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World Champs - Men Elite Time Trial Live Coverage
By Anita van Crey
Date: 10/9/2003
World Champs - Men Elite Time Trial Live Coverage

Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of the World Championships - today's is the Elite Men's time trial. Commentary by Anita van Crey and Podofdonny. Please refresh this page (F5) to view the latest information.

On this third day of the World Championships, today is the first day the elite men come into action. They will do their time trial in and around the city of Hamilton. The complete starters list you can find here on the Daily Peloton.

Polish David Krupa is the first to start in a once again sunny Hamilton. The original first on the list, Krushevskiy, did not start. The riders in the first wave of starters seem to have some difficulties to climb the first hill as smoothly as they want to do. It is Saeco's Igor Pugaci who is the only one so far who does not stay in the saddle at the climb.

The home crowds cheer on the Canadian rider Laroche. USPS rider Benoit Joachim finishes up a long long season in this timetrail. He seems to be well adjusted to the first climb. The first starter (Krupa) passed by the first checkpoint at 8 kilometres.

He is followed by Pugaci, who is not able to do better than the Polish rider and has to let him take half a minute. Krupa seems to have done all his best at the first k.'s, also Fofonov from Kazachstan is not able to beat his best time. Irish McCann is another who bites his teeth, stuck on the best time at 8 k.

Vestöl from Norway, riding for the Danish Fakta team, is the next to set off. Benoit Joachim too is not able to beat Krupa's time and sets the fourth time at 8 k. New Zealand's Glenn Mitchell defends the white and black colors of his country. At the first checkpoint Krupa's time still holds all attacks.

Indian summer colors line up the roads as Ben Day from Australia passes by the 8 k. mark.

Fofonov is searching for the right pace, and the right and fastest side of the roads to take. Krupa of Poland does not seem to get much worse, and sails down the descent.

Krupa, first starter, is also the first to complete the first lap of this time trial. McCann (Irl), dressed in Irish green, must feel at home with all the greenish trees next to the course.

Beforehand, the Belgian timetrialer Bert Roesems said he is aiming for a spot in the top 5. He says: "At all courses you have five or six riders better than the rest. When you can do just a little better, you can end up at the podium." Roesems finished second at the last GP des Nations.

Roesems did not sign a new contract so far. He is awaiting a nice result in Hamilton to back up his demands. "First of all at my present team, of course. Alternatives - there are not any so far at the moment. I have the ambition to ride at a real big team, a team in the first category. I think this must be possible. The moment is now. But hey, I think that every year...."

Pugaci (Moldavia) was expected to do well at this course, but sets a bit of a disappointing time after the first lap.

Benoit Joachim is next to complete the first lap.

Commentator at Dutch tele, and former pro and great timetrialist Erik Breukink expects it will make one hell of a difference today who did a good Vuelta and who still has good legs left.

When Laroche crosses the line he is welcomed by a loud yelling from the crowds, who see a maple leaf pass by.

Ben Day of Australia, rather unknown in the (European) cycling world, does surprisingly well. He seems to have gotten a great boost from the successes of his countrymen, like McEwen and O'Grady.

Fofonov doubles the Canadian rider Laroche on the upper part of the circuit.

Seigneur is the next back on the line. He gives in 18 seconds to Krupa.

Atilla Arvai struggles his way around the course. He looks as if he has left his best shape at home. Krupa from Poland is the first one to finish. Fofonov does make up a great deal of time and notes down the best intermediate at the third check.

The Kazach seems to be on a roll and takes down Claremont as if it is non-existent.

Krupa reaches the end of his ordeal in 55.12.86".

Pugaci in at 55.53. First to start in the second wave is US Rabobanker Levi Leipheimer.

Next to start is Evgeni Petrov of Russia.

Joachim to the finish: 55.56.16".

Now we see Ben Day of Australia out of the saddle and Dario Frigo gets ready in the start house.

Frigo did not have a hard time adjusting to the colors he is wearing, he stays in white and blue. Ben Day (Aus) finishes in 53.37.."

So the Australian sets the benchmark, but there is a galaxy of talent yet to come. The weather once again absolutely perfect - sunny skies and not too much wind.

Day does well; he leaves his mark in the eyes of the present team managers and directors. That is, if the money will be present to back up the aspirations to build out a team.

It seems a lot of Italians made the trip to sunny Hamilton, all with paint in their luggage. The road shows clearly they in recent days all sprayed that on the asphalt.... Eddy Seigneur is about to catch Bjornar Vestol of Norway - so the Frenchman is obviously having a good day in the saddle.

Andrey Mizourov (Kazakhstan) leaves the start house in the famous blue and yellow colours of his nation.

Top three so far - Day 53:37, Fofonov 54:22 and McCann 54:58.

Tomas Vaitkus (Lithuania) leaves the start house - he sets off a a very quick pace. Eugene Wacker (Kyrgyzystan) is the next to start. He is national champion of his country. He has German ancestors.

Seigneur was quick around this rolling course; his time of 54:33 puts him in third spot.

In this second wave of starters we see the last one in the starthouse. It is Big Mag, Magnuss Bäckstedt. In the next "wave" of riders to go will be Bobby Julich, VH Pena and Sylvain Chavanel.

Marc Wauters is setting a good time as he powers around this course; he is looking very strong. Current leader Ben Day is cooling down on the roller bank, awaiting the next results.

Eric Wohlberg, the Canadian champion, is also looking good, getting great cheers from the local fans.

Leipheimer is speeding up around this course and is looking more powerful as the race progresses.

He sets the second fastest time at the second time check.

Leipo, as some Dutch call him, can make up here in Hamilton for one lousy, nothing season. He fell in the first stage of this year's Tour de France and did not start off in the Vuelta. Critics show up already to say he is 'responsible' for major investment from the team, since he did not do well this year.

Hrazdira (Cze) sets the fastest time at the second time check - so the big guns are starting to fire. Petrov is riding the way most former Eastern Europeans do: the bigger, the better.

Frigo - the ice man - sets the second fastest time at the second check point. The Italian is going well - he has complained about the road surfaces but he is going well this afternoon.

Hrazdira is looking very powerful to me this afternoon...

...but Wauters is actually going slightly quicker.

Iceman Frigo is cheered on by the crowds lining up the roads. And Liepheimer seems to be going better and better.

Eugeni Petrov, double gold winner in the U23's, is also posting fast times, as the Russian starts to warm up in the Canadian sun.

At 28.8 km Hrazdira posts the fastest time so far - just ahead of Leipheimer.

Marc Wauters is also going well as Frigo comes through the 28.8 km point, in second spot so far.

So at the intermediate standings it is Wauters, Hrazdira and Frigo in the leading positions - but will they be able to keep that pace over the full distance?

Leipheimer has to put all into it to beat Ben Day's time, the best time so far.

Leipheimer has to put all into it to beat Ben Day's time, the best time so far. He finishes in second spot so far, just behind Day of Australia. Day at 53.37 - Leipheimer 53.53 and Fofonov 54.22. It sure is one hell of a day for Day, today in sunny Hamilton...

Larsson moves into third spot with a great ride.

Petrov now takes the third spot - but the last wave contains some awesome testers...

HRAZDIRA TAKES THE LEAD! 53.30! Day's face shows a bit of disappointment when the Chech Hrazdira beats his best time at the finish line. But Frigo at 53.08 knocks him off too!

Frigo 53.08, Hrazdira 53.30 and Day 53.37 are the leaders, as the notorious VH Pena gets underway and the last wave of riders set off.

Now "MiMi" Chavanel sets off - the great French hope - Tour fans will remember Armstrong patting him on the back as he stormed towards victory, after having had a dispute with a fan's handbag.

Wauters storms into the finish.

Wauters in 2nd spot! So Frigo, Wauters and Hrazdira are now the podium holders so far.

Julich doubles Vaitkus, last year in Zolder the U23 time trial champion. Now IGG gets ready to set off - will Spain get another gold this afternoon?

Will the man with the most beautiful eyes in the bunch (to drag Crazy Jane unknowingly in here too...) make up and do as well as his countrywoman Somarriba did yesterday?

Cancellara - who is a definite medal hope - sets off, as we have a close up of Julich's bio pace chain ring - not seen one of those for a few years...

Now Rogers - another medal hopeful - gets underway. The Australian has had a tremendous season - he won the Tour of Germany and Belgian and the Route du Sud.

Now the first of two heavyweight Germans, Uwe Peschel. His friend Michael Rich has the honour of being the last man to start in the absence of Botero, who was not fit enough to come to Hamilton.

The final men to leave the start house are a who's who of testing - Honchar, Bodrogi, Nozal, Millar and Rich.

And not forgetting Roesems of Belgium, who rides for the Colstrop team of Roger Hammond - the British Champion. Roesems to start. This year he finished second in the GP des Nations; a GP des Nations this year with not all the big names taking part in it, some time trialers chose another place to be prepared for this day in Hamilton.

Nozal (runner up in this year's Vuelta, after leading it for almost all three weeks...) takes his start. Honchar, winner in 2000, sets off - not the most stylish of riders but very effective...

Nozal said before today's stage - "I got 'silver' in the Vuelta - today I will be going for gold!" Millar sets off - and now Rich, last man to go in the race of truth.

Ekimov, good old Eki; still great to see him compete still at such high level. His decision some years ago to quit cycling, he proved himself to be a wrong one.

No more riders to go; it is man and machine against the clock. The parcours are worthy of a world championship, the weather perfect. It is a matter of strongest will and physique between these giants of the road.

The podium positions so far:
Frigo 53.08
Wauters 53.24
Hradzdira 53.30

Uwe Peschel 9.45 at the first time check - fastest so far.

Millar thinks the course suits him and certainly British fans have great hopes for a medal - provided he can avoid the disasters that seem to follow him around...

Jean Nuttli, winner of the Duo Normand with Jochen Summer from Austria - his time does not show up amongst the best on the checkpoints so far. From the Swiss rider, though, a good race was to be expected.

Nozal is 14th through the first check point - has he recovered from the Vuelta? It doesn't seem so...9.37 for Millar, seven seconds faster than Peschel - the Scotsman is flying!!!!!!!

But Ekimov is also flying around this course - he is looking very strong - the Postals nickname him "Nails" and he could be a tough man to beat today.

Millar, Peschel and Ekimov were the fastest three at the first check point.

IGG aims for Belohvosciks and sets a nice intermediate result.

Ozman Rogers cruises full speed through Hamilton and its suburbs. Ekimov at 26.02 at the 20.8 point, the fastest so far - can he crown his comeback with another medal for Russia?

Rogers beats Eki's best time with twelve seconds.

And Peschel beats Rogers by less than one second!

Now "Union Jack" Millar streams down Wellington Street - his plan is to turn up the heat on the second lap - he seems to be flying right now, for sure.

Many Belgian supporters crossed the pond to see this live; what is to be the most important week for some during a season. And the tension is mounting.

Millar has found his best pace and roles smoothly towards the best time at the checkpoint. And the road painters have been out overnight - Erik Zabel and Eric Wohlberg are painted on the road - maybe by an Eric fan? That's the great thing about the same names, you can stick to painting them only once...

Millar is steaming round this course - can the "Flying Scotsman" take gold today? Rich is the last one to pass the time check.

It seems to be a close ride between Peschel, Millar and Rogers. Rich sets the fourth best intermediate time. Some English fans along the roadsides go nuts when a speeding Millar passes them by, looking to be on his way to gold and fame in time trial land.

At 28.8 km Rogers leads, Peschel is second - but Milllar should smash those times. Meanwhile Frigo, smiling and laughing, watches the riders chase his time and tries to keep cool...

Millar obviously has learned a lot from his partner in crime when it comes to dwelling in pubs. Mr. Five Times Tour winner L.A. did probably teach him that the finest things get just a bit more special at a bit more special race, as this world championship can be.

Ekimov - the rider brought to Europe by Peter Post - seems to be losing a little time on the second half of the course - but Rogers the Dodger is still going very well indeed.

Former best time of the day, Ben Day from Australia, has been one of the top domestic riders Down Under for the last few years. He won the national series a couple years back, and the national TT as well.

Frigo chats on his mobile phone to the folks back home - while Millar at 35.33, is ahead of Rogers 36.24 at the 28.8 km checkpoint!

Pena will not trouble the leaders - he will be thinking about the road race on Sunday. Chavanel comes in at 11th spot.

Millar is smoothly on his way to secure 'his' gold medal; hope he enjoys this victory ceremony better than the one he had to undergo in this year's Driedaagse van Westvlaanderen. Early season he took only seconds to fast wave to the spare crowds and hurry his way back into the warmer camper.

Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano has crashed!

He crashed in the Tour of Germay and lightning has struck twice - he is okay but in a lot of pain.

Igor seems to have had a close encounter with the fences lining the road and ouches himself sadly into the team car...a great shame for a great champion!

Rich is over a minute back from Millar at the third checkpoint.

Just ten riders to finish - the tension begins to mount as Rogers takes all sorts of chances on the corner.

Frigo still looks on with a wry smile - he is resigned to losing his virtual gold...

Rogers now - 52.42! He takes the lead!!!

A Wizard performance from the man from Oz - but "Union Jack" Millar powers on - can he take gold - he passes Honchar too! What a day for Millar!

Peschel takes second spot! Millar is slowing!!

ALLEZ ALLEZ shouts from the team car, but he seems to have stopped in his tracks!

He is losing ground, Honchar retakes him - his hands are on the tops - oh la la!

Rogers in virtual gold, Peschel in silver and Frigo in bronze - what is wrong with Millar?

Millar retakes Honchar again. The man with the hammer hit him on the hill - but can he recover?

Millar on the descent - he heads towards Hamilton - was it just a controlled ride by Millar - it would seem so...he now looks relaxed and cool on the fast descent. Millar has aimed all and more to win this title. He is now ploughing on; can he emulate Boardman in Sicily????

ITS MILLAR TIME!!!!!!! 51.17.29!!!!!!!!!!!

Millar has done it!

Nozal and Rogers congratulate him - the "Flying Scotsman" has flown home in Hamilton - it is GOLD for Great Britain! The win of this part-time Brit will set Good Ol' England partying.

He almost gave up cycling in his late teens to join art school, but he has painted a legendary ride across Canada this afternoon!

One Brit paints a colorful rainbow portrait of the almost winner of the prologue of the Tour de France...and a great day for Podofdonny to be on this live coverage...

From the Land of Testers, David Millar has brought home gold. Rogers is second and Peschel is third. Hungarian Attila Arvai finishes last.

Millar: "Yeah, I was supposed to win and I did. The last week was nervewracking; today I woke up and thought 'Thank God it is today.' I was not good in the Vuelta, in training it did not go well either. I am over the moon in winning this rainbow jersey. I am already thinking about the TT in Athens at next year, at the Olympics."

Top 3:
1. David Millar (Gbr.) 48.319 kmh
2. Michael Rogers (Aus.)
3. Uwe Peschel (Ger.)

God Save the Queen fills the Indian Summerish Hamilton air...the short version that is, still well known in this part of the Commonwealth.

This just in: U23 Daniel Gysling of Switzerland will apparently not be allowed to start tomorrow's U23 Road Race because of too high a hematocrit. The UCI vampires visited also the Spanish, Liechtenstein, Swiss, Swedish and Norwegian teams today.

Thank you for joining us today, and be back tomorrow for the U23 Road Race live!

Full Results

1 2 Millar David Gbr 51:17.29 - 48.319
2 8 Rogers Michael Aus 52:42.38 +1:25.09
3 7 Peschel Uwe Ger 52:42.94 +1:25.65
4 1 Rich Michael Ger 52:52.97 +1:35.68
5 3 Nozal Vega Isidro Esp 52:56.79 +1:39.50
6 25 Frigo Dario Ita 53:08.82 +1:51.53
7 12 Ekimov Viatcheslav Rus 53:15.67 +1:58.38
8 22 Wauters Marc Bel 53:24.64 +2:07.35
9 26 Hrazdira Michal Cze 53:30.64 +2:13.35
10 5 Roesems Bert Bel 53:33.09 +2:15.80
11 35 Day Ben Aus 53:37.27 +2:19.98
12 19 Wacker Eugen Kgz 53:43.62 +2:26.33
13 30 Leipheimer Levi Usa 53:53.46 +2:36.17
14 18 Julich Bobby Usa 54:00.44 +2:43.15
15 6 Bodrogi Laszlo Hun 54:02.41 +2:45.12
16 28 Petrov Evgeni Rus 54:20.57 +3:03.28
17 29 Larsson Gustav Erik Swe 54:20.61 +3:03.32
18 41 Fofonov Dmitriy Kaz 54:22.28 +3:04.99
19 9 Cancellara Fabian Sui 54:22.49 +3:05.20
20 13 Chavanel Sylvain Fra 54:24.40 +3:07.11
21 4 Honchar Serhiy Ukr 54:28.37 +3:11.08
22 15 Nuttli Jean Sui 54:31.15 +3:13.86
23 31 Seigneur Eddy Fra 54:33.18 +3:15.89
24 34 Matveyev Sergiy Ukr 54:33.64 +3:16.35
25 17 Wohlberg Eric Can 54:46.88 +3:29.59
26 11 Belohvosciks Raivis Lat 54:52.76 +3:35.47
27 40 Mccann David Irl 54:58.82 +3:41.53
28 21 Mizourov Andrey Kaz 55:12.24 +3:54.95
29 44 Krupa Dawid Pol 55:12.86 +3:55.57
30 36 Nagy Robert Svk 55:19.70 +4:02.41
31 43 Pugaci Igor Mda 55:43.25 +4:25.96
32 14 Pena Grisales Victor Hugo Col 55:48.28 +4:30.99
33 23 Ivanov Ruslan Mda 55:53.32 +4:36.03
34 39 Joachim Benoît Lux 55:56.16 +4:38.87
35 32 Vestöl Björnar Nor 56:03.85 +4:46.56
36 16 Backstedt Magnus Swe 56:08.19 +4:50.90
37 27 Perez Arango Marlon Alirio Col 56:28.72 +5:11.43
38 38 Mitchell Glen Nzl 56:32.26 +5:14.97
39 24 Zugaj Pawel Pol 56:55.63 +5:38.34
40 37 Laroche Jean-François Can 57:36.87 +6:19.58
41 20 Vaitkus Tomas Ltu 57:41.37 +6:24.08
42 33 Mahoric Mitja Slo 57:53.82 +6:36.53
43 42 Arvai Attila Hun 1:00:11.02 +8:53.73
Gonzalez De Galdeano Aranzabal Esp Did not Finish
Krushevskiy Sergeï Uzb Did not Start

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