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Amstel Gold live ticker
By Podofdonny
Date: 4/28/2002
Amstel Gold live ticker

14.30 good afternoon - a cold wet windy day in southern Holland see's the riders battling against the elements as well as each other . The envitable early escape De Groot (Rabobank), Kupfernagel (Phonak), Schmitz (Bankgiroloterij) and Van Dijck (Lotto) have around 7.30 on the peloton - they were initially part of a seven man break but the conditions and pace have reduced the leading group to four riders

five teams were the subject of UCI controls this morning Telekom, US Postal, Fakta, Domo-Farm Frites and CSC but all riders were clear -

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14.35 105 kilometres to go the four leaders are now given a time of 6.30 - so clearly their lead is beginning to fall rapidly . The race was first won in 1966 and was won by Jean Stablinski (Fra)- the gentleman responsible for much of the modern Paris Roubaix route -

Rabbobank are without four of their strongest men Dekker, Den Bakker and De Jongh and Beat Zberg but todays windy conditions should still favour the team with the best local knowledge - Boogerd is well aware that Dutch eyes are looking to him to try and salvage something from the early season for the boys in Orange

14.55 95 km to go The Fassa boys have grouped near the front of the peloton - Pettachi had a little flurry at the front the four leaders now have around 5 minutes on the peloton

81 kms Petacchi and Kristensen (Fakta) have a small lead and have caught Wuyts one of the original breakaways .

76 kms The peloton seems untroubled by Pettachi and Kristensen and Wuyts who now have around 40 seconds on a very lethargic peloton - the four leaders are around 6.30 up on the main group

70 kms Wuyts is dropped by Petacchi and Kristensen of the four riders leading the race Kupfernagel (Phonak) is the driving force - Dierckxsens is trying to bridge the gap but as he reaches Wuyts - Wuyts crashes !

68 The 4 leaders still have 6.15 on the main peloton - Petacchi and Kristensen are 3 minutes behind them now ans so have around 3 minutes on the peloton themselves - strange that they should be allowed so much leeway at this point in the race .

Of the four leaders De Groot (Rabobank), Kupfernagel (Phonak), Schmitz (Bankgiroloterij) and Van Dijck (Lotto) the lotto man is clearly under team orders not to work while the Phonak man is working very hard

66 km Dierckxsens has been joined by Sweet and they are now 40 seconds behind the Petacchi group meanwhile still 6.30 back on the leaders the peloton is lead by the Lotto - now Armstong comes to the front of the peloton - clearly taking the lead

62 km De Waele , Museeuw and Friere at the head of the peloton now -and the pace of the peloton rises as it surely must if they are to catch the escapees

58km the 4 leader still have 5 minutes on the main peloton while the group Petacchi have closed the gap to around 2.30 on the four escapees

56 kms the Petacchi ,Kristensen, Dierckxsens and Sweet have joined together now they are 2.30 behind the leading 4 and 2.30 ahead of the peloton which is now being lead by the US Postal

50kms my mistake it is Van Velzen,with Dierckxsens Petacchi, Kristensen in the second group who are still around 2.30 behind the leading quartet

47kmsPostal now have 4 men at the front and are driving the peloton - the gap to the leaders is now around 4.40

Petacchi has been dropped by the second group and is caught by the peloton - still lead by the postal team - meanwhile in the lead group Schmitz is left on his own as the time gap between the froups is dropping quickly - the lead is now around 3 minutes while the Dierckxsens group is about a minute in front

40 kms Zabel has punctured - Balducci attacks

Postal soon catch Balducci only De Groot, Schmitz remain from the original escapees and the gap is falling very quickly now - behind the Postal lead charge the usual suspects are now very attentive

Boogerd attacks and is joined by Armstrong, Bartoli and Ivanov who will soon catch the three leaders

they catch the two leaders so a lead group of six men now have the advantage over the peloton with 30 km's to go

Behind the peloton is chasing hard on the Keuteberg De Groot is dropped from the lead group while Boogerd is looking strong

Schmitz is dropped to as Boogerd sets the pace meanwhile in the peloton Balducci attacks again and Museeuw drops of the back

25km Armstrong group has 1 minute on the Telekom lead peloton - while more riders disappear off the back Lotto join the chase down with van Petegem at the front

Boogerd , Armstrong , Ivanov and Bartoli now have around 50 seconds - the third to last climb the Cauberg looms ahead

22km gap now around a minute - hard to say whether it is actually increasinf - Friere is near the front of the peloton as the leaders climb the Cauberg

20km the 4 leaders are working well together but the advantage must remain with the two Fassa boys Bartoli and Ivanov - Telekom still lead the chase behind gap still around a minute

17km Bettini is at the front of the peloton while the Rabobank boys try to keep a lid on the action for Boogerd up ahead - the four may well stay away now

Ivanov is now setting the pace - behind the peloton is reduced to about thirty men - the lead has gone up again to 1.25 - the four frontrunners will surely be the top 4 men of the day

14kms Ivanov has a little dig , marked out by Armstrong - Bartoli counter attacks - marked out by Armstrong again

10 km's peloton has drifted back to 1.50 the four leaders are back together

they approach the final climb -

Armstrong has a small attack near the summit brought back by Bartloi - the four are back together

Armstrong looking very strong - , he fends off double attacks from Fassa - Boogerd is either the weakest or the wisest

3km Ivanov has another attack - pulled back

2km Ivanov again - again Armstrong pulls it back - looks like the four will sprint it out !

500m its gooing to be Ivanov slows it right down sprint - Armstrong cant get a good line Fassa have one two





Friere leads the peloton home van petegem and planckaert follow on .

So Fassa finally get revenge on the Mapei boys in the spring classics - Boogerd keeps up Dutch nonour -but Armstrong is once again foiled from victory in the race he so wants to win - full reports interviews etc later

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