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Bingen Fernandez Stage 19. Groovy Grupetto.
By Staff
Date: 9/26/2003
Bingen Fernandez Stage 19. Groovy Grupetto.


The break of twenty that broke off early on was some fortunate for both them and us. The peloton had no interest in chasing them down and was resigned to letting them gain time.

When we started climbing the Puerto de los Leones I was in the front and I could tell that Kelme was preparing for a serious attack that would break up the peloton. I got on the team radio and warned my teammates to be prepared but the one rider who should have heard did not. Our leader did not hear my warning and was at the back of the peloton when the attack came. Millar went to his aid and helped pull him into the break group. He fortunately made the break. Millar did his work and fell back into the grupetto.

The descent of the Puerto de Leones. Unipublic

I ended up in the grupetto as well which was huge and made the dynamics of it just simply cool today. Everyone was taking their turn at the front and we went fast on the flats, easy up the climbs and fast on the descents. We were just a few minutes behind the lead group and they were not gaining any more time on us.


During the last several kilometers riders started going back to their team cars and asking the directors what was happening in the race ahead of us. With Heras out in front everyone was curious as to what would happen. When they were were filled in on the latest news of the race they would return to the pack and share the juicy news with everyone.


David wanted to go for another stage today but the large break made it an impossibility which is just as well, since he had the opportunity to rest up a bit for tomorrow's time trial which he most certainly wants to win.

Bingen Fernandez Bustinza
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Luis Perez today. Unipublic

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