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Dutch Team for Hamilton
By Anita van Crey
Date: 9/29/2003
Dutch Team for Hamilton
Gerrie Knetemann, the Dutch national coach, has chosen Steven de Jongh (Rabobank), Matthé Pronk and Rik Reinerink (both Bankgiroloterij) to accompany the allready selected riders at the World Championships in Hamilton. In the roadrace will compete in orange jerseys the three mentioned above and Michael Boogerd, Bram de Groot, Jan Boven, Maarten den Bakker, Karsten Kroon (all Rabobank), Koos Moerenhout (Lotto-Domo), Bram Schmitz and Gerben Löwik (both Bankgiroloterij) . After the WorldCup leg Paris-Tours the last and final rider will be elected.

-more info will follow later on the team, riders and chances-

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