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Saiz Expelled!
By Podofdonny
Date: 9/26/2003
Saiz Expelled!

Official Release
Collado Villalba, 26 de Septiembre de 2003

Article 2.6.035 The image of cycling during a major tour has been gravely affected.

After having heard the ONCE-EROSKI´s Directeur Sportif, the President of the Commission together with the Organization have decided to expel Mr. SÁIZ Manuél from the Vuelta 2003 for having affected the image of cycling as well as the race with serious insults and threats against television reporters.

The organizers - The President of the Commissaires Panel
Collado Villalba, 26 de Septiembre de 2003

1) Article 12.1.040 section 29
A fine of 400 Swiss Francs for Once-Eroski´s Directeur Sportif, Manuél Sáiz, (ESP 1959 1016), for having broken the rules during the stage and not having followed the instructions of the Commissaires Panel.

2) Article 12.1.040 section 30
A fine of 400 Swiss Francs for Once-Eroski´s Directeur Sportif, Manuél Sáiz, (ESP 1959 1016) for insults and threats towards the drivers of a motorbike for television.

3) Article 12.1.005
A report denouncing the events is to be put forward to the UCI Disciplinary Commission in relation to the behaviour of the Once-Eroski´s Directeur Sportif, SÁIZ Manuél, during the stage.

4) Article 12.1.040 section 19.1
A fine of 30 Swiss Francs for having sheltered the riders:
(156) TANKINK Bram (QSD) NED 19781203
(215) DE LA FUENTE, David (VIN) ESP 19810504

--The Commissaires Panel

What Happened

ONCE team manager Manolo Saiz has been excluded from the Vuelta Espana with just two days to go and race leader Isidro Nozal bids to seal victory in the race.

Saiz, who was excluded by the Tour of France in previous years, was thrown out by race officials after trying to force his way to the front of the stage past a television reporter on a motorbike.

Saiz thinking that Roberto Heras (US Postal), was using the motorbike to slipstream during his attack, forced his way to the front to insult and threaten the reporter.

Vuelta official Voets said: "What happened was actually very serious. Everyone who was watching on television heard the insults and threats by Saiz.

"We spoke to Saiz by telephone and have decided to exclude him from the race in accordance with UCI (International Cycling Union) rules."

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