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Tour de L'Avenir - Stage 4 & 5
By Staff
Date: 9/8/2003
Tour de L'Avenir - Stage 4 & 5

Reports Courstey of the Tour de L'Avenir

Stage 4 - Sainte Severe sur Indre to Le Rouget

From the very beginning of the stage the bunch stay close and very fast. Many riders try and attack but the bunch remain vigilant and no one manage to break out. At kilometre 22, a little group of 13 riders gets out. They quickly increase their advantage up to 30’’ on the bunch lead by the team Barloworld. Step by step, the advantage of the leaders rises up. At the first bonus-sprint won by Chavanel, ahead of Edaleine and Vastaranta in Chenerailles (km 48,), they pass with 6’ before the main pack.

The advantage of the leaders keeps increasing until the top of the Col de Massoubre (Km 96,5). At the top, Breard (Fra) comes first before Le Mevel (C.A) and Vastaranta. The rest of the group is not so far behind. The bunch is counted 6’20’’ behind. The followers speed up and fill the gap with the leaders. But this reaction is too violent for Wiggins, the leader of the general ranking, who gives up after 105 kilometres. At the top of the Côte de le Bos, the leaders only keep an advantage of 5’ on the bunch. The classification at the top : Vastaranta, Leblacher, Van Huffel (Vla). The gap decreases even more at the bonus-sprint in Neuvic, won by Chavanel, ahead of Cesar Veloso and Vaugrenard., 4’30’’ before the main pack.

When climbing the Côte de Mauriac, the leaders speed up. Fernandez (Eus), Edaleine, Chavanel and Segersall (Swe) can’t followed this terrible rythm and let the leaders go. At the top, they are 1’50’’ behind Vastaranta, Holmkvist, Van Huffel and Cesar Veloso. The bunch is 2’10’’ behind.

When climbing the Côte d’Ally (Km 179,5) Cesar Veloso attacks on his own.At the top he is 30’’ before a group of 9 riders. But he finally slows down and is caught up by this group. Martinez (Eus) and Rogina (Per) didn’t resist this accelaration and are quickly left 45’’ behind the leading group. The bunch itself is 1’10’’ behind. At the bonus-sprint in Pleaux (Km 188), Vaugrenard comes first defore Cesar Veloso and Vastaranta. 50’’ behind, Martinez and Rogina try and resist but they can’t avoid being caught up by a group lead by Fédrigo (C.A).

The race gets tougher before the last climb of the Col de la Sapinière, and many riders fall down. Among them Charteau and Van Huffel. At this moment 8 riders are leading the race : Le Mevel (C.A), Silloniz (Eus), Van Hecke (QDL), Vaugrenard, Vastatranta, Lamouller, Cesar Veloso, Holmkvist. 30’’ behind, Fedrigo leads a group with 8 riders. 3 men are left 52’’ behind : Bouquet (Fra), Willems (Vla), Talabardon (Big). The bunch is now 1’20’’.

When starting the climb of the Côte de la Sapinière, Silloniz attacks on his own. He is overtaken by Lamouller and Cesar Veloso. At the top the two men have an advantage of 30’’ on the group lead by Fedrigo and 50’’ on the bunch. But just after the top, Fedrigo’s group is overtaken and Dumoulin breaks out. He manages to catch up the leaders 25 kilometres before the finishing line. At this moment, the 4 men lead by 25 ‘’.

But their advantage melts when Mederel (Fra) and Lovkvist (Swe) decide to attack the four leaders. They overtake them 17 kilometres before the finish. This group of 6 now leads by 45’’. 15 kilometre before the linen, Dumoulin tries and attacks on his own to win the stage. Lovkvist jumps behind him followed by Cesar Veloso. But the Swedish is the only one who resists. Dumoulin and Lovkvist will fight for the victory.

200 metres before the line, Dumoulin speeds up once again. He quickly gets 5 metres on Lovkvist. Enough to win. Lovkvist gets the yellow jersey. Then bunch is 20 ‘’ behind.

Stage 4 Results

1 DUMOULIN Samuel FRA DEL 5h 49' 30"
2 LÖVKVIST Thomas SWE SWE 00' 02"
3 VASTARANTA Jukka FIN RB3 00' 32"
4 IGLINSKIY Maxim KAZ KAZ 00' 32"
5 SILLONIZ Josu ESP EUS 00' 32"
6 DOMINGUEZ Gustavo ESP CAR 00' 32"
8 CESAR VELOSO Gustavo ESP CAR 00' 32"
9 SIJMENS Nico BEL VLA 00' 32"
10 LJUNGBLAD Jonas SWE SWE 00' 32"

Stage 5 - Maurs > Saint Flour

In the first kilometres the bunch stay close and Fast. All the leaders gaze at each other. They must be thinking about the first climb of the day, the Côte de la Cabrespines classified in third category, waiting for them at kilometre 14. But at kilometre 6, Delarue (Big) tries and attack before the hill. He is quickly caught up and the bunch starts climbing close. In the first ramps at kilometre 14, Martinez (Eus) and a little group, ( Petrov (Cab), Rogina (Per), Leblacher (C.A), Bouquet (Fra), Krivstov (Del), Van Hecke (Qdl) and Creed (USA)), manage to break out and reach the top with an advantage of 3’ (Ranking at the top : Martinez, Petrov,Rogina, Bouquet, Krivstov).

In the downhill, the 8 leaders increase their advantage and get to Marcoles 3’30’’ before the chasers. Among them Leblacher, who has been one of the most offensive riders since Bonneval, works a lot. And the leaders reach the top of the Côte de Montsalvy more than 4’10’’ before the main pack (Ranking at the Top : Leblacher, Petrov, Martinez, Creed, Van Hecke).

In the bunch the chase has begun and many leaders try and make the race tougher. But the escaped go on very well together and manager to confirm their advantage in Lafeuillade en Vezie (Km 52) at the first bonus-sprint won by Martinez ahead Bouquet and Rogina. This advantage even increases when crossing the feeding area in Carlat (Km 72,5) and rises up to 4’10’’.

At the top of the Côte de Badailhac, the leaders increase their advantage. It gets up to 5’15’’ when Leblacher, passes just ahead of Petrov and Martinez. Just after the Côte de Badhailhac, the leaders try and seize the opportunity of the downhill to increase their advantage. Without success. It remains just over 5’ before the first ramps of the Côte de Capels. Despite the bunch speeds up in the climb, the leaders keep an interesting advantage of 4’50’’ at the top of the Côte de Capels. This advantage even increases and the leaders reach Pont la Vieille (km 101,5) 5’ before the bunch.

Before the Côte de Pierrefort, the bunch slows and the advantage of the leaders keeps increasing. From 5’ in Pont la Vieille (Km 101,5), it rises up to 5’30 in Saint Martin sous Vigouroux and 5’40’’ just before Pierrefort. But the riders of the team Carvalhelhos Boavista react, get up to the head of the bunch and accelerate. The team Vlaanderen T interim give them a hand. But the leaders resist. Their advantage remains above 5’ when Leblacher attacks one kilometre before the top. He comes first at the top, just before Petrov and Bouquet.

But the bunch doesn’t feel like letting the leaders go. In Douze (Km 135), the advantage of the break away has melted down to 4’40. Just before the last bonus-sprint, Creed tries an attack but Martinez jumps behind him followed by the rest of the group. At this bonus-sprint, in Paulhac (km 136,5), Bouquet comes first, followed by Rogina and Martinez. The bunch is 4’20’’ behind.

Just after the sprint, Krivstov breaks away followed by Martinez. The two riders quickly increase their advantage. The six riders behind can’t follow their rythm and Krivstov finally wins the stage ahead of Martinez. The Spanish rider gets the yellow jersey and Leblacher the red polka dot jersey.

Stage 5 Results

1 KRIVTSOV Yuriy UKR DEL 4h 00' 55"
2 MARTINEZ  Egoi ESP EUS 00' 00"
3 VAN HECKE Preben BEL QDL 00' 35"
4 LEBLACHER Eric FRA C.A 00' 35"
5 PETROV Danail BUL CAR 00' 35"
6 ROGINA Radoslav CRO PER 00' 35"
7 BOUQUET Camille FRA FRA 00' 35"
8 CREED Michael USA USA 01' 03"
9 VASTARANTA Jukka FIN RB3 04' 01"
10 ROSSELER Sebastien BEL QDL 04' 02"

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