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97th Paris-Tours Live Coverage
By Podofdonny
Date: 10/5/2003
97th Paris-Tours Live Coverage

Good afternoon and welcome to the Daily Peloton's live ticker of round 9 of the World Cup - the Paris Tours.

Please remember to refresh the page by pressing the F5 key.

We join the race with 8 breakaways away from the peloton. No surprises that Jacky Durand (FdJ.Com) is one of those men in the break.

Also away are Tom Boonen (Quick-Step), Sebastian Lang (Gerolsteiner), Daniel Righi (Lampre), Stefan Kupfernagel (Phonak) Samuel Dumoulin (Jean Delatour), Lars Michaelsen (CSC), and Thomas Liege (Bianchi).

Their lead, which was up to over 5 minutes, has now been reduced to about 1'40, with the sprinters' teams of Fassa and Telekom leading the peloton in an attempt to restore order.

The peloton is heading straight down the Loire Valley - with the breakaways keeping a lead of around 1'30''.

53km to go and the breakaway surely cannot succeed - however there is plenty of time for further counter attacks as the peloton speed toward the long, straight Avenue de Grammont - the classic ending to the Sprinters' Classic.

The riders will face a succession of small climbs before the end of the race: The côte de Crochu (km 231), the côte de l'Epan (km 249), the côte du Pont Volant (km 252) and finally the côte du Petit Pas d'Ane (km 254).

These have been introduced by the organisers to stop the race being predictable - indeed, over the years, many attempts have been made to stop the sprinters from having a field day.

For example in 1959 the organisers added a finishing circuit with a hill called l'Alouette, to be covered three times. By supreme irony, the winner, in a solo break, was Van Looy, the quickest sprinter in the race!

However, the big favourite today, Petacchi, will be relying on his excellent Fassa team to deliver him within 500 metres of the finishing line when he will attempt, for the 25th time this season, to leave the other sprinters in his shadow.

Christopher Agnolutto - a great character in the peloton - is trying to bridge the gap to the escapees.

He is famous, of course, for winning the Tour of Switzerland in 1997, when he gained enough advantage on the first day in a breakaway to incredibly hold onto the leader's jersey until the end of the race - a quite extraordinary achievement.

However, the gap for the escapees and for Agnolutto seems to be all over today - the gap is down to 30'', so it will be only a matter of time before they are swallowed up by the peloton - which may elect to leave them dangling in the front for a little while in order to discourage other attacks.

The wind can have a big effect on this race - when it is from the southwest, the race can become a slog - Peter Pieters averaged just 34kmh to win in 1988, the slowest winning speed for 57 years.

Conversely, if the wind is behind, the race takes on its role of fastest of all the classics; it was for his winning average of nearly 42kmh that Gustaf Daneels was awarded the first Ruban Jaune in 1936, and that award has remained intimately tied up with Paris - Tours ever since.

When Andrei Tchmil won in 1997, he averaged over 48kmh for a race of 250km. Today the wind is blowing the peloton towards the finish so the speeds should be quite high.

42km to go. Fassa and Rabobank keep the pace high at the front of the fast moving peloton; the average speed -50.5 kilometres for the first hour, 43 for the second, 46.6 for the third and 51.5 for the fourth.

So very fast - and the pre-race favourite, Petacchi, well on course for yet another victory.

World Cup leader Bettini has made it clear that he will not be taking any risks this afternoon - but if he were to get on the podium, he would equal the record of Fondriest and Museeuw of achieving 5 podium places in a world cup season.

However, no one before "il Grillo" has won as many events - he has had victories in Milan-San Remo, the Hew Cyclassics Cup and the Clasika San Sebastian, and a third place in the Grand Prix de Zürich - a record to be proud of.

14:49. 39km to go. Indeed, the Fassa team are holding the gap to the breakaways at around 45 seconds - they can easily chase that gap down and it discourages any other attackers from making their life difficult.

Petacchi's main rival this afternoon could well be Spaniard Oscar Freire - he is Rabobank's leader today. Boogerd has given up on his World Cup hopes and will be concentrating on next Sunday's race in Hamilton. Many of today's riders will be jetting to Canada very shortly after today's race, in order to have time to recover from the travel and acclimatise themselves to Hamilton.

Other sprinters in the pack include Baden Cooke - who said this morning the main danger he felt was that the peloton was weary after a long season and may not be able to mark out every attack.

"Fast Freddy" Rodriguez started to look good towards the end of the Vuelta - and he will be hoping to finally get the upper hand over messrs. Petacchi and Zabel.

The gap still around the 40'' mark, and former race winner Jacky "DuDu" Durand is still powering the breakaways along - other former winners riding to day are last year's winner Piil, Erik Zabel and Johan Museeuw.

15:01. 29km to go. The gap has actually increased up to around a minute - the Fassa and Rabobank boys had better be careful or the birds could well fly away before they catch them! The Silverteam and Orangemen dominate the front of the peloton - and they will now seriously start to chase the 8 men down.

Two men in the breakaway have won the junior version of this race, Boonen and Dumoulin, and indeed Boonen is many people's outside bet for the Worlds Championships next week.

In spite of the fact that it is known as the sprinter's classic, not since Nicola Minali did his double in the event in 1995 and 1996 has there been a massed sprint - but the Rabobank and Fassa boys look in very determined mood this afternoon.

15:05. 27km to go. The gap is falling again and is back to the 40'' mark - it is fast and hectic, with the average speed so far around 48km/h - which is very fast over this sort of distance.

The escapees reach the côte de Crochu (km 231) - these hills will either finish the escapees or inspire them to keep going - the main advantage they have over this terrain is that the twisting roads and hills keep them out of sight of the peloton - so they are not a target to be aimed at - which they would be if they were on long straight roads.

15:10. 24km to go The gap down to 25'' - the peloton pulled along by the Italian/Dutch combination of Fassa and Rabobank - yet if the escapees are caught it will be a Spain versus France sprint finish.

One would expect the Telekom team to add their weight to the chase very soon, but they are playing a very sound tactical game, allowing their rivals to do the chasing.

Meanwhile Frenchman Mathieu Claude (Equipe Vendée-Pays de Loire) has won the U23 event this afternoon, so congratulations to him!

Still the gap for the 8 men around 25'' - they have been on the front almost from the very start of the race so their legs must be nicely warmed up by now...

The peloton sweeps around a corner under the lovely blue, sunny sky with the first signs of autumn in the air - the peloton is now around 45 minutes ahead of schedule!

Now Saeco also come to the front of the peloton - after 243 kilometres of racing, the escapees are caught.

So the peloton is back together - and the sprinters will start to think about their tactics for the last 17 kilometres.

Fassa keeping the pace extremely high - and the peloton strings out into one long, thin coloured ribbon.

A wedge of silver and red at the front of the peloton - and also the Alessio shirts working for Fabio Baldato near the front.

Now the Quickstep boys pick up the pace - Boonen has given them an easy ride today - so now they pick up the pace, as several riders take a short cut round a roundabout!

Saeco take over from the Quickstep boys. The pace is high and riders are beginning to lose contact at the rear.

Saeco now driving it along; the côte de l'Epan is the next small difficulty - and Rabobank are aware of the danger and move up to cover. Bettini - moves to the front! He attacks!

Once again The Cricket surprises - he launches a massive surprise attack!

He splits the peloton into pieces!

Down through the narrow tree lined streets - Bettini now slows to see what damage he has done - and there is a general regrouping of the riders who have had a wake up call from him!

Eisel (FdJ) launches an attack - it is countered by an Alessio rider and Bettini.

The peloton is struggling to respond as Bettini powers away - it is a brave, bold solo move by the Italian. The man who said he wanted to stay out of trouble - but he didn't say he meant to do that by leading the race in a solo break!

Bettini has maybe 10 seconds on the cricket-shocked peloton - he is riding in the style of a true champion and looks as determined as he is colourful in his world cup leader's shirt.

The peloton will surely catch him - but it was a great move. He is caught and immediately there are counter attacks.

A Bianchi rider storms off the front as they are under the Flamme Rouge!

They are back together - Fassa start the lead out...Fassa - Fassa.

But it is Zabel!!!!

"ETE" Zabel powered on the left hand side of the fast moving Petacchi; it was a man against man sprint and Zabel proves to be the strongest.

Zabel, Petacchi, O'Grady and Cooke - but Zabel is the man - he won this race in 1994 and he once again returns to the top step of the podium.

Zabel was the bookies' second favourite behind Petacchi at 6 to 1 - but he proved the bookies wrong...

The Fassa team did everything right, but for once, Petacchi just ran out of steam before the finish line and strong man Zabel took the honours.

For Bettini it is a job well done though; he has almost certainly now won the World Cup jersey - for the second year running - in tremendous style.

Zabel says - "Well, it was between Petacchi and I - I thought I would need a miracle to win - and I am a little surprised. I was just behind him and it is possible I had the shelter from the wind and I realised that I had the legs to win."

"It was difficult for me in the Tour and the green jersey was out of my reach - this has made a good end to my season. Yes, Ullrich is coming back, and we look forward to seeing him again."

So a wonderful day for the sprinters - and for Bettini, who is now on his way to Hamilton to see if his dream season can get even better. Thanks for reading and remember to watch for details of our live tickers from Hamilton!

1 Erik Zabel (Ger-Tel)
2 Alessandro Petacchi (Ita-Fas)
3 Stuart O'Grady (Aus-C.A)
4 Baden Cooke (Aus-FdJ)
5 Franck Renier (Fra-Blb)
6 Julian Dean (NZl-Csc)
7 Stefano Zanini (Ita-Sae)
8 Luca Paolini (Ita-Qsd)
9 Fred Rodriguez (Usa-Vin)
10 Peter van Petegem (Bel-Lot)

Paris Tours Full Results

1 Zabel Erik Ger Team Telekom 5h24'55" 
2 Petacchi Alessandro Ita Fassa Bortolo 00'00" 
3 O'Grady Stuart Aus Credit Agricole  m.t. 
4 Cooke Baden Aus Fdjeux.Com  m.t. 
5 Renier Franck Fra Brioches La Boulangere  m.t. 
6 Dean Julian Nzl Team Csc   m.t. 
7 Zanini Stefano Ita Saeco - Macchine Per Caffe  m.t. 
8 Paolini Luca Ita Quick Step - Davitamon  m.t. 
9 Rodriguez Fred Usa Vini Caldirola - Saunier Duval  m.t. 
10 Van Petegem Peter Bel Lotto - Domo  m.t. 
11 Bettini Paolo Ita Quick Step - Davitamon  m.t. 
12 Zberg Marcus Sui Gerolsteiner  m.t. 
13 Bertolini Alessandro Ita Alessio   m.t. 
14 Lombardi Giovanni Ita Domina Vacanze - Elitron  m.t. 
15 Capelle Ludovic Bel Landbouwkrediet - Colnago  m.t. 
16 Missaglia Gabriele Ita Lampre   m.t. 
17 Vierhouten Aart Ned Lotto - Domo  m.t. 
18 Mc Ewen Robbie Aus Lotto - Domo  m.t. 
19 Radochla Steffen Ger Team Bianchi  m.t. 
20 Hinault Sébastien Fra Credit Agricole  m.t. 
21 Gutierrez José Ivan Esp Ibanesto.Com  m.t. 
22 Di Luca Danilo Ita Saeco - Macchine Per Caffe  m.t. 
23 Baldato Fabio Ita Alessio   m.t. 
24 Usov Alexandre Blr Phonak Hearing Systems  m.t. 
25 Flickinger Andy Fra Ag2r Prevoyance  m.t. 
26 Brochard Laurent Fra Ag2r Prevoyance  m.t. 
27 Beuchat Roger Sui Phonak Hearing Systems  m.t. 
28 Museeuw Johan Bel Quick Step - Davitamon  m.t. 
29 Timochine Mikhail Rus Landbouwkrediet - Colnago  m.t. 
30 Isasi Inaki Esp Euskaltel - Euskadi  m.t. 
31 Rebellin Davide Ita Gerolsteiner  m.t. 
32 Elmiger Martin Sui Phonak Hearing Systems  m.t. 
33 Gilbert Philippe Bel Fdjeux.Com  m.t. 
34 Pineau Jérôme Fra Brioches La Boulangere  m.t. 
35 De Jongh Steven Ned Rabobank  m.t. 
36 Hoffman Tristan Ned Team Csc   m.t. 
37 Astarloa Igor Esp Saeco - Macchine Per Caffe  m.t. 
38 Trenti Guido Usa Fassa Bortolo  m.t. 
39 Kirsipuu Jaan Est Ag2r Prevoyance  m.t. 
40 Scanlon Mark Irl Ag2r Prevoyance  m.t. 
41 Garcia Acosta Josevincente Esp Ibanesto.Com  m.t. 
42 Freire Oscar Esp Rabobank  m.t. 
43 Moreni Cristian Ita Alessio   m.t. 
44 Ivanov Serguei Rus Fassa Bortolo  m.t. 
45 Grabsch Bert Ger Phonak Hearing Systems  m.t. 
46 Rast Gregory Sui Phonak Hearing Systems  m.t. 
47 Beneteau Walter Fra Brioches La Boulangere  m.t. 
48 Vasseur Cédric Fra Cofidis Credit Par Telephone  m.t. 
49 Sacchi Fabio Ita Saeco - Macchine Per Caffe  m.t. 
50 Baguet Serge Bel Lotto - Domo  m.t. 
51 Den Bakker Maarten Ned Rabobank  m.t. 
52 Pospyeyev Kyrylo Ukr Domina Vacanze - Elitron  m.t. 
53 Nardello Daniele Ita Team Telekom  m.t. 
54 Klier Andreas Ger Team Telekom  m.t. 
55 Eisel Bernhard Aut Fdjeux.Com  m.t. 
56 Bossoni Paolo Ita Vini Caldirola - Saunier Duval  m.t. 
57 Kessler Matthias Ger Team Telekom  m.t. 
58 Agnolutto Christophe Fra Ag2r Prevoyance  m.t. 
59 Kirchen Kim Lux Fassa Bortolo 00'09" 
60 Bartoli Michele Ita Fassa Bortolo  m.t. 
61 Valoti Paolo Ita Domina Vacanze - Elitron  m.t. 
62 Glomser Gerrit Aut Saeco - Macchine Per Caffe  m.t. 
63 Dekker Erik Ned Rabobank  m.t. 
64 Adamsson Stefan Swe Team Bianchi 00'22" 
65 Wauters Marc Bel Rabobank 00'41" 
66 Calcagni Patrick Sui Vini Caldirola - Saunier Duval 01'08" 
67 Derganc Martin Slo Domina Vacanze - Elitron  m.t. 
68 Casarotto Davide Ita Alessio   m.t. 
69 Albasini Michael Sui Phonak Hearing Systems  m.t. 
70 Cretskens Wilfried Bel Quick Step - Davitamon  m.t. 
71 Pütsep Erki Est Ag2r Prevoyance  m.t. 
72 Scirea Mario Ita Domina Vacanze - Elitron  m.t. 
73 Zucconi Pietro Sui Vini Caldirola - Saunier Duval  m.t. 
74 Davis Allan Aus Once - Eroski  m.t. 
75 Martinez José Alberto Esp Euskaltel - Euskadi  m.t. 
76 Van Goolen Jurgen Bel Quick Step - Davitamon  m.t. 
77 Martias Rony Fra Brioches La Boulangere  m.t. 
78 Joachim Benoit Lux Us Postal - Berry Floor  m.t. 
79 Engoulvent Jimmy Fra Brioches La Boulangere  m.t. 
80 Guesdon Frédéric Fra Fdjeux.Com  m.t. 
81 Lunghi Denis Ita Alessio   m.t. 
82 Hayman Mathew Aus Rabobank  m.t. 
83 Teutenberg Sven Ger Team Bianchi 01'28" 
84 Michaelsen Lars Den Team Csc   m.t. 
85 Nuyens Nick Bel Quick Step - Davitamon  m.t. 
86 Strauss Marcel Sui Gerolsteiner  m.t. 
87 Pagliarini Luciano Bra Lampre   m.t. 
88 Metlushenko Yuri Ukr Landbouwkrediet - Colnago  m.t. 
89 Pradera Mikel Esp Once - Eroski  m.t. 
90 Schreck Stephan Ger Team Telekom  m.t. 
91 Eriksen Thomas Den Team Csc   m.t. 
92 De Groot Bram Ned Rabobank  m.t. 
93 Bramati Davide Ita Quick Step - Davitamon  m.t. 
94 Mattan Nico Bel Cofidis Credit Par Telephone 02'13" 
95 Gaumont Philippe Fra Cofidis Credit Par Telephone 02'13" 
96 Rund Thorsten Ger Team Bianchi 02'36" 
97 Lang Sebastian Ger Gerolsteiner  m.t. 
98 Kupfernagel Stefan Ger Phonak Hearing Systems  m.t. 
99 Wesemann Steffen Ger Team Telekom  m.t. 
100 Casar Sandy Fra Fdjeux.Com  m.t. 
101 Jegou Lilian Fra Credit Agricole  m.t. 
102 Boonen Tom Bel Quick Step - Davitamon  m.t. 
103 Berges Stéphane Fra Ag2r Prevoyance  m.t. 
104 Streel Marc Bel Landbouwkrediet - Colnago 03'35" 
105 Poilvet Benoit Fra Credit Agricole 03'35" 
106 Sironi Gianluca Ita Vini Caldirola - Saunier Duval 04'01" 
107 Spezialetti Alessandro Ita Saeco - Macchine Per Caffe 04'28" 
108 Pena Victor Hugo Col Us Postal - Berry Floor 06'14" 
109 Serpellini Marco Ita Lampre   m.t. 
110 Etxebarria Unai Ven Euskaltel - Euskadi  m.t. 
111 Bertogliati Rubens Sui Lampre   m.t. 
112 Martin Perdiguero Angel Esp Domina Vacanze - Elitron  m.t. 
113 Odriozola Jon Esp Ibanesto.Com  m.t. 
114 Petito Roberto Ita Fassa Bortolo  m.t. 
115 Wrolich Peter Aut Gerolsteiner  m.t. 
116 Hruska Jan Cze Once - Eroski  m.t. 
117 Tombak Janeck Est Cofidis Credit Par Telephone  m.t. 
118 Bouyer Franck Fra Brioches La Boulangere  m.t. 
119 Bessy Frédéric Fra Cofidis Credit Par Telephone  m.t. 
120 Van Heeswijk Max Ned Us Postal - Berry Floor  m.t. 
121 Padrnos Pavel Cze Us Postal - Berry Floor  m.t. 
122 Roulston Hayden Nzl Cofidis Credit Par Telephone  m.t. 
123 Caucchioli Pietro Ita Alessio   m.t. 
124 Guidi Fabrizio Ita Team Bianchi  m.t. 
125 Galletti Alessio Ita Saeco - Macchine Per Caffe  m.t. 
126 Bourquenoud Pierre Sui Jean Delatour  m.t. 
127 Liese Thomas Ger Team Bianchi  m.t. 
128 Voigt Jens Ger Credit Agricole  m.t. 
129 Menchov Denis Rus Ibanesto.Com  m.t. 
130 Ferrigato Andrea Ita Alessio   m.t. 
131 Dumoulin Samuel Fra Jean Delatour  m.t. 
132 Flores Iker Esp Euskaltel - Euskadi  m.t. 
133 Verstrepen Johan Bel Landbouwkrediet - Colnago  m.t. 
134 White Matthew Aus Us Postal - Berry Floor  m.t. 
135 Aldag Rolf Ger Team Telekom  m.t. 
136 Vansevenant Wim Bel Lotto - Domo  m.t. 
137 Aerts Mario Bel Team Telekom  m.t. 
138 Durand Jacky Fra Fdjeux.Com  m.t. 
139 Gardeyn Gorik Bel Lotto - Domo  m.t. 
140 Righi Daniele Ita Lampre   m.t. 
141 Casagranda Stefano Ita Alessio  14'15" 
142 Wilson Matthew Aus Fdjeux.Com 15'36" 
143 Kluck Damon Usa Us Postal - Berry Floor m.t. 
144 Kroon Karsten Ned Rabobank m.t. 


 Sandstod Michael Den Team Csc  Non Part. 
 Piil Jakob Den Team Csc  Abandon 
 Jalabert Nicolas Fra Team Csc  Abandon 
 Van Bondt Geert Bel Team Csc  Abandon 
 Karpets Vladimir Rus Ibanesto.Com Abandon 
 Pascual Javier Esp Ibanesto.Com Abandon 
 Plaza Molina Ruben Esp Ibanesto.Com Abandon 
 Apollonio Massimo Ita Vini Caldirola - Saunier Duval Abandon 
 Gerosa Mauro Ita Vini Caldirola - Saunier Duval Abandon 
 Milesi Marco Ita Vini Caldirola - Saunier Duval Abandon 
 Ekimov Vjatceslav Rus Us Postal - Berry Floor Abandon 
 Vandevelde Christian Usa Us Postal - Berry Floor Abandon 
 Dessel Cyril Fra Phonak Hearing Systems Abandon 
 Portal Nicolas Fra Ag2r Prevoyance Abandon 
 Auge Stéphane Fra Credit Agricole Abandon 
 Fedrigo Pierrick Fra Credit Agricole Abandon 
 Le Mevel Christophe Fra Credit Agricole Abandon 
 Andrle René Cze Once - Eroski Abandon 
 Beloki Gorka Esp Once - Eroski Abandon 
 Gonzalez Galdeano Alvaro Esp Once - Eroski Abandon 
 Serrano Marcos Esp Once - Eroski Abandon 
 Vicioso Angel Esp Once - Eroski Abandon 
 Geslin Anthony Fra Brioches La Boulangere Abandon 
 Hary Maryan Fra Brioches La Boulangere Abandon 
 Etxebarria David Esp Euskaltel - Euskadi Abandon 
 Arrizabalaga Gorka Esp Euskaltel - Euskadi Abandon 
 Gerrikagoitia Gorka Esp Euskaltel - Euskadi Abandon 
 Gonzalez Gorka Esp Euskaltel - Euskadi Abandon 
 Vogondy Nicolas Fra Fdjeux.Com Abandon 
 Schweda Raphael Ger Team Bianchi Abandon 
 Urban Malte Ger Team Bianchi Abandon 
 Bernard Jérôme Fra Jean Delatour Abandon 
 Finot Frédéric Fra Jean Delatour Abandon 
 Halgand Patrice Fra Jean Delatour Abandon 
 Krivtsov Yuriy Ukr Jean Delatour Abandon 
 Martin Ludovic Fra Jean Delatour Abandon 
 Buffaz Mickaël Fra Jean Delatour Abandon 
 Bracke Tony Bel Landbouwkrediet - Colnago Abandon 
 De Waele Bert Bel Landbouwkrediet - Colnago Abandon 
 Van Speybrock Wesley Bel Landbouwkrediet - Colnago Abandon 
 Bonomi Giosuè Ita Saeco - Macchine Per Caffe Abandon 
 Loda Nicola Ita Fassa Bortolo Abandon 
 Tosatto Matteo Ita Fassa Bortolo Abandon 
 Förster Robert Ger Gerolsteiner Abandon 
 Scholz Ronny Ger Gerolsteiner Abandon 
 Piccoli Mariano Ita Lampre  Abandon 
 Bertoletti Simone Ita Lampre  Abandon 
 Eeckhout Nico Bel Lotto - Domo Abandon 
 Marichal Thierry Bel Lotto - Domo Abandon 
 Gonzalez Santos Esp Domina Vacanze - Elitron Abandon 
 Scarponi Michele Ita Domina Vacanze - Elitron Abandon 
 Rutkiewicz Marek Pol Cofidis Credit Par Telephone Abandon 
 Sassone Robert Fra Cofidis Credit Par Telephone Abandon 

Paris Tours U23 Results

1 Claude Mathieu Fra Vendee U Pays De La Loire 4h07'22" 
2 Staelen Marc Fra Uc Chateauroux-Lab.Fenioux 00'20" 
3 Hoogerland Johnny Ned Quickstep-Davitamon  m.t.
4 Bonnet William Fra Cyclo Club Nogent Sur Oise  m.t.
5 De Becker Steven Bel Slagino Cycling Team-Abx Go Pass  m.t.
6 Zen Jean Fra Vendee U Pays De La Loire  m.t.
7 Ingels Nic Bel Wielergroep Beveren 2000  m.t.
8 Mangel Laurent Fra Cc.Etupes-Ledoubs Pays De Montbel.  m.t.
9 Lalouette Kévin Fra Cyclo Club Nogent Sur Oise 00'24" 
10 Blanchy Michael Bel Slagino Cycling Team-Abx Go Pass 00'47" 
11 Portal Sébastien Fra Pole France Wasquehal 00'53" 
12 Gene Yohann Fra Vendee U Pays De La Loire 01'10" 
13 Sinner Benoît Fra Seine Et Marne 01'59" 
14 Devocht Wim Bel Quickstep-Davitamon 03'24" 
15 Desmedt Kévin Bel Wielergroep Beveren 2000 03'24" 
16 V.D.Gehuchte Tommy Bel Slagino Cycling Team-Abx Go Pass 03'49" 
17 Lacourt Julien Fra Castel Sarrasin Didier Rous Tarnet Garonne 03'49" 
18 Feillu Romain Fra Uc Chateauroux-Lab.Fenioux 03'49" 
19 Billard Fabrice Fra Rhone Alpes 03'49" 
20 Blain Alexandre Fra Avc Aix En Provence 03'49" 
21 Witecki Mariusz Pol Cyclo Club Nogent Sur Oise 03'54" 
22 Cotret Nikolas Fra Orleanais 03'57" 
23 Ravenel Thomas Fra U.C.Sabolienne 04'13" 
24 Poilvet Ludovic Fra Cotes D'armor Cc Moncontour 04'24" 
25 Lemoine Joseph Fra U.C.Sabolienne 04'32" 
26 Wynands Stefan Bel Slagino Cycling Team-Abx Go Pass 04'32" 
27 Voigt Michael Usa U.S.a 04'32" 
28 Dartus Jéremy Fra Credit Agricole Espoirs 04'41" 
29 Perche Antoine Fra Pole France Wasquehal 04'53" 
30 Lesvenan Arnaud Fra Bretagne 04'53" 
31 Fauvez Sébastien Fra Pole France Wasquehal 04'53" 
32 Dony Jean-Philippe Bel R.C. Pesant Club Liegeois 05'01" 
33 Canet Guillaume Fra Velo Club Lyon Vaux-En-Velin 05'05" 
34 Presse Anthony Fra Bretagne 05'21" 
35 Gerard Arnaud Fra Cotes D'armor Cc Moncontour 05'21" 
36 Drouet Cédric Fra Uc Chateauroux-Lab.Fenioux 05'21" 
37 Cavalier Loïc Fra Team Remy Meder - Haguenau 05'21" 
38 Meul Robby Bel Slagino Cycling Team-Abx Go Pass 05'21" 
39 Cabrera Alexandre Fra Avc Aix En Provence 05'27" 
40 Pioline Renaud Fra Seine Et Marne 12'17" 
41 Legoff Yann Fra Cyclo Club Marmande 47 13'33" 
42 Defaux Dimitri Bel Quickstep-Davitamon 17'13" 
43 Barbe Koen Bel Deschacht Granville Team 17'13" 
44 Dockx Bart Bel Quickstep-Davitamon 17'13" 
45 Comblin Jérôme Bel R.C. Pesant Club Liegeois 17'13" 
46 Goossens Tonny Bel Wielergroep Beveren 2000 19'20" 
47 Malgouzou Eric Fra Auvergne Espoirs 19'20" 
48 Steinbrecher William Usa U.S.a 19'28" 
49 Wouters Anton Bel Quickstep-Davitamon 19'28" 
50 Vastmans Tom Bel Deschacht Granville Team 20'24" 

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