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International Junior 2 Days (Belgium) 2.8
By Staff
Date: 10/2/2003
International Junior 2 Days (Belgium) 2.8

Article and Photos by Karen Lambrecht

Last weekend, the international junior 2 days took place in Belgium. It’s one of the last races to prepare for the World Championships in Hamilton.

The Belgian top juniors, but also a lot of international teams like PH Cycling Team (Denmark), RO St. Petersburg (Russia) and FDB STI Logistica (Italy) were present.

There were also 2 American riders: Keith Norris and Steven Cozza. Also from British side a lot of juniors: Matthew Brammeier, Alistair Stoddart, Thomas Geraint (maybe he will go to Hamilton), Daniel Martin ...

With 175 participants, the organization was very happy.


Stage 1: Handzame – Handzame
Stage 2A: Time Trial Wulpen
Stage 2B: Koksijde – Koksijde

Stage 1

During the first stage, there was a breakaway from Anders Lund and Rasmus Fjordside. The 2 teammates sprinted for the victory. Anders Lund won and became the first leader. At 1’12’’ Anders Hansen completed the Danish podium.


1.Anders Lund (Den)
2.Rasmus Fjordside (Den)
3.Anders Hansen (Den)
4.Bart Cosyn (Bel)
5.Tim Vermeersch (Bel)
12.Steven Cozza (Usa)
13.Keith Norris (Usa)
19.Matthew Brammeier (Gbr)

Rasmus Fjordside (Den)  and Anders Lund (Den)

Stage 2A

In the time trial, there was nothing to begin against Dominique Cornu (Belgian Champion time trial). At 19 seconds we noted the excellent performance of Steven Cozza (Usa). Leader Anders Lund wasn’t in the first twenty of the ranking and lost his jersey to his teammate Fjordside. Last one ended sixth in the time trial, even he lost his way and lostd several seconds.


1.Dominique Cornu (Bel)
2.Steven Cozza (Usa)   at 19’’
3.Filip De Boeck (Bel) 22’’
4.Maarten Neyens (Bel)      27’’
5.Kenny De Ketel (Bel) 28’’
6.Rasmus Fjordside (Den)     28’’
15.Matthew Brammeier (Gbr)   35’’
20.Evgeni Nikitin (Rus)

Anders Lund (Den)

Stage 2B

In the last stage, with a lot of wind, there were several attacks from the Russian Nikitin. Also the Danish team was always present. In the final lap: full peloton. Leader Rasmus Fjordside attacked and arrived 12 seconds before the peloton, where Anders Lund won the sprint.


1.Rasmus Fjordside (Den)
2.Anders Lund (Den)    at 12’’
3.Karel Baten (Bel)
4.Jan Bakelants (Bel)
5.Steven Cozza (Usa)
6.Daniel Martin (Gbr)
9.Evgeni Nikitin (Rus)
14.Thomas Geraint (Gbr)

Final ranking

1.Rasmus Fjordside (Den)
2.Anders Lund (Den) at 26’’
3.Steven Cozza (Usa)    1’29’’
4.Jan Bakelants (Bel)     2’03’’
5.Dominique Cornu (Bel)    2’04’’
6.Anders Hansen (Den)
9.Daniel Martin (Gbr)

Steven Cozza (Usa)

Rasmus Fjordside (Den)

Rasmus Fjordside (Den)


Fjordside - Stage 2b

Lund in Mountain Jersey

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