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Bingen Fernandez Diary Stage 10
By Staff
Date: 9/15/2003
Bingen Fernandez Diary Stage 10

Respeto y a tope hasta meta.

This morning the team director gave Fofonov, Farazjin, Lopeboselli and I our daily orders: "Attack, attack and attack."

We were attacking whenever possible, trying to get in good breaks. Today ´Lope´ was lucky when he found himself in the breakaway 100kms before the finish with Oscar Sevilla, Mercado, González and a several others. Having a few favorites in the break made it a little less than normal breakaway. Within their group there were attacks after attacks, in hopes to drop Sevilla at the least.

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A breakaway group with even one well-placed rider means that the peloton will definitely reel it back in, so it was the hope of some to drop him, but instead of Oscar being dropped, my teammate Lopeboselli, Acosta and the Euskaltel rider Iker Flores were dropped from the group. Relentless attacking within a breakaway group 100kms from the finish is not normal. It is normal for everyone to work together to gain as much time as they can on the peloton.

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It seems redundant to mention it, but it was another fast day today - just like the rest. In the final kilometers the peloton split up. Sometimes I don't understand when we are in the home stretch how some riders just decide to give up in the middle of the bunch. This is what happened today. It is one thing to be on the edge and quit, and another to be in the middle of the pack. It is unfortunate for everyone behind that rider because they all end up behind.

My teammate Iñigo Cuesta lost the group in the sprint because of this, as did a lot of other riders. There are many times that we have to suffer not just for ourselves but for our fellow riders as well. Races like this are more and more tiring as the days roll on, with the exhaustion becoming more emotional than physical.

Bingen Fernandez Bustinza
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