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Bingen Fernandez Stage 18: Mental Explosion
By Staff
Date: 9/25/2003
Bingen Fernandez Stage 18: Mental Explosion

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Everyone is very tired physically and mentally. To say that we are all very anxious to finish this tour is putting it mildly.

Today’s stage was incredibly fast and stressful. The stage was on the outskirts of Madrid which meant a day passing through lots of towns, making it a very dangerous racing conditions and only adding stress to the peloton.

Racing full-speed. No time to rest. Stressful. Lots of yelling in the peloton. No talking among riders. Everyone staring at the wheel in front of them. The radio was also silent.

The director knew that we were going fast and didn’t bother to warn us of upcoming hills, sprints, round-abouts…nothing. It was horrible for me, it was horrible for everyone. With all the yelling and tension, riders were trying to get people to calm down.

Too much stress.

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After the race we were in the team bus but still carrying the race with us - still stressed, still thinking and talking about the stage. It wasn’t until one of my teammates finally told us to shut up and forget the race that we finally calmed down and let it go.

Now we are all wondering what the final stage into Madrid will be like. Traditionally, whether it be in the Tour or the Vuelta, we go slow the last day. It is more of a show for the spectators than a real stage. Half-joking, I told my teamates that if we don’t go at full-speed from the start line on Sunday then I would certainly be the first to attack, making sure that we do.

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