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World Champs: U23 Men's Time Trial Live Coverage
By Podofdonny
Date: 10/7/2003
World Champs: U23 Men's Time Trial Live Coverage

With 800 athletes from 50 countries, 800-1,000 media personnel to cover the event, an 150,000 estimated spectators over the course and the 2,000-3,000 volunteers required to host this event, the World Championships are under way!

Refresh this page (F5) to view the latest information. Additional commentary by Anita van Crey.

A beautiful sunny day in Canada we join the race and Rapinski is setting the fastest times out on the road.

The intermediate standings so far are: 1. Jure Zrimsek (Slovenia) 39:20, 2. Petter Renäng (Sweden) +0:29, 3. Áron Kovalóczy (Hungary) +1:28.

Men to look out for today are Tony Martin from Germany, Remy Di Gregorio of France and the Italian Valerio Agnoli.

Also don't forget Viktor Ignatiev, the Russian, who won last year in Zolder - it will be interesting to see how he copes on what is a completely different parcours. USA fans will be hoping for a big performance from Mike Creed...

Viktar Rapinski has a good ride and finishes 2nd so far, as Nicholas Roche comes in too.

Other riders fancied this afternoon are Russians Alexandr Bespalov and Vladimir Goussev, Dutchman Thomas Dekker and Rory Sutherland of Australia.

A lovely sunny afternoon in Hamilton - this is the first ever world championships held entirely within "city limits" - and Hamilton is a beautiful, tree-filled city.

So very much an affair of the east so far with Jure Zrimsek (Slovenia) leading, with a time of 39.20, 2nd Viktar Rapinski (Belarussia) and third Matej Jurco (Slovakia).

Next to start after the Ozzie Dawson is Niels Scheunemann, who already won a medal in the worlds - coming third in Lisbon in 2001.

The other Dutch hope for a medal is Thomas Dekker, who recently won the Grand Prix de Nations. Dekker has his mom and aunt there to support him; dad had to stay at home, awaiting a shoulder operation.

Vladimir Gusev is the last rider of the third wave to start off - while Dawson seems to be struggling on the hills. Scheunemann too is hard-working up to the hill, but he is looking strong and pushing over a huge gear on the ascent.

In this 30 k. you can't start too slow, so as to not lose too much time which you cannot make up.

Not huge crowds roadside today - but these will gradually build as the race week progresses, climaxing of course at the men's Road race on Sunday.

Scheunemann took bronze in Lisbon behind Kvachuk who is also out on the road at the present moment. So it will be interesting to see how these podium men do today.

Dekker proved himself very strong during the season, winning both the national title in the road race as well as in the time trial and beating his 'idol' Cancellara in the opening prologue of the Ster Elektro Toer 2003.

Cobo from Spain is at the intermediate point.

Kvachuk, in the yellow and blue of Ukraine, powers along this rolling time trial course which will test the riders. Dawson does not come near the best time at the intermediate checkpoint. It also looks like it is a bit windier than it was before.

Vandborg from Denmark finishes. Indeed the wind does seem to be picking up, which may be to the advantage of the men already on the provisional podium, who are: 1. Jure Zrimsek (Slovenia) 39:20, 2. Viktar Rapinski (Belarussia), 3. Matej Jurco (Slovakia).

Scheunemann stays close to the best intermediate time.

Kvachuk is looking unlikely to repeat his silver from Lisbon; he is only ranked 6th at the intermediate.

Scheunemann pedais nicely through the sunshine. He has a gap of three seconds to Rapinsky. Rapinski did not manage his best time up to the finish.

Tom Southam, from Cornwall, UK, is in thirteenth place at the half way stage. Michael Creed will also be one of the following riders to pass the time-check.

Creed 19.33 - 6th at the half way point.

Scheunemann, orange shirt, Rabobank shorts, disc rear wheel, looks very smooth indeed. He wiggles his hips on the bike the way Erik Dekker does too, if he can copy the win-list of the man from Hoogeveen he for sure will be one happy rider...AND he is also in line for winning most aerodynamic helmet!

Scheunemann is named to be in the Bodysol team together with Nico Mattan next season.

Scheunemann best time half way the ride at 19.07.

Jure Zrimsek is watching from the stands to see if anyone can beat his time - an anxious wait for the young man from Slovenia.

Zrimsek did well last year in Zolder too, and had a huge crowd there (mom and dad included) to support him.

Scheunemann has a 2 seconds lead to Rapinski. Scheunemann finished in 8th spot last year on the pancake course of Zolder - these parcours seem to suit him much better.

Carlos Nozal at 15 is the brother of Isidro Nozal, the man who almost won the Vuelta.

Scheunemann reaches the one who started before him - he leaves Dawson behind as if standing still.

Always a bad feeling to be caught by your minute man and a great feeling to catch your minute man - personally I know a lot more about the former rather than the latter...

Scheunemann looking very smooth and strong today!

He now closes in on Cobo from Spain.

Cobo, fourth at the Europeans, is the next victim for the Dutchie...

Wow! Scheunemann surges by the champion of Spain, Cobo - Neil has put three minutes into the Spaniard!! And another one to say Adios to...

Vandborg, who is joining CSC next season, is cruising swiftly through Hamilton's surroundings.

Vandborg looks like he will catch his minute man Khalmuratov. So no Hamilton in Hamilton or CSC - but Vandborg is having a great day in Hamilton for CSC.

30.31,73, best time for Scheunemann at the third checkpoint.

Kvachuk at the finishline, 40.12, seventh time so far. In five minutes we will know whether Scheunemann beats all best times so far. He is powering round the course, leaving a trail of riders in his wake.

Scheunemann leads with 19" to the second.

Creed to the finish line. He finishes in the second best time so far, 39.22.

Scheunemann will be the next at the finish line. What will be his final time?

No, it is Southam. Tom Southam finishes in 14th spot.

Scheunemann still going strong and finishes in a cool 38.54,28. The number six in the Tour de L'Avenir from Sweden takes his start.

So Scheunemann now in first with 38.54.28. Zrimsek in second spot and Creed now third.

Dawson at the finish line, 41.08.51.

Meanwhile, the fourth and final wave of riders are under way - this group supposedly contains the big hitters - Piotr Mazur of Poland is well fancied for this race - he will start 6th from the final man to go, Thomas Dekker.

Mazur is to start next, as well as Fothen. The camera focusses on local lad Dominique Rollin.

Ella Rigotto of Italy looks very smooth and controlled over the hill.

European Champion Marcus Fothen (the coming two years in Gerolsteiner Trikot) is the one to beat. He starts at this moment, and as we see him set off, he is pushing a big gear right from the start.

Dominque Rollin is not able to come close to the best time, in the hands and legs and possesion of Scheunemann...

Lokvist is faster than Scheunemann at the first intermediate.

Three men to start - Rory Sutherland (colleague of Scheunemann and Dekker at the Mini Rabo's) is the next to take off.

Infantino of Colombia, sixth best time at the first check. It is a ride to divide the powers in the legs well - to not blow up before the end is near.

Some riders and teams have been complaining about the state of the road - indeed the tarmac does look a little fatigued and cracked in parts - but as it is the same for all riders there can be no real complaint.

Dekker - woollen hat on, prepares himself for the moment of truth - he will be the last man to go.

Scheunemann found the company of former pro and colleague of Greg Lemond, Johan Lammerts and Ad Rijnen, organisor of the famous crit day after the Tour in Boxmeer.

And Thomas Dekker is off. Born in Amsterdam, the youngster now lives in the Noord-Holland town of Dirkshorn.

Rory Sutherland - out of the saddle on the climb - lovely tree lined route, blue Canadian sky giving a perfect backdrop for this event.

Mazur on his way to the first time check....

Fothen at the timecheck, second best time.

The leader at the second time spot is Lovkvist of Sweden, at fifteen k., still the fastest on the road so far. Infantino suffers a puncture or mechanical problem.

Olivier Kaisen will not endanger the leaders; he is 32nd at the first check. Berges is seventh half way through.

But the leader board still reads:
1 Niels Scheuneman (Netherlands) 38.54
2 Jure Zrimsek (Slovenia) 0.26
3 Michael Creed (USA) 0.28

Can Creed hold onto the bronze medal and take it back to his batcave?

Scheunemann is not only a true time trialer, he can sprint too. This season he won the E3 prize in Harelbeke. The Triptique Ardennais with some serious climbing too was a race he did well in (third overall).

Sutherland is only 21st at the time check - so he will not be a danger either, unless he ups the pace drastically.

Dekker seems to be riding toooo big and does not come close to his teammate's time. Mazur is 6th at the 15km point.

Dekker fifth at 8 k., at 7 seconds.

Cycling is, of course, very popular in both Germany and Poland and there will be huge audiences there watching the events in Hamilton on their evening TV.

Fothen now the fastest man - the best time half way through - four seconds faster than Lovkvist and five seconds to Scheunemann.

Lovkvist, after 23.3 k, not being able to beat the best time of Scheunemann. He seems to be slower on the second half though - a lot of riders who have started quickly have faded over the second half of the course, whereas the leaders so far got faster.

Scheunemann seems to have divided his powers well.

Bespalov fourth at the 15 km point. Fothen uses his gear incorrectly and has to make pace all over again.

Thomas Dekker puts in a huge effort - but he can only manage 12th spot at the half way point.

Fothen, Lovkvist and Scheuneman are first, second and third at the halfway point.

The young German is looking very strong this afternoon - great TT position, rear disc wheel, going well for Germany.

Lovkvist nears the finishline. Will Scheunemann be able to hold his best time? Can Germany make it double Gold on the first day in the wild west of Hamilton?

Lovkvist is second!

Niels holds his best time to the man who will be pro next year at He did not do as well as Scheunemann in the second lap. He pushes Creed off the podium but does not disturb the flying Dutchman.

Fothen still seven seconds ahead of Scheunemann...but Fothen seems to be fading too!

Fothen is two years older than his Dutch opponents, so they still have more future before them.

Rollin comes in in 31st spot, Infantino is 13th. Berges of France finishes in 10th spot.

Fothen - ooh, you can feel the pain in his legs, but he is still very fast!

Bespalov is looking very strong - and Fothen powers on! Fothen catches Mazur of Poland! But will the young German dash Dutch hopes? Rigotto finishes in 19th spot.

He flies down the descent towards the finish.

Gazvoda finishes 10th in 40.02.

Dekker uphill regains pace.

Fothen in the best time, beating Scheunemann with twenty seconds. Fothen: 38.35.29".

Will Bespalov be able to take the silver medal away from the young Dutchman?

Fothen is absolutely wasted by his tremendous effort - will he win Gold.

Kaisen from Belgium will not be satisfied; he aimed for top ten but finishes 27th.

Bespalov is third! Scheunemann Silver.

So Marcus Fothen will take Gold - the second Gold for Germany in two events - what a great start for them.

While Holland have double silver in two events with Scheunemann joining Loes Markerink with a silver medal.

Dekker to the finish line. He regained some pace in the second lap and finishes ninth. Beforehand he and his dad said they'd be happy with a place amongst the ten best, a realistic goal, it seems.

So the podium will be:
1 Marcus Fothen (Ger) 38.35
2 Niels Scheuneman (Netherlands) 0.19
3 Alexandr Bespalov (Rus) 0.21

What a change for Germany from the Track worlds where they fell out amongst themselves - now in Hamilton they have two Golds already.

As for the Dutch, they will be pleased with two silvers and certainly the smile on Scheuneman's face is as sunny as the Hamilton skyline.

That's two silvers and one bronze to be correct, do not forget. As for Alexandr Bespalov with Bronze, he looks like a great prospect for the future.

Fothen: "I have had some great races this year and came to these races in great form; I thought Dekker would be the main rival but I had good time checks on all the riders during the race."

So full results will be posted later. Thanks for reading this afternoon and from Anita (a tiny bit disappointed Dutch girl still proud of her boys) and from Podofdonny - thanks and we will see you tomorrow!

By the way! Niels can be congratulated online in his guestbook at

Full Results

1. 5 Fothen Marcus Ger 38:35.29
2. 14 Scheuneman Niels Ned 38:54.28 +18.99
3. 2 Bespalov Alexandr Rus 38:56.57 +21.28
4. 11 Lövkvist Thomas Swe 39:05.61 +30.32
5. 43 Zrimsek Jure Slo 39:20.88 +45.59
6. 17 Creed Michael Usa 39:22.85 +47.56
7. 26 Rapinski Viktar Blr 39:23.79 +48.50
8. 20 Vandborg Brian Den 39:36.21 +1:00.92
9. 1 Dekker Thomas Ned 39:37.56 +1:02.27
10. 39 Renäng Petter Swe 39:49.52 +1:14.23
11. 25 Monier Damien Fra 39:52.49 +1:17.20
12. 13 Gusev Vladimir Rus 39:57.75 +1:22.46
13. 7 Gazvoda Gregor Slo 40:02.21 +1:26.92
14. 9 Berges Emilien Benoit Fra 40:06.64 +1:31.35
15. 6 Mazur Piotr Pol 40:07.77 +1:32.48
16. 22 Veikkanen Jussi Fin 40:12.57 +1:37.28
17. 3 Sutherland Rory Aus 40:12.78 +1:37.49
18. 19 Kvachuk Oleksandr Ukr 40:12.81 +1:37.52
19. 28 Jurco Matej Svk 40:28.00 +1:52.71
20. 10 Infantino Abreu Rafael Col 40:38.72 +2:03.43
21. 44 Melehs Olegs Lat 40:48.02 +2:12.73
22. 29 Schillinger Andreas Ger 40:59.05 +2:23.76
23. 35 Broco Hernani Por 40:59.18 +2:23.89
24. 36 Dall'antonia Tiziano Ita 41:06.99 +2:31.70
25. 15 Dawson Peter Aus 41:08.51 +2:33.22
26. 8 Rigotto Ella Ita 41:08.89 +2:33.60
27. 18 Southam Tom Gbr 41:20.53 +2:45.24
28. 41 Duggan Tim Usa 41:26.98 +2:51.69
29. 27 Roche Nicholas Irl 41:30.14 +2:54.85
30. 4 Kaisen Olivier Bel 41:32.34 +2:57.05
31. 34 Raudsepp Tarmo Est 41:35.49 +3:00.20
32. 37 Nozal Vega Carlos Esp 41:46.29 +3:11.00
33. 16 Cobo Juan Jose Esp 41:54.68 +3:19.39
34. 24 Abolins Aldis Lat 42:02.12 +3:26.83
35. 32 Sabalin Alexandru Mda 42:08.70 +3:33.41
36. 31 Rodriguez Diaz Andres Col 42:13.66 +3:38.37
37. 33 Molandsveen Andreas Nor 42:22.46 +3:47.17
38. 23 Impey Daryl Rsa 42:23.58 +3:48.29
39. 21 Khalmuratov Muradjan Uzb 42:29.77 +3:54.48
40. 30 Janiaczyk Blazej Pol 42:32.52 +3:57.23
41. 12 Rollin Dominique Can 43:13.85 +4:38.56
42. 40 Isaac Chris Can 43:15.08 +4:39.79
43. 42 Kovalóczy Áron Hun 43:23.23 +4:47.94
44. 38 Martynaitis Juozas Ltu 44:19.95 +5:44.66
Marin Andrei Rou DNS

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