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Bingen Fernandez Rest Day #2: Regalo de Cumpleaños.
By Staff
Date: 9/22/2003
Bingen Fernandez Rest Day #2: Regalo de Cumpleaños.

Regalo de Cumpleaños. Birthday Gift.

We had a long relaxing breakfast this morning and then left the hotel at 11.30 to train. On our ride we stopped in a town because it was my teammate Daniel Atienza’s birthday. In Spain it is customary that the individual with the birthday buy treats, usually cookies, for all his friends. So Daniel bought everyone donuts and Coke. When they were ordering I rode off to the post office and mailed Janna there at Daily Peloton our Cofidis team jersey signed by all the riders.

They were waiting for me when I got back, as were my donuts and Coke, which we ate under a tree.

At one point on our way back, a semi truck passed us and we got on his rear to draft. Just moments later we saw David Millar passing the truck on the left! What a scene!

On the way to the hotel we started to race each other downhill - but this was not a normal race…remember this is a rest day. The trick was that we could not pedal. Of course Atienza, being absolutely tiny, flew off the back immediately. Then someone yells, "Quick, quick, Daniel is off the back. Venga, venga! Go quick."

Cuesta, Millar, Fofonov, Perez and I started doing revolutions (this time pedaling). Eventually we were laughing too hard to pedal and Atienza was still working hard off the back trying to catch us. We finally slowed down and when he regrouped we all sang him Happy Birthday in English. These are the best days of training - with good friends and without a care in the world.

When we neared the hotel Iñigo and I went to buy lottery tickets. Whenever I buy a lottery ticket Nikane always rolls her eyes and tells me that I have a greater chance in winning the Tour de France than the lottery. I like my chances either way. Who knows.

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