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News Roundup (Women, Track & Mountain) - Sept 15, 2003
By Becky Leidy
Date: 9/15/2003
News Roundup (Women, Track & Mountain) - Sept 15, 2003
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World Cup Final – Kaprun Austria

The final race of the World Cup calendar returned to the 2002 World Championship site of Kaprun Austria. Utilizing courses virtually identical to the previous season’s finale, this year’s event held all the promise of success and closure.

The entire week leading up the to event’s weekend was rainy, cold and miserable with the snow level dropping in the surrounding mountains. The cross-country course held many tricky lines that were difficult during dry weather and virtually impossible during the wet. The mud itself was thankfully fluid for most of the week with the threat of the drying sun seeming more probable as Sunday’s race day approached. The short and somewhat innocuous downhill run was seemingly carved from the pasture hillside meaning that many corners were impossible to navigate. Additionally, the 4X course held the same problems but a helicopter worked around the clock dropping buckets of gravel to help soak up the water and present a solid course.

Friday’s 4X event was initially rescheduled for Saturday but then abandoned altogether due to a potentially dangerous course with mud nearly knee deep in places.

Saturday’s downhill event saw Trek-Volkswagen’s Mio Suemasa qualify in a career high 4th place. With extremely muddy terrain and light rain falling, the afternoon finals proved to be a battle of equipment attrition as much as physical skill. Suemasa finished in 11th place while Marla Streb (Luna Women’s Mountain Bike) took the victory on the day.

Sunday cross-country dawned sunny and warm with occasional clouds. Tire choice certainly became a critical issue as the course became sticky and muddy. The women’s event saw Alison Sydor (Trek-Volkswagen) take an early lead with Marga Fullana (Orbea), Gunn-Rita Dahle (Merida) and Sabine Spitz (Merida) hot on her wheel. This elite group began to pull away from the field over the course of the first lap. With repeated accelerations, Dahle shed most of the group with only teammate Spitz able to keep her in sight. An unfortunate rear puncture took Sydor out of contention and chasing hard to regain lost positions. At the finish it was Dahle taking both the victory and the overall title. Sydor continued chasing to the end rolling across the line in 13th spot with teammate Susan Haywood in 20th.

The men’s race saw newly crowned World Champion, Filip Meirhaeghe (Specialized) take the victory. Trek-Volkswagen’s Roland Green spent the week at home, recovering from illness.

Women’s Downhill
1. Marla Streb – Luna Women’s Mountain Bike Team
2. Sabrina Jonnier – Intense
3. Fionn Griffiths – Azonic-Foes
11. Mio Suemasa – Trek-Volkswagen

Women’s Downhill Overall
1. Sabrina Jonnier – Intense
2. Fionn Griffiths – Azonic-Foes
3. Tracey Moseley – Kona-Clarks
11. Mio Suemasa – Trek-Volkswagen

Women’s Cross Country
1. Gunn-Rita Dahle – Merida
2. Sabine Spitz – Merida
3. Marie-Helene Premont – Oryx
13.Alison Sydor – Trek-Volkswagen
20.Susan Haywood – Trek-Volkswagen

Women’s Cross Country Overall
1. Gunn-Rita Dahle – Merida
2. Sabine Spitz – Merida
3. Irina Kalientava – Merida
7. Alison Sydor – Trek-Volkswagen
10. Susan Haywood – Trek-Volkswagen

Men’s Cross Country
1. Filip Meirhaeghe – Specialized
2. Thomas Frishknecht – Swiss Power
3. Julien Absalon – Motorex-Bianchi

Men’s Cross Country Overall
1. Julien Absalon – Motorex-Bianchi
2. Christoph Sauser – Siemens-Cannondale
3. Jose Hermida – Motorex-Bianchi

Women’s 4X Overall
1. Katrina Miller – Jamis
2. Sabrina Jonnier – Intense
3. Mio Suemasa – Trek-Volkswagen

Men’s 4X Overall
1. Eric Carter – Mongoose-Hyundai
2. Cedric Gracia – Siemens-Cannondale
3. Mike King – Haro-Lee Dungarees
4. Wade Bootes – Trek-Volkswagen

- Report submitted by Eric Wallace, Team Manager of the Trek-Volkswagen Racing Team

Second Yoplait Women’s Cycling Summit Conference to be Held at Interbike

On June 14, 2003, professional and amateur women racers, team managers and cycling luminaries from across the country gathered at the Nature Valley Grand Prix to begin charting the future of their sport. This "first of its kind" conference, sponsored by Yoplait Yogurt, considered a wide range of grassroots and elite issues that have stifled the growth of women’s racing. Although this conference was hailed by participants as a great success, it was just the first step in a long process. The

next step will be taken at the 2nd Yoplait Women’s Cycling Summit Conference, which will be held at the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas on Monday, October 13.


One focus of the June conference was strategies that could build elite women’s racing. A key weakness in the sport today is the lack of coaching opportunities that can help gifted youngsters advance. Conferees also recommended that elite women, promoters and sponsors be educated to the promotional value of women’s racing and that USA Cycling create a focused points series to identify the top women’s events. The elite racing session of the Interbike conference will focus on the

development of a national women’s points series. During this session, conferees will work towards the development of recommendations for promoters that want to raise the level of their women’s events. They’ll also discuss strategies for marketing women’s racing to the media, the community and the women racers themselves.


The June conference also addressed the need to make both recreational cycling and entry-level racing more accessible to women. The conference identified a number of strategies that have produced good results. Programming options include women’s rides, skills clinics, mentorship, social support networks and seminars on topics like balancing cycling

with job and family obligations. Conferees at Interbike will discuss strategies for distributing these programs nationwide.


The conference, which is open to everyone who supports women’s cycling, will be held in room Casanova 505 of the Venetian hotel from 6:00 to 7:30 PM on Monday, October 13. Refreshments will be served.


For more information on the conference, contact David LaPorte.


Lehigh Valley Velodrome Announces Wine Festival and Participating Wineries

Lehigh Valley Wine Trail to be Sponsor of Event


(Lehigh Valley, PA) - The Lehigh Valley Velodrome will be hosting its first ever non-cycling event, The Lehigh Valley Food & Wine Festival, on October 18, 2003. This food and wine festival will complement the cycling activities and help in the promotion of future events.


The festivities, to be held from noon to 6pm, encompass the best the Lehigh Valley has to offer in a complete food and wine experience. Patrons will have the opportunity to try a variety of wines from five participating wineries including; Clover Hill Winery, Vynecrest Winery, Blue Mountain Vineyards, Cherry Valley Vineyards, and Franklin Hill Vineyards.


Restaurants will provide dishes that complement particular wines all of which will be placed on a sheet for easy pairing by attendees. "The Velodrome has a long history of providing entertainment in the form of bicycle racing and events. Cycling is to remain our focus but with such a beautiful facility we feel expanding in new directions will help with growth," said Pat McDonough, Lehigh Valley Velodrome Director.


The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail along with Soft Rock 100.7 will be the key sponsors for the first year event. Soft Rock 100.7 is to be the official radio station while The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail has been instrumental in bringing the new food and wine event to fruition.


As a supplement to the food and wine festivities local jazz bands will perform to provide a relaxing yet upbeat atmosphere to the autumn event. Also on hand will be a variety of vendors including automobile dealers and day spas to showcase the entire spectrum of fine living in the Lehigh Valley.


Half of each pre-event ticket sale will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Ticket pricing is $5 for adults (seven and older) and free for children six and under. Included with each admission will be a commemorative wine glass.


Ticket Pricing and Availability

Tickets for the Lehigh Valley Food & Wine Festival are $5.00 for Adults 7 and older and FREE for children 6 and under. One-half of all pre-event ticket sales will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Tickets are available now by calling 610.967.7587.

The Northampton Cycling Club is proud to announce that the Vandedrome cycling track has arrived in the Pioneer Valley

Velodrome committee forming now!


After months of negotiations with John VandeVelde, the Northampton Cycling Club acquired the Vandedrome, a portable 170-meter cycling track.  It made its way from Somerville, New Jersey to the Pioneer Valley via nine movers, six box trucks, and two flatbed tractor-trailers.  The velodrome has been in storage for several years, so it will need a substantial amount of work before cyclists begin racing in the summer of 2004.


Bringing the velodrome to Northampton represents the beginning of a revival of track racing in New England.  In 1884, H.E. Drucker built a special bicycle track inside the Hampden Park trotting track in Springfield. This track launched bicycle track racing, which became a popular spectator sport.  During one three-day meet in Springfield, all American and European track records were shattered before the eyes of 27,000 spectators.


The Vandedrome is a portable, 170 meter cycling track, with a wooden surface and a steel infrastructure.  Up to 24 cyclists compete on the 54-degree banking, using bicycles with no brakes.  There are over twenty velodromes located throughout the United States, but this will be the first in New England in decades.  The Vandedrome has been used in the 1998 Goodwill Games and has traveled to a dozen or so locations throughout the country. 


Now the exciting and hard work begins.  Anyone who is interested in participating in the formation of a velodrome committee, with the intention of rehabbing, locating and opening the velodrome, is invited to attend an introductory meeting on Monday, September 15th at 7:00 at Seelye Hall, Room 206 on the Smith College Campus.


The meeting will include a photo presentation of the track, a Q&A period, round-table discussion, and recruitment of committee members.  The committee will be looking for volunteers to help with fundraising, advertising and marketing, venue search, velodrome repair and rehab, legal issues and volunteer recruitment.  Call John Frey at 587-8915 or email with questions or if you are interested in participating but cannot attend the meeting. Further information can be found here. To “Adopt-a-Board” or for other donation information visit the website.






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