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Who wants to ride with Lance?
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 9/4/2003
Who wants to ride with Lance?

Here's the story: Some folks have been talking on the Daily Peloton message board the past week about raising money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and whether they, through the Daily Peloton, could possibly hit the donation level to earn airfare to Austin and a private ride with Lance at the Ride for the Roses Weekend October 24-26 in Austin, Texas. The idea was that if enough people donated to hit one of the major donation levels, we would draw a name at random from the contributors and that person would go ride with Lance.

The award level that would achieve that level of "reward" is called the Polka Dot Jersey level - and it's $10,000. Yes, that's a chunk of change, and yes, we don't have a lot of time.

To continue, we talked to the Lance Armstrong Foundation to see how we could set this up. Normally the awards levels donation cut-off  is August 15, but if we can get all our donations to LAF by Tuesday, 9 September, our donations will be accepted for the awards levels (Tuesday is their deadline to publish the award level contributor names).

So today the Daily Peloton opened a donation account at the LAF with $100.00, which qualifies the account holder (but in actuality, one of you DP readers) to participate in the Ride for the Roses, plus a Ride Weekend t-shirt, access to the Post-Ride Party and to the PowerBar Health & Sports Expo. Technically, there are only individual LAF accounts (not groups or organizations) but we were instructed by LAF to name our account a certain way for this donation game we are playing. So our account name is kind of weird - Janna Daily Peloton - but it will get the job done.

There are lesser award levels as well - you can view the various donation levels here. If we do not fully reach the Polka Dot Jersey level, the chosen contributor will receive the benefits of whatever level is achieved, and one of our readers has guaranteed airfare to Austin for the Ride Weekend from anywhere in the Continental United States.

If there's one sure thing, it's that riders enjoy a challenge. It would be great to accomplish this worthy goal of supporting cancer survivorship through the efforts of the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Working together we can not only help in a big way, but we can also send one of you to the Ride for the Roses (...and of course you will send us a report and pictures, right?). So are you game?

The Rules:

  • Read here for more information on the RftR Weekend, and here for information on the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
  • Between now and Tuesday, make a donation to the "Janna Daily Peloton" LAF account here. Enter your donation where it says "Gift Information."

  • All the donations must be made via the LAF secure website because of the short timeframe.

  • The cut off time is Tuesday at 12 noon Pacific Time, which is 2pm Austin Time and 3pm Eastern Time.

  • Get your co-workers, co-riders, friends and family to make a donation too. Or get your company to make a matching donation. We will keep you updated on the amount raised on the Daily Peloton Message Board and here on the DP. Make sure to enter your contact information when you donate so we have it for the drawing (you can donate even if you don't wish to be in the running for the trip to Austin).

  • Regardless of the amount you donate, all the contributors who wish to try for a chance to attend the Ride for the Roses Weekend will have an equal chance to be chosen. We will also publish a list of all the contributors with a big thank you.

  • If you have any questions, email

Additional Award Level Information

If we reach the Polka Dot Jersey level, the chosen DP reader will receive the following benefits from the Lance Armstrong Foundation:

Ride for the Roses T-shirt
Post-Ride Party
Limited Edition Jacket
Limited Edition Jersey
Peloton Dinner Ticket
Jersey Group Photo
Entry to Private Ride
Two Bike Transport Passes
Two Transport Passes
Air Fare to Austin
4 Night Accomodations for Two
Two Tickets for Wells Fargo Movie Premiere
Additional Dinner Ticket
Power Bar Health & Sports Expo entry.

Limited edition jacket:
This limited edition LAF Peloton Project light wind/rain jacket will be great for training.

Limited edition jersey:
Members of each of the four jersey levels receive an exclusive jersey in Tour de France themed colors.

Airfare to Austin:
The LAF covers the cost of your airfare to Austin from any continental U.S. departure city for Ride for the Roses Weekend. Any international members will receive $300 towards the cost of their airfare. Airfares are economy class and are booked through our travel agent, On the Mark Travel, soon after you reach the $10,000 level. On the Mark Travel can arrange for your guest to travel with you, however, guests are responsible for the cost of their airfare.

Four-night accommodations for 2:
The LAF arranges your one room accommodation in a four star hotel in Austin during Ride Weekend. Due to the hectic schedule during Ride Weekend, the LAF suggests flying in on Thursday evening, October 23, and departing Monday morning, October 27. They also encourage you to stay at the selected hotel for the weekend to ensure the smooth transport of both you and your bike to each event.

2 bike transport passes for Ride Weekend:
The LAF provides bike transport for you and your guest all weekend. Your bike is assembled and transported on our moving vans to the ride destinations. Professional packing materials and movers ensure the safe transport of your bikes.

2 transport passes for Ride Weekend:
The LAF provides you and your guest with bus and shuttle services to and from the airport and various events during Ride Weekend.

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