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News Roundup: 15 August 2003
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 8/15/2003
News Roundup: 15 August 2003
The September Men's Journal has a spread entitled "America's Top Crop of Pro Cyclists" and features none other than Viktor Rapinski and Trent Klasna of Saturn, Frankie Andreu, Mike Tillman and Jason Bausch of Schroeder Iron, Jonathan Vaughters of Prime Alliance, Christian Vande Velde of US Postal and Fast Freddy Rodriguez of Vini Caldirola.

Just this writer's opinion, but the way to make American media realize that cycling is popular is to "reward" them for articles such as this...The Men's Journal website is here.


Tour of Denmark Stage 4

Stage 4: Middelfart - Fåborg, 98.2km

Jimmy Engoulvent (Brioches La Boulangere) and Rik Reinerink (Bankgiroloterij) escaped today at the 37 km mark and gained a minute on the pack before being reeled in. Jakob Piil then tried an attack which did not stick. At 2.5 km from the finish, Jan Koerts of Bankgiroloterij managed first across the line in the huge finishing pack - sixty men finished with the same time. Micheal Skelde lost one second on GC to Laurent Brochard today; the top ten GC remains virtually unchanged though 7th spot Julian Dean, while maintaining his position, also lost three seconds.


1 Jan Koerts BCT Holland 2h05'22"
2 Yuri Mithlushenko LAN Ukraine  
3 Robert Förster GST Tyskland  
4 Simone Cadamuro DNC Italien  
5 Aurélien Clerc QSD Schweiz  
6 Jeroen Blijlevens BCT Holland  
7 Roy Sentjens RAB Holland  
8 Steven de Jongh RAB Holland  
9 James Vanlandschoot VLA Belgien  
10 Mark Scanlon A2R Irland  
11 Stefan Van Dijck LOT Holland  
12 Bert Hiemstra BCT Holland  
13 Danilo Hondo TEL Tyskland  
14 Jimmy Engoulvent BLB Frankrig  
15 Giuseppe Palumbo DNC Italien  
16 Leonardo Zanotti DNC Italien  
17 Andy de Smet PAL Belgien  
18 Robbie Traksel RAB Holland  
19 Kurt-Asle Arvesen FAK Norge  
20 Tom Boonen QSD Belgien  (all same time)

General Classification after Stage 4

1 Michael Skelde FAK Danmark 15h41'02"
2 Laurent Brochard A2R Frankrig 00'14"
3 Jurgen Van Goolen QSD Belgien 00'16"
4 Mark Scanlon A2R Irland 00'19"
5 Aart Vierhouten LOT Holland 00'23"
6 Sebastian Lang GST Tyskland 00'25"
7 Julian Dean CSC New Zealand 00'28"
8 Frank Høj FAK Danmark 00'34"
9 Jehudi Schoonacker VLA Belgien 00'34"
10 Bart Voskamp BCT Holland 00'35"
11 Christophe Agnolutto A2R Frankrig 00'36"
12 Mathew Hayman RAB Australien 00'37"
13 Johan Museeuw QSD Belgien 01'00"
14 Jakob Storm Piil CSC Danmark 01'28"
15 Kurt-Asle Arvesen FAK Norge 01'31"
16 Serhiy Honchar DNC Ukraine 01'36"
17 Tomas Vaitkus LAN Litauen 02'10"
18 Anthony Geslin BLB Frankrig 02'13"
19 Nick Nuyens QSD Belgien 02'16"
20 Emmanuel Magnien BLB Frankrig 02'16"

Points after Stage 4

1 Yuri Mithlushenko LAN Ukraine 27
2 Mark Scanlon A2R Irland 26
3 Robert Förster GST Tyskland 22
4 Julian Dean CSC New Zealand 20
5 Michael Skelde FAK Danmark 19
6 Jakob Storm Piil CSC Danmark 19
7 Laurent Brochard A2R Frankrig 18
8 Aurélien Clerc QSD Schweiz 18
9 Johan Museeuw QSD Belgien 15
10 Jan Koerts BCT Holland 15

Grand Boucle Feminine Stage 12

Stage 12: Trélazé - Gorron, 131.9 km

A thirty rider sprint finish today saw Zoulfia Zabirova take her second stage win ahead of Petra Rossner and Alison Wright. Somarriba gained another three seconds on Brandli on GC.


1  ZABIROVA Zoulfia  RRG   3:10:42
2  ROSSNER Petra  NUR   
3  WRIGHT Alison  RRG   
5  VALEN Anita  BIP   
7  VILUNAITE Erika  PRA   
8  CASTRUCCI Francesca  PRA   
9  TAMANINI Luisa  AUR   
10  SEMPE Corinne  FRA   
11  TRIQUET Nadia  FRA   
12  BRÄNDLI Nicole  PRA   
13  LINDBERG Madeleine  NUR   
14  STIAJKINA Tatiana  COL   
15  GROVE Katrina  TSA   
16  RIEDLE Sylvie  AGE   
17  SANCHEZ Azucena  CAT   
19  KELLY Helen  TSA   
20  DALMAIS Karine  FRA   
21  PUCINSKAITE Edita  MIC  (all same time)

General Classification after Stage 12

1  SOMARRIBA ARROLA Joane  BIZ   33:25:30
2  BRÄNDLI Nicole  PRA  à  0:2:05
3  LUPERINI Fabiana  AUR  à  0:3:44
4  PUCINSKAITE Edita  MIC  à  0:6:14
5  ARNDT Judith  NUR  à  0:6:53
6  ZABELINSKAIA Olga  COL  à  0:9:24
7  POLIKEVICIUTE Jolanta  AUR  à  0:10:51
8  LJUNGSKOG Susanne  BIP  à  0:10:55
9  ITURRIAGA Eneritz  AUR  à  0:20:27
10  POLIKEVICIUTE Rasa  AUR  à  0:22:5

Tour of Qinghai Lake Stage 6

The Italian national team is having a good go at China's Tour of Qinghai Lake - Dennis Lunghi won today's day of serious climbing with Damiano Cunego in second, and China national champion Wang Gouzhang, still first on GC,  in third on the stage.

Elio Aggiano is second on GC at :53, and Jeremy Maartens of the South African team is fifth and Italian team Damiano Cunego is sixth at 1:06. 

Nothstein, Grichkine, Labbe, Vandevelde in benefit race, but big star was 10 year old...

Northbrook, Illinois-- Olympic Gold Medalist Marty Nothstein joined 2002 Russian National Champion Oleg Grichkine and other regional and national stars in a benefit race to help the effort to save the Northbrook Park District Ed Rudolph Velodrome on Thursday, August 14.

Nothstein and Grichkine delivered a one-two punch for their Navigators Professional Cycling Team in the 10-mile Alberto’s Invitational, before retiring from the race during a brief rain delay. A standing-room-only crowd of more than 500 watched as Northbrook regular Shannon Malmquist (RPM/Hayes Brakes), 2002 Illinois State Points Race Champion, edged out a hard-charging Kenny Labbé of the U.S. Postal Service Presented by Berry Floor Team for the win. Redline Racing sponsored a full night of amateur racing that also thrilled spectators.

Preliminary estimates indicate that almost $5,000 was contributed to help save the Velodrome. Nearly $150 of that was raised by 10-year-old Pete Wright of Northbrook, a local resident who has now donated more than $200 brought in through a lemonade stand set up near his home and at the track. Wright and others were treated to a star-studded night at the facility, as Nothstein and Grichkine joined USPS racer and Lemont, Illinois, native Christian Vande Velde in an extended autograph session after the race.

 “This was an incredible momentum builder,” said Pete Janunas, Northbrook Cycle Committee President. “Having this many people come out to show their support for the track really has an impact on our effort to save the Velodrome. Our thanks go out to the Navigators Team and Trialtir USA for their help in bringing this together.” Trialtir is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Colnago, Biemme, Biotex, Limar, and Northwave, and is an official supplier for the Navigators Team.

The Northbrook Park District Ed Rudolph Velodrome has endured 14 years of harsh weather since it was last resurfaced, and is in danger of closing after the 2004 season unless improvements are made. The Northbrook Park District, which owns the facility, has offered to fund half the project, charging the Northbrook Cycle Committee (NCC) with raising approximately $150,000 to close the funding gap. The NCC has created a reserve fund for the effort, and CPA Doug Pence has donated his time to overseeing its accounting. More information is available at

Kashi Leuch's Journal

Hey all,

Everyone's talking about it, and its hard to avoid... we are having the hottest summer ever! Since returning to Europe we've had nothing but 34-40 C everyday. During weather like this you have to change the daily routines a lot, and train early in the morning. But you can't change the time of a race just because it's hot, so we've been sweating a lot these past few weeks!

Yikes.. since it's been a while since I wrote last! It's been a rather tough period for me these past few months... Here are the races I have done since then... (I just write a brief summary.. longer reports, most recent races and more photos can be found on 

July 13 - WORLD CUP, Grouse Mtn, Canada
A beautiful course was destroyed with a torrential downpour the night before the race, revealing a lot of sharp stones and causing huge numbers of DNFs. I didn't make it past the first descent, and I was standing on the side of the track, alongside 4 others fixing punctures. One lap later, a 2nd puncture took me out of the race. There is no excuses to be made... the Maxxis tires I was riding were excellent, and used by many riders (team Merida, Haro, Luna Chicks, etc., etc.) that finished the race with no problems. It was just more of the same old bad luck again!

July 14-24 - Whistler, Canada
Time off the serious stuff in life, and time to enjoy probably the world's best free-ride parks, and a huge MTB gravity festival. Everyone was in town, and taking 5 days off the bike meant some extra energy for the night clubs! Then during the day I made the most of free lift passes, and went free-riding on some of the sickest trails you can imagine. This is a cool spot, but be prepared for non-stop action!

July 27 - NORBA, Schwitzer Mtn, Idaho, USA
US races are becoming a bit of a bore these days, with super long courses taking us out into the whop whops, where no spectators would ever venture. The course had the most dust I had ever seen, and for the first time in my life I used a dust mask. It was a life saver! My legs were nothing to speak about.. just one of those flat days I guess. I struggled to climb at snails pace, but before the start Pat told me that all he wants me to do today was finish, so I just tried to do that! Roland cleaned up the men's side again... amazing how he does it! The STXC the day after was a great event, but without much passing. I had a bad start position, which counted me out from the begging.. otherwise I actually felt pretty good. The highlight for me was Alison Syders win in the woman's race in an awesome sprint together with Chrisy Reddin. Go girls!

Aug 1-3 - O TOUR, Switzerland - 11th
Two days after getting back to Europe, I left again to Switzerland for the O Tour. This is a new race on the UCI calendar, and carries D2 points, and therefore many top riders were there including Christoph Sauser and Bart Brentjens. We did a fatboy crit to start off, and I really surprised myself to finish 2nd! I'm not normally a great sprinter, but this was much more about tactics and positioning. Day 2 was the XC, and a fast one. I finished 5th. Day 3 was the marathon, and along one! 80km with 3000m climbing! I felt awful, but stuck with it and finished 12th... man was it hot though! The final GC was all based on the marathon, because of the big time differences... so I ended up 11th. A good race though.

Aug 9 - SWISS POWER CUP, Savognin - 2nd
It was a good feeling to actually finish a race, and have good legs the same day! While I didn't manage the win, 2nd place on this day was probably my best effort ever in a Swiss Event. The race was attended by the entire Italian team, as they were in World Champs preparation nearby. They were very strong, with 4 riders in the top 8 during the first few laps. The heat was the biggest killer, as we were well into the mid 30s, and a long climb slowly thinned out the main group. Coming into the final lap we were still 5 riders, but the Italians made a good tactical move sending Dario Acquaroli off the front, while Johann Pallhuber was in 2nd place, and held up the group. It all split up on the final climb, and I would have been 3rd if Johann had not missed a corner just a few kilometers from the finish... oh well, my turn for some luck now!

Aug 10 - BIKE ATTACK FREE RIDE MARATHON, Rothorn, Switzerland - 76th
This was one crazy fun event! 500 riders, all starting together from the peak of the Rothorn, 3500m elevation, descending to Chur 1000m. Thankfully I had a good starting position, but looking around at all the full face helmets and full body Armor. The only thing I had on different was DH shorts, a Rockshox Psylo fork, and bigger Maxxis tires on my XC race bike (a full suspension Trek Fuel).  The top section was really rocky, and at the gun everyone fought it out for a single line into the first corner. But I didn't realize there
were 2 lines, and after taking the long way round someone charged straight into me knocking me clean off the bike! Once I re-gathered myself (and about 10 riders had ridden over my bike!), I continued to let loose and hang on over some amazing tracks.

We were flying down the mountain, and I managed to bring back a few riders on the flatter sections, but then after about 15min, I punctured. This I decided was my cue to stop racing, and enjoy the ride! So, once I fixed the flat at one of the pit stations, I continued my way down and down and down... there was actually a 15-20min section of slight climbing midway, which made me realize how unpractical all these huge bikes can be... many of the riders were walking up tiny climbs, and I just rode past hardly breathing at all.

At the end of the day, I would have to say that the Fuel was almost the perfect bike for this kind of riding... apart from the huge rocks at the top, there was plenty enough suspension, especially with the 125mm Psylo fork and big Maxxis tires! By the time I got to the bottom, I had been on the bike 1hr 16min... the winner, Rene Wildhaber (who also raced the Redbull TimeOut earlier this year with me!) finished in 56min, but Silvio made us XC riders proud, finishing 2nd just 15sec behind.. yea Silvo!

That's me under the banner in Orange... help!

So, a lot of racing, and finally it feels like the form is on its way. Now its' really all about the World Champs, September 7th... I like this course, and if my form continues to improve then anything is possible! Keep your fingers crossed!

All the best,

2003 NORBA Series Showdown in Durango, Colorado

Durango, Colorado --The historic mining town of Durango has, in recent years, become one of the most popular high-altitude training bases for elite off-road cyclists, including collegiate, national and world champions. Durango Mountain Resort will host the grand finale of the 2003 NORBA National Championship Mountain Bike Series, August 14-17, where both the Series and National champions will be crowned.

In the battle for the men’s overall Cross Country title, which will be run over the 1990 World Champion Course at altitude, Ryder Hesjedal (Victoria, BC - Subaru-Gary Fisher) has a good lead in the series, with 748 points from four rounds, ahead of the USA's top male Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski (Boulder - RLX Ralph Lauren), second with 680. Third is Seamus McGrath (Millgrove, Ontario - Haro Lee Dungarees) with Jeremiah Bishop (Harrisonburg, Va. - Trek Volkswagen) sitting in fourth and the second placed American. Hesjedal will be looking for a top seven place to secure the title, while Horgan-Kobelski will need to watch Bishop, who recently won gold at the Pan Am Games, in order to defend his national championship lead.

Pan Am Games gold medal winner Jimena Florit (San Diego, RLX Ralph Lauren) is sitting comfortably in the lead with 738 points, needing a top-seven finish to secure the women’s title from Chrissy Redden (Campbellville, Ontario - Subaru-Gary Fisher), who has 670 points. Mary McConnelloug (Fairfax, Ca. - Seven Cycles), the silver medallist at the Pan Am Games, lies third with 624 points, and is leading the national championship race from Susan Haywood (Davis, W.Va. - Trek Volkswagen) who has 574 points.

Horgan-Kobelski holds the top overall spot in the men’s pro Short Track series with a point total of 762 over second place McGrath who has 716 points and Paul Rowney (Sydney, AUS, Sobe Cannondale) in third with 656 points. To win the National title Horgan-Kobelski needs only to finish in 40th place or better so he should remain the top American in the series ahead of Todd Wells (Durango, Co., Mongoose/Hyundai) who sits in fifth overall with 584 points. For the overall series championship if McGrath should have a super day and win then Horgan-Kobelski must finish in at least fourth place or better. Otherwise, Horgan-Kobelski should be a favorite to clinch both titles at Durango.

In women’s pro Short Track Haywood leads the series with 756 points and is also the top American. Katerina Hanusova (Truckee, Ca., Luna Women MTB) lies in second overall with 712 points ahead of Redden with 702 points. For Haywood to win the overall she must not give up more than 44 points to Hanusova. If Hanusova were to win at Durango then Haywood needs at least a third place finish. In the National championship race Haywood has a comfortable lead of 114 points over McConneloug, who is the second place American with 642 points.

Eric Carter (Temecula, Ca., Mongoose/Hyundai) leads the pro men’s Mountain Cross series and is also the top American with 610 points. In second is veteran Mike King (San Diego, Ca., Haro Lee Dungaree) with 565 points. Australian Chris Kovarik (Intense/Fox) sits in third with 485 points and Gary Houseman (Temecula, Ca., Intense Tire Systems Santa Cruz) is in fourth with 360 points. Unless elimination comes in the early rounds, look for the overall title clinched by either Carter or King. Should either be eliminated early, which is unlikely, Kovarik may have a chance to take the title. The National title should come down to either of the top two Americans with a slight advantage going to Carter because of the 45 point advantage he has and will most likely depend on King being able to make it to the final and place first or second and ahead of Carter by at least two places.

The women’s pro Mountain Cross overall series is led by BMX crossover Jill Kintner (San Jose, Ca., Fox Shox) with 610 points ahead of second place Sabrina Jonnier (FRA, Intense) who has 550 points. Katrina Miller (AUS, Jamis Bicycles) is in third with 540 points and Melissa Buhl (Chandler, Az., KHS) is in fourth with 380 points. The overall champion will come from the top trio of Kintner, Jonnier and Miller with the advantage to Kintner who leads by 60 points. For either Jonnier or Miller to take the top spot ahead of Kintner, they would most likely need to take first or second place at Durango. Kintner has already locked up the National Championship over Buhl with an insurmountable points lead.

Kovarik leads the men’s Downhill overall series with 646 points while Greg Minnar (RSA, Haro Lee Dungaree) is only 12 points back with 634. Australian Sam Hill (Iron Horse) sits in third with 608 points. Although Kovarik has been one of the most consistent riders this season, the overall series title is still fairly wide open as Downhill athletes must endure many variables during each run ranging from the conditions of the course (which may change throughout the day) to the particular tires a rider chooses. The National title will be a close battle between Temecula, Ca. neighbors Carter and the Houseman brothers (Intense Tire Systems Santa Cruz), Gary and Rich. Top placed American Carter sits in eighth overall with 528 points with a slight lead over the siblings with Gary in ninth overall with 494 points and Rich in tenth overall and 480 points. Shaums March (Anaheim, Ca., Red Bull/Chumba Wumba) and Colin Bailey (Yucaipa, Ca., Maxxis Tires) are the next top placed Americans in eleventh and fourteenth place respectively.

Marla Streb (Los Osos, Ca., Luna Women MTB) is experiencing one of her best years and leads the women’s overall Downhill Series with 714 points ahead of Fionn Griffiths (GBR, Foes Azonic) who has 668 points. In third place for the series is Tracy Moseley (GBR, Kona-Clarks) with 646 points. Streb has shown consistency and is the only rider to win two events this year. Her Luna Women MTB team continues to show momentum with teammate (and the third highest placed American with 540 points) Kathy Pruitt (Berkeley, Ca.) taking the recent victory at Idaho. Barring any mishaps, look for Streb to take the overall and the National title ahead of the second highest placed American Dawn Bourque (Campton, N.H., Dried Plums/Orbitz), sixth overall with 556 points. Should Streb falter, both Griffiths and Moseley are capable of flawless runs.

Durango has a rich historical tradition of culture, including being home to some of the earliest Native Americans, railroad expansion and the silver and gold rushes more than one hundred years ago. Durango attracts “hard-core recreationists” and has been rated one of the top 15 sports towns by a leading outdoor magazine. Championship bike racers, kayakers, skiers, runners and athletes live and visit year round. Schedule information and a link to online registration can be found at:

The NORBA National Championships Mountain Bike Series is North America's premier off-road cycling series. The series crowns USA Cycling's Mountain Bike Champions. USA Cycling is the national governing body for cycle sport. GaleForce Sports Marketing is the series management and promotions company, and is recognized as the USA's leading cycling and events management group.

NORBA is the mountain bike member association of USA Cycling. Recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Union Cycliste Internationale, USA Cycling promotes American cycling through its 80,000 members and 2,000 annual events. For more information, visit

About GaleForce
GaleForce Sports Marketing is an expanding sports marketing and event management company based in Redwood City. GaleForce has promoted, marketed, and managed right across the sporting spectrum. Properties owned or managed by GaleForce include the Sea Otter Classic and the NORBA National Championship Mountain Bike Series. For more about GaleForce, visit (Courtesy Andy Lee, USA Cycling)

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