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Pollacks Double!
By Podofdonny
Date: 4/26/2002
Pollacks Double!

Olaf Pollack makes it two in a row - as he wins the “king stage” of Niedersachsen-Rundfahrt

stage 3: Wolfsburg - Duderstadt (210,4 km)

A combination of great determination , excellent team riding , and good team tactics lead to Olaf Pollacks rather surprising second victory in the of Niedersachsen-Rundfahrt today . It had been expected that the combination of three Cat 2 climbs would have been too greater obstacle for sprint and track specialist Pollack but he and his Gerolsteiner team confounded the “experts” to not only take the stage but also to hold onto the leaders yellow jersey as well

This is not to say the mountains did not play havoc with the rest of the peloton - and the 210 kilometre course between Wolfsburg and Dunderstadt had its moments of drama along the route . Inevitably two riders set off in search of glory ,The duo Miran Kelner (Slovenia) and Robert Sczepurek (Berlin) were clear for approximately 100 kilometres and at one stage had a lead of around 18 minutes.They left in their wake a split peloton with the Gerolsteiner team holding all the cards , since they had been able to get a rider into each of the splits .As the peloton sped towards the final climb of the day Juergen Werner of the team Nuernberger attacked to take the green King of the Mountains jersey .

However the mountains were not really enough to separate the wheat from the chaff - and with the notable exception of local matador Thorsten Wilhelms - all the main contenders were back together again .with 40 kilometres to go .It was then the Gerolsteiner team came into it’s own as team manager Holczer explains -

"Following the mountains we managed to have seven of our riders in the front group - which was a super achievement . The team were able to look after Olaf and ensure that the race would end in a sprint . Only Sebastian Lang was missing - but he had done a lot of hard work early in the stage .It was a great Powerplay by the team and it meant that Olaf was able to save his strength for the final sprint .”

As the 65 strong peloton came towards the finish it was once again Olympic gold medallist Pollack who came out on top ahead of Andre Korff (Coast) -a rider who has had a super season so far and is certainly due a victory .Naturally Pollack was delighted with his victory and the honour of wearing the yellow jersey for another day .

However last years winner Grischa Niermann (Rabobank) was quick to point to tomorrow afternoons time trial -

“ It will be very difficult for Pollack to hold onto his jersey after the time trial “ he said - a sentiment that Gerolsteiner team manager Holczer . tends to agree with particulary since Pollacks lead is only 37 seconds.

Olaf Pollack is not a bad time trialist , but the competition is very strong - particulary from Thomas Liese the German master against the clock riding for the Nuernberger team .Having said that the race does not finish until Sunday - and the stage to Bückeburg may actually be the key . Lets not forget that Michael Rich is in red hot form - and if Olaf does not succeed in the time trial then he is my favourite for victory .”

stage 3: Wolfsburg - Duderstadt = 210,4 km

1. Olaf Pollack (All/Gerolsteiner) 5 h. 52:30

2. Andre Korff (All/Team Coast)

3. Andreas Beikirch (All/Team Cologne)

4. Michal Prechtel (Tch/Wüstenrot)

5. Sebastian Siedler (All/BDR Bahn)

6. Werner Riebenbauer (Aut/Nürnberger)

7. Mateusz Mroz (Pol/Mroz)

8. David Kopp (All/Telekom)

9. Peter Pichler (Aut)

10. Steffen Radochla (All/Coast) all same time

Ranking after stage 3

1. Olaf Pollack (All/Gerolsteiner) 14 h. 45:12

2. Andre Korff (All/Coast) + 26

3. Steffen Radochla (All/Coast) 32

4. Andreas Beikirch (All/Cologne) 34

5. Lubar Tesar (Tch/Nürnberger) 34

6. Werner Riebenbauer (Aut/Nürnberger) 34

7. Christian Lademann (All/Wüstenrot) 37

8. Grischa Niermann (All/Rabobank) 37

9. Thorsten Schmidt (All/Gerolsteiner) 37

10. David Kopp (All/Telekom) 38

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