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World Champs: Elite Womens Time Trial Live Coverage
By Anita van Crey
Date: 10/8/2003
World Champs: Elite Womens Time Trial Live Coverage

Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of the World Championships - today's second event is the Elite Women's time trial. Commentary by Anita van Crey and Podofdonny, with some additional info off Dutch Jörgen Brouwer. Please refresh this page (F5) to view the latest information.

Under the sunny blue skies of Hamilton, Canada, it is the Green of Ireland that starts today's TT - Sinead Jennings (Ireland) is underway on what will undoubtably be a exciting competition.

All the starting times of the riders can be found at

Today a lot will depend on strength and sheer power. The riders will start every minute. We have 44 competitors.

The Chinese Zang took the start too. China is not really a cycling country but was allowed to start at the last moment.

The riders will ride in downtown Hamilton. There aren't too many spectators at the roadsides.

Without doubt we have a truly world class selection of riders here this afternoon. Jeannie Longo Ciprelli, Judith Arndt, Nicole Brändli, Zoulfia Zabirova, Sara Carrigan and Lyne Bessette will be amongst the later starters and the favourites for Gold.

Quite amazingly Longo has 13 Gold medals and 4 Olympic medals and a list of palmares which would fill several pages - she will be the tenth from last woman to set off.

The last woman to set off is Reigning World Champ TT Zoulfia Zabirova, who also won Primavera Rosa WC in 2003.

The wind is a bit undecisive where to blow from. It is an extra opponent. Longo is the oldest competitor, 44 years of age. Melissa Holt (New Zealand) in her all black kit sets off and charges through the streets of Hamilton.

Riding for the the Spanish team is Joane Somarriba, who is ranked 5th in UCI. Just three weeks after Lance Armstrong joined the "five winners club" at the TdF, Joane became a member of the very exclusive club of triple winners of le Grande Boucle! (The women’s Tour de France.)

Graus from Switserland is the next to set off. She swirls around the first corner.

USA fans will be hoping for a strong performance from the aptly named Kristen Armstrong, who got a 2003 Bronze for ITT at the Pan Am games - she is ranked 26th in the UCI lists and that makes her the highest placed USA rider.

Svetlana Boubnenkova (Russia) sets off and gets immediately into a good position and cadence. The next to start is again a rider from France. And yet another one of 'middle age' (36). Bogumila Matusiak just started her time trial; she is the raining Polish road champion, member of the Polish Bonda team.

Kristin Armstrong (USA) is on the road too, looking cool and relaxed in the saddle.

Leah Goldstein of Israel is the fastest at the 8.2 km point with a time of 12.25.34. The lighter weight women are in advantage over the heavier ones on this course. Sinead Jennings, the first girl off, is second so far at that point, 41.18 behind. Corine Hierckens (Belgium) now sets the second fastest time at the intermediate 35.42'' behind Goldstein.

Of course local fans will have high hopes this afternoon with Genevieve Jeanson - 2002 Canadian TT Champ and 2003 Canadian Natl. Road Champ, and also Lyne Bessette - 2003 Canadian Natl. TT Champ, in the Wachovia Liberty Classic she was first; so the Red Maple leaf supporters will have high hopes.

WOW!!! Frances Newstead of GB sets the fastest time at the 8 km point - 12.14.8. But the USA fight back and Kristin Armstrong now sets the fastest time with 12.09.27.

Olivia Gollan (Australia) now sets off, sweeping around the starting curve as we see Anna Zugno of Italy out of the saddle and pushing hard up the hill section.

Wendy Houvenaghel (Great Britain), the reigning British TT champion sets off - she is a member of the RAF and is a dentist!

Mirjam Melchers (Netherlands) is looking good on the climb - the weather is absolutely perfect for racing this afternoon. Fatma Galiullina did not start this afternoon as Edwige Pitel knocks Armstrong off the top spot at h8km with a time of 12.07.72. Jennings has reached the finish line. And now Sinead Jennings (Ireland) is the first rider to finish, she sets a benchmark of 32.01.21.

Also on the road: Mirjam Melchers (28) from Holland, a specialist of World Cup races but also capable of performing well in a time trial. This year she won one World Cup race and finished 3rd overall in the World Cup. She is currently living together with former Dutch sprinter Jean-Paul van Poppel, who won 9 stages in the Tour de France during his career, and is currently Melcher's team director. New best time on the road is hers, seven and a half seconds better than number two.

Now at the start is Belgiums Evy van Damme. Her boyfriend is Quick Step Pro-rider Nick Nuyens while her brother is in the national soccer team. Mirjam Melchers (Netherlands) is fastest at the 8 km point, just over 12 minutes at 12.00.15.

Pitel reaches the finish line too. The Dutch are not having their best women's and national champion time trial at the start. 36 year old Cools-Van Dongen lost the bike off to Gunnewijk. Leah Goldstein still leads the race as Meifang Li (China) sets off but pulls her foot from the pedal - an unlucky start.

Newstead now powering down the final straight - YES best new time! She sets a new bench mark at the finish of 30.26.41.

Also on the road is Kristy Robb from New Zealand. She is currently racing for the Dutch BIK-Powerplate team and won the time trial in the 2001 Holland Ladies Tour. Valen from Norway is set off too. She is able to start, even though she is involved in a doping-issue. The B-sample is awaited and so she is allowed to take part in races. Anita Valen (Norway) sets off - as we see Meifang Li really struggling on the hill.

Kristin Armstron knocks Newstead off the top spot with the best time so far of 30.04.43, while Lada Kozlikova (Czech Republic)is the first rider under 12 minutes at 8 kilometre point - at 11.55.12.

Homegirl Genevieve Jeanson is on the road too. Soon Loes Gunnewijk will start. So the competition really beginning to heat up in Hamilton! Genevieve Jeanson, a local hero, is one of the favorites. After winning the Montreal World Cup race she has not been to Europe and prepared for this Worlds. In her junior years she was unbeatable.

Loes Gunnewijk (22) of the Dutch Ondernemers van Nature team just started. She won the last big time trial in this years Giro d'Italia. Loes Gunnewijk (Netherlands) sets off in the famous orange shirts of Nederland. Edwige Pitel (France) sets the fastest time at the finish - and is the first girl under the 30 minute mark with a time of 29.53.49!

Van Moorsel, present in the Dutch television studio, expects Longo to do well. She thinks the fact that she took the world hour record from the Francaise will trigger her. Also about how her teammate Melchers is doing, she is satisfied.

The Australians also have medal hopes today with Sara Carrigan - 2003 Aussie TT Champ; 2002 Aussie TT Champ and Olivia Gollan - 2003 Aussie RR Champ; 2nd in 2003 Aussie TT.

Jeannie Longo Ciprelli (France), the LEGEND sets off! As Deirdre Demet-Barry (USA) sets the latest best time at 8 km point - 11.52.55! Now Lyne Bessette (Canada), sky blue shirt with red maple leaves, sets off to huge cheers. It is difficult to find the best rider on this course.

Polikeviciute, one of twins, does not have her best day and finishes in the midst of the group. Melchers finishes third so far, 13" behind of Pitel from France. 2002 Montreal World Cup winner Dede Demet-Barry. Dede already had 37 career victories coming into the 2003 season, obviously likes riding in Canada and seems to be going really well.

Loes Gunnewijk (Netherlands) also is looking very strong this afternoon. Geneviève Jeanson (Canada) sets the fastest time at the intermediate time check -11.39.11.

Carrigan from Oz starts now. She suffers mechanical problems right at the start. Lyne Bessette from Canada is also on the road. She had a solid campaign this year with several top rankings in World Cup Events and a second place overall in the Tour de l'Aude after Germany's Judith Arndt. Bessette is a member of the American Saturn team.

So the top three ranking at the moment is:
Pitel (France) 29.53.49
Armstrong @ 10.94
Melchers @ 13.69

Joane Somarriba Arrola (Spain) sets off - she is married to Ramon Gonzalez Arrieta (Banesto). She is looking in great shape in the Canadian sunshine!

Lada Kozlikova (Czech Republic) now sets the fastest time at the finish - 29.24.84!

Teodora Ruano Sanchon (Spain) sets the second fastest time knocking Pitel down to third spot! We just saw a bumpy start for Sara Carrigan, again a member of the Dutch BIK-Powerplate team!, she won 2 World Cup Events, 2 stages in the Tour de l'Aude and several other good results this year. Longo - the legend sets the second fastest time at the 8 km point - the grand old girl of cycling STILL has the legs!!!! Underway Karin Thürig from Switserland proves she is well in shape.

All have started when Zabirova (winner of last year's world championships) takes off. It is Longo who won the last prestigious GP de Nations. She now still is in good shape, but seems to be just not good enough for gold. Karin Thürig (Switzerland) is going well as the last girl to set off, Zoulfia Zabirova (Russia), is underway. So all riders have set off and the tension begins to mount.

Deirdre Demet-Barry (USA) sets the second fastest time at the finish! Carrigan sets a disappointing intermediate. She was expected to do better. Somariba does multo bene in the race. She is competing at the moment with Thürig for the best check point times. Joane Somarriba Arrola, who is married to the Banesto rider Ramon Gonzalez Arrieta, is fastest through the 8 kilometre mark. She sets a time of 11.20.68.

Jeanson in the meantime doubles the one started before her. She sets the best time at the finish line, with over thirteen seconds better. Geneviève Jeanson (Canada) sets the fastest time so far to huge cheers from the locals!!

29.11.72 for the Canadian girl - 13 seconds faster than Lada Kozlikova while Demet Barry is in third spot. So can the big names impose their dominance on this event? Genevieve Jeanson is absolutely on fire this year with 7 race wins & 22 stage wins. Add to that her "home field advantage" and she looks to be a very strong contender indeed. Jeanson in the mean time says in an interview she did the best she could and suffered some difficulties with the wind.

Sara Carrigan (Australia) looks very strong this afternoon. World Champion road race Susanne Ljungskog finishes, as well as Longo does, second so far. Thürig is the next to finish, she beats Jeanson's time with 21 seconds. Longo finishes in 2nd spot! Has the Legend got another medal to add to her bank vault full?

Thürig now has to await the results of the others still to finish. Karin Thürig (Switzerland) is the fastest so far!

28.50.36 her time - 21.36 seconds faster than Jeanson, while Longo is in third spot 31.82 behind. Somariba too overtakes the earlier-starting Carrigan.

In the intermediate checks the tiny Spanish girl has build an advantage of 8 seconds. Joane Somarriba Arrola (Spain) still has the fastest time at the 8 km point - but can she keep up that speed? Lyne Bessette (Canada) finishes in 12th spot. Joane Somarriba Arrola turning a huge gear - ooh, it looks painful but she is speeding along!

Judith Arndt (Germany) comes into the finish, she has come good towards the end and takes the first spot! 28.34.01 for Judith - tremendous ride by the German - who may have been inspired by her teammate's collection of gold. Best time now for Judith Arndt from Germany. Could this be yet another World Champion for Germany? It would be a great performance for this 27 year old Team Nürnberger rider, who has a relationship with her teammate Petra Rossner.

Joane Somarriba Arrola (Spain)takes the lead! 23.23.23 - Somarriba leads Arndt by 10.78 and Thürig by 27.13! Still on her way to the finish, 30-year old Zoulfia Zabirova from Russia. The Prato Marathon Bike rider is fighting to keep her World title!

Brandli 25th so far. Zabirova on her way to the finish. So will it be GOLD for Spain? Zabirova finishes third.

First gold in Hamilton for Somariba, this year's winner of the Tour de France. She is so happy she cries her eyes out. She already won three times the Tour, but still is over the moon when she becomes world champion. Hanka Kupfernagel (Germany) will not beat her!

And Joane Somarriba Arrola falls to the floor with delight - she is crying with happiness - she has won GOLD for Spain!

She placed 3rd in last year's World Championship road race, and 3rd in this years Giro d’Italia Feminine but she has struck Gold in Hamilton! Judging from her reaction, she really did not count with winning the gold. Judith Arndt (Germany) adds a silver to Germany's impressive collection. Zoulfia Zabirova (Russia) will collect the bronze for the Russian team.

Somariba: "This is a childhood dream come true. It sure is different with a stage race, here you have to focus on this one day event. After the Tour I really was tired. I never thought of the Worlds. Now I am thinking of the road race on Saturday already. Yes - this has been a dream since a little girl to win gold.

"The difference between this and a tour is when you take the yellow jersey you have to defend it - this is instant happiness!"

So a tremendous days racing once again in Hamilton - Spain will celebrate tonight! "I will enjoy this title and now take Saturday's race in my stride!"

Can Joane Somarriba Arrola win another Gold on Saturday? Time will tell, in the meantime don't forget to join Anita and Podofdonny tomorrow for more cycling action as it happens. Thanks for reading and we leave Hamilton with three smiling girls on the podium!

Distance: 20.8 km (Finish)
Average: 43.969 km/h

Rank BIB Name Firstname    Country    Time    behind

1. 4    SOMARRIBA ARROLA Joane    ESP    28:23.23 --
2. 6    ARNDT Judith    GER    28:34.01    +10.78
3. 1    ZABIROVA Zoulfia    RUS       28:49.48    +26.25
4. 9    THÜRIG Karin    SUI    28:50.36    +27.13
5. 14    JEANSON Geneviève    CAN       29:11.72    +48.49
6. 10    LONGO CIPRELLI Jeannie    FRA       29:22.18    +58.95
7. 23    KOZLIKOVA Lada    CZE 29:24.84    +1:01.61
8. 17    DEMET-BARRY Dede    USA       29:39.52    +1:16.29
9. 22    RUANO SANCHON Teodora    ESP       29:45.39    +1:22.16
10. 12    PUCINSKAITE Edita    LTU       29:48.15    +1:24.92
11. 32    PITEL Edwige    FRA    29:53.49    +1:30.26
12. 20    ZABELINSKAIA Olga    RUS       30:00.97    +1:37.74
14. 27    MELCHERS Mirjam    NED       30:07.18    +1:43.95
15. 8    BESSETTE Lyne    CAN    30:11.91    +1:48.68
16. 26    GOLLAN Olivia    AUS    30:13.16    +1:49.93
17. 7    CARRARA Vera    ITA    30:15.17    +1:51.94
18. 5    CARRIGAN Sara    AUS    30:20.83    +1:57.60
19. 18    LI Meifang    CHN    30:21.65    +1:58.42
20. 37    NEWSTEAD Frances    GBR       30:26.41    +2:03.18
21. 2    KUPFERNAGEL Hanka    GER       30:33.87    +2:10.64
22. 30    MADRINAN Paola    COL    30:37.53    +2:14.30
23. 42    GOLDSTEIN Leah    ISR    30:38.03    +2:14.80
24. 15    SOEDER Christiane    AUT       30:41.03    +2:17.80
25. 11    LJUNGSKOG Susanne    SWE       30:41.12    +2:17.89
26. 34    BOUBNENKOVA Svetlana    RUS       30:47.89    +2:24.66
27. 3    BRÄNDLI Nicole    SUI    30:50.46    +2:27.23
28. 29    ZUGNO Anna    ITA    30:52.45    +2:29.22
30. 33    MATUSIAK Bogumila    POL       30:59.86    +2:36.63
31. 28    POLIKEVICIUTE Rasa    LTU       31:12.98    +2:49.75
32. 16    VALEN Anita    NOR    31:24.11    +3:00.88
33. 31    KACHALKA Nataliya    UKR       31:33.35    +3:10.12
34. 13    GUNNEWIJK Loes    NED    31:43.93    +3:20.70
35. 44    JENNINGS Sinead    IRL       32:01.21    +3:37.98
36. 25    HOUVENAGHEL Wendy    GBR       32:16.25    +3:53.02
37. 39    HIERCKENS Corine    BEL       32:17.11    +3:53.88
38. 36    GRAUS Andrea    AUT    32:20.34    +3:57.11
39. 19    VAN DAMME Evy    BEL    32:23.13    +3:59.90
40. 41    ZHANG Junying    CHN    32:24.42    +4:01.19
41. 38    HOLT Melissa    NZL    32:25.58    +4:02.35
42. 24    IGNASIAK Joanna    POL    33:17.60       +4:54.37
43. 40    CSOMOR Erika    HUN    33:23.61    +5:00.38
did not start
DNS 43    GALIULLINA Fatma    UZB    DNS

started: 43
ranked: 43
did not start: 1
disqualified: 0
did not finish: 0
outside time limit: 0

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