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Vuelta to the Max.
By Anita van Crey
Date: 9/5/2003
Vuelta to the Max.
The United States Postal Service presented by Berry Floor - team in this year Vuelta has a the came-back Max van Heeswijk in its roster. This Dutch Postie has his own site on the web. On this spot on the web Max will keep his fans every evening of this Gran’Tour up-to-date on what is happening in Spain. The sitemasters Ronny, Mickael and Marcel tell: “Since the beginning of this year we renewed the site. Lots of new pictures and stories on the races Max does. Max did not ride the Tour, but will compete in this years Vuelta. On Thursday Max left for Spain. He is really looking forward to the event. We as the webteam are ready to roll too. The site is totally Vuelta-focussed. Every evening we will bring a stage-story and Max’s result. We for sure will try, we and Max, to keep all as up-to-date as possible.” And Dailypeloton will ride along and will publish this updates as well.

“Later on this year at the end of the season we will pubblish a big Max-van-Heeswijk interview on the site. Max will fully cooperate. And so can all readers, everyone can contribute with questions. When one would like to ask Max something, he or she can send us via the site and the contactadress of Max’s site and it well can be you will read Max’s answer to this question on the web.”

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