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Swiss selection for the Worlds
By Anita van Crey
Date: 10/8/2003
Swiss selection for the Worlds
-written by Anne Richter (Zülli-Hcfan) from cycling4fans -

In the 90ths, the Swiss cycling fans could comfortably settle themselves in front of the tv sets when it was "Worlds Time": Under the direction of ex-GDR National Coach Wolfram Lindner they could be quite sure that at least one of their countrymen would snatch any medal. In only six years the Swiss riders won 14 medals at World Championships or Olympic Games, above all the victory of Pascal Richard in the Olympic Road Race 1996, the time-trail- title for Alex Zülle on "home soil" 1996 in Lugano and Oscar Camenzind winning the Rainbow Jersey in 1998. Two years ago Hans Leclerque became National Coach of the Swiss cyclists and unfortunately, he couldn't continue the unbelievable Swiss series of success.

The Swiss selection for the Road Race includes:
Aebersold, Niki (Phonak)
Beuchat, Roger (Phonak)
Camenzind, Oscar (Phonak)
Cancellara, Fabian (Fassa Bortolo)
Elmiger, Martin (Phonak)
Jeker, Fabian (Maia Milaneza)
Montgomery, Sven (Fassa Bortolo)
Moos, Alexandre (Phonak)
Schnider, Daniel (Phonak)
Strauss, Marcel (Gerolsteiner)
Zampiere, Steve (Sidermec)
Zberg, Beat (Rabobank)

Among those twelve riders there is just one real "capitaine de la route": Oscar Camenzind. He won the title already in 1998 and is surely one of the most expierenced rider in those one-day-events. Due to an accident he missed the whole spring but in the end of the season he got a few good results in the numerous Italian one-day-races. If the riders are able to avoid a bunch sprint, "Ösi" can finish in the Top3, he could even win the Rainbow Jersey. But there could be another "secret favorite" among the Swiss. Martin Elmiger is not a familiar name to many people but he could turn out to be a big surprise. After winning the Swiss Championship in 2000, he wasn't able to win a single race for almost two years. But in 2003 he has caught on at last and beaten riders such as Paolo Bettini and Sergej Ivanov! Like Camenzind, Elmiger showed some promising results in the Italian races. Even Tyler Hamilton told the Swiss Press in an interview, that he will closely watch Elmiger since he starts the race as an pretty good underdog. However, the jersey with the coloured stripes would definitely save the bad season for Phonak....... Also Beat Zberg and Fabian Jeker reached their top-form during the Vuelta but they are certainly supposed to support Camenzind and Elmiger in the last rounds of the race, while the rest of the riders will have to do their work during the earlier parts of the race.

Time Trail
Selected are:
Cancellara, Fabian
Nuttli, Jean

Fabian Cancellara had excellent time trail results in the first half of the season, winning time trials in the Tour de Romandie and Tour de Suisse. But there are two questions: Does he still has the form to win and how will he cope with such a long distance? Jean Nuttli is a very good time trialist too, but he might not have enough opportunities to ride against the top stars of this "metier" since he is a member of the Austrian GS-III-Team "Volksbank-Ideal". Even tough he recently won the Brandenburg-Rundfahrt (2.5), this does not tell much about his real form.

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