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Bingen Fernandez Stage 5: Panico en el Tunel de Veinto
By Staff
Date: 9/10/2003
Bingen Fernandez Stage 5: Panico en el Tunel de Veinto

Today really began last night when the classifications were handed out. It is never a good thing when you take the packet and instead of looking at the placements and the times, you turn to the very last page where tomorrow’s weather forecast is.

We are wishful thinkers in times like this. The ocean would sooner dry up before the wind dies down. Tomorrow’s forecast: strong wind.

The stress became stressful. When you look at the peloton’s shape you can tell how the riders feel. We were all panicked, creating a tight ball; when we are scared we ride very close and the peloton becomes very compact, leaving absolutely no room between riders. No one wants to be at the back and fighting for position.

I and everyone else continually look ahead to see when the road turns…and the wind changes. We all know that the echelon will come but we all dread the moment and hope that when it does you will have good position.

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Like today, when the road turns, the panic heightens. We all fear being dropped or crashing and being unable to help our team leader. Those at the very front pulling see the situation differently. The riders pulling know very well that the echelon breaks up the peloton and almost always capitalize on it. Today was no exception. They hugged the shoulder and rode harder and harder. Many of the riders started yelling pleas to the front asking them to widen up a little, but it is usually too late and it is every rider for himself.

Luckily for my team, we all stayed in the front and together. However there was stress for us all. This evening we will all be having more than just legs massages - we will need our necks and backs massaged as well.

Bingen Ferndandez Bustinza. Courtesy Cofidis.

Bingen Fernandez Bustinza
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