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Cofidis in Spanish Gran'Tour.
By Anita van Crey
Date: 9/5/2003
Cofidis in Spanish Gran'Tour.
-By Tine (a.k.a. cofitine from ) and translation by Ad Huizer-

The French team Cofidis is willing to continue the good results of the latest weeks and hopes for a stage win and a rider at one of the highest places in the final ranking. Four of the nine starters participated in the Tour de France.

The riders:

David Millar (Gbr)
The man from Scotland is the team leader and is very strong at the time trial and is eager to escape with a small group. In the mountains and in the final ranking his chances for a good place are little.

Daniel Atienza Urendez (Spa)
The Spanish man likes to show his qualities as a climber and hopes to shine in the mountains. In the final ranking a place within the first 30 will be a good result, the time trial is not his favourite discipline in cycling.

Frédéric Bessy (Fra)
The man from France, in the Tour de France he was not one of the nine starters, is a helper in the first place, but for that reason very useful for the team in the Vuelta.

Iñigo Cuesta Lopez (Spa)
The man from Spain wants to prove that he ‘s a good rider, to forget the abandon in the Tour de France. He is strong in the mountains and in the time trial, although this will not be enough to achieve a high ranking. All the same he is able to reach the top 15 in the final ranking.

Peter Farazijn (Bel)
The man from Belgium is a typical allround cyclist, he’ s doing very well in all sort of disciplines, besides the highest mountains. It is hard to foretell if he approaches a good place in the ranking. Because of his experience he’s one of the pillars of his team.

Bingen Fernandez Bustinza (Spa)
When he has a good day the man from Spain is one of the riders you can foresee. He also will be one of the team helpers in this year’s Vuelta.

Dimitri Fofonov (Kaz)
This man is a real good time trial rider, especially in the team time trial he ‘s very important. Furthermore he will try to escape with a small group. In the mountains he is not strong enough.

Luis Perez Rodriguez (Spa)
The Spanish cyclist, who joined the team during this season and abandoned in the Tour de France with an injury, is a strong rider. When he is able to reach the level he showed in the Vuelta of 2002 he’s one of the candidates to win a stage.

Guido Trentin (Ita)
The man from Italy wants to repeat his stage win in the last Vuelta. He is a good climber and a decent time trial rider, so he is able to approach a position within the best 15 riders in the final ranking.

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