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Vuelta a Espana Stage 8 Live Coverage
By Andy McGrath
Date: 9/13/2003
Vuelta a Espana Stage 8 Live Coverage

Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of Stage 8 of the Vuelta a Espana. Additional commentary by Nick Bull.

We join the race at around the 65km mark. Right now there is a 9 man group about 7,40 away: Joaquin Rodriguez (ONCE), Unai Etxebarria (Euskaltel), Eladio Jimenez und Aitor Osa (ibanesto), Constantino Zaballa (Kelme), Joan Horrach (Milaneza), Francisco Lara (Bianchi), Denis Lunghi (Alessio), Josef Jufre (Relax).

The break got away approaching the early ramps of the Col d'Aspin about 35km out - they have now reached the top of the Aspin at 64km with a lead of 8 minutes 20 seconds.

David Millar said about this stage: "Day number two in the mountains, and again, even if your legs have got a bit more used to the climbing by this time, this is the sort of stage that will do real damage. Not just because if this sort of stage was in the Tour de France nobody would bat an eyelid - and we are in September, eight months into the season; it's also because the Portillon in particular is exceedingly hard and the Pla de Beret ascent actually starts at the bottom of the Portillon. Plus it's up and down all day long, so there's no time for recovery. Not only that, if it's the usual Vuelta a Espana racing style of going mental from the start of every stage, being that short [166km], the 'laughing group' could be in for an interesting time."

Currently, the nine leaders are whizzing down the other side of the Col d'Aspin at breakneck speed - there will be no respite after the downhill, as the climb of the Peyresourde will begin.

The leading nine have a lead of 8:25 on the chasing group as they tackle the descent.

At this stage of the race it is no surprise to see that the ONCE team are not too bothered about our escapees - Aitor Osa is the best placed rider of the lead group, and is over 16 minutes behind Nozal.

Each climb except the final one has been featured in the Tour de France, incidentally: the Aspin first crossed in 1910, led over by Octave Lapize as was the Col de Peyresourde in the same year whilst Keteleer was the first to ever peak the Portillon in 1957 in the Tour.

The Col de Peyresourde is now being climbed by our leading group. This first category climb was used in this year's Tour de France, and Jan Ullrich fell on the descent of it during that very race in 2001.

The early part of the climb is relatively easy, but the final parts have a much steeper gradient. The nature of the climb will surely see some of the riders in the race lose contact with the peloton.

Some of the escapees have already left their mark on this year's Vuelta: Venezuelan Unai Etxebarria raced to a second stage victory as his non-related-namesake David slowed the other breakaways to allow a Euskaltel victory. Joaquin Rodriguez, meanwhile, wore the gold jersey for a couple of days.

Felix Cardenas' Labarca-2 team are now leading the peloton. Their leader is currently winning the King Of The Mountains competition and is surely a favourite to take today's stage if the peloton catches our leading group of nine.

Of the breakaways, only Etxebarria and Jimenez have won stages, although Osa took the Mountains competition last year - and clearly is eager to defend his title, and fend off the older pretender Cardenas.

Km 82: The leading nine riders have reached the feeding station. As they sling their musettes over their shoulders and ride on, their lead has increased from the last time check - it is now 9'47'.

14.30, Km 86: As the leaders begin to climb the steeper sections of the Peyresourde, their lead has increased to 10 minutes 17 seconds.

Km 87: Miguel Angel Martin, the rider from the Italian Domina Vacanze team, has attacked from the peloton.

Km 88: Martin has been caught and is now back in the peloton. The pack is still being led by the Labarca-2 team.

Km 90: As the leading group reach the 90th kilometer, it appears that the peloton have begun to close down their very big lead, reducing it by thirty second since the last time check.

US Postal will be very keen to close this gap, as their two top riders - Manuel Beltran and Roberto Heras - are very keen to attack the Spanish ONCE team, who have the race lead with Nozal.

Nozal, speaking at the signing on area at the start of the stage, said that he felt that his rivals were tired. Back in the pack as we speak, many riders are becoming fatigued, the result of the continued efforts from the Labarca 2 team. It appears that their leader Felix Cardenas wants to win the stage.

14.47, Km 95: The leaders are near the top of the Col de Peyresourde. Back in the peloton, the ONCE team are beginning to form at its head.

Km 97: The lead is now down to 7'44".

Virenque is losing ground in the peloton. However, he does not appear to be that troubled. One theory is that he is saving himself for a stage win later on in the race, but it is surprising that he would want to be dropped on home soil.

Like Millar, Virenque might just be regaining form for Hamilton - although the Cofidis man will be going for the World TT Championship rather than the road race.

Km 100: The lead of the breakaway group has increased: it is now up to 8'23". The leading nine riders have finished the descent of the Peyresourde and are making their way towards the first category climb of the Col de Portillon.

That ascent begins in around 10km.

With 65km to go, the win could come from this breakaway - amongst the best climbers in the nine man lead group are Aitor Osa and Josep Jufre.

Km 101: The peloton have reached the top of the Peyresourde, around eight and a half minutes after the leaders of the stage, who find themselves in Luchon, a small town between the Peyresourde and Portillion.

The Kelme riders are becoming increasingly more active at the front of the peloton. They have one rider in the breakaway group, so it is surprising to see them attempting to bridge the gap.

The Col du Portillon, whilst not as long as the previous two climbs, is slightly steeper and will leave the less gifted climbers of the peloton reeling.

The average gradient of the Col du Portillon is 8.1%.

15.06, Km 102: The gap is now 8'01".

Km 109: Result of the sprint at Luchˇn: 1. Unai Extebarria, 2. Josep Jufre, 3. Denis Lunghi.

In French, portillon means gate: so will any contenders have their overall victory gates closed with a clang today?

Km 114: The leading group have reached the Col de Portillon. Their lead is 8 and a quarter minutes. Back in the peloton, meanwhile, there are two Kelme riders setting the pace.

Maybe Zaballa is tiring - although he's not a bad climber in any way, the pace of the break may be taking its toll on him. Leimphimer has been dropped by the peloton. This is not good news for the Rabobank rider, as he is looking for a contract for 2004.

Yes, it could be that the Vuelta podium placing Leipheimer obtained in 2001 will be the highlight of his career - but hopefully, he will amount to more than that.

15.17: The gap between the nine leaders and the Peloton is down to 6'33", the smallest it has been for some time. 9km to the top of the climb.

Amongst the frontrunners in the peloton are yesterday's livewires Michael Rasmussen (the stage winner) and Cofidis' Luis Perez who took 4th - having already won on the second day.

Km 117: Yesterday's stage winner Rasmussen is riding at the front of the peloton. He looks to be in good condition. Alongside him are a couple of Kelme riders, who have contributed to closing the gap between themselves and the escapees. The difference is now around the 6'00" mark.

Rasmussen is looking very strong at the head of the peloton. After his hard work yesterday it remains to be seen if he can ride at the front of the pack for a long time.

Aitor Osa will be hard-pressed to win, with the lead gradually being reduced. Yet, it would be fitting for the man who has been with Banesto since 1997, to take his first Vuelta stage and finish the iBanesto era with a bang.

Oscar Sevilla has been dropped by the Peloton on the Portillon. are leading the peloton, Cardenas (who looked strong earlier in the stage) is in trouble, Heras has apparently had some problems staying on others' wheels.

Baby-faced 'Oscarlito' crashed on Monday and clearly hasn't really bounced back. After most of this season laid out with an operation on a boil amongst most things, he has had much less mileage and preparation than the other favourites: it shows.

Last year's Vuelta winner Aitor Gonzalez has distanced himself from the front of the peloton. Rasmussen, Perez, Del Olmo and Valverde have joined him. They have a gap of around ten seconds.

Rasmussen has attacked!

All of this action in the peloton has meant that the gap to our leaders - who are now on the descent of the climb - has decreased dramatically.

Rasmussen's definitely the leader of Rabobank now, as Leipheimer flounders: this great Dane must have incredible energy reserves to be 'trying it' again!

Rasmussen has decided to abandon his attack, the peloton has caught him, and the four riders with whom he attacked the pack. This is a sensible move, as he was not gaining much time on the riders behind him.

15.35. The gap to the leading nine is now about 3'20" - it looks likely the favourites and GC highflyers will fight it out for the stage win now.

Two riders have withdrawn so far today - Jaime Hernandez for Bianchi and, very recently, Phonak's ace time trialist Juan Carlos Dominguez.

It looks as if Milaneza's Joan Horrach led over the Portillon, with Aitor Osa and Josep Jufre following close in his wheelmarks.

Draw breath before the final climb...

15.42, Km 127: The lead is around 4'10". The breakaway is pushing on - they won't be caught without a fight. The leading nine riders have split up. A group of four has formed from the original nine. It appears to contain Osa from

Richard Virenque has attacked from the peloton on the flat - he was in trouble on the Peyresoudre.

It's a brave move by the Casablanca-born Quick Step man, but he'll be hard-pressed to bridge the gap. The Frenchman has been joined by Martinez, and the gap to the Peloton is 15".

The Basque 'Orange Man' Alberto Martinez Trinidad, who pipped Lance Armstrong to the 2002 Criterium International title by milliseconds, will be looking to get some glory for himself, considering that the Criterium International was his last win!

15.53. It appears that the four riders who were dropped by the other five who lead the stage for many kilometers are about to be caught by Virenque and Martinez.

With the peloton fast approaching the final climb of the day, the ONCE team have positioned themselves at the front of the pack. It might be a Postal-ONCE showdown on this finishing climb, with Gonzalez de Galdeano and Nozal against Heras and Beltran: 'Clash of the Titans' eh?

No one is sure if Nozal will lose the Gold Jersey today, but if he does his teammate Igor Gonzazlez de Galdeano could take it over.

Despite splitting a few kilometers ago, the nine riders who formed the long breakaway during the stage, have rejoined. Their gap back to the peloton is around 3'15".

15.58. Km 140: The leading nine have begun the final climb of the day. They will really have to battle to maintain their lead, though it all depends what happens behind them with the contenders. Their gap to Virenque and Martinez has increased, and the duo's lead over the peloton has also gone up - it is now over a minute.

The 20km ascent of the Pla de Beret will seem like an eternity for some of the breakaway riders and sprinters, their legs deadening with every turn of the pedals.

ONCE still have a few riders in the peloton supporting Nozal and de Galdeano, and the Postal team seem to have survived the previous climbs. This will be important as they can support Beltran and Heras. Cofidis also look strong on the early parts of the climb.

By the way, previously, it was Horrach, Lunghi, Jimenez and Jufre who were dropped from the group-of-nine before regaining their position. The leaders are around seven minutes ahead of the peloton.

16.08. Lara has been dropped by the leading riders. He is now riding on his own between the leading group and Virenque/Martinez.

Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano will be in no hurry to attack - all he has to do is follow the better climbers such as Heras and Mancebo to an extent than he can limit his losses.

The gap is now down to 6'30", with the duo of Martinez and Virenque a minute down on the escapees.

The favourites are biding their time still, waiting for the right moment...while the ONCE team are working hard at the front of the peloton.

The Martinez with Virenque is, in fact, Jose Luis Jimenez of Paternina-Almeria - apologies for that error.

About 15 km to go.

16.18. 151 km covered, 13 km to go. Near the front of the peloton for CSC are Manuel Calvente and the 'Dummy Man' Carlos Sastre (although Oscar Sevilla still does a better baby impression). Both are assured of their places at Team CSC for 2004.

Despite being on the final climb of the day, there has been very little action from the peloton. Although the favourites might try and gain some time on the rivals in the final few kilometers, some riders might be saving themselves for tomorrow, as that finishes up a Hors Categorie climb. More time might be gained on that climb than on the mountain that is currently being climbed.

They won't be soft-pedalling up it though; any signs of weakness from a rival and one of the leaders will swing his bike and disappear up the road!

Carlos Sastre attacks!

16.28. 9 km to go: Osa has attacked from the leading group. Sastre is only 6'31" down on GC, so the favourites will have to be watchful if nothing else.

Osa is the nearest rider to Nozal from the leading group, and with his gap back to the peloton (where the race leader is) around seven minutes, he could well move up several places in the Overall Classification.

Osa is 16'23" down, though.

Behind the peloton, meanwhile, there are many riders who are finding this climb very hard. They cannot cruise into the finish, as they will be eliminated from the race.

Rasmussen is riding off the front of the peloton. Looks like Luis Perez (Cofidis) attacks from the peloton: he was 4th yesterday, he won the second stage, and he's up there again. 6 km to go.

Osa has been caught by five of the original breakaway riders, who are together again. Virenque and Martinez are 5 minutes behind the six riders, and the duo have a lead of around one and a half minutes on Sastre, Cardenas, Unai Osa and Sastre. Yesterday's stage winner Rasmussen is 25 seconds behind the group of four directly ahead of him. No, Rasmussen has joined the four riders!

This is an intriguing move from the Dane, as he's only 4'24" down overall.

16.36. Km 159. Sastre is now in trouble. He looks to be floundering, but he'll hang on till he can no longer help Rasmussen.

The four riders whose pace was too fast for Sastre have a lead of 1'25" over the remains of the peloton.

All change at the front of the stage: Osa and Rodriguez have broken clear of the riders who were with them for most of the stage. The gap back to the other four riders is unknown, but our leaders are nearly four minutes ahead of the Rasmussen group.

Rodriguez will likely already be in the process of discussing a contract with a pro team after his brief leadership of the race, but a stage of course won't go amiss.

The two have a 50 second gap.

Sastre is now back in the peloton. Aitor Gonzalez is looking very strong as he accelerates from the front of the peloton. Heras is on his wheel.

Looks like these two are renewing their rivalry from last year - they can gain a bit more time right here, right now! Beltran has lost contact with the Gonzalez group.

Final 2k, in a bit of a flat. Rodriguez and Osa have a lead of around 40" over the chasers, and they are now onto the flat part of the climb. Gap about 40 sec.

I remember the stage of Paris-Nice this year which Rodriguez won - he did very little work and then scooted past Brochard and Chavanel for the win. Although he's done a tad more work here today, I was surprised at how quickly he went. Rodriguez is following that tactic again, but he appears to want to lead from the front.

He starts the sprint and Osa cannot match him. The ONCE man Rodriguez wins the stage! The remainder of the 9 Man breakaway group are about to finish. ONCE bitten, twice shy: this is only the first week and already ONCE have left their mark on this race!

They finished 51 seconds behind the leading two riders.

Provisional Result:
1 Joaquin Rodriguez (Spa) ONCE 4.45.40
2 Aitor Osa (Spa)
3 Constantino Zaballa (Spa) Kelme 0.50
4 Josep Jufre (Spa) Relax Fuenlabrada
5 Joan Horrach (Spa) Milaneza
6 Unai Etxebarria (Spa) Euskaltel 1.11
7 Denis Lunghi (Ita) Alessio 1.32
8 Eladio Jimenez (Spa) 2.10
9 Michael Rasmussen (Den) Rabobank 3.32
10 Luis Perez (Spa) Cofidis
11 U. Osa
12 Cardenas

Ironically, it was a battle between riders on the two Spanish super teams that are disbanding at the end of this year.

Race leader Nozal is riding at the front of the group of riders that contains Heras and Gonzalez.

Sevilla is about to finish: he has ridden strongly in the latter stages of the race but has lost more time to the race favourites. An overall victory for the babyfaced rider looks very unlikely.

Rasmussen was 24 seconds down on Gonzalez in 7th at the start of the day, and 44 down on Mancebo in sixth - so he move up a few spots.

Mind you, Sevilla will always be a winner in Crazy Jane's (and most of the female DP community's) eyes, I'm sure...

So, despite another hard day in the mountains, Isidro Nozal retains the overall race lead, and the gaps back to teammate de Galdeano, Heras and Beltran have not decreased dramatically.

Beltran lost about 20 seconds, whilst Rasmussen gained about 20.... looks like 'TerminAitor' might just hang on in to his seventh. Frigo has moved up into 4th overall, I believe.

Stage 8 Full Results

1║ Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp One 4:45:40
2║ Osa, Aitor Esp Ban m.t.
3║ Zaballa, Constantino Esp Kel a 51
4║ Jufre, JosÚ Esp Crf m.t.
5║ Horrach, Joan Esp Mil a 54
6║ Etxebarria, Unai Ven Eus a 1:13
7║ Lunghi, Denis Ita Als a 1:32
8║ Jimenez, Eladio Esp Ban a 2:15
9║ Rasmussen, Michael Den Rab a 3:31
10║ Perez, Luis Esp Cof ám.t.
11║ Osa, Unai Esp Ban ám.t.
12║ Cardenas, Felix Col L2c ám.t.
13║ Nozal, Isidro Esp One a 3:51
14║ Glez. Galdeano, Igor Esp One ám.t.
15║ Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel ám.t.
16║ Heras, Roberto Esp Usp ám.t.
17║ Gonzalez, Aitor Esp Fas ám.t.
18║ Scarponi, Michele Ita Dve ám.t.
19║ Mancebo, Francisco Esp Ban ám.t.
20║ Del Olmo, Txema Esp Mil ám.t.
21║ Frigo, Dario Ita Fas ám.t.
22║ Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Ban ám.t.
23║ Beltran, Manuel Esp Usp a 4:30
24║ Gonzalez, Santos Esp Dve a 4:30
25║ Serrano, Marcos Esp One ám.t.
26║ Garcia Casas, FÚlix Esp Tbi ám.t.
27║ Martin Perdiguero, Miguel Esp Dve a 4:40
28║ Pereiro, Oscar Esp Pho ám.t.
29║ Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc ám.t.
30║ Atienza, Daniel Esp Cof ám.t.
31║ Flores, Iker Esp Eus a 4:57
32║ Sevilla, Oscar Esp Kel a 5:08
33║ Trentin, Guido Ita Cof m.t.
34║ Virenque, Richard Fra Qsd a 6:08
35║ Garate, Juan Manuel Esp Lam m.t.
36║ Etxebarria, David Esp Eus m.t.
37║ Amorim, Gonšalo Por Mil a 6:23
38║ Calvente, Manuel Esp Csc a 7:06
39║ Belli, Wladimir Ita Lam m.t.
40║ Fernandez, Bingen Esp Cof a 7:48
41║ Gustov, Volodymir Ukr Fas ám.t.
42║ Martinez, JosÚ Luis Esp Alm ám.t.
43║ Werner, Christian Ger Tel ám.t.
44║ Cardoso, Pedro Por Mil a 9:03
45║ Ca˝ada, David Esp Qsd a 12:10
46║ Van Goolen, Jurgen Bel Qsd ám.t.
47║ Pospyeyev, Kyryl Ukr Dve ám.t.
48║ Moreni, Cristian Ita Als ám.t.
49║ Astarloa, Igor Esp Sae ám.t.
50║ Azevedo, JosÚ Por One ám.t.
51║ Blanco, Santiago Esp Crf ám.t.
52║ Lara, Francisco JosÚ Esp Tbi ám.t.
53║ Gerrikagoitia, Gorka Esp Eus a 13:08
54║ Cuesta, I˝igo Esp Cof ám.t.
55║ Manzano, Jesus Maria Esp Kel ám.t.
56║ Lopez, Joaquin Esp Alm a 20:51
57║ Vila, Francisco Esp Lam ám.t.
58║ Zberg, Beat Sui Rab ám.t.
59║ Lombardi, Giovanni Ita Dve ám.t.
60║ Hiekmann, Torsten Ger Tel ám.t.
61║ Joachim, Benoit Lux Usp ám.t.
62║ Fofonov, Dmitri Kaz Cof ám.t.
63║ Farazjin, Peter Bel Cof ám.t.
64║ Rebollo, Jose Luis Esp Crf ám.t.
65║ Montgomery, Sven Sui Fas ám.t.
66║ Gutierrez , JosÚ Esp Kel ám.t.
67║ Otero, Gustavo Esp L2c ám.t.
68║ Latasa, David Esp Kel ám.t.
69║ Lopez, David Esp L2c ám.t.
70║ Perez, Santiago Esp Pho ám.t.
71║ Leipheimer, Levy Usa Rab ám.t.
72║ Schweda, Raphael Ger Tbi ám.t.
73║ Rubiera, JosÚ Luis Esp Usp ám.t.
74║ Torrent, Carlos Esp Alm a 31:18
75║ Sandstod, Michael Den Csc ám.t.
76║ Zabel, Erik Ger Tel ám.t.
77║ Ferrio, Jorge Esp Alm ám.t.
78║ Casero, Rafael Esp Alm ám.t.
79║ Martinez, Alberto Esp Eus ám.t.
80║ Wesemann, Steffan Ger Tel ám.t.
81║ Barroso, Paulo Por Mil ám.t.
82║ Silva, Renato Por Mil ám.t.
83║ Bertoletti, Simone Ita Lam ám.t.
84║ Edo, Angel Esp Mil ám.t.
85║ Piccoli, Mariano Ita Lam ám.t.
86║ Trenti, Guido Usa Fas ám.t.
87║ Mondini, Gianpaolo Ita Dve ám.t.
88║ De Jongh, Steven Ned Rab ám.t.
89║ Petacchi, Alessandro Ita Fas ám.t.
90║ Horrillo, Pedro Esp Qsd ám.t.
91║ Hruska, Jan Cze One ám.t.
92║ Aebersold, Niki Sui Pho ám.t.
93║ Julich, Bobby Usa Tel ám.t.
94║ Van De Wouwer, Kurt Bel Qsd ám.t.
95║ Sanchez, Domingo Esp Alm ám.t.
96║ Herrero, Ivan Esp L2c ám.t.
97║ Pradera, Mikel Esp One ám.t.
98║ Tosatto, Matteo Ita Fas ám.t.
99║ Bayarri, Gonzalo Esp Pho ám.t.
100║ Navas, David Esp Crf ám.t.
101║ Tankink, Bram Ned Qsd ám.t.
102║ De Los Angeles, Juan JosÚ Esp Fas ám.t.
103║ Grabsch, Bert Ger Pho ám.t.
104║ Diaz Lobato, Pedro Esp Alm ám.t.
105║ Laguna, Oscar Esp Crf ám.t.
106║ Golbano, Carlos Esp Alm ám.t.
107║ Pepoli, Christian Ita Sae ám.t.
108║ Pugaci, Igor Mda Sae ám.t.
109║ Burgos, Nacor Esp Crf ám.t.
110║ Mutsaars, Ronald Ned Rab ám.t.
111║ Vinale, Alberto Ita Als ám.t.
112║ Gutierrez, Francisco Esp L2c ám.t.
113║ Schreck, Stephan Ger Tel ám.t.
114║ Cabello, Francisco Esp Kel ám.t.
115║ Righi, Daniele Ita Lam ám.t.
116║ Noval, BenjamÝn Esp Crf ám.t.
117║ M÷ller, Klaus Den Mil ám.t.
118║ Luttenberger, Peter Aut Csc ám.t.
119║ Masciarelli, Simone Ita Vin ám.t.
120║ Zucconi, Pietro Sui Vin ám.t.
121║ Mercado, Juan Miguel Esp Ban ám.t.
122║ Lastras, Pablo Esp Ban ám.t.
123║ Barry ,Michael Can Usp ám.t.
124║ Usov, Alexandre Blr Pho ám.t.
125║ Guidi, Fabrizio Ita Tbi ám.t.
126║ Tauler, Antonio Esp Kel ám.t.
127║ Arrieta, JosÚ Luis Esp Ban ám.t.
128║ Cheula, Giampaolo Ita Vin ám.t.
129║ De La Fuente, David Esp Vin ám.t.
130║ Perez, Sergio Esp L2c ám.t.
131║ Jaksche, J÷rg Ger One ám.t.
132║ Vicioso, Angel Esp One ám.t.
133║ Jeker, Fabian Sui Mil ám.t.
134║ Gonzalez, Gorka Esp Eus ám.t.
135║ Millar, David Gbr Cof ám.t.
136║ Hincapie, George Usa Usp ám.t.
137║ Landis, Floyd Usa Usp ám.t.
138║ Bruun, Thomas Den Csc ám.t.
139║ Aerts, Mario Bel Tel ám.t.
140║ Boonen, Tom Bel Qsd ám.t.
141║ Sinkewitz, Patrick Ger Qsd ám.t.
142║ Cerezo, Francisco Esp L2c ám.t.
143║ Sorensen, Nicki Den Csc ám.t.
144║ Hayman, Mathew Aus Rab ám.t.
145║ Furlan, Angelo Ita Als ám.t.
146║ Rund, Thorsten Ger Tbi ám.t.
147║ Christensen, Bekim Den Csc ám.t.
148║ Gomez Gozalo, JosÚ Javier Esp L2c ám.t.
149║ Calcagni, Patrick Sui Vin ám.t.
150║ Kroon, Karsten Ned Rab ám.t.
151║ Casagranda, Stefano Ita Als ám.t.
152║ Engels, Addy Ned Rab ám.t.
153║ Boven, Jan Ned Rab ám.t.
154║ Nieto, Germßn Esp Crf ám.t.
155║ Bertolini, Alessandro Ita Als ám.t.
156║ Isasi, I˝aki Esp Eus ám.t.
157║ Simeoni, Filippo Ita Dve ám.t.
158║ Casero, Angel Esp Tbi ám.t.
159║ Sironi, Gianluca Ita Vin ám.t.
160║ Garmendia, Aitor Esp Tbi ám.t.
161║ Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Kel ám.t.
162║ Rodriguez, Fred Usa Vin ám.t.
163║ White, Matthew Aus Usp ám.t.
164║ Garcia Calvo, Cesar Esp L2c ám.t.
165║ Van Heeswijk, Max Ned Usp ám.t.
166║ Zuelle, Alex Sui Pho ám.t.
167║ Arrizabalaga, Gorka Esp Eus ám.t.
168║ Maestre, JosÚ Esp Crf ám.t.
169║ Laiseka, Roberto Esp Eus ám.t.
170║ Bertogliati, Rubens Sui Lam ám.t.
171║ Ivanov, Serguei Rus Fas ám.t.
172║ Fuentes, Juan Esp Sae ám.t.
173║ Garcia Acosta, JosÚ Esp Ban ám.t.
174║ Bucciero, Antonio Ita Sae a 32:35
175║ Lopeboselli, Angelo Ita Cof a 36:37
176║ Brognara, Andrea Ita Als a 39:05
177║ Ivanov, Ruslan Mda Als m.t.
178║ Schleck, Frank Lux Csc a 46:12


Brognara, Andrea Ita Alsá Outside Time
Ivanov, Ruslan Mda Als Outside Timeáá
Schleck, Frank Lux Cscá Outside Timeá
Dominguez, Juan Carlos Esp Pho Retiredáá
Hernandez, Jaime Esp Tbiá Retired

General Classification after Stage 8

1║ Nozal, Isidro Esp One 24:58:08
2║ Glez. Galdeano, Igor Esp One a 1:21
3║ Beltran, Manuel Esp Usp a 1:34
4║ Frigo, Dario Ita Fas a 3:07
5║ Heras, Roberto Esp Usp a 3:18
6║ Mancebo, Francisco Esp Ban a 3:40
7║ Gonzalez, Aitor Esp Fas a 4:00
8║ Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel a 4:03
9║ Rasmussen, Michael Den Rab a 4:04
10║ Osa, Unai Esp Ban a 4:14
11║ Perez, Luis Esp Cof a 4:15
12║ Scarponi, Michele Ita Dve a 5:52
13║ Garcia Casas, FÚlix Esp Tbi a 5:53
14║ Cardenas, Felix Col L2c a 6:21
15║ Flores, Iker Esp Eus a 7:00
16║ Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc a 7:20
17║ Serrano, Marcos Esp One a 7:27
18║ Etxebarria, David Esp Eus a 8:12
19║ Sevilla, Oscar Esp Kel a 8:27
20║ Gonzalez, Santos Esp Dve a 8:46
21║ Del Olmo, Txema Esp Mil a 8:51
22║ Trentin, Guido Ita Cof a 10:18
23║ Pereiro, Oscar Esp Pho a 12:05
24║ Osa, Aitor Esp Ban a 12:32
25║ Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp One a 12:45

Points after Stage 8

The points standings appear to be incorrect at this time, so they are not included here.

KOM Standings after Stage 8

1║ Horrach, Joan Esp Mil 91
2║ Cardenas, Felix Col L2c 90
3║ Osa, Aitor Esp Ban 82
4║ Perez, Luis Esp Cof 60
5║ Jufre, JosÚ Esp Crf 55
6║ Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp One 45
7║ Rasmussen, Michael Den Rab 34
8║ Zaballa, Constantino Esp Kel 34
9║ Etxebarria, Unai Ven Eus 31
10║ Nozal, Isidro Esp One 23
11║ Jimenez, Eladio Esp Ban 22
12║ Heras, Roberto Esp Usp 20
13║ Lunghi, Denis Ita Als 17
14║ Osa, Unai Esp Ban 16
15║ Jeker, Fabian Sui Mil 16
16║ Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel 12
17║ Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc 12
18║ Pereiro, Oscar Esp Pho 11
19║ Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Ban 11
20║ Lara, Francisco JosÚ Esp Tbi 11
21║ Garcia Calvo, Cesar Esp L2c 10
22║ Beltran, Manuel Esp Usp 10
23║ Scarponi, Michele Ita Dve 8
24║ Etxebarria, David Esp Eus 7
25║ Pepoli, Christian Ita Sae 7

Teams Classification after Stage 8

1║ Once - Eroski ONE 74:56:09 á
2║ BAN a 5:11 á
3║ Euskaltel - Euskadi EUS a 11:52 á
4║ Kelme - Costa Blanca KEL a 13:15 á
5║ Cofidis, le credit par telephone COF a 17:14 á
6║ Milaneza - MSS MIL a 27:47 á
7║ Domina Vacanze-Elitron-RDZ DVE a 38:31 á
8║ Fassa Bortolo FAS a 41:49 á
9║ US Postal Service Berry Floor USP a 50:59 á
10║ Quick Step - Davitamon QSD a 1:02:27 á
11║ Team CSC CSC a 1:07:28 á
12║ Lampre LAM a 1:27:06 á
13║ Labarca-2 Cafe Baque L2C a 1:30:27 á
14║ Colchon Relax - Fuenlabrada CRF a 1:33:36 á
15║ Team Bianchi TBI a 1:35:46 á
16║ Paternina - Costa de Almeria ALM a 1:36:59 á
17║ Rabobank RAB a 1:42:54 á
18║ Phonak Hearing Systems PHO a 1:58:06 á
19║ Team Telekom TEL a 2:03:28 á
20║ Alessio ALS a 2:27:34 á
21║ Saeco - Longoni Sport SAE a 3:16:03 á
22║ Saunier Duval - Vini Caldirola VIN a 3:29:57 á

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