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Vuelta a Espana Stage 6 Live Coverage
By Staff
Date: 9/11/2003
Vuelta a Espana Stage 6 Live Coverage

Good day, and welcome to live coverage of the Individual Time Trial. Today's commentary is provided by Dave Towle, race commentator and host of the internet radio show The Winners Circle.

We join the contest in progress.

Hincapie is just crossing the line, 59 01, just inside an hour, another solid ride for the big American, as he is coming back around, looking to Hamilton.

Hruska slots in at second, just 6 seconds out of the lead. Rasmussen looks like he's in a huge, huge gear.

A. Gonzalez does a great ride, 55 15, that is huge for him, as he looks to the overall.

Millar, Hruska, Gonzalez our current top 3.

An odd occurence, the TTT so early in the race leaves a lot of teamates following each other out of the start house; 4 Kelme boys in a row - wow...

If anyone wants to beat TT specialist Millar, they need a huge ride today, and as the race has been so hard, it takes a true desire to want to do anything more than tick another race day off the calendar.

The winds the last week have left the peloton quivering in fear each morning, as they get the day's packet, and flip to the last page, the weather report.

Levi sitting in 23rd, currently, looking to target a stage later in the race, surely. Casero 55' 59", losing about 45 seconds to GC contender A. Gonzalez - not a bad ride for Angel.

Frigo, with a strong first half of the race, seems to have blown a gasket out on the course. He dropped to 7th at the half-way split. Not a good sign for the former Paris Nice winner.

It's time for the Banesto boys to start rolling out, in this somewhat odd staggering of riders, a nightmere for team support.

The weather looks to be coming around, as the roads have been dry, and the wind seems moderate, which is a blessing for the peloton

Aitor Osa out on the course, last year's mountain jersey winner...Unia is next, I doubt 2 brothers have ever ridden next to each other in a Grand Tour TT, how unique!

The top six in the overall are all warmed up,and will soon be out on the course.

There goes Roberto, looking like a tiger being freed from a cage. Heras looks very strong, out of the start house, he's worked hard on his TT form, I'd say.

Gonzalez de Galdeano, deep breaths, and he's off.

The wind is starting to come up a bit, bad sign for our GC leaders, but it's all the top guys facing the same.

Heras out of the saddle, drilling it. Split coming soon.

The whole season is hinging on the next 25k, at least as far personal ambitions go!

ONCE is pinning its hopes on Igor Gonzalez de can almost hear Saiz screaming in his earpiece, ouch!

We will be waiting for a while now, as no real challenges to Millar seem to be on the horizon, but they're coming!

The way things sort out, the TT guys saved their legs the last few days, so they start early, which today was a good thing, as the wind was calm early. Then all the lieutenants go out, and they save their legs in the TT, to be of service extraodinare in the next few days, as the leaders have no choice but to ride above the limits of human suffering, to protect their GC place.

Nozal, in the Golden Fleece, is off, the gap is 50 seconds, he will have a hard time holding the jersey today.

The construction boys spring into action, breaking down the start; they're all out on the course.

Nozal might be smart to let the jersey go quietly, as a true team-mate, he should understand that it's all for the team, and frying himself in a vain efort isn't how a pro does it.

The sheer power of Heras is being amped up, he looks like a TT specialist!

Roberto rolls through in 10th at the check, 22 seconds out of the best time at that point. Roberto is on a good day! He knows how to gauge an effort, watch him move up in GC...

Sevilla seems to be off today, not his specialty, and that had to hurt, the wind killed the small Spainard, and the hematoma on his hip is huge!

Casero, on the other hand, seems strong - "Venga, Venga" echoes from the car!

The roads are very wide, and no shelter from the wind is to be found...

Igor rolls through the first check, en feugo, 22 seconds up on the next best time.

Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano is playing a risky hand, going out that hard...they say you can't win a TT in the first half, but you can lose it! He is absolutely coming down the road like a grand prix motorcar, as Phil would say! Is there enough fuel in the tank?

Mancebo rolls through the half way check in 14th, strong ride today.

Heras 48" down on IGG, too early to read anything into that, as Igor has blown the doors off of any other early check times.

Nozal seems to be struggling a bit, out of the saddle, where the others stayed in the aero bars. But Nozal, seems to first place, unbelievable. At the first check, he's over a half minute faster than Millar, unreal!

ONCE seems to have a strategy of sending the horses out very, very hard, early. Will they pay in the end, only the next 15 minutes will tell.

Nozal is shocking the world right now.

He is catching his 2 minute man, going by him like a signpost.

Saiz is showing the team to be something special today, you better believe. ONCE is selling itself, as a group, for the last time this year.

Heras is hard to judge, as he seems strong, but not as strong as ONCE. No better or worse than we could have hoped for from Roberto, it's a long race, remember.

Heras and Barry both had the same split at the second check...Boulder, Colorado is in the house!

Triki in second at the moment, great ride for Beltran at 29' 10".

He's 23 down on Millar, but here come the big GC contenders...IGG is starting to come apart, he's starting to pay. ONCE may have written a check they can't cash.

Hard to get those seconds early, but easy to lose them...

Millar is showing the field exactly how you target a TT and ride strong, the whole course. Nozal seems to be digging deeper than I thought he would - no quit in this guy, he's rolling up to the split...

Nozal.......oh my oh my. He is 48' up on Millar, the previous leader at the second check...this is unreal!

They always say the leader's jersey gives extra inspiration, and that seems to be true in spades today. What a ride, I'm amazed...but it's not over yet. However, Nozal is catching his 4 minute man; this could be the next big thing in cycling.

He's got a 2' 10" second lead, on the road, as far as GC is concerned.

I would love to have the same breakfast as this guy!

The camera is staying with Nozal, this is the biggest day we've seen this year, if he holds on.

Sevilla comes in at 59' 25", in 52nd place, he's not back to his form of last year yet.

Good grief, this is almost scary, watching Nozal defy human limits.

IGG is doing about 140 rpm! He seems to be getting his legs and lungs back...

Galdeano reaching down and cleaning his tire, must have gone over some glass.

The wind is clearly whipping up the trash on the street, looks like Philly in the morning...

Roberto seems strong, controlled, he's protecting his overall position well, starting to dig a little deeper now, as he seems to be finishing with class.

At 31k, Nozal is 1'10" faster than Millar, this is bordering on the absurd! The other GC hunters are surely taking note...

Heras is posting a solid ride; this is another piece of the puzzle for him, and it fits. Beltran in at 55' 16", Phil is saying that he might be the new protected Postal but I doubt that.

Nozal has won one race before in his life - the 25 year old TT superstar (as of today!) seems to be on a mission.

We still have 2 weeks of racing to go, and 3 of the next 4 days are extremely hard, with huge climbs. Nozal is going to have to pay for this effort...but when?

IGG is in the finishing straight, out of the saddle, huge effort. 55' 11", to put him in 3rd on the day. Barry is in 21st, Julich in 17th.

Nozal is in perfect TT form, very controlled, and smooth, still! Nozal is 2k from the finish, he could have my legs and still win, at this point.

1k to go, Nozal has rocked the cycling world today...This is exactly what Spanish cycling needs - a new star is born.

Beloki is in the team car with Sainz,good to hear he's around the team. 53' 34", Nozal win by a minute 24, huge! The journos are swarming, can you imagine how badly he wants 5 minute "time out"? What a day...

Millar is in second but he is so far back it is like he got 1st in a completely different race.

Nozal averaged 49 kph on his ride today and is in Gold another day.

Thanks for joining us today for this amazing TT.

Tomorrow start the mountains - Huesca-Cauterets, 190 km, with the following climbs: Alto del Monrepós (1280 mt. Cat. 2), Alto de Portalet (1790 mt., Cat. 2), Col de Aubisque (1700 mt. Hors Categorie) and the Cauterets (1350 mt. Hors Categorie). The stage concludes with an uphill finish. So please join us again tomorrow!

Stage 6 Results

1º Nozal, Isidro Esp One 53:34
2º Millar, David Gbr Cof a 1:20
3º Hruska, Jan Cze One a 1:26
4º Glez. Galdeano, Igor Esp One a 1:37
5º Onzalez, Aitor Esp Fas a 1:41
6º Beltran, Manuel Esp Usp a 1:42
7º Möller, Klaus Den Mil a 1:56
8º Grabsch, Bert Ger Pho a 1:57
9º Frigo, Dario Ita Fas a 2:21
10º Gonzalez, Santos Esp Dve a 2:23
11º Casero, Angel Esp Tbi a 2:25
12º Torrent, Carlos Esp Alm a 3:01
13º Zuelle, Alex Sui Pho a 3:01
14º Scarponi, Michele Ita Dve a 3:16
15º Julich, Bobby Usa Tel a 3:18
16º Bertogliati, Rubens Sui Lam a 3:25
17º Trentin, Guido Ita Cof a 3:26
18º Heras, Roberto Esp Usp a 3:35
19º Barry ,Michael Can Usp a 3:46
20º Martinez, Alberto Esp Eus a 3:48
21º Mancebo, Francisco Esp Ban a 3:48
22º Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel a 3:48
23º Hiekmann, Torsten Ger Tel a 3:56
24º Serrano, Marcos Esp One a 3:59
25º Arrizabalaga, Gorka Esp Eus a 4:03
26º Rubiera, José Luis Esp Usp a 4:13
27º Azevedo, José Por One a 4:16
28º Garcia Acosta, José Esp Ban a 4:23
29º Gutierrez , José Esp Kel a 4:29
30º Landis, Floyd Usa Usp a 4:33
31º Osa, Aitor Esp Ban a 4:41
32º Perez, Luis Esp Cof a 4:41
33º Cuesta, Iñigo Esp Cof a 4:42
34º Garcia Casas, Félix Esp Tbi a 4:43
35º Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc a 4:44
36º Flores, Iker Esp Eus a 4:44
37º Cañada, David Esp Qsd a 4:44
38º Dominguez, Juan Carlos Esp Pho a 4:45
39º Casero, Rafael Esp Alm a 4:48
40º Horrillo, Pedro Esp Qsd a 4:49
41º Leipheimer, Levy Usa Rab a 4:50
42º Pereiro, Oscar Esp Pho a 4:51
43º Noval, Benjamín Esp Crf a 4:54
44º Wesemann, Steffan Ger Tel a 4:55
45º Osa, Unai Esp Ban a 4:56
46º Sandstod, Michael Den Csc a 5:02
47º Rasmussen, Michael Den Rab a 5:02
48º Mercado, Juan Miguel Esp Ban a 5:03
49º Moreni, Cristian Ita Als a 5:06
50º Pradera, Mikel Esp One a 5:07
53º Boonen, Tom Bel Qsd a 5:23
55º Hincapie, George Usa Usp a 5:27
63º Sevilla, Oscar Esp Kel a 5:51
65º Tauler, Antonio Esp Kel a 5:52
72º Etxebarria, Unai Ven Eus a 6:00
76º Jaksche, Jörg Ger One a 6:06
78º Vicioso, Angel Esp One a 6:07
83º Astarloa, Igor Esp Sae a 6:11
89º Etxebarria, David Esp Eus a 6:20
90º Furlan, Angelo Ita Als a 6:21
98º Garate, Juan Manuel Esp Lam a 6:34
103º Van Heeswijk, Max Ned Usp a 6:40
108º Jeker, Fabian Sui Mil a 6:45
113º Zabel, Erik Ger Tel a 6:51
116º Petacchi, Alessandro Ita Fas a 7:00
128º Vandenbroucke, Frank Bel Qsd a 7:18
129º Lombardi, Giovanni Ita Dve a 7:27
154º Edo, Angel Esp Mil a 8:14
156º Dean, Julian Nzl Csc a 8:16
160º Martin Perdiguero, Miguel Esp Dve a 8:28
161º Zberg, Beat Sui Rab a 8:31
165º Virenque, Richard Fra Qsd a 8:43
174º Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Ban a 9:18
181º Pepoli, Christian Ita Sae a 10:10
188º Maestre, José Esp Crf a 14:33

General Classification after Stage 6

1º Nozal, Isidro Esp One 15:04:37
2º Glez. Galdeano, Igor Esp One a 2:27
3º Beltran, Manuel Esp Usp a 2:42
4º Möller, Klaus Den Mil a 4:16
5º Heras, Roberto Esp Usp a 4:35
6º Frigo, Dario Ita Fas a 4:36
7º Serrano, Marcos Esp One a 4:49
8º Mancebo, Francisco Esp Ban a 5:02
9º Gonzalez, Aitor Esp Fas a 5:15
10º Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel a 5:23
11º Casero, Angel Esp Tbi a 5:35
12º Osa, Aitor Esp Ban a 5:55
13º Osa, Unai Esp Ban a 6:10
14º Perez, Luis Esp Cof a 6:13
15º Gonzalez, Santos Esp Dve a 6:14
16º Hruska, Jan Cze One a 6:14
17º Mercado, Juan Miguel Esp Ban a 6:17
18º Flores, Iker Esp Eus a 6:24
19º Azevedo, José Por One a 6:25
20º Torrent, Carlos Esp Alm a 6:30
21º Garcia Casas, Félix Esp Tbi a 6:34
22º Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc a 6:47
23º Martinez, Alberto Esp Eus a 6:47
24º Landis, Floyd Usa Usp a 6:48
25º Scarponi, Michele Ita Dve a 7:07
26º Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp One a 7:08
27º Etxebarria, David Esp Eus a 7:10
28º Rasmussen, Michael Den Rab a 7:10
29º Sinkewitz, Patrick Ger Qsd a 7:14
30º Sevilla, Oscar Esp Kel a 7:26
31º Latasa, David Esp Kel a 7:29
32º Gonzalez, Gorka Esp Eus a 7:51
33º Grabsch, Bert Ger Pho a 7:56
34º Pereiro, Oscar Esp Pho a 8:04
35º Garcia Quesada, Carlos Esp Kel a 8:14
36º Noval, Benjamín Esp Crf a 8:14
37º Vicioso, Angel Esp One a 8:16
38º Boonen, Tom Bel Qsd a 8:20
39º Cardenas, Felix Col L2c a 8:32
40º Lastras, Pablo Esp Ban a 8:33
41º Barry ,Michael Can Usp a 8:44
42º Horrach, Joan Esp Mil a 8:48
43º Vila, Francisco Esp Lam a 9:02
44º Trentin, Guido Ita Cof a 9:17
45º Rubiera, José Luis Esp Usp a 9:18
46º Pospyeyev, Kyryl Ukr Dve a 9:18
47º Garate, Juan Manuel Esp Lam a 9:42
48º Perez, Santiago Esp Pho a 9:58
49º Werner, Christian Ger Tel a 10:04
50º Del Olmo, Txema Esp Mil a 10:06

Points after Stage 6

1º Petacchi, Alessandro Ita Fas 50
2º Nozal, Isidro Esp One 47
3º Glez. Galdeano, Igor Esp One 44
4º Zabel, Erik Ger Tel 42
5º Dean, Julian Nzl Csc 37
6º Etxebarria, David Esp Eus 36
7º Hruska, Jan Cze One 32
8º Rodriguez, Joaquin Esp One 32
9º Etxebarria, Unai Ven Eus 31
10º Edo, Angel Esp Mil 30
11º Perez, Luis Esp Cof 28
12º Valverde, Alejandro Esp Kel 23
13º Gutierrez , José Esp Kel 20
14º Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc 20
15º Millar, David Gbr Cof 20
16º Zaballa, Constantino Esp Kel 19
17º Vicioso, Angel Esp One 17
18º Boonen, Tom Bel Qsd 17
19º Cardenas, Felix Col L2c 17
20º Lombardi, Giovanni Ita Dve 17
21º Svorada, Jan Cze Lam 17
22º Beltran, Manuel Esp Usp 16
23º Frigo, Dario Ita Fas 14
24º Martin Perdiguero, Miguel Esp Dve 14
25º Möller, Klaus Den Mil 12

Climber after Stage 6

1º Cardenas, Felix Col L2c 34
2º Perez, Luis Esp Cof 25
3º Nozal, Isidro Esp One 20
4º Jeker, Fabian Sui Mil 16
5º Sastre, Carlos Esp Csc 12
6º Piepoli, Leonardo Ita Ban 11
7º Garcia Calvo, Cesar Esp L2c 10
8º Etxebarria, Unai Ven Eus 10
9º Zaballa, Constantino Esp Kel 8
10º Etxebarria, David Esp Eus 7
11º Pepoli, Christian Ita Sae 7
12º Hruska, Jan Cze One 6
13º Horrach, Joan Esp Mil 6
14º Astarloa, Igor Esp Sae 6
15º Osa, Aitor Esp Ban 6
16º Sevilla, Oscar Esp Kel 4
17º Piccoli, Mariano Ita Lam 4
18º Pradera, Mikel Esp One 4
19º Lopez, David Esp L2c 4
20º Zberg, Beat Sui Rab 4
21º Glez. Galdeano, Igor Esp One 3
22º Mancebo, Francisco Esp Ban 3
23º Horrillo, Pedro Esp Qsd 3
24º Serrano, Marcos Esp One 2
25º Garcia Casas, Félix Esp Tbi 2

Teams Classification after Stage 6

1º Once - Eroski ONE 45:18:34
2º US Postal Service Berry Floor USP a 8:35
3º Euskaltel - Euskadi EUS a 10:28
4º BAN a 11:51
5º Kelme - Costa Blanca KEL a 12:55
6º Cofidis, le credit par telephone COF a 15:12
7º Milaneza - MSS MIL a 16:33
8º Quick Step - Davitamon QSD a 16:55
9º Phonak Hearing Systems PHO a 17:18
10º Domina Vacanze-Elitron-RDZ DVE a 17:56
11º Team Bianchi TBI a 18:48
12º Fassa Bortolo FAS a 21:50
13º Lampre LAM a 22:20
14º Team CSC CSC a 22:26
15º Team Telekom TEL a 23:36
16º Paternina - Costa de Almeria ALM a 25:40
17º Rabobank RAB a 28:50
18º Labarca-2 Cafe Baque L2C a 30:09
19º Colchon Relax - Fuenlabrada CRF a 33:55
20º Alessio ALS a 40:03
21º Saunier Duval - Vini Caldirola VIN a 47:29
22º Saeco - Longoni Sport SAE a 57:22

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