Belgium play their better cards right?

Lagutin shows his strength in the climb. Beckett Drive - a nasty climb and an attack by Lagutin. He is pounding those pedals! Matzbacher loses his best legs and has to let the others go...

Van Summeren and Weening join the leaders. The 8 men regroup at the front. Another nerve wracking ride.

Iannetti and the Belgians look at each other to see who will work as Iannetti attacks!

Coming towards the finish now - they swoop towards it!

11 men together now as they vie for position. The gap to the bunch is about twenty seconds, looks like the new champion is one of those in the lead.

But the peloton is closing in fast - will the 11 men hang on? 3.5 km to go! Weening reacts to an attack of Van Summeren.

He helps the others to regroup in the lead. The bunch closes in.

2 km to go, the peloton is closing! Lagutin attacks off the front.

Van Summeren reacts. At the summit of the climb the group regroups. They are all back together as they sweep down the last descent.

The peloton has nearly caught the front men!

9 men in contention! Weening now. Lagutin wins!

It was an incredible final hard man sprint - bit Lagutin proved to be the strongest man on the day! Scheunemann third, yet another medal for him, Van Summeren second.

It was man against man in the final metres - Weening jumped first but he did not quite have the legs - Lagutin and Scheunemann fought it out shoulder to shoulder, but the man from the east won it by half a bike at the end!

Weening finally finished eight. And it is Dekker who finishes third.

The last lap was difficult, "very fast" says the new world champion in fluent Italian (he rode in Italia for some time). "I tried to escape on my own", says Lagutin. "They beforehand told me the course was perfect for me, but I did not believe them."

Brief Results
1. Lagutin
2. Van Summeren
3. Dekkers
4. Renders
5. Mugerli
6. Bazenov
7. Fothen

By the way, yesterday we mentioned the Eric Wohlberg - Erik Zabel writing (painting) on the road - today has been added Eric Idle - as we thought - an Eric fan! So that's it from us today - join Anita from Holland and podofdonny from England tomorrow for the live ticker of the womans road race. ALLEZ NICOLE!!! KOM OP CHANTAL!!!

Full Results

1. 18 Lagutin Sergey  Uzb 4:14:05
2. 33 Van Summeren Johan  Bel 
3. 76 Dekker Thomas  Ned 
4. 31 Renders Jens  Bel 
5. 95 Mugerli Matej  Slo 
6. 108 Bazenov Alexander  Rus 
7. 87 Fothen Marcus  Ger 
8. 79 Weening Pieter  Ned 
9. 1 Iannetti Massimo  Ita 
10. 11 Ventoso Alberdi Francisco José Esp 4:14:14 + 9
11. 29 Caethoven Steven  Bel 
12. 12 Dietziker Andreas  Sui 
13. 77 Posthuma Joost  Ned 
14. 113 Jurco Matej  Svk 
15. 6 Visconti Giovanni  Ita 
16. 44 Iglinskiy Maxim  Kaz 
17. 30 Monfort Maxime  Bel 
18. 128 Veikkanen Jussi  Fin 
19. 21 Lequatre Geoffroy  Fra 
20. 54 Starzengruber Harald  Aut 
21. 3 Ratti Aristide  Ita 
22. 89 Knees Christian  Ger 
23. 110 Gusev Vladimir  Rus 
24. 80 Beppu Fumiyuki  Jpn 
25. 27 Torre Jorge  Por 
26. 42 Bazayev Assan  Kaz 
27. 16 Zaugg Oliver  Sui 
28. 125 Renäng Petter  Swe 
29. 105 Roche Nicholas  Irl 
30. 14 Schwab Hubert  Sui 
31. 47 Cardenas Cano Andres  Col 
32. 107 Arekeev Alexander  Rus 
33. 73 Kvasina Matija  Cro 
34. 118 Creed Michael  Usa 
35. 119 Frischkorn William  Usa 
36. 85 Vandborg Brian  Den 
37. 69 Sutherland Rory  Aus 
38. 26 Pires Bruno  Por 
39. 124 Lövkvist Thomas  Swe 
40. 78 Scheuneman Niels  Ned 
41. 32 Van Hecke Preben  Bel 
42. 5 Torosantucci Davide  Ita 
43. 109 Bespalov Alexander  Rus 
44. 60 Impey Daryl  Rsa 
45. 24 Broco Hernani  Por 
46. 28 Vital André  Por 
47. 103 Deignan Philip  Irl 
48. 45 Grivko Andriy  Ukr 
49. 52 Kohl Bernhard  Aut 
50. 82 Christensen Mads  Den 
51. 56 Mazur Piotr  Pol 
52. 98 Saeidi Tanha Abbas  Iri 
53. 36 Isaac Chris  Can 

Did Not Start
Gysling Daniel Sui Dns –

Did Not Finish
Cobo Acebo Juan Jose Esp
Duenas Nevado Moises Esp
Ivanov Alexandre Blr
Fajt Kristjan Slo
Mandri Rene Est
Moreno Daniel Esp
Segersäll Mikael Swe
Marxer René Lie
Marin Andrei Rou
Wiesiak Mariusz Pol
Austa Caspar Est
Jay Cory Can
Neisa Alvarado Mauricio Col
Rudnicki Dariusz Pol
Rapinski Viktar Blr
Ellertsen Kristian Nor
Kriit Calle Est
Volungevicius Karolis Ltu
Molandsveen Andreas Nor
Holmkvist Jonas Swe
Maimre Raivo Est
Flanagan James Gbr
Milne Shawn Usa
Briggs Graham Gbr
Dawson Peter Aus
Diaz Luis Ven
Segersäll Mikael Swe
Marxer René Lie
Marin Andrei Rou
Cobo Acebo Juan Jose Esp 0 --
Duenas Nevado Moises Esp
Ivanov Alexandre Blr
Fajt Kristjan Slo
Mandri Rene Est
Moreno Daniel Esp
Wiesiak Mariusz Pol
Austa Caspar Est
Jay Cory Can
Neisa Alvarado Mauricio Col
Rudnicki Dariusz Pol
Rapinski Viktar Blr
Ellertsen Kristian Nor
Kriit Calle Est
Volungevicius Karolis Ltu
Molandsveen Andreas Nor
Holmkvist Jonas Swe
Maimre Raivo Est
Flanagan James Gbr
Milne Shawn Usa
Briggs Graham Gbr
Dawson Peter Aus
Diaz Luis Ven

Outside Time Limit
Frommelt Christian Lie
Khalmuratov Muradjan Uzb
Martynaitis Juozas Ltu
Saramotins Aleksejs Lat
Carter Murray Can
Van Zyl Willie Rsa
Didier Laurent Lux Ovl
Abolins Aldis Lat Ovl
Creciun Dumitru Mda Ovl
Nibali Vincenzo Ita Ovl
Sella Emanuele Ita Ovl
Gilbert Martin Can Ovl
Rodriguez Diaz Andres Col Ovl
Frommelt Christian Lie Ovl
Khalmuratov Muradjan Uzb Ovl
Didier Laurent Lux
Abolins Aldis Lat
Creciun Dumitru Mda
Nibali Vincenzo Ita
Sella Emanuele Ita
Gilbert Martin Can
Rodriguez Diaz Andres Col
Saramotins Aleksejs Lat Ovl
Carter Murray Can Ovl
Van Zyl Willie Rsa Ovl
Martynaitis Juozas Ltu Ovl

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